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Obama Campaign Likely Censoring YouTube Comments

President Obama’s campaign appears to be censoring viewer comments on the YouTube presentation of “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the 17-minute campaign documentary about the Obama presidency, with positive comments outnumbering negative by more than five to one.

Obama has staked a claim to conducting an “openness” presidency, with the White House frequently touting measures it says increase transparency. But not on his campaign’s YouTube channel.

As of 9 am ET this morning, 84 of the last 100 comments could be construed as supportive, while 16 were negative.

Many of the negative comments are benign. More than a third didn’t even directly criticize the president, arguing instead that General Motors should not have been bailed out by the government.

The positive comments were sometimes ecstatic in their support for Obama and the largely hagiographic video, which went up on YouTube March 15. Among the tributes are “My President is an amazing human being,” “Truly one of the greatest President’s ever,” “So majestic,”  and “Thank God we have presidents like this.”

That the comments are being edited is clear because as of 9 am, the last one had been posted 12 hours before. Apparently, whoever is selecting comments took some time off to sleep.

In addition, several White House Dossier readers have complained that attempts to place negative comments about the video have failed.

By contrast, a nearly four-minute mini-documentary put up on YouTube by the Romney campaign March 3 – “A Love Story,” in which Ann Romney lavishly praises her husband – actually has more negative comments than positive by a balance 56-44 for the last 100 comments.

Another of 28 comments posted along with the last 100 were removed, with many flagged as “spam,” suggesting the Romney campaign is doing some editing too. But it clearly is allowing many more negative comments than Obama’s campaign, and some of the anti-Romney posts are quite vitriolic.

An effort by me to place a neutral comment about the Romney video immediately appeared, while an attempt to place the same comment about the Obama video was not – greeted instead with a message that the comment would have to await moderation.

112 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Likely Censoring YouTube Comments”

      1. Why should they be? Laura Bush visited over 70 countries. I don’t remember Republicans wanting to see the price tags on all those visits!If people knew how racist they look when they start that mess. Are you suggesting that the Obama’s stay holed up in the White House since only WHITE lazy Presidents like Bush should get to go anywhere? Bush vacationed more than any modern President in HISTORY! Who ARE you people?

          1. Michael Johnson, you’ve had PLENTY of time to research and find that what I wrote is TRUE! It is “trolls” like YOU who don’t add ANY information to the discussion, but just lob crap from your behind like a monkey at people you have no idea about! Either TRY to REFUTE what I wrote ( though it is all IRREFUTABLE) or shut the HECK UP with your stupidly profane self!

    1. I believe it was noted earlier that the O Campaign in January had almost 12 million in salary expenses alone, that’s a lot of trolls in basements clicking away.

          1. The Clintons were the first people to point out that the birth certificate was phony back in 2008. Bill came out and said Obama was not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution that Obama tramples on. The draft card is phony too, and the Cold Case Posse has not yet revealed all the other information that they have.
            Obama and Pelosi caused 63 Democrat House members to lose their life’s work, 6 Senators, and 620 Democrats in State Congresses across the U.S. Plus 5 more House members in special elections.
            Obama is a Muslim, a demagogue, a liar, deals in rhetoric and half truths, even lied about the Supreme Court while they were seated at the SOTU. He has to hide his school records because they will show that he took money designated for foreign students, chances are good that he will be forced to show his records and this will create more forged documents, and more crimes to be committed.
            The Cold Case Posse knows exactly which White House computer was used to create the phony birth certificate 20 minutes before it was uploaded to the web. Whomever logged on to that computer committed a crime and they will be held responsible because we are a nation of laws.

          2. Actually, the Clinton’s never used it because it wasn’t true. If it were, Hillary’s campaign WOULD have used it! Just like Newt Gingrich did us a favor in showing us that Mitt Romney presided over a company that — at the time– was convicted of the most massive Medicare Fraud in Massachusetts HISTORY! That mere hours before investigators closed in, Romney pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale, and distraught workers were thrown out of their jobs!

