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Michelle Takes a Day Trip to Mt. Rushmore

Michelle Obama jetted in to South Dakota Wednesday for a day trip to Mount Rushmore, taking in the sights before departing the same day for Las Vegas.

Michelle is traveling with her daughters on a “private family trip” to the West, the White House said.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore. Advance work had already been done by the Secret Service and White House staff, who had arrived in town earlier in the week.

After viewing the memorial, the Obamas “showed a bit of a sweet tooth,” according to the paper, and stopped at the Turtle Town fudge shop where they had fudge and ice cream.

The visit caused access to parts of the memorial to be restricted and required visitors to go through a security checkpoint.

After today’s Las Vegas stop, Mrs. Obama is scheduled to be in San Francisco Friday for a fundraiser. She then moves on to Alameda, Calif., Saturday to commission a Coast Guard cutter and to Los Angeles the same day to participate in Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

348 thoughts on “Michelle Takes a Day Trip to Mt. Rushmore”

      1. December 6, 1941

        Dear President Obama,

        I’d like to apologize to you for not writing recently. It is just that every time I sit down to inform you of my thoughts the news events of a world guided by your philosophy spiral down so fast I’m even unable to catch my breath long enough to put it down in some, if I don’t say so myself, humorous manner. For example, scientists recently discovered the largest black holes ever; I could have saved them all of the trouble, they are clearly located in Washington D.C.! It’s epicenter is Nancy Pelosi’s brain. Like most black holes energy goes in, but only garbage comes out of the orifice. That’s not working for you? I’ll do better:)

        GM apparently has had another bright idea. They are going to build a car called the “Roman Candle.” Complete with a battery pack, solar panel, a tank of gasoline, caustic coolant, and a cigarette lighter for easier ignition! And if ignition fails all one has to do is run it into a pole and then let her rip! In time, a solar panel will replace the battery, and the gasoline, this vehicle though will be equipped also with an irrigation system to better prepare it for it’s future roll as a planter. GM might even add in a packet of corn seeds to demonstrate how much greener this car can actually make you feel. Though as far as the green in your wallet, that you can kiss goodbye because the sources of energy for your new vehicle are going to be taxed into extinction, ergo the solar panels and the bag of corn seeds. Now where did I put those plans for that still? Oh yea right next to my “Dukes of Hazard” lunch box.

        Mr. Obama are you for real? Recently I made an off color joke about sending a blow up doll of you to the folks at “media doesn’t matter,” but as I pulled out the credit card to send them their much needed source of comfort. Think Linus from Charley Brown without a conscience and his blanket – that’s the guy who runs that bunch of basket cases of a Soros funded group of people – those are the people that need some really good “Obama Love.” Why? Well, Sir, they are still concerned that the Republicans may not pick Mortimer Romney as the Republican nominee, Like I’ve said before, I’m voting for him if I have to and a large enough quantity of Vicks Vapor Rub to stuff up my nose is in arms length, but before then I want a knock down drag out fight that truly prepares him to face you. I’d rather it be Gingrich, like I said before, I want a guy who knows the plumbing, and does not want to burn the house down, and give the insurance company the bill. I just want the water to run right:)

        And then there is the important stuff. Like the guys who actually want to use real bombs instead of writing you letters and emails, I don’t tweet, but I’m considering it. It takes me a long time to do something new. I like tried and true which is why I like big cars with big engines and big bombs in the hands of responsible militaries like ours. I’m just wondering how close we are to using them on Iran. They are nuts. Your crazy. But they are nuts.

        You know it.

        Tomorrow I will remember Pearl Harbor. Do yourself a favor while you are on your 5,000th vacation to Hawaii, and give it a visit. It may provide some needed perspective on what we as a nation are about to face. Might give you some much needed resolve to tell the left in this nation to take it’s thumb out of it mouth.


        Joe Doakes

        1. I wish I could have said that…….at least I I agree with your every word here and other sites. Can I say “I am Joe Doakes” ?

