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Biden Blooper: Thank You, Dr. Pepper

I realize you may have seen this on the Drudge Report, which I know a lot of you read as well. But I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the latest Biden moment.

Soon he’ll be unleashed on the campaign trail. Excellent.

10 thoughts on “Biden Blooper: Thank You, Dr. Pepper”

  1. And we laughed that Osama Bin Laden wanted Barry killed so he could then deal with this nut.

    Just think, he has been first in line if something happened to Barry.

    Now thats scarey…

    Where’s Mooch? Ooops, I forgot, she and kiddo’s are on their 17th vacation this week.

  2. “and I’d also like to thank Mister Sprite…with all his little Skittles there and the North Star Wondermen…and…”
    (quietly escorted off-stage to polite applause)

  3. MT for re-redistribution

    “American companies are now insourcing instead of outsourcing.” The corporation that I work at just sent their entire production line to Singapore.

    Just say it and they will believe it Joe.

  4. He’s glad to have Dr. Pepper on their side since the “Coke” brothers (“Diet” and “Zero”) are bankrolling the Republicans . . .

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