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Michelle and the Girls Send Hu Jintao Their Regards

From a pool report out of Seoul, South Korea, where President Obama met with Chinese President Hu Jintao on the sidelines of an international summit on nuclear security:

The President started the meeting by asking Hu how his family was.

“Very good,” Hu replied, then asked through a translator “how are your wife and children?”

“They are very well and they send their regards,” POTUS said.

I mean, what are the odds?

“Barack, while you’re over there, please tell Hu Jintao I send him my regards.”

“I will, Michelle.”

“Yeah, us too dad. Tell Hu Jintao we send him our regards.”

15 thoughts on “Michelle and the Girls Send Hu Jintao Their Regards”

  1. Watch out Hu.If she has her way she will try to tell your people how to eat,what to eat and how to live right according to her twisted mind.That is one couple that thinks that they have the only correct opinion in the world and try to push their agenda on to the world.
    They are a pair of nut jobs.

  2. Well, by golly, I hope he remembered to tell the Chinese president that srdem said “hey”, too.
    I hope the Prez remembered to ask for an extension of our loan payback plan because we’re having a family crisis and are a little short this year, but we’ll catch up our payments in January. Promise.

  3. Knowing how much he is playing this by ear and also knowing what an embarrassment of pompous riches he is everyday, I’ve become less critical of a passing comment like this. But it is another recent ‘inject my off limits children’ moment.

    two most recent: Sandra Fluke: reminds me of my girls. Trayvon: could be my son and reminds me of my girls.

    1. Oh, I suggest that he offers this lie to people in the USA every day. That audience is eager to believe the Michelle Antoinette and the Princesses Obama are thinking of them and they are the subject of family conversations.

      As usual, he didn’t anticipate that what plays on a national level looks ridiculous and is inappropriate on the international scene.

  4. Yes, I’m sure Malia took time away from her Mexican vacation to ask Daddy to give Uncle Hu a shout out. Maybe she’s back from vacation, but who knows – his kids are off limits except when he uses them to advance himself.

  5. I have to laugh everytime Obama becomes indignant about the privacy of his kids…When Hu was here last year, Sasha and all of her classmates from Sidwell were standing behind the VIP rope line during the reception and 21 gun salute for our communist banker. When Hu stopped to greet her, she responded in Mandarin! Now wasn’t that just the cutest thing??? NOT! Talk about props!

  6. Over heard in the WH residence:

    Barack: I’m going to be in Korea for a few days.
    Michelle: Okay, have a good trip.
    Sasha: Who are you meeting with Daddy?
    B: Yes.
    S: Who?
    B: That’s right.
    S: Who’s right?
    B: Yep, he is.
    S: Who is?
    B: Always.
    S: Daddy, I’m confused. Who did you say was right?
    B: Hu is right.
    S: Who?
    B: Yes. Why do you keep asking about Hu?
    S: Who, me?
    B: Not you, Hu?
    S: I’m so confused! I’m going to Mexico. Say “Hi” to whoever.
    B: You can’t, you’re not old enough, but I’m sure Hu will appreciate the greeting.
    Malia: See, I told you you couldn’t go. (Sticks tongue out at Sasha and walks away).

  7. Keith, It is almost 10 pm cdt, and I just read this article. I have searched carefully for your “disclaimer” from your attorneys about it! Unfortunately, like the story about the FLOTUS’ complete disrespect for the White House, this report has to be true!

    Your readers could start a “First FLOTUS to….” list just like the one you wrote about and to which many of us added our own observations and comments. BHO’s list gave me a headache! MO’s antics have about the same effect! At least hers would most likely NOT start an “international crisis”…well, on second thought…..?

  8. No more Affirmative Action presidents. Ever!

    No more Welfare Queen first ladies. Ever!

    No more racist Attorney Generals. Ever!

    Jim Whittaker
    Hemet, CA

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