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Michelle Takes a Day Trip to Mt. Rushmore

Michelle Obama jetted in to South Dakota Wednesday for a day trip to Mount Rushmore, taking in the sights before departing the same day for Las Vegas.

Michelle is traveling with her daughters on a “private family trip” to the West, the White House said.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore. Advance work had already been done by the Secret Service and White House staff, who had arrived in town earlier in the week.

After viewing the memorial, the Obamas “showed a bit of a sweet tooth,” according to the paper, and stopped at the Turtle Town fudge shop where they had fudge and ice cream.

The visit caused access to parts of the memorial to be restricted and required visitors to go through a security checkpoint.

After today’s Las Vegas stop, Mrs. Obama is scheduled to be in San Francisco Friday for a fundraiser. She then moves on to Alameda, Calif., Saturday to commission a Coast Guard cutter and to Los Angeles the same day to participate in Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

348 thoughts on “Michelle Takes a Day Trip to Mt. Rushmore”

  1. Anothe little joy trip to spend the America peoples’ money for her satification!

    When are the American people going to stop these free trips that the tax peoples pay for at the cost of millions of dollars?

  2. Another vacation on the taxpayer’s dime as they will be using the commission of a Coast Guard cutter as an official visit to cover this vacation!
    Ice cream! So it is okay for the Obama’s to have Ice cream, but not us surfs!
    For the MSM, this is simply wonderful of how our Royalty in the White House are able to enjoy all of the pleasures of being in such a position!
    I really hope that Freedom Loving Americans can somehow defeat the massive cheating and the Black Flash Mobs using violence to intimidate voters that WILL happen in November! Cheating and violence is the only way that progressives can win!

  3. “Nouveau riche” describes persons with newfound wealth as being vulgar, in lacking the experience or value system to utilize wealth in the same manner as those of “old money”.
    Spoiling kids rotten probably is the furthest thing from the thought processes of these people. After he’s out of office Michelle will blow through his money, no matter how much he brings in.

    1. Yeah . . . and those spoiled-rotten girls are gonna start asking questions as they grow older, like, “How come we can’t jet off on vacation every month like we used to?” And “Where’s that cool 10-car motorcade we used to have all the time? I mean, I had to walk ALONE to the fudge shop the other day.”

      1. They are being groomed for the national and international stage — connected marriages, acquaintances of power at international levels who will remember them as girls, set ups for ambassadorships — the Princesses Obama will never want for anything, including airplanes available free to take them on whimsical trips.


    1. One thing that amazes me is that 46% of the population approves of this person (Barrack), oh I digress, those are the people receiving “government help”. Let me tell you how this part works, you would not believe, I was at the hospital in Detroit, MI (Karmanos- superb Cancer facility) with my husband, and these two women, one black one white (no racial bias here) were discussing, while I was in the waiting room, how to scam the government for more money! Could not believe it, people do not know me, I am my mother’s child and when something is not right unfortunately I speak up-like all the time. Told them what I thought about their conversation and they said it was “none of my business”, I was by myself and these two individuals were well over 200 lbs and me being under 130 well I thought a confrontation was not in order. Do not have my CCW!

  5. looks like “not proud of America” michelle was looking for design ideas for when she consults on obamas shrine to himself to be put in detroit/chicago/atlanta/philly/watts

    1. You got that right. Next thing you know, we will hear that if we DON’T put up Obama’s face on Rushmore, we would be racist. Seriously. Their argument will run on the fact there is not one black man on that mountain. And since Barack was elected to “fix’ America’s unfairness and racism, he should get his own mountain.

      We’ll have Mt. Rushmore, the one we all know and love.
      And then we’ll have Mt. Allah, the one for the Obama family.

      Oh, it’s coming. We just have to wait until Obama gets his Martial Law.

  6. I KNEW she would be going on another vacation this week. I had been looking around for info on it earlier in the week, because I know the kids are on spring break from Sidwell this week. MO NEVER stays home when the kids have time off school.

    Another month, another expensive vacation for MO. I’d love to know how many millions her vacations have cost the taxpayers over the last three plus years.

  7. This woman and her traveling is going to make Marie Antoinette look like a couponer. Most people are struggling to pay their energy bills, gasoline, electricity, and natural gas and she gallivants all over the Country rubbing people’s noses in the fact that she has to ability to go anywhere her heart or her daughter’s desires.
    The Obama’s 13 year old daughter goes on Spring Break to Mexico by herself and her retinue. When my daughter was 13, the wife and I wouldn’t even let her out of the neighborhood let alone going to another Country like she was a rock star.
    And please don’t patronize me with the excuse of, “Well Obama’s daughter had 25 Secret Service protection.” Like no kidding huh.
    People are struggling to find money for gasoline to go to work, and this woman thinks she is Socialist royalty.

  8. I’ve never seen a first lady act like this… To commandeer official military aircraft on an endless vacation. Honest. I cannot think of one first lady who spent so much taxpayer money on themselves. And in this economy to boot. Ugh!

    The word ‘hatred’ does not describe America’s feelings toward this Obama family. America will be reborn when Obama is GONE!!!!

  9. I don’t get it. Fudge and Ice Cream on the way to a Biggest Loser taping.

    Why does anybody listen to these people? And who elected her queen, anyway?

