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Video || Obama’s Health Care Etch-a Sketch

During the presidential campaign, most people have forgotten, President Obama was opposed to the individual health insurance mandate, using the idea in particular to trash Hillary, who supported it. Just a month after being elected, he started signaling that well, on second thought, he might support it too.

The video below was produced by Crossroads, which is the group founded by Karl Rove that will pump millions into the presidential race for things like this, As well as massive TV advertising to support Republican candidates. It’s partisan, but the thrust of the video is accurate.

What it leaves out, of course, is that the mandate was originally a Republican idea, and still was considered such when Mitt Romney created Romneycare just six years ago.

The thinking was that you could marshal market forces to solve the coverage problem by forcing everyone to buy their own insurance instead of creating a government program.

Conservatives began to recoil at the idea when they realized two things. First, while seeking to tap the market, the scheme forgot about the other conservative ideal – freedom. It was a market, but not a “free” market – you were forced to participate.

The other problem is that the insurers under the plan are being regulated to such an extent that they will become like government utilities. And, unable to earn much profit with all the rules they must obey, they’ll start going out of business while consumers will either get dumped into Medicaid or be forced to deal with increasingly few health insurance conglomerates.

These essentially government-controlled enterprises will either become the de facto single-payer Nirvanah liberals have always coveted, or they themselves we go out of business and be replaced by an actual government entity.

So the other thing conservatives forgot is this: Be careful what you ask for. You may run into a powerful Democrat who will ditch his past opposition and give it to you.

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  1. He got elected.

    He got his “flexibility.”

    And then he revealed his real position on the issue.

    Didn’t he just set up something like that with the Russians?

  2. It will take years before hindsight can unravel the mystery of why the liberals really thought that the public would be enthralled with socialized healthcare. Had healthcare been presented as a voluntary government sponsored alternative to private insurance, it might have been welcomed by those who wanted or needed special assistance.

    As long as political hopefuls were only promising healthcare reform and not a healthcare takeover, the details weren’t important. Just as “hope and change” were given different meanings by different people, Healthcare “reform” was imagined as a government oversight program to guide the insurance industry and to address some of it’s worst regulations.
    We’re a compassionate country and we want everyone to have access to good healthcare and not be excluded for reasons not of their doing.

    Politicians promise, they lie, they waffle. We don’t like it but that’s how the game is played.

    • I agree–this “the Republicans made this up” meme is just being advanced…now. Started in the WaPo this morning. Orchestrated? Everyone hates memes–remember that.

  3. Few journalists have correctly reported that Gingrich and other GOPers were in favor of a mandate well before O-care. It was considered a way to enforce self-responsibility. It does not appear that many of these GOP proponents of a mandate thought it through. Likely, this is because too many of them, like Gingrich, are fans of big government as long as it favors their vision of big government. They are just part of the rich Washington tradition of extending the power and reach of the federal Leviathan on a bipartisan basis. We need to draw a line between ALL big government statists and small government federalists. If the small government folks happen to be Republicans, good. If the Republican candidate is just another Arlen Specter or John Chafee or Olympia Snowe or Gerald Ford or Kay Bailey Hutchison or Charlie Crist, the GOP voters need to turn them out and elect a true small government fiscal conservative. Either our government trims its sails and substantially reduces its size and cost, or the lack of economic sustainability cooked into the current state of our fiscal and monetary status quo will eventually force the changes we need. As Paul Ryan has suggested, either we do what needs to be done and do it gradually to lessen the economic shock, or we stand by as our entire economy flies over the cliff. GOP support for a mandate, however dated, is a good example of how even many so-called conservatives are tempted by central control and power.

    • Well said James. Before I started paying attention to what our representatives were doing in congress, I believed Kay Bailey Hutchison was a conservative. She may have been conservative at one point in her long, long political career, but somewhere along the line she lost her principles. Like the rest of them who have been in Washington way too long…”Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      In Texas we have a chance to elect a true constitutional conservative to replace KBH in the Senate. I’m supporting Ted Cruz who fought against the World Court and the UN all the way to the US Supreme Court when they tried to interfere in Texas justice. He won. If we’re ever going to right this leaning ship of state, we need more of these bold, brave, small government constitutional conservatives in Washington.

    • James, I agree that the RHINOS must be replaced and that conservatives need to replace at least 4 Senate seats held by DemWits!

      It is critical to note that most of the suggested common-sense bi-partisan solutions to solving economic problems – some 36 House Bills sent to the Senate only to die – is a major stumbling block!

