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Michelle Takes a Day Trip to Mt. Rushmore

Michelle Obama jetted in to South Dakota Wednesday for a day trip to Mount Rushmore, taking in the sights before departing the same day for Las Vegas.

Michelle is traveling with her daughters on a “private family trip” to the West, the White House said.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore. Advance work had already been done by the Secret Service and White House staff, who had arrived in town earlier in the week.

After viewing the memorial, the Obamas “showed a bit of a sweet tooth,” according to the paper, and stopped at the Turtle Town fudge shop where they had fudge and ice cream.

The visit caused access to parts of the memorial to be restricted and required visitors to go through a security checkpoint.

After today’s Las Vegas stop, Mrs. Obama is scheduled to be in San Francisco Friday for a fundraiser. She then moves on to Alameda, Calif., Saturday to commission a Coast Guard cutter and to Los Angeles the same day to participate in Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

348 Responses to Michelle Takes a Day Trip to Mt. Rushmore

  1. As a proud American, I can only hope the first family is having a fantastic trip. I’d love the opportunity to meet them. Americans wish the best for the first family. Traitorous haters will speak ill of the, of course.

    • Oh, I’d like to meet them, too. And tell them exactly what I think of them. Don’t generalize by saying “Americans wish the best…”. That’s completely bogus. By supporting this jackass, you, sir [Tim C.] fall into the term “traitorous”. We want to save this country from marxists like Obama. We want free enterprise. We want to maintain our liberties — those that remain. We don’t want a welfare state. We don’t want an entitlement society.

      Get a clue.

    • Tim, when you as a “proud American,” pay out of your personal pockets for their many, many, many vacations, I may respect your opinion. Until then, I’ll just warn you that the kool-aid is not safe to drink.

  2. Because of Mrs. Obama’s policies My kids have to eat sweet potatoes now instead of real potatoes, more vegetables and smaller servings of meat at their school lunch but her and her kids can eat fudge and ice cream.

  3. Mrs. Obama might as well crowd in any trips she can now in case she is no longer the First Lady after January 20, 2013. It is hard to modulate public perceptions of her spending a lot of money on trips because often no comparison travel budgets for other First Ladies are easily available. I might be wrong, but given the number of private trips she has taken in the USA and overseas, my general impression is that her travel at public expense has been a perk that she has abused in comparison to other First Families.

  4. Why keep harping on this day trip to Las Vegas? So she
    spent a day in Sin City with a 10 year old and a 13 year old.
    Why not let them see how the other half lives?
    PS the rest of the trip is a rerun both Obama
    girls have been to SF and LA.

  5. As Marie Antoinette taught Michelle Obama to say to the starving people who had no bread-

    “Let them eat cake”.

    The “pleasant” words that come to mind when reading this article include:

    Self Righteous
    Out of control
    Timely (less than a year left of this ridiculousness)
    …..You catch my drift…

  6. These people spend the American taxpayers money and flaunt their privilege like ghetto trash that won the lotto with a welfare dollar.

  7. How frreakin money is this freakin bitch costing us with her never endong vacations. Weren’t the kids in Mexico just a two weeks ago,and now Mt Rushmore and Vegas….. She’s disgusting……………..

  8. Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore.
    “look, kids, that’s where dad’s going to have the union workers carve his face out of the rock! now, let’s all go get some ice cream!”

  9. Michelle:
    “Now kids, this is the monument we told you about. Beautiful granite carvings of wealthy, racist, leaders of a country that started off in the WRONG direction. Your daddy is doing everything in his power now to right these wrongs. He has taken the ONE good thing Bush did, the Patriot Act(removal of right to privacy)and begun to build on it. Remember the list we recite each night at bedtime?
    Patdowns/radiation machines at airports, and soon railroad stations, and road checks everywhere.(group apathy works.)
    NDAA ; Little known to most Americans due to coordinated lack of coverage by media is the LAW that allows both Detention, and ASSASINATION of American Citizens anywhere without Due Process. (Yes assassination was confirmed by FBI head under Congressional testimony!)
    Resources Preparedness Executive Order: Presidential power to take over ANY business, Resource(Food), and allocate it as they deem appropriate.
    *note new to this executive order was the insertion of “in emergency AND NON EMERGENCY situations” this means anytime!
    DHS recently placed an order for 450 million rounds of pistol ammunition?
    They do not have enough employees to need this much ammunition. This sounds more like a military order placement. Will the DHS be the new national military?
    SOPA : didn’t work the first try, but it is now hidden in another bill making it’s way through congress, and will be passed under the cover of darkness. Bet on it!
    Sleep well Kids. Your Daddy is working on making America right for a change! And I am now more proud than ever of my country for accepting this new and better CHANGE!”

    “oh, and here is that picture you always want to see before bedtime……..unreported, destruction of this country!”

    “Sleep Well!”

  10. No thanks to the Obama’s the unemployment rate in So. Dakota is 6% where there is an oil boom, and all the oil is being drilled on private land, which are not part of the President’s moratorium on oil drilling in the USA. However last week the EPA, cheered on by the Sierra Club, American Rivers and Natural Resources Defense Council (don’t give to these groups) promised to stop that drilling on private lands by instituting the Clean Water Act to stop such economically good work deeming it harmful to the environment. There are no food police either, which is why the ice cream and fudge were available to this Harvard legal trained nutritionist and her daughters & ten car entourage extraordinaire.

