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Obama Tries to Scare Public With Oil Companies

President Obama materialized in the Rose Garden this morning to demand that tax subsidies for oil companies come to an end. The Senate promptly failed to pass the legislation he wanted. But the measure never had a chance. Even if it had gotten through the Senate, it would be DBA – Dead Before Arrival – in the House.

The bill would have raised an average of $4 billion a year over ten years. That will really make a dent in the trillion dollar deficits we’re running.

What’s more, it will cause the companies to drill a little less, and probably raise gas prices a little bit too.

So let’s be clear about what was really going on here. Obama did not showing up to talk about oil companies. He arrived to discuss:

That’s right. This election will be won or lost by President Obama based on his ability to scare you with The Boogeyman.

The boogeyman is The One Percent, who are stealing all that money from you and refusing to pay taxes.

The boogeyman is the Financial Sector, which is loaning you money it knows you can’t pay back and giving you credit cards that have LATE FEES.

The boogeyman is health insurance companies, who are actually TRYING TO MAKE MONEY instead of giving you all the free health care you want.

The boogeyman is the oil companies, who have their hands in your pockets every time you go to fill up.

And once the campaign starts to heat up, you’ll find out that the boogeyman is also this guy:

Pretty scary, isn’t he? Does that nice woman know she’s with . . . THE BOOGEYMAN???

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  1. Don’t forget those tonsil-stealing doctors. They should be included in the free health care with the insurance companies. After all, they are just a bunch of Marcus Welby want-to-be’s that have never put in a decent day’s work or spent any time in school!!!! Another Boogeyman!

    1. Florida, I like your comments.
      Let’s see, Went to my doctor last month, (blood pressure check which is up these days) and I think it cost $120. Let’s see, eight years of school probably worth it. I only did the extra two years for the mba and probably make more than he does.

      1. Thanks Mike C. I really get tired of his Boogeyman, Strawman, whatever man. He has an excuse for everything and it is never his fault. He has blamed every profession under the sun. You better be careful admitting you make money… will be next!!!!

  2. Also–acc to the news–the oil cos get the same accelerated depreciation other cos get–that’s it…they eventually pay all the taxes… But of course, we are too stupid to get that….

    1. the only people that believe companies make too much money are lib tards. How much does Wal-Mart make again?
      I hate this anti-capitalist (pro-commnist) talk. Ben Frankling eve n said back in the day “Mind your business” he was wise.

  3. BTW… PETROCHINA, a Chinese “company” (80% owned by the Communist Chinese Govt) is now the largest oil company in the world. Exxon is #2.

    A Communist Chinese oil company is the largest in the world… what does Obama think about that?

    1. “A Communist Chinese oil company is the largest in the world… what does Obama think about that?”

      He probably thinks that is just dandy. After all he has done to us, do you really think he cares if China is #1? He hates our customs and traditions, he hates our Constitution, and he hates flyover country. He has shoved a liberty stealing health care law down our throat, sued sovereign states for trying to secure our borders, betrayed our allies and bowed to foreign despots (he even bowed to the female Tampa mayor for some odd reason), tries to sell his phony theology of green on the outside red on the inside environmentalism to enrich his liberal friends and launder campaign donations, kept silent after fanning the flames of racial division… I could go on but think I’ve made my point – the man hates America as founded.

  4. Great timing for the Liar-in-chief! China now leads the world in oil production, as well as solar and rare minerals! According to Tom Coburn, U.S. oil producers are paying a hefty 41.5% tax rate! They are not getting subsidies – they are getting an accelerated depreciation on intangible drilling costs. But we ARE subsidizing solar – at a rate of $692/megawatt hour compared to $0.62/ megawatt hour on oil – after the accelerated depreciation.

    The ‘villain’ is not Big Oil – it’s Obama! Why does this guy still have a job???


    1. He still has a job because our senators & congressmen are as
      rotten and corrupt as he is.
      I don’t care if I have to vote for a rotting log in the forest.
      I WILL NOT vote for ANY incumbent ever again.
      The repubs & demos are crooked and they are killing the greatest
      nation ever created by the greatest men ever to live on Earth!!

