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Obama’s Deficit Attention Disorder

The Obama White House has gravely miscalculated. It got the garage in order when the living room needed straightening up. And guests are on the way.

That is, it solved health care – I’m sorry, it “addressed” health care – but decided the deficit could wait.

The White House does not seem to understand the visceral unhappiness people feel at having their future and that of their children and grandchildren mortgaged away, in part to foreigners, some of whom don’t like us. The deficit as much as anything will drive people to the polls.

Take a look at this item from the influential news aggregation website, Tea Party Brief. The site just released its “manifesto.” In a sign of the passion surrounding the deficit, the manifesto centers on government’s failure to keep its books.

From the manifesto, which is nonpartisan and addressed to the “U.S. government”:

For the past few years, we watched what happens when debts aren’t paid, and we know from painful experience how devastating the effects are on our communities and families. It does not matter if you are from the left or right, the result is the same. The people will suffer and our government will drive away in a Wall Street limo.

And so, we the American people are giving our contract to you, President Obama and every member of Congress from both parties, so you know where we stand . . .

We promise, with all our hearts and collective souls, that if you don’t do all in your power to stop the politics and save our national credit rating, that we will vote every single one of you out of office in the next election.

Not only conservatives are riled up by the country’s growing indebtedness. In poll after poll, the public in general rates the deficit as the second most important issue, behind unemployment and jobs.

It’s no secret George W. Bush handed Obama a large deficit. It’s a secret only to the White House that President Obama made it worse.

Obama and his aides like to throw their hands up – not in unison, though it would be interesting to see this – and proclaim that there’s little they could have done in three years about the problems Bush handed them.

One of the top items on this list is the deficit. Obama’s solution was to spend $1 trillion – and rising – on Obamacare.

He made a conscious decision, early in his presidency, to handle other things before tackling the deficit in a serious manner that would include leadership on the massive entitlement cuts that must come to close the gap. He will pay politically for his decisions – not for Bush’s

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      • I think Obozo is counting on some sort of ‘phantom recovery’ to boost rvenues, which of course will never happen while he is in office.
        For someone so smart, (supposedly) I cannot belive how he operates at such cross purposes.

    • That and the ‘laser focus’ is really tuckering the little demagogue out. Must be about time for another vacation for the algae king and the lobster queen.

      • how much you want to bet no vacations from here on out until the election.
        Then I hope it is a permanent vacation.
        First time in my life to work for an election. Hope other bench sitters like me feel the same.

  1. Right, and the stimulus, etc. In Obama’s first two years those receiving some kind of gov benefit was up 26% in this country. If we don’t get our fiscal house in order then the rest of this political rhetoric is a mute point. This has to be the number one plank in the Republican campaign.

  2. Obama’s mandate from the American people was to get the economy back on track. Instead he spent two years jamming through a clearly unConstitutional (regardless of what the SCOTUS decides) health care bill. All that Obama cared about was satisfying his huge ego and cementing his legacy. The American people, businesses and small businesses, the debt, and the overall health of the economy would just have to take a backseat to Obama and his ego. This is the sorry legacy he is leaving behind with his sorry presidency.

    • Yeah,…and just watch he’ll do with another four years.
      He already asked the Russians to back off until after the election.
      Remember that he gave the Russians the missile codes for Great Britain.
      The man is a menace to this Country, and he is determined to be so for as long as it takes to accomplish his agenda.

    • MrObama wanted to out-Kennedy and out-Clinton with his historic signature gift of healthcare. His legacy praised to the heavens, his likeness revered, and a granite monument to him placed somewhere
      prominent in DC was his goal.

      The grand miscalculation that MrO made was to listen to his fellow travelers and not who they considered to be sore losers and unabashed racists who would deny him his just due.
      He loves spending our money as if it is his own, he believes he is only being generous , thinking about our future, and will be showered with accolades from the public.
      Ego is everything.

  3. What better time to spend the money, when more and more Americans were losing their jobs along with their health care benefits. Is everybody so pea-brained that they don’t think that this is a huge problem in our Country?

  4. “It’s no secret George W. Bush handed Obama a large deficit.”

    Let’s not forget that Bush consulted with Presidential Elect Obama (remember the phone P-Elect seal?) about the bail out and Prez-E Obama said it was a good idea.