          3. LOL “Phony” birth certificate!?! LOLOL Surely you know that CRIMINAL Sheriff Arpaio was under investigation BEFORE he took an “interest” in a birth certificate, don’t you? Sheriff Barney Fife and Batcrazy “Oily” Taitz DESERVE each other! Sheesh, people!

            You’ve GOT to be aware that even conservatives like Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter have called birthers CRAZY! Or are you ?! LOLOL And President Obama is a CHRISTIAN! He and his family were just photographed coming out of CHURCH! President Obama was a member of a Christian Church for many years and Repunks whined about that. NOW they’re stupidly pretending he’s “Muslim?!” LOLOL Make up your darned minds already! LOL

      1. Please. Plenty of people know that President Obama is the best choice we have, and are willing to engage in democratic debate in this democracy for FREE. Nothing wrong with that — and a WHOLE lot right with it! = )

      2. You must be talking about that evil Karl Rove who, using the Orwellian titled “Citizens” United, has already raised hundreds of millions of dollars to further confuse the gullible with his trademark LIES and UNdemocratic dirty tricks and shennanigans! Remember what he did to John McCain and his innocent ADOPTED little girl on behalf of Bush the Younger in 2000?! Disgusting!! People had better wake the heck up before we are knee-deep in Oligarchy courtesy of disgusting Rove/Koch Brothers!

      3. Why are you ASSuming that? It could have been spent on tv spots and the like! At any rate, the President SHOULD utilize the internet. That lizard Karl Rove has already amassed many millions for his evil “shadow campaign” for Romney. Disgusting git!

    2. “Fast and Furious” is just an extension of a policy started under George the Younger (Bush). Imagine the shock on stupid Republican Issa’s face when he realized that! This country doesn’t need to be bogged down in finger-pointing “investigations” that only get jump-started by partisan knee-jerking. We have to get to work shoring up the economy, stabilizing Afghanistan so we can extricate ourselves from it, and educating our young people to compete with global competition.

    3. ?! “Fast and Furious” was a program that was an extension of one started during the Bush (the Younger) years. Memos detailing gun-walking where perps were not arrested right away but allowed to take guns into Mexico so that alleged “bigger fish” in the drug food chain could be caught, were sent to Mukasey ( Bush’s Attorney General). Republican Issa had egg all over his face on that one. Once again Bush started mess that other people are left to try to clean up! Btw, why are Republicans so demonically gungho on attacking children. Malia is an innocent young girl. You might be forgiven if you were trying to stop George (the Younger’s) lush daughters Jenna and Barbara from getting slobbering drunk under age or something.

    4. “Fast and Furious” is just a continuation of a program in place under George W. Bush! Gun-walking into Mexico was “allowed”under Bush to try to trace the guns to “bigger fish” in the drug food chain, rather than arrest low-rung gun buyers as soon as the illegal deals went down. Btw, why are you trying to attack a child? Malia is an innocent girl. If you were trying to stop Bush The Younger’s lush daughters from getting snockered on alcohol underage you might be forgiven…

      1. No, Wide Receiver TRACKED the guns that ‘walked’ into Mexico. BIG difference. Your communist president is nothing but a community organizer, a slick-talking salesman who promised to fundamentally transform America, who returned the bust of Winston Churchill to England, who has bowed down to dictators all over the world, who has pulled off the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American people by usurping the office of the President of the United States. Wake up, troll.

        1. Where to start…It’s interesting how at FIRST Republicans were PRETENDING that there was NO “gun walking” under Bush, but that perps were arrested right away after illegal sales. But Memos from George W. Bush’s own Attorney General prove otherwise. Issa is an idiot. Under Bush they also LOST track — OBVIOUSLY!

          Btw, Solyndra started under Bush, too. Issa, Sessions and the rest of the idiot Repukes in Congress need to know that millions of us are sick of their stupidity. Get to work on this country’s Health Care situation, education, infrastructure, etc, and DISPENSE with the partisan NONSENSE “investigations!”

