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Obama’s Trayvon Comments Could Inflame Situation

President Obama’s emotional siding with Trayvon Martin in the Rose Garden Friday, hailed by some as a moment of leadership on race relations, is an egregious abnegation of duty that could help lead to race riots and further deaths.

Obama Friday expressed sympathy for Trayvon and said if he had a son “he’d look like Trayvon.” Obama’s comments gave the highest official imprimatur possible to a variety of people who are attempting to create mass protest in response to the tragedy.

Speaking just as the 20th anniversary of the Rodney King riots approaches, Obama has now aligned himself with these forces.

And yet the facts of the case are not clear and, as our readers have pointed out, local reports currently being ignored by the media indicated that Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, was being beaten by Martin after being attacked by him, and was screaming for help when he shot him.

This doesn’t mean that Zimmerman is innocent. He acknowledged following Martin, and it could be Martin was the one acting in self defense, or that he perceived himself to be in danger. The point is, we don’t know. If Obama has new information, he should share it. Otherwise his job is to calm the situation, not throw in with those who want to ignite it.

Like Jesse Jackson, who declared that “blacks are under attack,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Jackson predicted that the protests will continue to multiply in number and that the ranks of protestors will swell until Zimmerman is arrested.

This is exactly what is known as “mob justice.”

The New Black Panther Party is printing “Wanted, Dead or Alive” posters for Zimmerman.

Al Sharpton is on hand, insisting he doesn’t want violence. But if Al Sharpton has ever entered on a scene that subsequently became calmer and less prone to violence, I’d like to know about it.

Obama is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and protector of the Constitution, not its chief moral authority. While it’s understandable as a black man he would have a particularly emotional stake in this, Obama must act first as president of all of us and ensure due process and, at the very least, avoid inflaming the situation.

After the officers who beat Rodney King were initially declared innocent, Los Angeles erupted in violence and there was real fear the rest of the nation was about to go up in flames as well. It could happen again. Obama, the president, may now be partially complicit if it does.

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  1. Obama never learns: his brain is like an Etch A Sketch. You would have thought that he would’ve learned his lesson after mouthing off about the incident in Cambridge involving a black Harvard professor, but no, Obama just shook his Etch A Sketch brain and erased the incident before turning the knobs again.

  2. It is important to consider that President Obama is motivated only by political self interest and any benefit he can attain by pandering to racial resentment fueled by the rest of the race envy peddlers. This is a president that has no sense of dignity or shame for his hypocrisy and even less regard for getting at the truth of the matter before speaking. He does everything this way so why would he change at this point?

  3. I went to Wikipedia to get a synopsis of this shooting. What I found is that, unlike the LA Times that reports “facts that are not in contention,” there are items of contention, as you point out. Trayvon’s death is horrendous and the reading public deserves to hear all the contentious facts.

    1. Wonder what Obama is going to say if someone acts on the $10,000 bounty the NBP put out on Zimmerman. He really should think about how things are perceived when he makes comments.


  5. Black Leadership – wherever and whoever they may be – need to reign this in a bit. Jeez, it’s only friggin’ March.
    They could end up – Law of Unintended Consequences being as it is – quite accidentally, starting an actual Race War.
    That would suck

    1. *Rhetorical Question Alert*
      Do you think those people in South Carolina in 1858 would have said the things they said and did the things they did if they could have been given a vision of the Palmetto State in 1865?

  6. If Obama wants a race War he will have it. You can’t buy ammunition in centeral Fl. everybody is out, or the price is up 300%.

    1. I believe he DOES want a race war, and he will fan the flames of discontent all the way to the election, with any issue that presents himself. It is absolutely necessary to get that high black voter turnout, which is a bit in question as of late.

  7. I’ve noticed the consistent references to Zimmerman as a white-Hispanic.

    I wonder why? Are we to refer to Obama as the first white-black president? What does race matter unless someone is trying make a matter of race?

  8. Keith – any truth to the rumor that the question was a plant? Was someone from press secretary’s office seen whispering to a reporter? I’ve never seen Obama answer a shout out previously. If it was a plant, he is not “partially complicit” if violence erupts. He is fully responsible.

