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Obama Ocean Drilling Gesture Sounds Fishy

The Obama administration announced today that it is going to allow exploration for oil off the Atlantic Coast, but no drilling until at least 2017.

SO NOW, the White House is going to tout the big move – the gutsy move – the president made. But no oil comes up out of the ground for at least five years, until after his – planned – second term is up.

The oil guys all say this is political posturing, since there’s no guarantee there will even be drilling after the government gets a better idea of how much oil is down there. What’s more, this comes after President Obama nixed the planned 2011 start of lease-granting for drilling off the Virginia coast.

Which makes this whole exercise a little bit like burning down a forest and then patting yourself on the back for planting trees.

The governor of Virgnia is none to happy about it, though he graciously expressed gratitude for the crumb he was thrown.

From a statement by Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McConnell:

It is encouraging that Secretary Salazar visited Virginia today to announce a small step forward in the development of our offshore energy resources. Unfortunately this small step forward follows many previous steps back.

Virginia was poised to become the first state on the east coast to produce oil and natural gas offshore. This breakthrough would have led to the creation of thousands of new jobs in our state, generated significant new revenues for state and local governments, and led to more domestic energy production. Instead, this Administration cancelled Virginia’s scheduled lease sale for 2011

While we continue to be incredibly disappointed by last year’s decision, I do want to thank the Obama Administration for their announcement today. This is an opportunity to move forward from a bad decision.

The humorous thing about this is that the White House is so insistent it suspended the Keystone pipeline out of deference to the wishes of the Nebraska lawmakers. But the Virginia governor clearly isn’t feeling the same degree of love.

Said Jay Carney in December:

Because of the opposition in part of Republicans and the Republican governor in Nebraska, there was a decision made in that review process to look for an alternate route, and that has necessarily expanded the duration of the process, the review process, because you can’t approve something before you have something to review, as I understand it, not being a scientist.

I wonder why the White House isn’t showing such deference to the wishes of the 26 states suing to get rid of Obamacare?

24 thoughts on “Obama Ocean Drilling Gesture Sounds Fishy”

  1. They can look for it, identify it, but can’t drill for it for 5 years. Now that’s a really stupid business plan.
    This won’t get MrO one single vote.

    1. I cannot find lollipops here, can you please post a candy store that accepts food stamps in my Chicago area homeland comrade.
      David Axelrod
      P>S> does my gravatar look suspicious?

  2. Obama has a tin ear or he is just doggedly,bull-headed pursuing his stated objective in the 2008 campaign.,,,to totally transform America.
    I choose to believe the second of my theories.

  3. Every vote counts. Even with the dead votes and the votes that the ex-ACORN hustlers are already loading into the trunks of cars to be found if needed on Election Day – the One might only win by five or six.

    I wonder what will happen if he loses? Riots? Lots of sullen hoodie wearers? He moves to Europe to be lauded for the rest of his days? Michelle leaves him — I think we can count on this uniless an Ex-President hubby in the background meshes with her BIgger Than Oprah plans.

  4. It isn’t exactly the same but it is similar to the effect the tripling of currrency in circulation will have on the economy long after any second term

    1. Whether it’s the Military/Industrial Complex, the Medical/Industrial Complex, the Political/Financial Complex or a host of others in operation, we are being indoctrinated for and being maneuvered into lives in a kennel.

      (donning aluminum protective headgear fabricated from household items)

      …and you know what they do when they run out of room at the Pound
      If Soylent Green is People then McDonald’s is Slave Food

    2. He’s not even pretending any longer. The scary part is the kids he’s preaching the Communist Manifesto to don’t even know what he’s saying. They just mindlessly clap and cheer on que…like trained seals.

  5. “Which makes this whole exercise a little bit like burning down a forest and then patting yourself on the back for planting trees.”


  6. This is laughable. But, if Obama can fool the stupid people – he’ll go for it. Stupid, stupid people. Obama’s base. He and Axelrod laugh at all the stupid people who believe Obama. They laugh and laugh and laugh. “We’ll put one over on all the stupid people out there.” Well America, aren’t you INSULTED yet?? Aren’t you disgusted at how your president treats you? Don’t you care that you are being duped by a con artist??? Yep. It WOULD be laughable if it wan’t so pathetic.

  7. I meet this girl from Texas,
    who had oily skin.
    I always wanted to drill there,
    but she said it was a sin.

    She said I could explore,
    to my hearts delight.
    But if I ever drilled there,
    it was bound to start a fight.

  8. OT, but how does MoochMORE”s commissioning a Coast Guard Cutter relate to her Military Families Initiative? Are the families going to be ferried around in it (sarc)?

    This pig has found causes of such breadth that anything she does qualifies as a free vaycay.

    Is the Big Help Award part of her military stuff or her No Kids Fat Behinds effort or is she pioneering a new arena in which to have vaycay trips?

  9. Anonna, the ‘Big Help’ Award is just another subterfuge for the ‘pig’ (as you so aptly described her) to stimulate the economy with our hard-earned tax $$$. So far, she has probably ‘helped’ herself to close to a Billion – no joke! Do the math.

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