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Obama GSA Chief Resigns Amid Scandal

Looks like the General Services Administration decided to party like it’s 2099.

Why is everyone so upset? It’s only taxpayers’ hard earned money. I mean, if the Obamas can take date night in New York City . . .

From the Washington Post:

The chief of the General Services Administration is resigning and two of her top deputies have been fired amid reports of excessive spending at a training conference at a luxury hotel that featured a mindreader, a clown and a comedian . . .

The resignations come as the agency’s inspector general prepares to release a scathing report on the training conference, held at a luxury hotel outside Las Vegas in October 2010.

Organizers spent $835,000 on the event, which was attended by 300 employees. The expenses included $147,000 in airfare and lodging at the hotel for six planning trips by a team of organizers. Among the other expenses were $3,200 for a mind reader; $6,300 on commemorative coin set displayed in velvet boxes and $75,000 on a training exercise to build a bicycle.

Wow, I’m in the wrong business, BTW. Let me try something. Think of a number between one and ten, but don’t tell me. Now . . .

37 thoughts on “Obama GSA Chief Resigns Amid Scandal”

  1. Feb. 9, 2009, at a town hall meeting in Elkhart, Ind.

    “you can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers’ dime.”

    Obviously you can. Obama wrong again.

      1. Or maybe he did see this coming. I bet they are nowhere to be found. I am sure the liberal media is not going to look for him. All he has to do is say he is “gay” and end of story.

    1. No, obama made a surprise visit to the conference, so he filled the position of the clown. He even brought his huge ears…

  2. A mind-reader, a clown and a comedian attended a General Services Administration taxpayer funded convention. Have you heard this joke before?
    The clown was Joe Biden, the comedian was Barack Obama, but the mind-reader remains a mystery.

  3. I hope it wasn’t the same Clown that did the Tom Hanks and Glenn Frey’s party.
    That wasn’t a very funny clown

  4. “luxury hotel outside LasVegas” is pretty vague. That could mean PalmSprings CA or Flagstaff AZ.
    In the context that the writer implies, outside LasVegas has to be either Henderson or BoulderCity NV. So, why make a sly reference to LasVegas if not to make the story worse.

    The reveal only gets to the shocking stage when the Director actually takes responsibliity and resigns. Yikes!

      1. The director is a former Ben Jerry’s exec. Her appointment was a political payback for their support of the one. I doubt she is a conservative….

  5. Government workers going on tax payer funded boondoggles is unfortunately nothing new. However, the behavior of this group of bureaucratic spendthrifts is pretty much over the top.

  6. And the government can’t pay up in the cause of the Survivor’s Benefit Package for military spouse survivors. My husband put in 20 yrs for his country. He bought into the SBP package as a life insurance package, making monthly payments, so that, if he died first, I would get half his retirement until my death. He died as a result of agent orange and the military is saying we shouldn’t get our benefit since I get his disability (which he never asked for or collected on during his life). It’s lif insurance!! This went to the supreme court and they ordered them to pay up. They are “paying up at the rate of – it’s now up to $80 a month – instead of the nearly $600 a month they owe me. All they’re doing is waiting until all us widows are dead, then they won’t owe anything to anyone. It’s a crime.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss and your problems with the Gov.
      Speaking for the people I know, we would never want our military to be shorted, cheated, or disrespected by anyone.
      We are outraged that those who suffered grevious wounds while in service would be abandoned to forge on without any assistance from the people we trusted to take care of them all.
      While our President talks about everyone giving their “fair share”, we all believe that the military and their families have given more than that.

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  8. The organizers took SIX planning trips? Couldn’t they have just used the telephone or video conference? Or did they personally need to check out all the slot machines before the event?

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