          1. *tap*tap*tap*tap* Does everyone hear that? It’s the sound of SierraMike goose stepping to obama’s will. If you watch he will give Das Furher the high five salute.

        2. John, may I say that I read your comments on many sites, they are truly informative, true (for those that research) and well thought out, I just wanted to state that I enjoy reading them and wish that the powers that be would take your messages to heart. Keep it up!

        3. Joe Doakes, typical Amerikan turkey.
          Everyone in the USA thinks
          they can do a better job than
          the president; but of course they arn’t.
          Monday night quarterbacks, they are, on a bad team.
          ILL Eagles sick birds.
          The country is full of bosses
          & nobody works !!!!!

          1. And everyone who’s president, especially the current one, thinks he’s the best man for the job. With very few exceptions, he’s usually wrong.

        1. And don’t forget the lunch nazis who say a turkey sandwich from home is bad. SOOOO sick of the hypocrisy, we all need to eat right and save our $ while they pog out on crap and spend our money on their multitude of vacations. Shameful these people are!

  1. They’re gonna milk this for all they can because they know that come November–they’re outta here!!!

    This is the most selfish, inconsiderate, egotistical family ever!

    1. “They’re gonna milk this for all they can because they know that come November–they’re outta here!!!”

      I hope you are right, but I am afraid it is just the opposite. They know they have nothing to worry about as they will steal the next election too. Just wait and see how many polling places will be threatened by The “New Black Panthers” or other leftist groups.

      1. I can only hope that the NBPP tries something, at my polling place. I for one did not spend the majority of my adult life sworn to serve and protect to have a bunch of radical leftist attempt to disenfranchise me.

        I might get my rear kicked, but I will guarantee that I won’t be the only one either going to a hospital or jail.

        This election is the fight of the century, and everyone who still holds to the concept of liberty needs to be willing to stand and if need be face the enemy down. They, including POTUS, are bullies ANC bullies will only back down when faced with courage.

        1. If I see any of the NBPP trying anything around my poling place, I will stay and do what I can to make sure they do not interfere. I’m sure many other TRUE Americans will do the same.

        2. Yes but on top of Fast & Furious and Holder’s blindness to the
          Philadelphia incident I think they will not only get a pass but be
          emboldened by Holder turning a blind eye. Very dangerous when
          the danger comes from the man sworn to protect us that’s a laugh.

      2. Since we vote at home with an absentee ballot, I’d like to see the NBP try and interfere with OUR voting. The front lawn will be littered with Trayvon lookalikes faster than you can say “killthewhitehispanic!”

      1. shofar, just tell me where & when and we’ll come along in an unarmed, peaceful way unless some racial wackos try to deprive us of our rights…we’ve had too many relatives who’ve paid the price for our Freedom to let this perverted activity to continue.. in other words:
        “We have your back”

        p.s. I’ll call my buddy Chuck Norris for back up if needed.

      1. One who is intentionally ignorant or so fractured by their cognitive dissonance that they’ve forgotten/dismissed any other choice?

        Someone who is as treasonous, anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-Constitution, racist, socially divisive and all-around-anarchist as is Obama and the Marxist gaggle that surrounds him?

      2. The type who can’t believe the idiots the Republicans put in front of us as another option.. John McCain?!?! Mitt Romney!?!? Mr.Seoroto wouldn’t have won the first time if a serious, viable option were available to vote for instead of him. I had to hold my nose to vote for McCain and will likely have to do the same for Romney. If these are the best the Republicans can offer, maybe its time to fold the tents and slide off into the sunset.

          1. I suspect that Michelle Obama visited Rushmore to see if there was room next to the other ‘great presidents’ for her husbands head. When he dissed one of our former presidents (incorrectly, not knowing the true facts, as usual) for rejecting the newfangled ‘telephone’ saying ‘this is why he wasn’t on Mt. Rushmore’ it made me think Obama thinks he belongs up there for pushing all this ‘green’ energy and his ‘forward thinking.’