    1. I’ve seen that reported on several sites, including Fox News, but what he whispered to that reporter is unknown. Coincidence? Heh.

      Obama had to of known a question like that was coming, especially his “advisors” Sharpton and Jackson fanning the media flames.

      BO could have acknowledged “…..the loss of children to any kind of violence is a tragedy, we’ll leave the investigation up to the Sanford and State authorities, and when all the facts are gathered then I will make a comment….” See how simple that was :P

      I don’t think Zimmerman will ever get a fair trial now, nor will all the race baiting bring that boy back to life.

  9. No matter how much the phony leaders of the “Black” community wish it, it is not 1956. There is no “Jim Crow” mentality out in the real world. Affirmative Action has been applied and used in almost everything from schools to jobs. If the “Black” community isn’t prospering, then they must look to themselves for answers.

    The incident was investigated by the local police force, not the KKK. There were witnesses with testimony that would have decided the proper action, if any, that the police should take to follow the law.

    By entering this sad incident with his personal feelings and his concerns about his own children, our President has left no doubt that he is really the first “Black” President, and not the POTUS.

    1. “No matter how much the phony leaders of the “Black” community wish it, it is not 1956. There is no “Jim Crow” mentality out in the real world. Affirmative Action has been applied and used in almost everything from schools to jobs. If the “Black” community isn’t prospering, then they must look to themselves for answers.”

      And there we have the truth that no one will say aloud — thank you, SRD.

    2. I have been saying this for months. for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, it is always going to be Selma in 1962, and there will always be “colored” drinking fountains and mean bosses who won’t hire black people.

      they’re not interested in seeing the world as it is, because if they did they’d be out of a job.

      I find it ironic that a Hispanic-on-black crime is being painted as a return to Jim Crow. actually, I’m surprised Farrakhan isn’t spinning it as a plot by the Joos (because the shooter’s name is “Zimmerman”)!

      1. I live in North Carolina, and for some Afro-Americans it IS still 1962. Everything done is for racial reasons.

        My dad used to say when I was a kid and it’s still true: it’s not the whites who have a problem with the Blacks; it’s the Blacks who have a problem with the Whites. Not true for everyone, but a good generalization.

  10. He just needs the votes in FL. It was a horrible situation for the family, but the president to take advantage of a family in pain is just shameful. Then again he exploits his own children and sends them to dangerous places. I haven’t heard a peep from the man who is suppose to be the leader of this country about the horrible natural disasters that occurred recently. He is not here to lead Americans white, black, yellow, brown, purple, etc … he is here to take advantage of us, reap from our hard work, and just have his name in the history books.

    1. While I agree that it is a terrible loss to the family, they don’t seem to want this race war to end either. There are plenty of ways to tell everyone to stop and I haven’t heard any of them expressed by the family.

    2. Chris – great minds think alike. It’s all about Florida. MSLSD is on it by blaming Jeb Bush (whose name has been bandied about for VP). They already tried bashing Marco Rubio.

      1. One more case to remind everyone – this was the same crapola that ensued with Prof. Gates and the lead up to the election of Scott Brown in Mass.

  11. How interesting that the supposed phoney Ulsterman White House Insider predicted that the whole “race” thing would be amped up until the election. Surprise once again ,he is correct. This was just a gift given to the Obama campaign. Obama sees this as just another way to gain votes.
    I hate to say this but I can see riots if he loses in November. This country is so much more racially divided now than in years,all because of Mr. Hope and Change!

    1. My guess is that there will be riots if he looses. I followed election returns in ’09 at the National Press Club in DC; several media folks were in attendance. They had inside info to be on alert in case obama didn’t win and that riots would take place in a variety of cities.

