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Obama Won’t Mark Obamacare Anniversary

President Obama is not likely to mark the second anniversary Friday of the signing of the Affordable Care Act, eschewing public celebration of a law that still isn’t popular and about which the president rarely talks.

“I have no scheduling announcements to make today about Friday for the President,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters today. “I don’t anticipate a presidential marking of an anniversary that only those who toil inside the Beltway focus on.”

A new ABC/Washington Post poll found 52 percent opposed to Obamacare compared to 41 percent who support it. In the poll, 67 percent said the Supreme Court should make major changes to the law or scrap it, including 42 percent who said the Supreme Court should “throw out the entire law” and 25 percent who said it should get rid of the individual mandate that is the law’s linchpin.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on the Constitutionality of the law next week and is expected to rule by June.

The White House has all but given up selling Obamacare, clearly hoping to ride out the storm over the measure through Election Day.

Carney noted, however, that the campaign-produced documentary on the Obama presidency, “The Road We’ve Traveled,” does include a discussion of the law.

16 thoughts on “Obama Won’t Mark Obamacare Anniversary”

  1. Well, people outside the Beltway are sure going to notice when they have to keep their sky-high premium/deductible plan or find another on some benighted websites or state pools or pay a fine of $700 or figure out how to get premium assistance, etc etc etc.

      1. Speaking of the electorate–I am tired of the big woo now over Alexandra’s Pelosi’s little film clips, first of dopey-sounding Southern whites (“He’s a half-breed”) and then of doped-up sounding urban street guys “(Want me a check, bitch”) opining. These are not representative of the electorate–try a Frank Luntz focus group instead. TV really sinks to new lows everyday.

  2. ObamaCare is going to sink him regardless of what the SCOTUS rules! Americans will never accept Single Payer!

    He squandered 2 entire years and hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to parachute into backyards and conduct phony townhalls. He completely ignored the economy and jobs – but managed to triple the debt!

    He’s whistling past the graveyard! Not a peep about ObamaCare in over a year! Coward!

  3. Considering the Dems in power at the time, it’s reasonable to imagine they thought the Obamacare act would be a historic program lauded and loved by most Americans. Instead, they had to be stunned by the opposition to each and every aspect of this law and the subsequent ouster of so many Dems in the 2010 election.

    This administration has over-estimated and under-estimated almost everything they’ve done, all leading up to our diminished standing in the world and a disheartened population at home.
    They have nothing to celebrate, no stellar moments to crow about, or any hope of good things to come.

    1. Well said srdem. Heard on Rush that his Cushing, Oklahoma visit tomorrow will be closed to the public. Guess he’ll be flying his audience of clapping seals along with him. Then I heard the governor and lt. governor are out of town so no official greeting at the airport. The guy can’t even take a hint that he’s like a skunk at a picnic.

    1. Oh, yes. The photo ops of dozens of TeaParty supporters sitting in their lawn chairs waving “noObama” posters would be a security risk.

    2. Something dramatic is happening in the U.S., when the Obama’s government suppresses the freedoms of those who do not agree to support a president found to be spurious by his people because of his every day actions. This has to stop if not by impeachment by the people’s vote!

  4. There is no antonym for anniversary and certainly no celebrations or joy to mark Obamacare, but “pandemic” comes mighty close.

  5. Carney would be more believable if he dressed in a Groucho Marx costume sans cigar. He really does not look and certainly does not act like he is old enough to smoke.

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