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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 26, 2012

President Obama is in Seoul, South Korea Monday and Tuesday for the Nuclear Security Summit. Today he will also deliver remarks at Hankuk University in Seoul and meet bilaterally with Russian President Medvedev, Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev, and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

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  1. Any chance you can verify what we’ve been hearing online (which we realize isn’t always true, but had to ask just the same):

    Where is Michelle Obama–did she travel with BHO to South Korea or is she on vaca with the Malia in Mexico? Thanks for the update and keep up the great work–we appreciate all your efforts/reports.

  2. Hey, no kidding!
    I’ve been there – just down the street from Yongsan Garrison and 8th Army. That campus usually goes nuts every July – August (educational tradition)
    My first exposure to a cloud of KNP pepper gas was at Hankuk.
    I’m glad he went to The Z. My bunk on my first tour was 12 km south and well within in the artillery fan.
    I’m glad he saw it. It’ll have a positive affect on him
    Most people have never actually seen Mordor


    • What a waste of resources.
      Hey Obama, they got some really good deals in the Black Market there. Just ask for Mr. Woo, then be prepared to hit it big. You might even find a Yobo to help ease your pains.

  3. The selected children who will be at the WH to ‘help’ the MOOCH with the fake garden are props from battleground states. The plan is for them to receive lots of publicity on their respective local TV outlets.

    Once again, the hapless taxpayers are on the hook for the expenses!.


    This is the White House photo of Michelle Obama in the East Room of the White House using the venerable room as a gym to film the Biggest Loser to be shown next month.

    It was available on the White House Flickr account with the new February photos where I downloaded it as did Obama Foodorama so it’s not a secret. However, Politico did a story on the upcoming Obama Biggest Loser episode and I wondered why they didn’t use this photo. I then checked the WH Flickr account and it was gone…down the memory hole.

    This seems on purpose. There have been no more Obama feet on the Oval Office desk photos since I was the main man in exposing them in photos and videos. I have used Michelle Obama’s turning the WH into her own personal playground in videos where I will eventually use this photo. The WH does monitor me. Heck, I monitor them. We’re even. (Not quite)

    I know this will be bring comments like: November 6, 2012 The Biggest Loser! I beat you to it.

  5. While Im sure the Resolute desk needs a break of having shoes on it, (like a ordinary footstool or something), lets all hope he doesn’t say or do anything completely ignorant as he seems to do on a regular basis.. Wait till he finds out he has to get up before 10…

  6. Great job, GJ! The First Sow must think she’s Jane Fonda!

    This is the first time I have ever given much consideration to the wife of a Presidential canddate – it never seemed necessary. But after this debacle, I will happily vote for Romney just to have Anne in the WH! If Romney is the nominee, I certainly hope the RNC is smart enough to compare and contrast the current occupant with the beauty, class and dignity of Anne Romney! She is Romney’s secret weapon!

    • Oh yes , I agree. If Romney is nominated I hope they will let Mrs Romney do a lot of campaigning. She is refreshingly normal , well spoken and goodlooking. She has overcome serious illnesses and have a healthy interest in the outdoors and horses. I think that she can appeal to a lot of voters. I also think that she will give Michelle Obama a lot of headache, she must know that she canĀ“t compare at all to this classy lady. But Mrs Romney should also be warned, she is a threat to the Obamas and their gang will do anything to bring her down in the media.

    • Did you see MO in the Heisman Trophy pose? How humiliating to have
      the First Lady acting like a needy attention seeking child talk about
      hanging your head in shame to have to see that from her never catch
      Laura Bush or Anne Romney doing anything so juvenile! I don’t even
      think we have ever had such an embarrassing couple in the WH before.