          And EVERYBODY in some countries bow — Japan, for instance. President Obama engaging in traditional greetings “when in “Rome,” is infinitely better than stupid George Bush the Elder going to Australia, flashing the “Victory” sign, and scandalizing an entire NATION! For, you see, the “Victory” sign for us here in the USA is, unfortunately, the same thing as giving Australians “the FINGER!” Bush and his advance team were idiots.

          President Obama, as a young Community Organizer motivated One HUNDRED THOUSAND people to register to vote!! Obama graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from Harvard Law WHILE spending many hours a week working as President of the prestigious Harvard Law Review.

          President Obama wrote brilliant, poignant bestselling books. President Obama played basketball on a Championship team. And President Obama can sing like an angel! In short, Brilliant President Obama is a Renaissance Man, and no amount of sour, cross-eyed, cockamamie LIES will ever change that!

          President Obama just walks softly and carries a big stick. The most powerful man in the world can afford to be polite!

    5. CNN showed this massive new building in Nevada that is for 100s of people to monitor the internet. These must be all the jobs he is making.
      Every time I post something there is someone who replies right away and just trashes anything I say that does not follow Pres. Obama’s agenda.

      And poor Jay Carney, I don’t know how he does his job, he was just asked about the Secret Service Agents who attacked some women in S America.

      1. ?!? That snake Karl Rove has been taking tens of millions of dollars a clip from the evil Billionaire Koch Brothers and other Corporation/”Citizens” under the Orwellian titled “Citizens” United designed to turn our wonderful Democracy into evil Oligarchy.

        Newt Gingrich’s Billionaire Buddy, Adelson, the Corrupt Las Vegas dullard, outspent his buddy Newt 70-1 to make sure Newt won his home state, Georgia, in the Repuke Primaries! And Santorum’s Billionaire Buddy did the same kind of mess, keeping HIM in the race!

        We the People had better make DARNED sure we elect both President Obama AND a Democratic Congress or risk losing Democracy altogether!

    1. And? Surely you saw those millions of people clammoring to hear candidate Obama speak on the campaign trail in ’08, didn’t you? Of course some people would write glowingly about him.

      Candidate Obama in ’08 promised to get a Health Care Bill passed. President Obama DID it ( even though a wacko conservative- packed “activist” Supreme Court is sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong).

      Candidate Obama promised to get Bin Laden. President Obama increased the resources necessary to get Bin Laden and got him when Bush couldn’t do it in seven long years.

      Candidate Obama promised to bring the troops home from Iraq. President Obama brought the troops home from Iraq.

      Records show that President Obama did more for this country in his first 100 days in office than some Presidents did in four long years.

      Moreover, President Obama is a real man who played for a championship basketball team ( he wasn’t a cheerleader like chicken Bush the Younger); President Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School; President Obama sings like an angel; President Obama is funnier than quite a few professional comedians, and President Obama knows how to Work!

      President Obama is a Renaissance Man. It’s about time we had another one in our White House! It’s little wonder that people are willing to write glowing things about him. Heck even his family’s great. Michelle graduated Salutatorian from High School, With Honors from Princeton, and from Harvard Law herself! She is caring and committed to boot!

      Thank God for our First Family! God bless them, and God bless America!

        1. Your thin, tinny laughter rings hollow! LOLYou didn’t even TRY to refute anything I wrote! Because you CAN’T! Everything I wrote about brilliant President Obama and his wonderful family is TRUE!

          1. Everybody and his BROTHER know what you people are crazily ignorant about! What are you? FAUX NEWS watchers or something? The FACT is that Laura Bush DID travel to all of those countries on the tax payers’ dime, George W. Bush DID vacation a LOT more than President Obama has. Obama DID graduate Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law WHILE at the SAME time working several hours per week as PRESIDENT of the prestigious Harvard Law Review! And Michelle Obama DID graduate Salutatorian of her High School,With Honors from Princeton, and from Harvard Law herself. I know it probably takes your kind a little while to decompress from that ignoramus Bush, but sticking your fingers in your ears and ignoring FACTS about wonderful President Obama and his fantastic family just makes you all look retarded!