  12. Ir is too bad that the work of MLK Jr., and other blacks and whites who fought so hard and sacrificed so much for civil rights, is now being undone by Obama and the sleazy blacks that pass for leaders to the black community in America. I speak specifically of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan – all men of the cloth supposedly who should know better and who should be ashamed of themselves. I do not think it will be long before the likes of the “Honorables” Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters will weigh in and further inflame the situation.
    All the facts are not yet know regarding this unfortunate incident. This is not a political incident and it should not be made into one. To top it off, we have the GOP candidates putting their two cents in. Sean Hannity unfortunately is doing his best to fan the flames as are the network news channels.
    I feel bad for the family who lost their son and I hope if the situation warrants, George Zimmerman is punished. But, there are more pressing issues than this in our nation and the politicians need to stay the heck out. A much better message from Baraka Obama would have been silence.

  13. For the president to speak about this the way he did before the investigation is complete shows once again his ignorance and lack of leadership. He must have a desire to start a race war….why?

  14. Also think the question was planted. That statement suggesting that the young man might look like his son was meant to personalize the incident. It is always all about him. Where is the race baiter now? He jumped on AF1 and headed out of the country for a few days…leaving the country in turmoil and bitterly divided by his words.

    All this racial division happened just in time to divert our attention away from the latest Friday night document dump. Looks like Solyndra was his program “per se”, and a WH memo even admitted to “working with the press” on the release of information…

    1. I don’t doubt for a minute it was a planted question. He could milk it and
      leave the country leaving another match to light the race war he seems to be engaging in these days. The stuff they dump on Friday’s is bad can you imagine the stuff we will never see or know? Frightening and
      dangerous days ahead.

      1. Agree and agree. This was a planned statement and IMO, a poorly thought out one. This will not benefit him in any way except with the Black community that he seems to have in his pocket simply because he is “one of them”.

        There are frightening days ahead, this isn’t over.

          1. After all, wasn’t it the Obama owned media who told us – Don’t worry your pretty little heads about that Executive Order he just “updated” – to seize control of all private industry even in a non-emergency situation. He is looking for his Kristallnacht. Look for the flash mobs to do more than stealing in the coming days ahead.

          2. There must be a large bunch of very ‘fine print’ in that litte
            overhaul. You really hate to think that the POTUS would do
            what I have a very sick feeling he’s doing and civil unrest is what I think this little job was about he does nothing benign

        1. I am 61 lived through the sixties and as bad as it was this has a very
          different feel. Disturbing like we are in a violent herd mentality and
          it’s rotten from the top and that should scare the daylight out of us
          all. What group will be next the over 60 boomers evil that we are!
          Dangerous indeed.

  15. …surfin’ around on the Southern Poverty Law Center website…It’s such a good thing Watchdog Groups like this keep track of racists…wait a minute this looks like a target list!!

  16. Just another reminder that a black man should always pack heat, especially when entering a predominately white neighborhood. If Trayvon had been carrying a .357, justice would have been served to Mr. Zimmerman, tout suite and a la carte.

    1. U realize the neighborhood has more minorities than whites. It has also seen a dramatic upswing in crime, not to mention Mr. Zimmerman is at least part hispanic. Do some fact checking next time.

      1. I thought it was a ‘gated’ community.
        Here’s an idea. Put some fences around those South Side Chicago neighborhoods, and let the folks cage fight to the death. (Get the children out first, though, before more die playing in the front yard.)

        Wouldn’t you think Obama would speak to the incredible black on black violence going on in his home town? 40 some shootings over just one weekend? Any of those people look like the son you never had, Obama?

      1. Seriously, when someone – and to quote Micheal Jackson, “it doesn’t matter if your Black or White” – has you on the ground and you feel your life is threatened and you can’t retreat, you have the Right to make it stop – in Florida, even in Illinois.
        We need – desperately – the Facts of this death

        Andrew Lives!

  17. To quote this article “Obama is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and protector of the Constitution, not its chief moral authority.”. OBAMA IS NEITHER one of these. The OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT is the nations chief law enforcement officer and protector of the constitution. This statement was nothing but a declaration of war.

    1. That is a horrific case. To hear that these people will be retried because the judge in the case was an addict. Not a peep out of this administration or their sycophant press about justice for the brutally murdered couple. Wrong skin shade and Tennessee isn’t a swing state.

  18. Isn’t it interesting how photos of Trayvon (RIP) seem to get youger and younger?
    It seems Zimmermann pursued on foot, phone in hand, turned on advisement of the dispatcher and got clocked in the back of the head.
    I’m a former [redacted] and that’s what to looks like to me – at this point.