      To the BHO WH Adm and Advisers, the House & Senate are “thorns in their sides” (the Citizens’ voices), and so far, BHO has been able to continue “power grabs” and issue “mandates” and “appoint incompetents” and “corruptocrats” who are in sinc with his “socialist ideology” to critical positions. AG Holder is the worst of them all.

      UNLESS, true Republicans and Conservatives CHANGE all of DC in Nov ’12, nothing will change and “politics as usual” will continue to prevail to the detriment of every American citizen!

  4. This will make me sound like a shill for Romney, but that is not my intention. This issue just baffles me. Conservatives who profess to be Constitutionalists should recognize that it is the FEDERAL government that does not have the authority under the U.S. CONSTITUTION to impose Obamacare’s minimum coverage requirement on its citizens. However, the U.S. constitution does not proscribe the state governments from adopting a minimum coverage requirement. The 10th Amendment states:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    That is, Massachusetts, or any state whose constitution allows it, may adopt a minimum coverage requirement, like many do for automobile insurance. The federal government does not have that power unless the U.S. Constitution is amended. In the absence of such an amendment, the power to impose a minimum coverage requirement is one that is reserved to the states.

    In short, Obama and Congress did not have the Constitutional authority to impose the minimum coverage requirement. Romney, as governor, did (unless the Massachusetts constitution prohibits it, which it presumably does not).

    Frankly, if you are going to require emergency rooms to provide health care regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, then a minimum coverage requirement makes sense. The problem with Obamacare is that the federal government does not have the authority to impose a minimum coverage requirement without amending the Constitution. The power is therefore reserved to the states.

    • I should have said:

      “One of the many problems with Obamacare is that federal government does not have the authority to impose a minimum coverage requirement without amending the Constitution.”

  5. The stars were aligned when the left’s anointed one lied and cajoled his way into the highest office in the land. He would never have been elected dog catcher if he was honest with Americans and told us what he really had planned for us – poverty, race and class warfare, and the loss of our of freedom and liberty. He had it all…the swooning adoration of his fans, a majority in Congress, and a free ticket to implement the jewel of cultural Marxism – socialized medicine. He and his fellow travelers shoved that hideous bill down our throat and now it is time to return the favor. Obamacare will fall one way or the other, either by the US Supreme Court or by repeal when the Republicans take control next year.

    The mandate may have been a Republican idea, but as we have learned the hard way Republican does not always equal constitutional conservative. That video could have been made with Romney as the subject after his claim that he never wanted to take Romneycare to the rest of the country. When videos and his WSJ editorial said something totally different, we heard nothing but crickets from Rove and the rest of the establishment. Only two of our current candidates have never endorsed the mandate -Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Ron Paul wants to take us back to the Articles of Confederation, and Rick Santorum wants to take us back to the Constitution. I’m with Rick.

    • Great points…..I too am for Santorum and appreciate cranky Dr. Paul for sticking in there too…

      Maybe the Supremes will do their job and declare ObamaCare UNCONSTITUTIONAL and that Obamination will be off the electoral table…but if they find otherwise, Mitt Obamney is NOT going to handle the Healthcare Affordability Act any differently than Barack Obamney would.

  6. Now would be a good time to watch a series of videos by PBS. The series was done in 1981 and rings true today. Google Milton Friedman Free to Choose by PBS. Each video is about an hour long. Friedman narrates a 30 minute film and then there is a 30 minute discussion. .

  7. The more I learn about our politicians the more I understand that Republicans are not always my friends, either.

    I’m sick to death of both parties demagoguing the issues though Dems set themselves apart with their seemingly unlimited capacity for meanness.

    Reps, OTOH, wouldn’t say “shit” if they had a mouthful. These parties stink.

  8. Myth Romney ONLY wanted RomneyCare for Massachusetts and he wraps himself in the Tenth Amendment, on states rights, abetween $40nd FLEXS away from the all intrusive, changes the relationship between US citizen and it’s government, ObamaCare. Ok…I MIGHT be as to buy this if…and it’s a mighty BIG if…that’s where RomneyCare stopped.

    But NOOOOOO!!! Team Romney, and this is DOCUMENTED via FOIA, sent top Romney strategerists to the White House MULTIPLE times (in 2009) to help with the nuts and bolts of ObamaCare. Game changer for me. During the debates, Romney said he would repeal ObamaCare…yea…kinda like Dear Leader NOT wanting a mandate, but then FLEXING his position to wanting a mandate.

