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Obama’s Trayvon Comments Could Inflame Situation

President Obama’s emotional siding with Trayvon Martin in the Rose Garden Friday, hailed by some as a moment of leadership on race relations, is an egregious abnegation of duty that could help lead to race riots and further deaths.

Obama Friday expressed sympathy for Trayvon and said if he had a son “he’d look like Trayvon.” Obama’s comments gave the highest official imprimatur possible to a variety of people who are attempting to create mass protest in response to the tragedy.

Speaking just as the 20th anniversary of the Rodney King riots approaches, Obama has now aligned himself with these forces.

And yet the facts of the case are not clear and, as our readers have pointed out, local reports currently being ignored by the media indicated that Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, was being beaten by Martin after being attacked by him, and was screaming for help when he shot him.

This doesn’t mean that Zimmerman is innocent. He acknowledged following Martin, and it could be Martin was the one acting in self defense, or that he perceived himself to be in danger. The point is, we don’t know. If Obama has new information, he should share it. Otherwise his job is to calm the situation, not throw in with those who want to ignite it.

Like Jesse Jackson, who declared that “blacks are under attack,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Jackson predicted that the protests will continue to multiply in number and that the ranks of protestors will swell until Zimmerman is arrested.

This is exactly what is known as “mob justice.”

The New Black Panther Party is printing “Wanted, Dead or Alive” posters for Zimmerman.

Al Sharpton is on hand, insisting he doesn’t want violence. But if Al Sharpton has ever entered on a scene that subsequently became calmer and less prone to violence, I’d like to know about it.

Obama is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and protector of the Constitution, not its chief moral authority. While it’s understandable as a black man he would have a particularly emotional stake in this, Obama must act first as president of all of us and ensure due process and, at the very least, avoid inflaming the situation.

After the officers who beat Rodney King were initially declared innocent, Los Angeles erupted in violence and there was real fear the rest of the nation was about to go up in flames as well. It could happen again. Obama, the president, may now be partially complicit if it does.

126 thoughts on “Obama’s Trayvon Comments Could Inflame Situation”

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  2. The only reason we’re not seeing signs and T-shirts saying
    “Trayvon Martin Luther King” is because the King Family and Royal Foundation would have to be paid $$ quintillions for use of “likeness and image”

    1. (on the other hand, if it were MY Dad who got shot down, I probably wouldn’t want his face on T-shirts asserting philosophies I know he would contradict – or parading around with Hitler and Marx as dancing cats on Youtube…)

  3. You can go back to the AZ shooting 14 months ago. The Divider-in-Chief did his best to make it a Tea Party killing. He launched his 2012 campaign, WTF, in Arizona on the backs of all those who were massacred by a deranged schizophrenic! He even went so far as to con the Republicans into sitting with DEMS at his SOTU address 2 weeks later…so as not to make him look so bad after the mid-term massacre.

    Obama is the lowest of the low lifes – using human tragedies for self-aggrandizement! He is lower than a snake’s belly – a curse on

    1. I thought of the Giffords thing, too–my saying let’s all just get along, he is saying the uncivility was maybe justified (meaning charges true) but not a great idea… This shooting is a mess of conflicting testimony and events–who even knows…He should have stayed out–he could have said a half dozen other things if he wanted to comment–black like me and my imaginary son was only one. He could have said, I can sympathize with sometimes irrational fears–my grandmother had them, Jesse Jackson once said he crossed the street, Juan Williams was uneasy. Or–my friend professor Gates thought he was protecting his property–maybe Mr Zimmerman did. Or maybe someone acted impulsively in the moment or had a mental problem…there could be many things he could have said…but nothing would have been better than all these.

  4. Regarding the LA Times, I haven’t read it since the 60’s. Trust me, you wouldn’t be missing anything if you all stopped reading it!

    The rev. Al and J.Jackson are just looking out for themselves.

  5. That’s right, Star. There were other choices for him to make but he cannot resist an opportunity to incite the crowds. A peacemaker, he is not! He could have told the un-civil rights hacks, Jackson, Sharpton and the n e w Black Panthers to sit down and pipe down but that’s impossible because he is their titular leader! He thrives on chaos! Alinsky would be proud!

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  10. reports of Zimmerman being beaten are being ignored because there is video of Zimmerman’s arrest in which there are no visible wounds, cuts, bruises, scrapes…nothing…which leads great doubt to the claims of someone being beaten and fearing for his life. He said he had his head slammed into the pavement…but there’s nothing there to agree with that. Sad that there’s nothing to back up his claims. It’s a shame that half of the story wasn’t mentioned.

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  12. First I am in no way trying to justify what Mike Zimmerman did in any way. He was told several times by the 911 operator not to do what he did. Had he followed police instructions the whole incident could have and should have been avoided.

    Obama was wrong to say the things he said. “It could have been my son.” or “It could have been me.”

    I somehow can’t picture the president turning on the person following him then breaking his nose and pounding his head on the ground repeatedly. Travon Marten was also in the wrong here but the media is painting him as the sole victim. Both men were victims though Trayvon lost his life while Mike suffered only broken bones, bruises and lacerations.

    Obama raised the question about if Trayvon had been holding the gun instead would he have been able to use the Stand Your Ground law. By all of the accounts that I heard no he couldn’t have since he was the physical aggressor. Two wrongs do not make a right and the politicians and media elite need to acknowledge that both parties were wrong and drop this story.

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