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Obama Campaign Launches Last-Minute Money Drive

The Obama campaign is making a desperate final fundraising lunge to get the books looking as good as possible as the first quarter comes to a close Saturday night, with Obama himself doing four fundraisers today while his campaign sends out nonstop calls for cash.

The intense activity comes amid a backdrop of somewhat disappointing Obama fundraising totals.

Obama supporters have in recent days been bombarded with a cascade of pleading email requests from the campaign for $3, including missives from First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Obama campaign chief Jim Messina.

The latest went out from Michelle just this morning under the title “Me Again.” Michelle offers, as the campaign has in the past, to raffle off the president.

There’s one thing I forgot to mention:

If you chip in to support the campaign before the big deadline tomorrow, you’ll also be automatically entered to have dinner with my husband.

I had the chance to go to one of these “Dinners with Barack” just a few weeks back — and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on it.

The rock bottom pricing appears not only designed to raise money, but to pump up the total of small contributors so they obscure the number well-heeled liberals in places like New York City and California from whom he has been raising large amounts of cash.

Vice President Biden held five fundraisers over two days this week in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, culminating with an event in Chicago Thursday night. Michelle will host a fundraiser today in San Francisco after finishing a two-day vacation to South Dakota and Las Vegas.

President Obama today has two fundraisers in Burlington, Vermont and two in Portland Maine.

Though a sitting president, Obama’s money collection has been lagging behind his take as a candidate in 2008. In January of this year, the Obama campaign, the Democratic National Committee and two joint fundraising accounts with Democrats — the Obama Victory Fund and Swing State Victory Fund – raised $29 million, $7 million less than the than he raised in January 2008. In February, he raised $45 million, compared to $56 million in February 2008.

Most of the DNC’s money will be devoted to reelecting the president.

Meanwhile, the “SuperPac” allied with president, Priorities USA Action, has raised miniscule amounts compared to its Republican rivals.

33 Responses to Obama Campaign Launches Last-Minute Money Drive

  1. Obama is focused like a laser beam on the most pressing issue of the day. Getting himself re-elected.

    I find it ironic that he’s coming to metro-Detroit in April for a $40,000 a person fundraiser. Per capita income for Michigan is $36,533.

    • We can assume that he’s not going to the parts of Detroit that look like Bagdad after the Shock&Awe.
      Dearborne Heights, maybe, but not Detroit proper.

      • The big fundraiser is at the home of Denise Ilitch:

        Besides her ties to the Birmingham business community, Illitch is also a member of the University of Michigan Board of Regents and daughter of Mike and Marian Illitch, who own the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, the Motor City Casino and the Little Caesars pizza chain.

        To say they are wealthy is an understatement. they live in Bingham Farms.

        The median home value in Bingham Farms, MI is 252.7% greater than the Michigan average and 140% greater than the national average. The median price asked for homes in Bingham Farms, MI is 824.3% greater than the Michigan average and 616.5% greater than the national average.

        The fundraiser at the Henry Ford (earlier in the day) is for the proles.

    • A lot of people sure seem happy to throw that much cash at him I wonder if someone isn’t just buying up these tickets and hiring seat fillers? Foreign interests? I wouldn’t put a money laundering scheme out of the question for his “senior advisors” :D

    • That’s a very pressing issue. Otherwise, he won’t have the flexibility he needs to do what he wants. Trying to keep voters in the dark about his real motives is very, very difficult.

  2. It’s desperation time! Baby needs a new pair of shoes and 4 more years to continue her hedonistic lifestyle of the rich and famous. Daddy needs 4 more years to finish off the job he started – fundamentally destroying the United States of America! Go Obamas – back to Kenya or wherever the hell you came from!

  3. I also got an e-mail that was either about or written by SenJohnKerry claiming that the Repubs were “swiftboating” MrO so he needed my money to, um, make them stop or something.

    No matter what the polls prove or what the MSM says, MrO is on the ropes.
    The knockout punch would be the Supremes striking down the individual mandate in Obamacare.

    • Obama wouldn’t know what a swift boat was let alone if got swift boated
      and I hope the GOP has some good stuff and can keep their powder dry
      until it’s too late for them to compensate. They must have been going through both Obama’s past for the last three years. There is a wealth
      of stuff just have to find it hopefully and it shames me to be so bitter
      but our very way of life is in danger,

  4. The Vunerables must be having a gut wrenching time today. Donate the $3 to the Obama campaign OR play $3 in the Mega MIllions jackpot worth 1/2 billion dollars. Me thinks They probably go for the jackpot. Least then they have a chance of getting something in return.

  5. I am not sure I am buying the Michelle “OMG we need your money now” deal–our Gannett paper is still backstroking around in the tank as is most of the media. Our cartoon this morning depicted Romney as the crazed Jet Blue pilot being restrained…I guess there are those on this list who would concur, but I think this stuff sticks in people’s minds and is bad.

  6. “The rock bottom pricing appears not only designed to raise money, but to pump up the total of small contributors so they obscure the number well-heeled liberals in places like New York City and California from whom he has been raising large amounts of cash.”

    This has been my belief for some time. BHO charges $38,400 per plate, while begging for $3.

  7. Michelle Obama’s in your face excess is so disrespectful it’s difficult to know where to take the disgust. That said, I would be interested in having a true financial accounting of costs and who pays for what (taxpayer, re election campaign, “folks” who have been scammed into the $3-5.00 Dinner with Barack lottery, perhaps the Obama’s personal account etc) just for these two days of yet another vacation for her, the girls and whoever else hitched a ride and the fundraising event in SF. It seems Jay ought to be able to handle that Q and A — it’s literally a drop in the ocean of Obama slippery spending. Chuckling at a mental iage of Eleanor Roosevelt schooling Michelle Obama on the responsibilities of the First Lady, especially during tough times for the nation. On the other hand I saw elsewhere that a pair of Marie Antoinette’s shoes sold at auction for some outrageous price. Footware for the SF Fundraiser? Enough snark — I’ll settle for the accounting.

  8. Just received another solicitation from the wife a few minutes ago….I must say, I am duly impressed by the sacrifice she is making on behalf of her husband by taking time out from her busy vacation schedule! There is no greater love than that of a woman who panhandles for her hubby!

    Friend —

    At the last Dinner with Barack, Cathleen told Barack and me about her son.

    Her husband was in the process of taking a new job when they discovered their five-year-old had developed a brain tumor.

    As parents, Barack and I both knew that the last thing Cathleen and John wanted to worry about was insurance. Their son’s condition was already a nightmare — now it was also a reason for insurance companies to potentially turn them away.

    They told us if it weren’t for health reform, they worried their young son could be denied coverage, or that eventually they would have difficulty affording his care.

    Stories like Cathleen’s are why Barack starts each day ready to fight for what’s right — and they’re why I’m standing by his side along with all of you to make sure he gets a second term.

    The next Dinner with Barack is coming up soon. I won’t be there to hear your story — but I know Barack will tell me about it when he gets home.

    They’re picking the fourth and final winner tomorrow night at midnight. Will you donate $3 or whatever you can to support this campaign and be automatically entered for the chance to be there?

  9. ‘dinner with my husband’. She sounds like she’s talking about a complete blank stranger and perhaps she is both so fake and desperate.