    But I’m not going to run out and shit on a Police car

    1. This is getting summarized pretty quickly. My daughter walked in during NewsWatch and said, “Is that the kid who got shot for wearing a hoodie?”

  19. We don’t know all of the facts in the case. Hopefully, justice will be served. It does seem curious that Trayvon Martin was shot on Feb. 26 and only now is there an uproar about the shooting.

    1. My friend (white) attributes this to the MSM just not being interested and lauds Sharpton, et al., for insisting that the case become news.

      He has no interest in hearing about the white kid who was doused by black kids with gasoline — apparently this is not newsworthy.

  20. Nothing up my sleeve

    We don’t know if Trayvon was innocent as has been proposed. But if Obama was really concerned for innocents who could have looked just like his son, he would condemn the murder of the thousands or tens of thousands of would be look-a-likes torn apart in abortions by the millions. But he doesn’t, instead he embraces and advocates for those murders. Obama is nothing more than an opportunist and demagogue trying to inflame the populace. A truly vile snake.

  21. If it isn’t bad enough that he is waging class warfare, he seems intent on inciting race warfare. There is absolutely no other intention to be derived from his remarks. He sure doesn’t need to pander for votes from the black community.

    Could you imagine any former President, on the death of a white at the hands of a black making that comment? Considering the news that his campaign has written off middle class whites, is it any wonder there is such polarization of the electorate?

    If riots ensue, Sharpton, Jackson and the New Black Panther Party should all be arrested and tried for inciting their followers. Of course, there will never be a Federal Investigation into their activities-at least while Obama is still in office.

    If it could be proven that these elements conspired (by communication with each other and planning) then I believe you have actionable offences to laws currently on the books.

    The only good that can come of this is, if the Hispanic community realizes that one of their own is being thrown to the wolves and they act accordingly at election time. I would hope they would see that Obama has been using them for nothing more than to further his re-election.

  22. This shooting was tragic, no question about it. But we do not have all the facts, period! And I doubt that Obama was armed with ‘facts’ – as was the case with the Cambridge police officer. No facts – just hateful, race-baiting rhetoric!

    That said, I wonder if Obama would have dramatically referred to young Trayvon as ‘his son” had this boy been an unattractive young man with dark skin, dreadlocks and tattoos! The fact that Trayvon was good looking, athletic, intelligent, and light skinned plays right into the Obama narrative – straight out of central casting.

    The fact that the self-appointed guardian of the community was packing a weapon is very troubling – adding more grist to the mill for the gun control lobby. Obama and Holder will be all over this for the next 8 months!

    Undoubtedly, Obama will try to fan the flames of racism for the next 8 months, but I trust the American people to see through him. We have been down this road before with him – and we all know who the real racist is! Trayon is just a prop – not unlike the Greek columns and the fake doctors and nurses who stood next to him in the Rose Garden.

    1. Didn’t the POTUS actually say in his statement about that incident that we don’t know all the facts but , the Cambridge Police acted “stupidly”.. Seems I head that correct me if I’m wrong.

  23. All these groups feel embolden due to Holder, “my people” and all. The Panther’s were caught, on tape intimidating voters, the case was ready to go and the DOJ dropped it. All the DOJ cases are race based, it is frightening to me.

  24. The death of any young person is a tragedy, but this is another useful distraction for our President to blissfully weigh in on. Like on the Cambridge incident, he doesn’t stray far from his prejudices.

  25. @Chris
    “He just needs the votes in FL.”

    Chris – you just nailed it! Why didn’t I thiink of that? You’re a genius! It’s all about FLORIDA! Good job!

  26. @Donald Shaffer
    “U realize the neighborhood has more minorities than whites. It has also seen a dramatic upswing in crime, not to mention Mr. Zimmerman is at least part hispanic. Do some fact checking next time.”

    I read that this particular condo complex was 4% hispanic and 4% African American. It is predominantly white!

