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Obama Revives al Qaeda in Iraq

There is very bad news in Iraq, and with the right policies, it was avoidable. Dozens are dead due to a series of bombings across the country. And the culprit is our once-suppressed enemy, al Qaeda in Iraq.

Since President Obama decided to remove all of our troops from Iraq in December, violence in the country has escalated. This is exactly why his commanders told him that he needed to leave a residual number of U.S. forces in the country to assist the highly – but not yet completely – capable Iraqi military and police.

The only reason I can think of that Obama ignored his generals’ advice was to create a campaign slogan under the banner of “promises kept” – that Obama ended the Iraq war by the close of 2011.

And Obama just doesn’t understand the need for such military commitments.

We left troops in Germany after World War II and in South Korea after the Korean War. The results have been superb.

Iraq is of critical strategic importance, perfectly situated to help us counter the influence of our enemy in the region, Iran. We spilled  and spent much blood and treasure securing the country. We needed to safeguard our victory with a contingent of about 15,000-20,000 troops that could have been reduced as Iraqi forces continued to come up to speed.

A terrorist organization in Iraq devoted to our destruction is now on the ascendancy. From today’s Washington Post:

“I would classify what we are seeing as a resurgent al-Qaeda,” said one American official in an interview this month. Speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the subject, he said the organization is “tremendously resilient, and I don’t see their ideology going away any time soon.”

“You have to put pressure on al-Qaeda by decapitating them over and over again,” the official added.

When American troops departed Iraq at the end of last year, they left behind security forces that had improved rapidly in recent years but still lacked vital intelligence-gathering capacity and the forensic training needed to investigate and prevent attacks.

Obama’s negligent policy, likely designed at least in part to boost his campaign, has revived an enemy who will eventually be targeting us here at home and who may yet force us to intervene in the region again.

26 Responses to Obama Revives al Qaeda in Iraq

  1. And I seem to recall the left poo-pooing the idea that it was the Bush surge strategy that knocked down the al-Qaeda forces in Iraq in favor of the “Sunni awakening.” The Spinmasters in the WH have a BIG problem at this point.

  2. Ooops. I guess he’s not the smartest man in the room after all.

    Is there any doubt that this man will be regarded as the most disgraceful commander in chief our nation has ever known?

  3. Well you have to give Obama some slack on Iraq since we have been told by by the VP Joe Biden let it be known that Obama’s decision to go after Bin Laden was the most audacious plan in 500 years so you should look the other way on Iraq.

    Speaking of ‘audacious’ plans I guess the Bin Laden raid makes Eisenhower’s decision to invade the European Continent in 1944 a mere grease spot in the history books. Or the establishment of the Manhattan Project just a big firecracker, or Kennedy’s Moon Mission mere child’s play with some rockets and such.

  4. We are to blame, it’s our fault that the Middle East is in chaos. We topple regimes and assume that those who step up to fill the void will be our friends.
    We assume that the Islamists are just like us and they are not.

    Our presence in any of the Islamic countries will not ensure peace or even an appreciation of our good intentions; they hate us and everything we stand for. They hate anyone who is not a Muslim or abides by Sharia law.
    They want to rid the world of our presence, kill us all or enslave us all.

    The only way we can defeat these enemies is to cut off their economic wealth by drilling our own oil. Without their only export,the oil revenues, the Middle East would return to the 7th century that their religion embraces.
    Unable to provide sustenance for their people or even to buy arms, they would be defeated by their own hand.

    • Had exactly the same thought while reading another post earlier this morning..
      Not only should we be exploiting oil; but all of our natural resources..
      Please note the use of the word exploit; not rape..
      There is a difference..

      We must also support Israel as a free democracy in the region..

    • I don’t believe it is our fault srdem. It is the fault of our feckless leaders who went beyond their mission of defeating al qaeda and took up nation building among the disparate tribes of goat herders and opium farmers in the Middle East.

      Agree we need take advantage of the rich deposits of oil and natural gas reserves we have right here in the good ole USA. Turns out we have enough here to last at least another hundred years or more. Gives American ingenuity plenty of time to find alternative sources of energy.

      I don’t believe we’re helping Israel by occupying the Middle East. I believe we should pull all of our troops out of there, give Israel all the bunker busters and air support they want, and let them take care of business. In my opinion, the world will be better a better place for us all.

    • They will still have China and Russia to buy their oil. They’ll still be wealthy, they’ll still have horrible, despotic rulers who will redirect the population’s unhappiness at us and, of course, the JOOOOOOS.

      • I am with SrDem–we can’t stay in these places indefinitely, flailing away. AQ in Iraq was 2% of the problem at one pt–what is it now? A lot more? I didn’t read that–every clan and sect tries to get over on the next one, nothing new there. We can’t be referee and schoolhouse builder and moralist.

  5. Obama had nothing to do with the withdrawal date – it was George Bush who set the plan in motion. The ONLY thing Obama had to do was negotiate the terms and conditions of withdrawaL,,, and HE BLEW IT! It was well within his reach to settle the issue of immunity – but he is wreckless and unable to grasp the nuances of negotiation. In short, he is grossly incompetent, unfit to serve, and should be held accountable for his actions! Impeachment is too good for him!


  6. — “You have to put pressure on al-Qaeda by decapitating them over and over again,” the official added.

    I hope he realizes the irony of that statement…

    Of course, an enemy that regenerates its head is called a hydra. The only way to defeat it is to scorch the stump of the head once decapitated, thereby killing and defeating it in a spectacular display of strength.

    But scorched earth is never the US policy.

  7. I say, let them burn. After spending over 3yrs in Iraq, all I really noticed was massive US taxpayer-funded corruption and unprofessional & corrupt Iraqi soldiers. Toward the end, they were drunk with power and were pulling over anyone (including coalition forces) and stealing everything from smoke grenades to radios at gun-point. There is no hope over there and the thought of wasting more American lives to enforce this madness disgusts me.

  8. Community organizer turned senator, who voted present with a passion, got bored decided that POTUS was more his style….what could possibly go wrong.

  9. And this is a surprise to whom??

    Anyone with a snit of science education could have told Obama that nature abhors a vacuum. Then again, if there were not exceptions to that rule, Obama’s head would have collapsed in on itself years ago.

  10. Doesn’t matter how or when we leave, the moment we do, there will be violence. That’s how they are. End of discussion.

  11. obama knew this would happen. He is funding the muslim brotherhood. He is urging on all of these terrorists that would destroy us. obama is a traitor and an enemy of the United States of America!

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