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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 21, 2012

9:40 am || Departs White House
11:40 am PDT || Arrives Las Vegas
1:10 pm PDT || Tours Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility; Boulder City, Nevada
1:20 pm PDT || Delivers remarks about alternative energy
2:50 pm PDT || Departs Las Vegas
5:20 pm MDT || Arrives Roswell, New Mexico
6:15 pm MDT || Delivers remarks on oil and gas production; Maljamar, New Mexico
7:35 pm MDT || Departs Roswell
9:50 pm CDT || Arrives Oklahoma City

All times Eastern

41 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 21, 2012”

  1. 5:20 pm MDT || Arrives Roswell, New Mexico
    The Pressintent in Roswell, interesting place to visit, but even the aliens crashed and burned there.. Hmmmmm

    1. Roswell! That is one creepy place to visit. I don’t normally wear a tin-foil hat, but it wouldn’t be out of place in that area.
      There is something “there”.

      1. Hey, you’re knocking my hometown. I was born in Roswell, NM and lived there the first 10 years of my life. No UFOs or alien sightings in my childhood memories ;-)

        1. Did many trips thru Roswell working in the oilfield then water well service. Pampa Texas now Dobbin Tx. resident. Spent many a niter there in a truck stop or local motel. Love the wide open space. No pun intended.

        2. Ooops. I was there several times and it seemed like a very nice place. Good, decent people lived there. Smart people, too.

          Except at twilight, looking off to the desert and getting that feeling…you know…eerie shadows from outcroppings of rock and lights in the sky.

      2. Aren’t tin foil hats required? My cousin was in the Air Force stationed
        at Nellis and we ask about area 51 but he told us to get a life:)

  2. Re-routed from Carlsbad – oil field workers were not particularly thrilled with POTUS showing up.

    Optics – it’s always about the optics and what’s better than standing next to a little green man near Area 51.

    1. Sadie…true. Also, the Tea Party had scheduled a protest for Carlsbad. When the grifter-in-chief announced the change of destination to Roswell the Tea Partiers vowed to move their demonstration there. Whereupon the road to the airport in Roswell was shut down by the Secret Service.

    1. The Saudis did BHO a favor today and increased production of oil.. Odd that they (The Saudis) can announce more production and the price drops. Yet here in America the Beautiful, we can’t do anything about the cost of fuel. HOGWASH to borrow an expression. Open up drilling here and I’d bet my last dime, which is all I have left, the price would decrease even more.

      1. The Saudi’s know that if we elect a Republican president we will increase domestic oil production and begin buying less from them….

  3. “Obama burns jet fuel to downplay gasoline prices”

    . . .”His 5,000-mile trip will consume roughly 25,000 gallons of jet fuel, according to Boeing.”

    “That adds up to a fuel bill of $80,000, assuming the Air Force buys jet fuel at the cheapest cost, now estimated at $3.20 a gallon by the U.S. Energy Administration. The retail price for jet-fuel at local airports is just over $6 a gallon, including taxes. . .”

    Lying hypocrite!!!

    1. Not to mention he was just there a very short time ago…what a waste! Make a video of your same old tired boring meaningless speeches! Yuckkkkkk

  4. Upon hearing the president was coming to OK I wondered what he could possibly have to say to the people here. As it turns out he has nothing to say to us. It’s a photo op, and OK is merely a backdrop. I feel so used:/

  5. at 5000 plus miles at 500 miles per hour at a cost of 235,000 per hour thats about 2.35 million in cost this bum could careless

  6. I’m no math wiz, I barely can figure out the fundraiser to workday ratio. But has anyone tried to calculate out what the total of all these trips have cost since the first of the year?

    If my understanding is correct, the campaign is supposed to pay for a portion of trips that are of a political/campaign orientation. But with so much of Obama’s trips and speeches being blatantly political, where is the line draw as to what is campaigning for re-election and what is pushing his agenda along?

    1. on average it is costing you and i the taxpayer around 5 million a week for this lame duck so since January at 12 weeks thats over 60 million dollars charged to us but in truth its closer to 100 million probaly makes you sick for sure,he sucha caring man NOT

  7. When you look back at the past 3 years, there has rarely been a day where Obama has NOT climbed aboard his magic carpet,. AF ONE…or paraded through the streets with his 40 vehicle motorcade. AF One is his heroin- he is addicted! He even installed a massage chair!

    Just visualize one little bobblehead sitting in his massage chair on a $250B jumbo jet with his IPod plugged in…..and that’s Obama!

    And don’t forget the fuel for the back-up aircraft! He has a motorcade in the sky, as well as on the ground!

    And then there’s the MOOCH! As she readily admitted on Letterman, she ‘SNEAKS’ out all the time to do her thing, i.e. a 30 vehicle motorcade to Target!

    The ChiTown Grifters never had it so good!

    ***If they pay anything at all for their traveling, it’s only the retail price of a commerical airline ticket…a pittance!

    1. I don’t believe for one minute she sneaks out to Target. She sneaks out
      but I think the destinations are posh restaurants and jewelry stores to
      get more swag on us but Target? We aren’t as stupid as sh thinks.

  8. people of america you need to really know obama is a total fraud read about him no medical records ,no college records, birth cert is a total fraud and has been proven ,was going to school in Indoneisa when only peolpe of that country were allowed ,traveled to pakistan during the time when no American were aloud in with a US passport ,claimed to be a Foreign exchange stutent which classifies you as a non American and the list goes on read it and tell your friends ,spread the work tell them were to go this man is pure 100% fraud my god this is crazy

  9. Kiss of death for Copper Mountain Solar 1. I don’t know why he bothers with oil and gas facilities, after all, they are the energy of the past! He better be careful, he might fall off the flat earth!

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