  2. So we are probably paying for the entire trip since MO is commissioning a CC cutter . . . unbelievable. They sure know how to work the system.

    I feel sorry for those people who wanted to see a national monument have to deal with the vacationing Obamas again.

  3. There is nothing ‘private’ about this scandalous waste of taxpayer $$$ !!! If she pays for anything at all – it’s the hot fudge sundaes! Who is paying for the advance teams, the 10 car motorcades, the back-up and cargo jets, the hotels, 5 Star resturants, wardrobe, traveling make-up and hairdresser, 28 hand maidens, and a plane load of freeloaders???

    She never stops!!! Conservatively speaking, she has helped herself to at least $1 Billion from the U.S. Treasury over the last 3.5 years when you tally up all the hidden costs!

    The Obamas are the Bonnie and Clyde of politics! Instead of banks, they rob taxpayers! While her husband is up all night worrying about us – she is by his side – with a travel guide in one hand, and the Visa ‘Black’ card in the other hand!

    It’s going to take an Act of Congress to stop this woman from bankrupting the country!

    1. I need a like button! Love your “Bonnie and Clyde of politics!”

      Is anyone counting MO’s trips? Just wondering how many miles she’s flown and trips she’s taken.

      1. Thus far since December it has been Hawaii, Utah (ski vaca), Mexico, Vegas and I know I am forgetting two of them…help people!

  4. @anneinarkansas
    She may have been scouting out the place for Bam’s face.

    Knowiong this woman as we do, I say it’s for HER fugly face!

  5. Heard said at Mt. Rushmore:

    See, girls, that’s where your daddy is going to jack hammer all those evil white men’s faces off and replace it with his. He’ll be wearing a hoodie.

  6. “Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore.”

    FLOTUS keepin’ it green! I wonder how big her Earth Day carbon footprint will be?

    1. If you plant a vegetable garden that the grounds keepers tend to at taxpayers expense, that wiped out all of the motorcade carbon footprint. Sorta like carbon credits.

  7. Sure wish I could take my family all around the world on the Tax Payer Dime. The money they are using is my money and yours that we could take our family on vaction with. They sure like to travel, but making affordable for the rest of us to do it. Just how much a gallon are they paying for fuel. What a bunch of hypocrites, November can’t get here fast enough the last three years have been nothing but a power grab and BIG JOKE!!

      1. IF your statement is true, please remember that Bush spent his money over 8 years, not 3.5 and HE spent it, not the First Lady and his daughters. Are you including Obama’s greens fees in your assertion? Those definitely add up.

        Bush took most of his vacations at his ranch, where the security was already set up. No advance teams needed, no hotels for the secret service agents, etc.

        Obama is the one who waid that people shouldn’t be traveling to Las Vegas on the taxpayers’ dime. Apparently, he forgot to mention this to his own family.

        1. Look at the polls you RACISTS, Obama is so far ahead of Romney, I can’t beleive anyone would vote for the Hateful Republicans. By the way Racists google Laura Bush and find out she took her daughter to Europe all the time when she gave a l5 minute speech then went shopping for the rest of the trip ON TAX PAYERS MONEY. SO SUCK OF YOU RACIST HATEFUL IDOITS!!!!

          1. Dean Anderson, you are just completely wrong.

            The latest available tracking poll of Romney versus Obama shows Obama with a ONE POINT lead . . . a statistical tie. That is not “so far ahead” as you put it; it is actually disastrous for Mr. Obama, particularly given the fact that the Republican primary is still ongoing, with charges and counter charges being aired daily. Obama has had a free ride, and yet he in very unpopular.

            For a sitting President to be in a statistical tie with his most likely challenger at this point is a strong indication that he will likely lose the general election, especially when the focus will be on his numerous failures.