  11. Why shouldn’t Michelle take the girls on a trip for spring break? That is what we always did, when the kids were young. How else do you introduce your children to other parts of the country and let them see the national parks and treasurere they study about in school? It is important!
    Also, when Bush was in FL, the whole town was blocked, there was a local police car at EVERY INTERSECTION and you couldn’t get out or in. All of that was so he could have a five minute photo op. Talk about waste of tax payer dollars! All presidents seem to do the same thing so quit singling out Obama.

    • Michelle took the kids to Africa and listed them as “senior staff.” Malia just went to Mexico with 25 secret service agents. The girls are having plenty of fun on the taxpayer dime and if you can’t see that these trips are an imposition of cost on the taxpayers then there is no help for it.

  12. The poster family for the nouveau riche now “Movin’ on Up” to Mt. Rushmore. Our tax dollars have created so many elegant memories for the Obamas, memories that will last a lifetime while they vacation at beaches and stay at the Red Roof once they start paying their own way commencing January 2013.

  13. I guess they trying to get in all the sites before leaving the White House in Jan. 2013. How much of their trip can I deduct on my Federal taxes? After all we, the taxpayers, are paying for all their trips.

  14. I can hear michelle now: “Look girls that’s where daddy’s head will be carved right next to George Washington.” At least it would show both sides of the spectrum. One can’t tell a lie, the other one can’t stop lying.

  15. This is the way dictators act. Wait until his second term when he will have more flexibility.

    Please take a look at this very short video, and consider my questions.

    Does flexibility include being dictator of the Socialist States of America?
    Do you feel like giving him four or more years to find out?

  16. So if this is a private vacation why is she on an Air Force jet and why is she landing at a military base. Mooch IS NOT an office holder and wasn’t elected to do a damn thing. Flying all over, sending 25 Secret Service agents to Mexico with her daughter, 10 car motorcades, a waste of our money.
    Why do we put up with this crap?

  17. Could she squeeze in any more taxpayer-funded vacations before they get kicked out of the White House? What a complete disrespect that is to us citizens who are, most technically, the bosses of them.

    Stop the freeloading!

  18. After all she has never been proud of America until her husband became the ruler. Now she owns it and can do what ever she wants. This attitude is called aristocratic pretzel logic. “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine”. The prerequisite to maintain such behavior is called arrogant Narcissism.

  19. Michelle Obama is a hypocrit. She runs around trying to set up rules and regulations on how we and our children eat, and then she jets over to Mount Rushmore for ice cream and fudge…….on the taxpayer’s dime no less.

    Good grief! I will be soooo happy when this goes back to Chicago! I don’t normally go out and buy fireworks, but this July 4th I’m gonna get me a stockpile. Not for Independence Day. Not for New Years. It’s gonna be to celebrate the end of the Obama Tyranny! January 2013!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!

  20. I guess we will have to put up with these government paid vacations for mooshel until January, then you can bet she won’t spend any of her money for trips.

  21. These people are DISGUSTING. Didn’t they just get BACK FROM VACATION IN HAWAII? Wasn’t the oldest daughter just in MEXICO for SPRING BREAK? This has to be INTENTIONALLY rubbing our noses in it at this point. Buck Ofama.

  22. you don’t have to worry about BARACK being on mount rushmore—his face will be carved in a strip mine in southern west virginia!!!! LOL

  23. Is the year 2013 Los Angeles Voters must kick the bums out of City Hall

    2013 is the year Los Angeles Voters can change City Hall and kick the bums out of LA City Council, with a Mayoral election and eight of fifteen seats up for re-election. That could be an opportunity to field a slate in opposition against the incumbents and to band together behind a big issue, like land use reform. Land use is how the city can accommodate growth and even boost the economy. Fiscal responsibility, Education reform, Public transportation expansion and reduced bureaucracy, we need credible new candidates with a strong backbone to stand up to the current administration and bring about the change to improve conditions in the City of Los Angeles.
    I fill confident, that if people want change they’d just vote for it.

    After all this is supposed to be “Government by the people for the people”. Let us exercise our right as citizens and vote the bums out.

    What we need is a Statesman – Not a Politician

    YJ Draiman

    A Statesman or Politician, What is The Difference?
    A politician is only focused on reelection.
    A politician is willing to sacrifice his principals if it will help them get reelected. This leads to the waters of their character becoming muddied. When a person’s character becomes tarnished it takes a lot harder to clean it than it is to clean tarnished silver, and even if you do clean it, it will st…ill have lost some of its luster.
    Politicians want their name in lights.
    Politicians want fame and recognition, and will do almost anything to get it. To quote a great mentor of mine “there are those people who want to be somebody, and then there are those who want to do something.” Politicians are the people who want to be somebody; they want to see their names on TV and on news papers. This also can lead to a tarnished character.
    A politician’s vote can be bought.
    A politician is in it for the money, they will vote your way for a price. This opens the door for your character to become tarnished.
    A statesman is principled.
    A statesman always puts his principles first. He does not care about the political implications of a decision he cares about whether or no it is the right thing to do.
    A statesman wants to make a difference.
    A statesman doesn’t want to see his name in lights, he want the right thing done. He doesn’t care is his name is ever on the front page of the Dallas Morning News.
    A statesman is unshakable.
    A statesman cannot be bought. He is feared by lobbyist and his opponents alike, but respected by both. He holds fast to his principles and never tarnishes his character.
    A Politician or Statesman?
    What this country needs are not more politicians who campaign one way and vote another. What we need are more patriotic, principled, steadfast, prudent, statesmen.
    YJ Draiman

  24. Michelle Obamanation can spend our money almost as fast as her husband with all his free hand outs all over the place!!!!!

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