          2. “Troll?!” “White House Basement?!?” Unless you’re blind YOU saw all those HUGE crowds gathered to hear Obama in ’08! He doesn’t need anybody in “the basement!” Hundreds of millions of people support President Obama! President Obama won the POPULAR VOTE AND the ELECTORAL COLLEGE ( something George the Younger can only dream about since he won NEITHER)!

    1. ?? What are you talking about?Everybody knows that it is not “liberals” who usually start rootin,’ tootin,’ shootin,’ over politics when they don’t think they’re getting their way! It’s wacko (usually racist) conservatives who do that! Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Medger Evers, those 3 brave young Freedom Riders in Mississippi, and on and on! Even today you can look up the Party affiliation of nearly all mass murderers. Those demons are almost always conservative. Look it up and stop projecting!

  1. “I’m so sick of people saying that I do not have a transparent presidency! We have had the most transparent presidency in US history. We always keep the blinds and curtains open in the Oval Office. How can people say we aren’t transparent!”

    Barack Obama
    Note from my attorney, not a real quote.

    1. THINK! President Obama was almost TOO transparent with Health Car– if anything. People were allowed to have Town Hall meetings all over the nation to gnash their teeth and discuss ad nauseam!Wackadoodle, dangerous TeaPartiers were actually waving guns — at Town Hall Meetings!! The President is transparent — but can We the People handle it? That’s the question!

    1. If they are cutting out the crackpot and/or profane language, that’s fine by me. On Ann Romney’s site someone let the “F” bomb slip through — or maybe they don’t care over there.

      The President’s documentary is pure and factual. There’s no need to allow ranting and cussing and whatnot in comments. I tried to post positive things on the site and they never got posted. Clearly if someone’s taking a break to work elsewhere on the campaign they’re missing negative AND positive posts.Hardly “censorship.”

      The more decent sites keep profanity and whatnot off, anyway!Good for them!

  2. I wonder if Granny Jan’s videos have this problem ?

    I’ve noticed more and more youtube peeps turning off their comments these days, whether political or personal. Probably a good idea.

    1. Why would you dishonestly flag innocuous posts? That speaks more to your character than anything the Obama monitors are doing. Btw, I don’t want to see obscenities and crackpot posts, so I’m glad there’s a monitor.

  3. This kind of editing or censoring on pro-Obama sites has been going on since the beginning. There was a time when being banned from HuffPo was a certain badge of honor. Any comment that some O-bot deemed critical of Mr or MrsO was erased. In contrast, the “best” comments were praising the O’s as if every President and FirstLady before them were evil, devilish beings.
    There is a cult that surrounds the Obamas who believe that adoration in the extreme will protect them from the “racists or haters”. Every time a troll shows up on a political site, their comments are directed at the morals, sanity, and intentions of other commenters and not the issue at hand.

    There’s no surprise here, this has been going on for 3 years .

    1. Moderation is more fair and balanced since Huffpo joined AOL. The articles are still lefty biased, but the critical comments are allowed to stand. I still won’t go there, too much astroturf from the OFA-WTF 2012 thugs who are paid to post nice things ;)

        1. Incidentally Huffington has spewed all over AOL–stupid posts that lead–surprise–to Huffington Post…the Obamas on every splash screen someplace, ads for them, stories…I usually shut down the big screen by 9 am. What gets me are the stories about who wore a short skirt in 1999 etc. They strain for interesting material so hard it’s painful to watch.

    2. And good for them. I don’t want to see profanity and what not. On Ann Romney’s site the “F” bomb even slipped through. Slack.