            Back in 1980, incumbent Jimmy Carter consistently showed competitive strength in the polls, even right up until the final few days of that election cycle. In fact, a few polls within a week or so of the election actually showed Carter ahead in the race. But the outcome was that Ronald Reagan won by a landslide — he was the winner by 10 points!

            Obama has presided over the same sort of presidency as Carter — persistent economic instability throughout, combined with a perceived level of incompetence on the part of his economic team; and a highly questionable approach to foreign policy.

      2. The costs are not comparable. W spent his at his ranch. Obama didn’t go to Hawaii for Christmas till he was in office. No trip every year to Marthas Vineyard till he was in office. No African safari, no trip to Spain…

      3. MT for re-redistribution

        NO FRIGGIN WAY IN HELL gw spent as much as the Oster. Methinks you are a swooning O-ite, with a Kool-aid mustache and a framed #3 donation receipt.

      4. Bush spent his vacations either at his ranch in Texas (the majority of them) or the family compound at Kennibunkport, Maine. Both of these places had full security already installed and he conducted the country’s business while he was there. Many foreign dignataries requested a visit to the ranch as that wes felt to be more on a personal level than all the pomp and ceremony of DC. While Bush may have spent more days away from Washington, he continued doing the country’s business and it was a hell of a lot cheaper for the taxpayers! Instead of time away from Washington, compare the cost of Bush’s vacations to Obama’s vacations and see what the difference is! THAT will give you a more concise comparison!

      5. Provide credible facts, or have the testicularity to retract your typical Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist response.

      6. This is one of the stupidest assanine idoitic moronic comments that I have ever read. Sure President Bush spent more money on vacations that Barack Obama. You need to take your head out of the oven and breathe some fresh air. President Bush took vacations, well deserved vacations, but Barack Obama and his family take vacations from their vacations, because THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! It is just like all the leftist leaning WACKO liberals to blame President Bush for Barack Obama taking all of these vacations. Wake up! I am glad that this year is election year. Maybe we as TRUE Americans can change our country back and hope that it sticks. GROO! Get rid of Obama.

      7. Spoken like a lib.Total B.S., but libs don’t care about truth. The Bush spent his time at his ranch, and JFK at HIS place, Nixon, his place, but these Bums think the jobs a Vacation!

  8. Thanks for wasting taxpayer’s hard earned dollars on your what, 20th personal vacation in 3 years. November cannot get hear fast enought.

    1. You forgot the 2+ months of Obama golfing occasions. Bush stopped taking them out of respect for our troops. Other presidents have used the beautiful historic Camp David for relaxation and international discussions. (there’s even a golf course there) …not so with this hypocrite. Party on Barack and Michelle!…you’re establishing a vacation record at taxpayer’s expense.

  9. We could save the country and reduce the National debt considerably by offering the Obama’s a few hundred Million to just go away! It’s an offer they couldn’t refuse!

    1. They are good pets until they get up to about the 8 ft point, then one day the owner will be playing with him and he will return to his animal instinct and start constricting him. Hopefully the owner will be strong enough to get away from him, and that he doesn’t release him in the Everglades like many people have already done. There are plenty of them in there that could swallow a small child, and they are spreading North. They predict they will go all the way to West Virginia.

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  11. And now, it’s OFF to Vegas!!

    Someone should set her up. See to it that she hits the jackpot and wins 50 million bucks. Then demand that she contribute THAT to her moronic husband’s national deficit……….

    God these people……

  12. Don’t her kids ever go to school? Is she ever NOT on vacation? Nice to know I’m paying for hers since I can’t afford to take one anymore (for 3 years now). Funny how that works.

    1. If they are still going to Sidwell Friends in DC, that school is on spring break this week according to the school calendar. However, there’s nothing listed as a spring break for a couple weeks ago when the one daughter was in Mexico. Was that a school-sponsored trip or did her parents let her miss several days of school???