  5. The Boogeyman was in Houston for a ceremony with George HW Bush today. He had planned to give a speech at the San Antonio HQ of USAA (a military oriented financial organization), but had to postpone it because the Bush photo op came up. Although he did have time to attend a closed to the public fundraiser in San Antonio where his fleet of limos passed a group of OWS protestors and Dream Act proponents. Sadly none of us little people had a chance to meet with him or ask him any questions.

    1. You and millions of other Americans have portfolios chocked full of energy stock sans the green companies. William you should be investing in worthless stock i.e. Solyndra to spite the mean ole profitable oil companies. There is money in oil and gas and the smart people are investing in it regardless of what the Green Weenie says.

  6. Y’know, Keith…
    …as I read that I could almost see Jim Messina saying the name “Romney” and waving his fingers and shaking his head back and forth while chasing small children.

  7. More and more I am becoming convinced Obama doesn’t want to fix anything. He is wants to point the finger or give the finger at his supposed “enemies. ” To his Russian counterpart it is a reassuring pat on the forearm in a moment of socialist solidarity.
    He is running out of Boogeymen really fast. There are 310 million of us and the election season is in full swing. He is fast becoming irrelavent to me. His signature piece of legislation is a being debated like a SNL skit. He woke up today and decided the oil companies are the problem even as the Congress reaffirmed the oil drilling tax credits.
    And the wifey and the kids are eating fudge and ice cream at Mt. Rushmore…

  8. How many groups can Obama wage war on?
    War on Catholics and religion.
    Fake war on woman.
    Fake war on racists.
    War on Republicans.
    War on Rush.
    War on Israel.
    War on oil.
    War on coal.
    His plan is to divide and conquer, and I’m sure there are plenty of wars I can’t remember right now.

  9. Who’s afraid of the “Ole Boogerman?” Early years of Southern Baptist Sunday School taught that Bible verses colored, sufficient macaroni glued to paper plates and the prerequisite “Git’ Thee behind me, Satan” could forestall the fate of being dragged down the path to a fiery pit.

    I say replace “Hope and Change” with “Faith” and rebuke the “Ole Scratch” himself.

  10. Are we watching a presidential meltdown? We know that everything that our President publicly does is to garner votes for his re-election, so I can not understand how his recent stand on issues is helping him.
    The Left will vote for him, the Right will not. That is a given. The ones who will get him re-elected come from the middle, and, believe me, they are watching.
    First, he inserts himself right into the middle of a racial barn-burner. Are moderates going to believe he is calming the waters, or rocking the boat? Now, with gas prices skyrocketing, he wants to end subsidies to gas companies. Are moderates going to believe that this is going to lower the price of gas?

  11. Everyday contains another opportunity for the President to lie to all of us.

    He wants to win even if it cost him his soul………….and it will.

  12. It is sad to see, however, how many sheeple fall for these scare tactics. If only everyone in America paid attention and got their news from alternative media as well as MSM, Dem party would disappear.

    November is coming, make sure to go out and vote and make sure so do all your family and friends who are not drones!

    1. and when its all over, I can see odumbo in the prone position in moochie’s bosom sucking his thumb and weeping like a little baby
      how the “right wing stole my election and what will I tell the muslim & russian buddies ?

  13. The problem of natural resources is far more complicated and it seems to me that too much attention is being paid to oil while there are many other natural resources we are gradually running out of. I was surprised when I read about certain kinds of natural resources which are not so well known but whose depletion would pose a serious problem for some industry sectors especially for the world of information technology. I am really concerned about whether the scientists will be able to find an effective solution to this problem other than the devastation of one of Earth’s most valuable natural resources – the ocean as suggested in the article. How does Obama want to solve these problems? I am afraid the war on big oil companies is a waste of time and if he doesn’t instigate some effective measures this may have a detrimental effect on our economy in upcoming years.

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