  4. Very timely article Keith. Thank you for doing the yeoman’s work of investigative journalism. I rarely post on YouTube, especially since Google changed it’s policy from “don’t be evil”. Pretty sure the YouTube censorship is widespread. In fact, Breitbart posted an article regarding the censorship of of comments to the video and offered up a venue for those who were silenced…

    This appears to be the Obama campaign strategy – silence the opposition. My guess is a goodly portion of his campaign collections are going to pay for the salaries of his “Truth Team”. Unless they are on the WH staff payroll, which means we are paying their salaries. From the comments I’m reading on various news sites, this truth team is a 24/7 operation. Pretty good set up for the totalitarian regime. Sycophant media empires slant the stories in his favor (or pull them in the Mexican vacation incident), erase all criticism, and follows up with “Truth Team” to spin his false narrative.

    1. ?!??!!!!? “Silence the Opposition?!” Are you joking? Saying that is as weird as ignoring that it’s mostly CONSERVATIVES who’ve tried to kill people with different political views — not LIBERALS! What started the whole ruckus over women’s health issues was the fact that the world could see Republican Issa turn away the ONLY woman set to testify before Congress on an issue concerning women’s fate!

      He just sat there all smug listening to JUST men on that panel. It was infuriating. Fortunately Democrats allowed Ms. Fluke to speak to them later. Rash Limpbrain deliberately “mischaracterized” everything in her testimony, slandered her, and the rest is history!

      The firestorm raining about Limpbrain’s head is one of his own making! He was trying to “silence” that private citizen in his own evil way. Limpbrain had better be glad Ms. Fluke’s father is a man of the cloth. Or he might have had to deal with getting socked in the nose!

  5. Like I said when they scrubbed the Malia story it’s a very slippery slope. This
    is like a third world dictatorship and it’s wrong and scary.

    1. ?? “Slippery slope?” Are you people crazy? Malia is a CHILD! If she were WHITE no one would be whining. Laura Bush visited over 70 countries and I don’t remember people clammoring to see the price tags on her trips! I WANT the First Family of the United States representing us, learning about the world, and being SAFE while doing it, as do all PATRIOTIC Americans!

    1. President Obama is a man who tries to be true to his word. He promised to get a health care bill passed. He did it. He promised to get Bin Laden. He did it. He promised to bring troops home from Iraq. He did it. So what’s with all the unjustified vitriol?

      1. I need health care but I don’t really want the Gov. running it.
        I wish they would have something simple that would pass, like the ability to buy insurance in all 50 states, and no pre-condition refusal.

        The Gov. cannot force citizens to buy a goods or a service so the entire Bill is about to be thrown -out at the SCOTUS. I’m not lawyer but I know it’s not constitutional. If this were to pass it would set a precedent and allow the Gov. to force us to buy or do anything in the future. For instance, to make everyone buy an electric car by 2015, or solar panels that don’t work well in New England, and on and on.

        The entire Bill was a waste of time and huge money. To spend the 500 Million on IRS agents before the SCOTUS ruling was not good for us, as the Country is broke. It almost feels like Pres. Obama is having a “Scorched Earth” policy by spending us into 100 years of debt.

        Many of us need insurance but this was the wrong way to go about it.

        It would be nice to see President Obama’s School & College grades, his lack of good judgment on pushing this flawed Bill through the system leads me to believe he had poor grades in School. We all had so much Hope for him but it has been a big disappointment.

        And why do we always have to attack people, it makes us Democrats look desperate. There is way too much hate. The country is in big trouble. Stop the hate.

  6. One possible explanation is that people like me who would be likely to leave a negative comment WILL NOT WASTE OUR TIME WATCHING THIS STEAMING PILE OF #$%& (rhymes with Mitt).

    1. Yes, I was going to say the same thing. I wouldn’t even bother watching such garbage because I know it’s all a propoganda piece made by a blind Hollywood moron.

      There’s the difference between conservative thinkers and liberals — conservatives would rather just ignore this sort of thing, but liberals will actively seek out videos like the Romney one just so they can complain.