      By the way, the Obamas probably need to have someone else pay for their vacations because the school tuition for 2012-2013 is listed at $34,268 for grades 5-12 plus various fees and the cost of books. In other words, it’s more than in-state tuition at most public colleges and universities!

  13. Why did they make a stop in LasVegas before heading out to California? Because FirstGranny and her friends got a free trip to Vegas. There’s no other explanation that makes sense.

    Will AF1 stop in LasVegas on the way back to DC? or is there another day trip planned for the enjoyment of the family.

      1. The Obama’s are such hypocrites. It’s okay for them to travel on the taxpayer’s dime but not okay for corporations… Hope Michelle Antoinette didn’t hit the casinos and gamble away college savings for their girls…

        From your link:
        The feud began in 2009, when Obama admonished corporations using federal bailout money: “You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime.” A year later, Obama warned families against gambling away college tuition: “You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”

  14. Now we know the Obama’s have little interest in American history so why the
    trip to Mt Rushmore a fake interest or photo op? Just an excuse for another
    secret trip now and why aren’t those girls in school? We will never know how
    much money MO has spent on secret trips and vacations as now they even have gotten stories scrubbed from the foreign press scary days ahead.

  15. I heard that a CNN poll had BO ahead of all the GOP candidates by double digits. Unbelievable.

    Can you imagine what the next 4 years will be like NOT having to answer to the voters ? With no fundraisers ? Hopping on their personal jet to much more glamourous destinations. I’m sure she’ll find fat kids in all the countries to lecture, then shop.

    1. RE: CNN poll: Given we seem to be inhabiting the fictional space George Orwell described in “1984,” we’ll be seeing lots more polls — from Obama’s propaganda wing called the mainstream news media — that contradict everything else, including what’s already been televised or published.

  16. She is pathetic. MOOchelle, is a pig.I can’t wait till this slag, takes her tribe, and heads back to Jerry Wright’s temple. Then I can be PROUD OF MY COUNTRY AGAIN!!!!!

  17. geeezzze – who do they think they are??? They never bothered to see Mt. R before Barry was elected. How many people cannot take their families to Mt. R because of the economy? they are not humble at all!!!

  18. They’re probably checking it out to see how to demolish the carvings of the real American presidents so they can replace it with one of Obama.

    1. My first thought when I read this was that she is there to see where HIS FACE will go! You know they want the first half white President of the USA to be at Mt. Rushmore along with the others. WE tried to get Reagan’s but the Dems were not having any of that.

  19. had no idea she was here, busy living my life, sorry tourists were inconvenienced and that there was the extra fuel cost for a landing and takeoff at Ellsworth AFB. hope also that they did not disrupt any B1 training exercises.

    other than that………..

  20. @srdem65
    “Why did they make a stop in LasVegas before heading out to California? Because FirstGranny and her friends got a free trip to Vegas. There’s no other explanation that makes sense.”

    You’re right, srdem….good catch. I recall reading about Granny’s gambling addiction – she has been known to sneak out of the WH to play the slots. The WH will never be the same again – even Granny has skeltons in her closet. If only the walls could talk!

  21. So, what’s the big deal? Do people expect the President’s family to stay locked up in the white house the entire Presidency? Get real. I’m no fan of Barack, but they are still should be allowed freedom. You people complain about everything.

    I actuality, the Presidents family going to these places properly increases tourism during this time, so it boosts the local economies, which probably easily offsets the minute cost of providing security.

    1. Well actually, due to the terrible economy, my family hasn’t gone on a vacation in years. We just stay at home in order to save money. I can actually count the number of times I’ve taken the family out to a movie on one hand, and out to eat on the other. Even in good times we watched are budgets and only took minor car vacations once a year. You think these folks in the White House would have some common sense and at least try to cut back in order to show some empathy and set an example for the people at large…but not so much.