    He APPROVED the last big giveaway before he took office!

  5. Quoting Sadie….BRILLIANT, Keith! ‘Deficit Attention Disorder, aka DAD’ …. I can see the campaign buttons already!

    From the looks of things after Obama’s disastrous 3 years, Harvard needs to take a second look at their affirmative action scholarship program. The Malingerer-in-Chief has escaped scrutiny from his peers throughout his lifetime. And now, we are paying the price!

    It’s also interesting to note that one of Obama’s original economic advisors, Larry Summer, nearly bankrupted the Harvard Endowmen Fund during his tenure as President with his risky stock market investments.

    And now there’s Corzine!

    The WH is a veritable rogue’s gallery of theives from Obama on down! And he has the chutzpah to blame ii all on Bush….still. In a perverse way, I do hope he is reelected. It’s going to be great entertainment to watch him stew in his own juices! Even the great buffoon, Joe Biden, won’t be able to save him from impeachment.

    • Girly1, I’ve never heard anyone refer to his Excellency as a malingerer but I believe you may have hit on a perfect description.

  6. I am sick to hell hearing about what Obama may or may not have “inherited” from president Bush. Obama was elected to solve problems, and he has not; he has exacerbated most every problem America faced when he was elected. When I go to the polls next time I am not going to vote for the guy who could not solve any problems, I am going to vote for someone I hope can.

    • Agreed, inheritance is uncontrollable for the inheritor. Obama didn’t inherit squat, he ran for the job and got it. His choice, oh wait he was destined to lead us back from the abyss.

  7. The Republicans are as much to blame for the deficit. They are the majority in the House and could deny appropriations which would end spending but they haven’t. They could propose legislation that eliminates the agencies and their multitude of programs that don’t comport with the Constitution but they won’t. Clearly, both parties are intent on destroying the country.

    • Clearly both parties live in la-la land, aka D.C. and do not grasp what is reality.
      Both parties count on a growing economy, but have done nothing but stifle potential growth.

  8. Lainie…the unprecedented spending binge occurred during during Obama’s first 2 year reign when he had absolute power. If you recall, he mocked the R’s and told them they could ride in he back seat of the car! When they took control of the House after the holocaust, he refused to acknowlege them…and took off on the campaign trail, essentially abandoning his duties as POTUS! He couldn’t even get ONE Dem to vote for his ‘budget’! He should have been impeached for dereliction of duty! Not to worry, we will impeach him in Nov!

  9. The war in Iraq under Bush for EIGHT YEARS cost $660 Billion
    Obama’s WELFARE programs for ONE YEAR cost $880 Billion

    Bush added under $5 Trillion over EIGHT YEARS,
    (2006-2008 Dem controlled Congress)
    Obama added $5 Trillion in THREE YEARS!!

  10. Amazing how some of the northern European countries have recovered from the global recession ‘without’ the need for increasing their debt by 60% over the past four years.

    One serious economist, Raghu Rajan, believes that America’s income disparity and lack of more robust hiring is that America suffers from an educational deficiency. There is no way that Obama didn’t know Rajan because he was a Professor at the University of Chicago from 1991 until 2003 when he became Chief Economist for the International Monetary Fund (replacing Ken Rogoff).

    A brief note on Obama’s background at the University of Chicago: Obama was not a professor at all. Rather, he was a ‘lecturer’ from 1992-1996 and a ‘senior lecturer’ from 1996-2004. Just another one of Obama’s many lies. (Ref. Wikipedia: Google ‘Obama early career’)

  11. “Girly one: You said:
    “The WH is a veritable rogue’s gallery of theives from Obama on down! And he has the chutzpah to blame ii all on Bush….still. In a perverse way, I do hope he is reelected. It’s going to be great entertainment to watch him stew in his own juices! Even the great buffoon, Joe Biden, won’t be able to save him from impeachment”.

  12. How can a country of this size operate without a real budget. Obama is brain dead on this issue and can’t even get a vote from his own party on the nonsense he has submitted on this score. We cannot begin to attack our deficit problem until we have a plan in place to force decisions about how to balance each year.

    No one would think of trying to run a hot dog stand without this information.

  13. I am building my personal monument to our beloved president. I intend to spare no expense when I have an artist paint his face at the bottom of all my toilets. This way I can piss on him any time I want.