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Obama Energy Policy Now Fully Up and Running

By Rich Terrell, who does the website AfterMath with his wife Lucy Gill.

12 thoughts on “Obama Energy Policy Now Fully Up and Running”

  1. That is really funny Keith. Maybe this will become the new and improved AF1. Good to know he will no longer be burning millions of gallons of that nasty old fossil fuel to tote him and his pals to irrelevant basketball games that just so happen to be held in the swing state of Ohio. Hey, he’s there again today isn’t he?

  2. Nice photo. BTW that is a sweet ride minus the full sail and Aviation/Algae fuel hybrid engines.I downloaded this model in MS Flight Simulator X. This model type, I believe, is Mooch’s carriage.
    You can get it

    1. I just got a press release for a gym where the bike riding (er, spinning) creates the power–the place is supposedly “off the grid.” I can see these brain trusts coming up with compulsory McDonalds designs where you pedal while eating to keep the lights on. I would not want to give them ideas…we know they won’t get them on their own.

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