    2. I just recalled receiving an e-mail awhile back urging me not to use profane language so please change that to “STEAMING PILE OF PELOSI”

    3. That’s the problem. Bigoted people willing to believe the worst about something without knowing what it contains. People who listened to Rash Limpbrain rant about Ms. Fluke heard blatant lies from Rash about EVERYTHING in Ms. Fluke’s testimony. And I mean EVERYTHING. He didn’t even get her name right! People were actually in shock when they actually finally heard her Congressional testimony ( she is the daughter of a minister). Rash Limpbrain had LIED to them. Hopefully they began wondering what ELSE he’d lied to them about!

  7. Great sleuthing, Keith! Team Obama must be pulling their hair out this morning – ‘What to do about Koffler’!

    I’m not a regular You Tube user, except for the Obama videos, but I have noticed that many of the less-than flattering ones have ‘Comments Closed’. Is that because most of the comments are negative …or are they trying to save bandwidth?

    It’s becoming more apparent that the ‘national civilian security force’ that Obama spoke about before the election is. in reality, his army of ACORN internet censors. Shades of MAO!

    Speaking of MAO….one of the commenters pointed out uesterday that Malia’s middle name is Ann; hence the initials MAO. Veddy interesting!

  8. Google now owns Youtube. Google gets huge contract from Obama Admin. Negative comments about Obama not just disappearing from the “Road We’ve Travelled” but other news items about Obama. Go figure!

  9. What is really kind of amazing to me is this admin must believe that to a large degree, us common citizens do not see through their constant barrage of prevarication! Please, Mr. President, please continue to underestimate us. You will see how wrong you are for our country (not yours) in about 8 months.

    1. The poser-in-chief just wants to keep his swooning socialists fooled. Then he has a chance at re-election. If the swooning crowd starts to get a clue (unlikely), O is done.

  10. I guess the chances of using “Petition the White House with We the People”
    won’t gain much traction either.

    Note to Youtube: Report yourself to Attack Watch.

  11. When Malia is home safe and sound, I wish the media would look into who leaked the story in the first place. Sounding a little Flukey to me. (a set up to provoke the Rush-like reactions from the right, then slam them with the War on Women?)

    I was first aware of it when I saw a BO-MO-Sasha church photo with the caption including …..Malia in Mexico on Spring Break. Why not on a school trip. period. Why did they pick that church photo op in a missing child formation when they haven’t been to church since January? Surely we’d notice and ask Where’s Malia ?

    The reaction from the WH is suspect. Was it a test to see how fast they can take down a story ? Ahem, using their child’s “privacy and security” concerns.

      1. I think your guess is accurate. Secret Service protection for her would not be able to carry weapons on a commercial flight. And, don’t forget the second plane for the armored vehicles…

        “Surrounded by a security team, Malia Obama arrived at the headquarters of the commercial airport in the capital to join a group of twelve young teenagers from a United Airlines commercial airliner departed from Houston, Texas.”

        1. I believe Secret Service could carry weapons on a commercial flight and I bet Secret Service and Malia wouldn’t have to be screened by the TSA either. Sort of makes me wonder if she truly flew on United and whether it was a chartered flight. Just can’t imagine them allowing her to fly with commoners. Another question is how did she get to Houston? Air Force? And if Air Force to Houston, then why not to Mexico??

          1. Id bet Malia & crew were allowed to use a USAF executive jet from the ‘Presidents Wing’ (89th Airlift Wing out of Andrews) Maybe they flew down in a C-37? (USAF Gulfstream V)

  12. I’m surprised that there’s ANY negative comments and would have thought only his sycophants could stand to view it. That’s 17 minutes you’d never get back and I’m not about to waste them on him.

  13. My son is a biigggg You-Tuber. He is 13 years old. Obama seems to want to get himself in front of Junior College and College crowds. Hmmm…I’m just saying.

