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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 22, 2012

9:55 am CDT || Delivers remarks; Pipe Yard outside Cushing, Oklahoma
12:15 pm CDT || Departs Cushing
3:05 pm || Arrives Columbus, Ohio
3:35 pm || Tours the Center for Automotive Research; Ohio State University
4:25 pm || Delivers remarks; Ohio State University
5:20 pm || Departs Columbus
6:45 pm || Arrives White House
6:55 pm || Hosts a reception for Greek Independence Day; East Room

All times Eastern except as noted

34 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 22, 2012

  1. So “We The People” are going to be stuck with the bill for celebrating Greek Independence Day? Who will do that for us when we are falling off the cliff if this man gets back in for another four years?

    • There’s this mental image of MrO waving his arms, jumping up and down while yelling “Look! There’s already a pipeline! We didn’t need another one! It’s not my fault”.

    • Yes,let’s move some US oil from one state to another.
      Heck with getting it from outside the US from a FRIENDLY country. Oh, that’s right. Not Muslim, and not needing an apololgy. So, hell with ’em.

    • susan this will not happen we are sending out Millions of E-Mails to let people know what a out right bold liar he is and showthe proof ,of it to them we have it covered our people are working around the clock to get this out

      • Not a pipeline to nowhere. It will move oil to Houston for refining and its eventual sale overseas. We export quite a bit of oil right now…mostly to Central America.

  2. Has he taken a look at Greece? Not exactly a time to celebrate! But any
    excuse to spend our money on another party and MO can sneak out to Target
    for a new dress they should be full of sleeveless dresses for spring. Oh and
    new Easter outfits. Oh I forgot we don’t celebrate Easter.

    • lizzy your so good and yes most of follow and know that the greeks our taking it in the rear in the european economy ,thats why Obozo is partying to he could careless,I am suprised no state dinner ,he even gave Greece 140 million in bail out money lets just say are money

  3. WOW greek day holy cow and they our broke and so are we let the party begin it never stops with this Clown does it another college today really depending on those young Socialist is he not ,this 2 dayflying just cost us ,the taxpayer 2.6 million how nice ,and i cannot even afford to take my wife out for a nice dinner

  4. Breaking News! The WH has announced that Queen Mooshelle will be demonstrating her latest dance moves – belly dancing – at tonight’s Greek celebration – The Dance of the Seven Veils!

  5. Keith — what is the reason behind the WH celebrating Greek Independence Day? Have other Presidents done it? Is is a pander to get some votes activity or is there some quotable rationale for it?

  6. I wonder if Princess Malia will be back from her vacay or if she’ll just buy a new party dress like her mother Michelle Antoinette and stick it in the closet for some other occasion. Will Princess Sasha be on display? “Here’s my daughter — I have two — you see them on my campaign photos — vote for me because of them. Thanks.”

  7. I did some calculating on the travel for the year.

    Thus far, going strictly by the schedule posted here, and going from major airport to major airport, not including ground travel here is the ROUGH ESTIMATE for 2012 for President Obama:
    Total air miles:
    January 2012 = 8,138
    February 2012 = 7,584
    March 2012 = 10,640
    YTD total = 26,362 miles

    I did not break down the mileage as far as “official” vs. “campaign/fundraiser” travel.
    If someone has the cost per mile to fly AF1, it would be interesting to see what the cost has been thus far this year, and to ask the WH to justify these expenses at a time of fiscal insecurity.

    The mileage was calculated using

    • Good work Shofar. From what I can find a 747 uses about 5.5 gallons per mile. Jet fuel costs vary but are approximately $5 a gallon, for a cost of approximately $27.50 per mile.

      January 2012 = 8,138 x $27.50 = $223,795
      February 2012 = 7,584 x $27.50 = $208,560
      March 2012 = 10,640 x $27.50 = $292,600

      YTD total = 26,362 miles x $27.50 = $724,955.00

      Of course that is the cost for just ONE 747. That doesn’t account for all the cargo and decoy planes that are involved every time he hops on AF1 for a ride…

      • Susan,

        That’s just fuel costs. I did some more checking, and the operating cost per hour for the Boeing VC-25 (AF1) is $181,757.

        At an average cruising speed of 550 miles p/hr that would make YTD hours of operation 47.9 (approx.) times the p/hr operational cost equals approx. $8.7 million YTD for Obama’s travels across the country. Remember this has only been DOMESTIC flights so far this year, and does not include any travel for Mrs. Obama or any other family members.

  8. Do you think he knows that Greek Independence Day is for the nation of Greece and not all the fraternities and sororities at our colleges and universities? Perhaps he does but he thinks celebrating this day will win him votes from teh fraternity and sorority members…

    Wait, he’s going to 2 different states and not holding fundraisers in either of them???? Maybe getting up so early to get to Oklahoma is impeding his judgement…