    1. Maybe the condo complex is mainly white, but i read that the neighbhorhood is 49% white.

      And I read that Trayvon was on a five-day-suspension from school and that is why he was across town instead of being at his family home. Nice kid.

      But all of this proves that we don’t have facts, just what we read.

  27. Keith, I believe the correct term is not “partially” complicit, but simply “complicit.” And Obama is very much so.

    On my blog, tomorrow morning at 0900 hours, I will post an article in very stark terms, along with video, sustaining that it has become likely that George Zimmerman did NOT — repeat did NOT “murder” Martin at all, rather it appears that he was indeed defending himself against Martin’s attack as claimed.

    The truth be told whether the professional agitators like it or not.

  28. There is no question that Obama was totally out of line in making a public statement and clearly taking sides. He had no facts or evidence to go by, only that it was a black kid shot by a white/Hispanic male. There are always always two sides to every story. But, he by choice has totally swept the media and the civil rights gang into a mass frenzy. ABC is doing a special on Sunday night, news online and on TV are adding to the hysteria, and Zimmerman, whether justified or not, will not get a fair trial by jury. A jury will be intimidated just by hearing the president defend the victim. Al Sharpton and his cohorts have screamed racism for years, and they really need to quit fueling the old flames of the 60’s and the Civil War…move on and let it go. The only racism is theirs when they call it that, when it becomes their excuse for everything that happens to a black person. It is unbelievably one sided. White, Hispanic, Asian, and all the other groups are shot, beaten, killed, harassed, and victimized, and nothing absolutely nothing is said in their defense. We have no civil rights union to march and preach and spread the fear and distrust that has been going on since the 1960’s and long before. This country will never be free of the cry of racism as long as there are narrow minded obvious bigots on the rampage. So, we are actually the victims here; we are blamed for enforcing the laws. The damage has been done thanks to the president, whose comments were totally inane. If I had a son, he stated…etc…well, you don’t and what does that have to do with the incident or justice…nothing, nada, zero. Think before you speak and take the time to let Florida and the courts do their job.

    1. Well said Sharon! But, keep in mind that everything this guy does is politically motivated….he needs Florida and thinks by empathizing with the “victim” he’ll gain some votes. I doubt it as the facts come out in this case.

  29. And now Attorney General’s self described “people”, the Black Panthers,are offering a $10,000 bounty on this man. Would it be too much to suggest that this is illegal and perhaps someone should arrest them?

  30. This event is a gift from whatever heaven Obama and his Communist cronies worship and will dominate the political scene until election day. Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrahkan, the Black Panthers, and any other race pimp will say anything to stir the pot and they will never be called out by the so called media. I remember the “long hot summers” of the 60’s. This summer will be far worse and is designed to get the Race Pimp in Chief re-elected.

  31. April of 1992. Rodney King beaten. Then as now I thought we had progressed enough to share dialogue and make this “learning experience” as our leader has iterated many times. Hey I am a white man and the California cops that beat Mr. King were overreaching their authority, and possibly in Florida, Zimmerman acted wrong but, we don’t know the facts because 300,000,000 plus of us WERE NOT THERE. This is a local issue and here in Texas it’s none of my business.

  32. When every news article I read says:
    Zimmerman- “a white Hispanic” with a photo of a dour person and a 3 day beard.
    Martin- “an African-American” and a photo of a happy smiling kid (whose picture gets younger every day).

    It kindda sets the stage and summarizes it for the mob.

  33. Well, according to CNN (so…y’know…) Zimmerman has a laceration on the back of his head and a broken nose.
    It’s possible…likely even, they had some words, Zimmerman was waived-off by the Dispatcher and as he makde his way back to the vehicle Trayvon clocked him from behind and then started wailing on him. It could have been the bottle of tea he had just bought.
    This stuff happens every day but this particular tragedy has been absolutely exploited by the Left and the Establishment Media to the point of incitement to riot

    1. …sorry…it was a Fox affiliate not CNN
      It wasn’t intentional disinformation; I had just watched Soledad O’Brien’s CRT meltdown for like the ninth time – and it just keeps getting better and better every time I see it!
      (Beetlejuice Voice)

  34. Obama should keep his damn nose out of this problem. All that muslim idiot is causing more hatred, which is what he likes to do. I just pray to God that he is a one term too many president. I have never seen anyone that is evil as he is.