  14. Just posted a rather benign dislike of the video and also noticed that the last notice as “approved” 16 hours pior. Gives ya a thought.Dont know if my post will make it but wanted to see what would happen

  15. Basic investigative journalism at work — how refreshing. Obvious question asked (are the comments filtered?) and answered (with a touch of the keyboard). Obama touts transparency (which this obviously isn’t), and the mainstream media sits on their hands. The journalistic sin of omission — aren’t journalists boring themselves to death?.

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  17. We probably need to start posting comments using a code. For example, the following could be posted as a comment to the video. There’s a secret message — use the first letter of each sentence:

    Oh, wow. Best video ever. All Americans should watch this video. Maybe they would understand the Prez better. As a campaign video, I’ve never seen better! So informative! Until I saw this video, I didn’t really feel I knew the president. Can you all help him win in November? K? So, everyone, go out and watch this video now.

    Or something like:

    The president has said everyone must sacrifice to get the country back on track. After watching this video, I can think of many things I would like to sacrifice. The video has inspired me! Now, I REALLY look forward to driving my 10-year old car to the polling place in November! Can’t wait to cast my vote!

    I’m sure the readers of this blog can come up with much better examples! Let’s have some fun with this.

  18. Mr Koffler, everything you’ve written is correct. I usually refrain from commenting on youtube videos because it can start a “comment battle” lasting for days. What amazes me is that as of this moment, there are only 7 pages worth of comments posted for his “The Road We’ve Travelled” video. This is unheard of for almost ANY video uploaded on youtube. I’ve seen political videos with two or three hundred pages of comments. As of this morning I’ve “posted” around 10 comments and NONE of them have appeared below his video. Yes, the man who promised “open” government and “open dialogue” is censoring ANY criticism. At first I thought, “are there really this many people that are this supportive of Obama?” but then when I logged back in and found there haven’t been any additional comments made, positive OR negative, I began to understand what was going on. Please let me know if you’d like to discuss this matter further. We have GOT to get the truth out to the major media networks or NO ONE will know what’s happening. Thank you for your time today.

  19. There’s something odd about this “school trip”.
    First, it appears only girls are involved. Sidwell is a co-ed school.
    Even for a class trip, why only such a small number of students?
    The trip does not appear on the school calender.

    Maybe the entire trip was arranged and paid for by the Obamas, as a way to drum up support? After all, parents who might otherwise not send their kids to Mexico might be persuaded, if it was a special junket for a few selected students and teachers, arranged by the White House, with the Secret Service to provide security.

    Okay, okay….I’m a conspiracy theorist. But it does seem very strange………..

    1. First time I heard the ‘story’ they said “Malia & friends were on spring break”…
      Now when the ‘story’ is allowed to be mentioned, they say “Malia was on a school trip”…

      SO? what was it? A private jaunt ~OR~ school trip?
      Id like to see a journalist ask that question just to clear this up…

  20. The governments use of you tube is subject to record retention rules.

    In other words, one could simply file a FOI request and obtain a list of all comments that were moderated and removed.

  21. That’s our dictator in chief BHO for ya. If you say something against him he has it removed. He only wants to be adored – he does not want the truth about him and his failed policies to be known.

  22. The only job we have now, is ignoring most of what the mainstream media
    have to say about this prez. race. Polls, opinions, and straw man arguments about abortion , or radio jockey’s language. All bets are on that day in Nov..
    We have a country to take back and revive.

  23. They are unquestionably censoring the comments on that thread post, and it is not just the comparative numbers of “pro” and “con” comments that can be examined to prove it. It is the Obama reelection campaign that is directly engaging in this censorship.

    As you noted, the video was posted by the YouTube channel, “BarackObamadotcom”, which in turn is the channel “owned” by the Barack Obama reelection campaign — i.e., Obama for America. Here are their “terms of service”, per their YouTube channel.

    To see better how it is being done, just go to the site of the video itself, sign in (so that YouTube recognizes your handle), and then click on the verbiage contained in the prospective comment window, which says: Respond to this video… as if you are going to begin composing a comment response. You’ll notice that just below your prospective comment window, an “alert icon” consisting of a white star on a blue background will appear, along with an accompanying comment saying: Comments may be held for uploader approval.