    Romney is ObamaLite (just a tad right of Barry) but he is the same FLEIXBLE soled flip flopper now as he was in Massachusetts and if he was sincere in wanting to abolish ObamneyCare (of which he is not only the architect but per Axelrod and Pfoofy–the godfather too!) would he have helped WRITE the Bill in the first place?

    Gingrich supported an individual mandate at one time too.

    Paul and Santorum HAVE NOT. Infact Santorum has been running AGAINST ObamneyCare since Iowa…and it’s connected enough to win eleven primaries.

    Rove has been hyperventilating for Obamney since 2009…he wants the quid pro quo of Washington to continue…but with a guy he and his fellow GOP Elites can “flex” themselves and bigger government (like healthcare control) is a mighty big part of that.

    Quite buying what they say and look at what they have done. Santorum and Paul have ALWAYS opposed individual mandates and government controlled healthcare. Romney CREATED it.

    • Sorry, there is NO “abetween $40” to be in that first paragraph. Posting from my phone & accidentally cut & pasted my own words!

  9. I continue to be alarmed/incredulous re the number of “exemptions” granted by the o. What sense does any of this make when he has exempted so many organizations/unions – and at least one religion – from all of it?
    And why,. oh why doesn’t some enterprising journalist get us a list of who all is exempt?. And why? Is it just the usual money changing hands? …lotta money, lotta hands…

  10. Keith, if your readers need more specifics to inform themselves and others about ObamaCare, site has articles that list “Tax Hikes” to fund the gov’t program by “size” and “effective dates”.

    ATR is “Americans for Tax Reform”, and they have worked dilligently studying through the massive law in order to make it comprehensible to the American citizens. Ryan Ellis’ and many others work will quickly allow citizens to see how each will personally be affected.

    For example, one provision adds 2.5% excise tax on medical devices which directly affects the 6,000 medical device manufacturers in the USA, and millions of elderly, disabled, parents with special needs children. My son’s devices will cost more, and they are very costly, now!

    Additionally, parents of special needs children who have Health Savings Accounts and other such savings to pay for treatments and education will be impacted as the threshholds for tax credits will be higher!

    Itemized health deductions for IRS will be raised from 7.5% of adjusted gross income to 10%. The IRS will have the authority to DENY any kind of deduction – health related or “otherwise” – that IT decides is being used to AVOID taxes – ANYTHING..!…Including millions of dollars donated to charitable and non-profits that provide basic food, clothing, shelter, education for the working poor and for non-able-to work disabled, elderly poor. The gov’t will NOT give our fellow citizens “hands-up” like the millions of Americans, our churches, the non-profits who KNOW and serve the needs of the most vulnerable friends and neighbors have been doing!

    Get gov’t, especially “the break the bank, destroy businesses, rob the struggling” OBAMACARE, OUT of our lives! Go to site.

    • Thanks for the linky. It seems they’re going to beat this drum until they get what they want; an admission that all White people are rabid racists and gun nuts.
      I lay the blame for all this at the feet of the local police department for not releasing exonerating evidence, the background of the victim and allowing this to become another faux White-Black hate crime.

    • Shouldn’t they let the FBI and others complete their investigation of hate crime first, before holding a hearing? This is like putting the cart in front of the horse.

      Why are so many fanning the flames of racial hatred? Do they really want race riots again? It didn’t turn out so well in the ’60’s.

  11. I think Santorum is a good, morale person. But, he has no executive experience. We made that mistake last election. I agree with his position on most of the social issues. I think when you start name calling like “Myth Romney” you bring yourself down to the oppositions level. Santorum doesn’t hold a candle to the fiscal experience of Gov Romney. He balanced the Mass budget for four years with a democratic majority in both houses of the legislature. We have to get our fiscal house in order first or the rest of this discussion will be mute.
    I for one will vote ‘nobama’ this election.

    • I’ll agree with your vote Just2old. I too will vote for whichever Republican wins the nomination. I differ with you on the issue of Romney’s fiscal experience. His history of balancing the budget doesn’t make him any more fiscally conservative than Santorum. The Massachusetts governor has a constitutional duty to balance the budget each year. The current governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, balances the budget every year too, and he’s about as liberal a Democrat as you can get. This election is about more than who would make a better money manager, it is about individual freedom and liberty as well.

      • Agree Susan with you on the individual freedom….but until we get our fiscal house in order, there will be do individual freedom for our kids and theirs.