  35. Trayvon Martin Killing: Friend Tells ABC News Howls on 911 Tapes Belong to Zimmerman, Not MartinA friend of George Zimmerman, the man who shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., told ABC News today that the voice heard howling on the tape of a 911 call was Zimmerman’s, not the teen’s

    The man, a black friend of the family who spoke to Zimmerman tonight, told ABC News that Zimmerman was weeping for days after the shooting, which sparked protests across the country, and he insisted that Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, is not a racist.

  36. There are some really, really weird stories going around right now. Any way you look at it, two families have been hurt very badly for the actions of one night. If the story is true that Martin had Zimmerman on the ground and Zimmerman was yelling for help . . . some people jumped the shark.

    I think some people needed to just wait until all the facts come out. Such a very, very sad story for everyone involved.

  37. Keith,

    Very good and sensible short commentary.

    One thing you mentioned, which is true, but not possible (for Obama), is your one statement:

    “……..Obama is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and protector of the Constitution,………”

    That part of Obama being what he is supposed to be, is true. But, because he is an unconstitutional president by him not meeting the Constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen,” Obama possesses nothing in him to do the honorable and correct thing. Why would he? He is usurping Constitutional law, which he has violated, and been allowed, to trample!

    Hence, I don’t believe Obama will perform honorably in this situation, except to exploit it as it appears he has already done.

  38. Will the trial be somewhat like the one in “Bonfire of the Vanities ” ?
    I am amazed that Obama, who claims he has studied law ( although we don´t know much about the result of that ) can deprive the defendant of a fair trial in this manner. Well, maybe not that amazed, this man seems to be really indifferent to other people and to rules.

  39. Dear God, I feel sorry for the urban cops with the summer coming.
    The melange of “occupy”, the AfAm race baiters and the SEIU thugs is truly frightening.
    What will the crazy bloodlusting Dems do to stay in power?
    Watch yourselves, cops.

  40. It just occurred to me that Obama is going to come back from South Korea and give us another “historic” speech. All the Obots will swoon, the MSM will crown him King Of America, and the gullible will vote.

    Classic Obama actions: disappear until others have handled the situtaion, come back and criticize their actions and “frame” the problem in a wide view.

    He should have kept his mouth shut about his imaginary son and he should keep his mouth shut now. He has nothing to offer in the situation.

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  42. I read on Daily Caller today that more facts are coming out and that the tide may turn in favor of Zimmerman.
    Also read that the New B Panthers are offering a reward for the capture of Zimmerman…ridiculous!
    Newt is correct that Obama was out of line to get into this .

  43. After Obama’s alter ego, Eric Holder, called us a ‘Nation of Cowards’, I have nothing but contempt for Obama and his race-baiting crew! The ‘coward’ is Obama…who should have fired Holder 5 minutes after he uttered those scurrilous words!

    If any ‘racisim’ exists in the post-civil rights era, it’s coming from the hispanics and blacks – not whitey. The influx of illegals is taking jobs away from blacks, black neighborhoods have been taken over by hispanics, and hispanics now outnumber blacks 3 to 1. I am referring to my
    first hand observations of the situation here in CA – ground zero for the illegal and gangs.

    Obama has done nothing, nada, to address the black v Latino gang situation! There are NO white gangs, unless you include the Russian and Armenian gangs here in CA.

    The U.S. is becoming a multi-cultural nightmare – not a ‘melting pot’. Obama has added Muslims to the mix …just to make it more of a tinderbox! He tells the Latinos to ‘punish their enemies (us)’ at the voting booth while Holder upholds the rights of Black Panthers!

    In order to assure Obama’s reelection, Holder has declared that it’s unconstitutional to require voter ID!!! It’s unfair to poor black minorities! We all know this is BS – it’s the illegal alien votes Obama is looking for! Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors for tampering with a Federal election!

    Not only is this guy, Obama, unfit to serve – he is a danger to our democracy! He IS the enemy within – the same enemy he took an oath to defend us against!

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