    In other words, the Obama campaign — the uploader of the video — has been given approval by YouTubeto censor in advance which comments may be posted on the thread. And none of us should doubt for a moment that they are also manufacturing many of the positive comments that are being posted.

    So it is the Obama campaign is the censor and cheerleader, and has been given permission to do so by YouTube.

    “Most transparent administration ever,” huh?

    These people are pathetic!

    1. The NYT does this, too–and the WashPost, although the latter does it mostly by having such a stupid, complicated commenting system that people go screaming into the night, self-censoring as they run to the bin to commit themselves for treatment.

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  25. I just posted the following comment on the video. Time to hit back at the little Obama-bots who are carrying out this systematic censorship on the comment thread for this propaganda film!

    To the employee hired to censor comments on this YouTube thread:

    The “alert icon” below my comment window says:
    “Comments may be held for uploader approval.”

    Why is the Obama campaign, which owns this channel, BarackObamadotcom, censoring comments being posted here?

    What are you all afraid of? Isn’t censorship un-American? Didn’t Mr. Obama promise he would run the most “transparent Administration ever?”

    Yet he has hired you to censor comments on a YouTube thread? Shame on you, too!

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  27. It’s censorship with a capital “C,” engineering a comment section of positive comments that would make a Chinese premiere blush.

  28. Obama has operated under the adage “it is better to ask forgiveness than seek permission”. Now everyone associated with him or supports him does the same. Equality these days only exists for Obamites. The rest of America has been deemed inferior.

  29. Well I, for one, don’t believe it. I’ve tried to leave several positive — even glowing posts on President Obama’s most popular documentary site and none of them appeared! They were not profane in any way, shape, or form. Just good clean facts portraying the President the way he really is! I like the idea of someone making sure the site is clean. I actually saw where someone had used the “f” word on Ann Romney’s site. I don’t appreciate that at all — and if they had someone on staff who could make sure those didn’t slip through, that would be a plus not a negative for people reading and replying to posts.

  30. President Obama is the number 1 topic in the news. A word popularity check of rss feeds at shows that the word ‘Obama’ is always at the top – most popular – news headlines criticise and praise him, however a reason for being so popular could simply be the fact that he is the current American President.

  31. [Saw this snippet on the net just now.]


    [To find out, see search engines and type in the following:]

    After the Obamas are kicked out of the White House, there will be no place on earth where they can escape from scowling folks who wish to belatedly express their gratitude, in tangible ways, to the Obamas who tried to destroy the greatest nation ever.

  32. I have had my comment scrubbed from the YouTube video. I didn’t save the comment, which I regret, but it went something like this.

    The two-party system in this country is no longer an effective mechanism in electing our POTUS. It is my opinion that both parties are to blame for the mess this country is currently in and both parties have major players within the group of 1%’ers. Until we execute completely new strategies to appoint our Commander in Chief, we will continue to erode as a nation.

    I am 42, have been out of work for almost two years, earned more than $100,000 per year, and am unable to find employment comparable to what I had been earning. When it comes to Unemployment numbers, guess what. I am not even counted. I’ve stopped actively looking and am pursuing other options for myself i.e. Moving out of this country.

    I have had a number of people tell me to leave this country. Even some which have been quite inflammatory. Guess what. This country is headed for disaster and there is no plan to turn us around. We are broken and under current laws, we are beyond repair.

    IMO, instead of bailing out the corporations, the middle class should have been bailed out. Credit card debt should have been wiped away. Mortgages should have been lowered to reflect the current valuations on a person’s home.

    This simple plan would have had us back within a year. Unfortunately, no one cares about the middle class. And yes, I am a member of the middle-class. Making $100,000 in NYC is comparable to making $50,000 in the Midwest. I chose to live here, so I accept that. For how much longer, I don’t know.

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