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Obama Schedule || Monday, April 2, 2012

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Hosts Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico for the North American Leaders’ Summit; State Dining Room
Noon || Working lunch with Harper and Calderon; Green Room
1:15 pm || Holds a press conference with Harper and Calderon; Rose Garden
3:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton
4:20 pm || Meets with senior advisers

All times Eastern

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, April 2, 2012

  1. Oh good grief. He’s meeting with our bordering countries. Somebody please double-check to make sure he’s not meeting with “señor” advisors at 4:20. I think he’s looking to sell Alaska to Canada to fund his campaign. ; )

  2. Working lunch in Green Room does that mean Michelle is making them weed the magical garden? And then eat what they can harvest to save money?
    You know Mama got some new duds and a vacation to pay for can’t waste
    money on food for pesky Prime Ministers.

  3. 4:20 PM meets with senior advisors.

    Translation: No fund raiser tonight; tonight is the night we plot the next batch of shake downs to the progressive cause…

    Which junior college, high school, or batch of union thugs to appear before.
    Pretty soon he’s going to run out of adoring props.

  4. If I had my two closest neighbors together at my home, I’d have a friendly poker game, BBQ, or something. Become better friends.

    Instead, Obama dismisses them and goes to a campaign meeting.

  5. Wow! Putting in a full six hours and twenty minutes at the office today (if you include the “working” lunch)! I’m impressed!

  6. Is there a reason Mr. president can’t start his day a little earlier? I guess maybe he likes to have a leisurely breakfast, couple of smokes, watch his TV shows, etc. and he’s as a community organizer, there’s no reason to get in a big hurry. Plus, I hear he’s usually late to meetings. Maybe he should go back to organizing, ya think? It would make me happy;)

    • …if Obama dosent “start” his day until 10am I wonder what time the sycophant ‘WH press corps’ rolls in…?

      If there is NOTHING to “report” why hang-out at the WH or in the press room? heck, the Obama WH tells the ‘media’ what to say anyway… no worries about pesky research-reporting-writting for the “WH press corps’ -lol

      • “…if Obama dosent “start” his day until 10am I wonder what time the sycophant ‘WH press corps’ rolls in…?”

        The fish rots from the head down. We all know this administration calls the shots on what’s fit to report in the news. If the boss is a slacker his underlings are going to learn to be slackers too or they just won’t give a damn about the job.

  7. I am still visualizing Moochelle in that get-up at Nickelodeon.
    Left wing Politico has an article today about Ann Romney and how they need to use her because Mooch is so, so loved.
    Ann Romney is a gorgeous LADY.

    • I know! I saw the pic of MO with Taylor Swift. Swift was wearing a lovely dress while MO was wearing an outfit that someone in her 20’s would wear out on a Saturday night partying. No class.

      • Someone gave me a copy of MORE magazine–in case I could pitch a story. It was not for women of a certain age anymore–all 30s and 40s, makeup, and libs like Hillary and Michelle–including one fashion shot of Michelle in one of her skin-tight, ill-fitting cardis–billed as so cute and so economical. Gag me. Yeah, I will be pitching–this out of the window.

  8. Since this is the first time in several years (2009) that the three leaders of North America have met together, I have to wonder if this meeting is not an ice breaker for a revival of the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership). SPP died in 2009, and the US has been dealing with it neighbors separately. If this is an attempt to revive the SPP’s original ideas, one of a more unified continent – a la Europe and the EU, I can’t help but wonder what Obama is telling Harper and Calderon behind close doors. Is this going to be another “I’ll have more flexibility” moment, or is Obama going to have the backbone to tell Calderon to clean up the mess along the Rio Grande and shut down the Zetas and other cartels.

    Will Obama ask Harper to hold off selling oil sands to China, and that there will be some changes coming as far as the Keystone XL pipeline?

    Will this meeting bring about an expansion of NAFTA, a law that in my opinion did much to crush the US job market, or will it reel in some of the loose regulations that NAFTA brought?

    Given that this is an election year in the US, along with the fact that this is only the second time in Obama’s tenure in office that he has met with this pair, I have to wonder what kind of shenanigans this trio will attempt to pull.

    • Right and Clinton said that he wouldn’t have signed NAFTA unless it was going to create many good jobs in the U.S…..Fail. I’m sure he’ll tell Prime Minister Harper that he can deal with the pipeline when he has more “flexibility” after his “last” election. I doubt anything will get done in a two hour meeting.

  9. Shofar, my thoughts exactly! SPP/ NAFTA PLUS does not require Congresional oversight – Obama’s ‘flexibility’ dream come true. Not only would it allow for the free-flow of goods and services, but it would allow the free-flow of people, thereby eliminating borders and essentially solving Obama’s legalization problem.

    We can say ‘adios’ to our sovereignty!

  10. Can someone please tell me where I can find a job that allows me to roll into the office at 10 and then I can break for lunch at noon? Also, be done before 5PM. Or do I have to wait for the economy to get better? Unfortunately, by then, I’ll might be 95 years old.