  10. Do the kids even go to school? Seems like they get out of school a lot, guess a letter from the president is a good excuse note. Also please let me know when the next vacation is. I feel left out on these vacations that I am helping pay for, I haven’t been to Mt. Rushmore, Las Vegas, Hawaii, South Africa or Spain. Please feel free to invite me next time, I pay my taxes so I should be good to go!

    1. Because she CAN????????????? When you know one hasn’t had money or influence & suddenly starts spending money like “the Obamas gone wild,” this is what you get. Personally I think she is attempting to “get it while she can” as the writing is now on the wall………IN INDELIBLE PAINT!


  11. “showed a bit of a sweet tooth” — hell, she must have a sweet tooth the size of a sabre toothed lion looking at her backside. Needs to stick to carrots out of the WH garden.

  12. My wittew chilren get to eat fudge and ice cream, while yo wittew chilren get to eat peas and broccoli! Now lets all go to MdConalds for big macs and fries and milk shakes!!

  13. So, are the Princesses Obama going with MoochMORE Toinette to Las Vegas or are they returning alone on a separate taxpayer-paid-for airplane?

  14. Wow! Unbelievable! Moochelle absolutely does not care what any of this costs and Oblamer apparently can’t control her vacation spending! They were in Hawaii in Dec/Jan; then Mooch and the girls went to Aspen for a little skiing in Feb; then Malia went to Mexico (against the State Dept. warning) in March and now the Mooch and the girls are jetting off again to the “West”. Even IF they pay their own ‘personal’ expenses; who pays for all the security, motorcades, lodging, food for all the extra personnel, etc.? Oh, wait; WE do! They must realize they only have a few more months left to live off of the taxpayers. We absolutely have to get them out; we can’t afford 4 more years of this arrogance and enormous spending. They truly believe they are royalty and entitled to everything!

  15. Access by the public during her trip was to keep people from seeing her stuff her face with ice cream and fudge while pusher healthy diets to the rest of the country.

  16. Another Michelle vacation with all the trimmings: gigantic motorcade; kick the other tourists out; and bring everything to a close with a round of fattening food that school cafeterias and McDonald’s restaurants had better never think of serving.

  17. F-ing disgusting pig of a first lady. She is really getting all she can out of the four years as temporary queen. She makes me sick.

  18. When do these kids go to school? They are always jetting, on our dime, to take trips. I guess this what she is teaching her kids about living in south Chicago. skip school and you will be smart like your daddy.

  19. Last week taxpayers paid for 25 secret service agents to babysit 12 13 year olds on a spring trip to MEXICO. ?????any one ever hear of drug dealers lawlessness. 25 agents, free trip to Mexico, paying for Mex police security. Now another trip. 10 cars???So taking a wild guess- these people have spent about 1 1/2 million $$ at the least in 2 weeks on vacations. They are flying around on very expensive fuel and are telling those of us who are paying for these trips that we must conserve. GO GREEN. It is about time that all these smart heads in DC should practice what they preach. If green energy can’t be used to can’t fly. No more fancy cars… make every gov’t employee have to ride in those cute little cars that might go 40 miles. This includes the WH, the congress, the regulators… IF YOU MAKE THE RULES THEN YOU LIVE WITH THEM…. NO MORE EXCLUDING THESE TALKING HEADS.

  20. why is it the very poor people in this country ae not aware of the money spent on trips by the Obamas. constantly on the move, last week eldest daughter in Mexico , now family on tip to different areas, who will keep them up and py for trips if they no longer in WH. GEARGE SORAS but he has his sugar babies.

    1. Maybe the very poor people in this country only watch the main stream media. You have to dig to find out the truth about the Oblamers. The MSM would never publish such facts.

  21. Nevermind the folks on a trip that may have only one day or a few hours spared to visit Mt. Rushmore. And, how long do the girls have off for Spring break?

  22. Anyone else notice that these vacays seem to follow each of MoochMORE’s public “efforts?” She plants the garden — she gets Las Vegas. It seems to be a pattern that simple.

  23. Get it now, Michelle. the “gravy-train” ends this Nov.

    BTW, why is it everytime I hear what they stopped to eat, it’s always something high calorie?

  24. Just how proud of the USA was Michele when she was gazing upon the visages of the very four white men that made it possible for her husband to become president?

  25. This WFLOTUS (Worst first lady Of The United States) is nothing but a publicity pig. She useS the taxpayer money, what there is left of it (course they can always borrow from China) to show her booty to all of America even though it is the LAST thing any of us want to see.


  26. Yet ANOTHER vacay for the Mooch??? She’s on a Vacation-A-Month Plan that we pay for! She inconveniences other vacationers (that are paying for their own vacations) that are trying to see Mt. Rushmore and then takes her motorcade to an ice cream shop. What? No brocolli and peas? Ice cream? Her backside looks like she needs more ice cream and fudge! She could at least act like she’s trying to eat healthy while in public. It’s always ice cream, fries, hamburgers, pizza. What a blatant hypocrite!

  27. Michelle and the girls had Fudge at Mt. Rushmore. SNL couldn’t make this stuff up. Aren’t these girls supposed to be in school?

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