    2. The problem is the hypocrisy: Lip service to the 99% and behaving as the 1% — on us, the taxpayers. Lectures about eating healthy — and snacking on fudge and ice cream. Complaints about how hard Barack is working at being president — and a public schedule that often begins at 10 a.m. (Check out today’s.) And I haven’t even addressed the greatest and most dangerous hypocrisy of all: Taking an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution — and shedding it to pieces!

      1. You mean “locked up” with their 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, tennis court, putting green, jogging track, swimming pool, movie theater, billiards, bowling alley, 24 hour private chefs, maid service, private limousines and luxury accommodations. Sounds like a pretty nice place to be “locked up,” if that’s how you want to put it.

  22. Less then 9 months folks. Then hopefully she will be planting her garden in Chicago. Who really care what she does or where she goes. And on another note does she ever look in a full length mirror she has a lot of junk in her trunk.
    Don’t tell us how to eat.

  23. Michelle Antoinette makes me sick.

    Her overt and unabashed abuse taxpayer resources is appaling.

    The political class in the U.S. is out of control and they must be reigned in.

  24. So we can’t eat sweet stuff but moooochelle can? Stay in Washington start packing your bags for your permanent vacation from the WH.

    I think America is tired of you folks!

  25. MT for re-redistribution

    Yep, I think we can get those white devils off that mountain and chisel the 4 obamas over them. Borrow the $ from china quick before they foreclose.

  26. Lucky for the guys at the nearby privately owned Crazy Horse Memorial that Michelle Antoinette didn’t stop there. It would have apparently been too much of a distraction to visit a memorial to any other minority.

  27. Everyone talks about Bush’s vacations but he only went back to his ranch in Texas where he could work as well as if he’d stayed in DC…The current first family hasn’t seen a glamorous vacation spot they haven’t liked yet….and don’t seem to think that the austerity measures they preach to us “commoners” should even be considered as applying to them. The First Daughter going to Mexico with her entourage of Secret Services agents being paid on MY dime. Her and her Momma now going to Mt Rusmore and then Vegas, again on MY and Your dime….who cares if they disrupt the common folk “let them eat cake”….

    1. The day MO and entourage book an extended stay in glamorous Crawford, Texas (town of GW ranch, and southern WH during his years) is the day I believe the BO and Mo are really worried about the “optics” of the multiple, nearly-overlapping family vacation schedules. As long as campaign cash is coming in, perception is not even on their radar.
      I dont think MO would say anywhere in the great state of Texas, and surely Crawford, TX would not qualify as a resort-destination. Comparing BO and family’s “leisure time” to GWB and wife LWB’s while in office is laughable.

  28. I think it is pretty apparent that the Obama’s realize they will be moving out soon. May as well make the most of it. Certainly, this kind of blatant abuse of privilege wouldn’t happen if they thought they had a chance in November.

    1. I have thought that for a while. They have been thumbing their nose at the “little people” for the last couple of years. I think they know they are one-termers.

  29. I bet she was sizing up the mountain to see where she’s gonna put Barry’s face, maybe they’ll erase a face or two so his will be the biggest!

  30. Sure the “normal” tourists to the Mt. Rushmore site were inconvenienced. It was Queenie Michelle Antionette wasn’t it? Why shouldn’t people be inconvenienced by her? After all, those very same people and all the rest of us TAXPAYERS paid the way for this elitist to have her way. The first question should be, why are the kids not in school? Wasn’t there a TAXPAYER funded trip to Mexico for one while on Spring Break? Just how long does Spring Break last for those private DC schools for the priviledged few that are way too good to associate with those paying their way? And the trip to get fudge and ice cream, playing off as if it were a treat for the kids. It was really a way of showing just how little Queenie thinks of the average American. All the time she spends telling people how to eat and what to eat, and yet to support that overly extra large posterior she couldn’t be bothered with nutritional diets.” It’s not what I do it’s what I say because I am better than you. You are there to pay for me.” That’s Queenie speak.

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