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Chu: Give Me an “A” on Gasoline Prices

Energy Secretary Steven Chu thinks he deserves and A or and A+ for his handling of gas prices, because he’s been working on solar energy, and so forth.

I assume this is the kind of stuff that could be heard in the court of King Louis XVI just before the Jacobins got to work. “We give ourselves an A+ on getting the peasants bread because of our advances in the technology to produce cake.”

It takes some serious ego to claim your biggest failure as your biggest success. This is not just an exercise in self-delusion, but an insult to Americans forced to part with increasing proportions of the wealth just to drive around.

I was going to write “just to get to work,” but so many aren’t going to work. Although I’m sure Obama’s economic team privately awarded itself an A+ too.

After all, Obama himself got the Nobel Prize for waking up each morning.

H/T to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and one of our readers, Rick Walker.

30 thoughts on “Chu: Give Me an “A” on Gasoline Prices”

    1. The NYPost covered the story with this headline:

      No Kugel for you!

      From the post, Jewish synagogues were contributing cholent and kugel as part of their community outreach program.

      1. Lets give him what he clearly deserves, an ” i ” for idiot & send this
        loon packing ! He is no more qualified than my dog..but at least my dog knows when he’s done something wrong and doesn’t lick his master’s boots at every chance !

  1. Liberals never fail. They are never wrong. They never make a mistake. Everything they do is full of compassion and done to help the poor, minorities, and the oppressed. They are gods. They are to be treated as gods. Why haven’t conservatives learned this yet? One never questions a god.

    1. Heard this quote on the Michael Berry show yesterday, and it just seems so appropriate in response to your post…

      “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of the tyrant.”

  2. So its kind of like I get an A for trying? Everybody is a success? I remember years ago when my kids were little and the school system started this crap. Everybody got a trophy for just showing up or trying to compete.
    It took less from the kids that were achievers, but it gave a false sense of entitlement to the kids that were slackers. And look where we are today.
    This little Jack needs to get back in his box and we need to break the handle right off that sucker.

  3. Sec. Chu has become the first cabinet level officer to be treated under Obamacare.
    Doctors agreed they had never treated a pair of broken arms. The medical assessment indicated Sec. Chu had used excessive force while patting himself on his back.
    He is also being treated for severely chapped lips as an apparent result of kissing the behinds of every eco-terrorist in America.

  4. Could he possibly have meant the Canadian “EH?” He may have been thinking in Canadian after all his hard work getting the Keystone Pipeline approved. Wait a sec. My wife just told me the Obama Admin REJECTED the pipeline. That can’t be true!!!! That would be bad for the USA. The only reason to do that would be if the State Department had more important uses for our resources, like finding Amelia Earhart or something.

    1. Now lookie here, it’s important to SecClinton that we spend some borrowed funds to look for an aircraft that went down somewhere in the Pacific Ocean 80+ years ago, so it must be important to our National ,uh, well-being. Your snarky comment about MsEarhart is just typical of the Repubs war on women, what? you don’t want her found? Ha.

      It’s getting easier to believe that the Dems are insane or don’t have a firm grasp on reality. VPBiden steps on his, um, fingers every time he makes a pronouncement and MrsClinton has lost her focus.

      1. Every time I’m sure they’re incompetent they pull the ol’ Evil Genius on me, then when I SURE they’re evil geniuses, Biden speaks.

  5. I think the term “dumbing down” really applies to some percentage of Americans.. We here this stuff constantly and most, not the common sense sort of folks, just tune out. Thank goodness for the WHD and it’s exposure of the arrogance which spews from this administration.

    Point being, Chu must think we’re stupid.

    1. Yes, he does. We can’t manage even the smallest aspect of our lives. Duh. Only Ivy League grads can manage things.

      People, though, have willingly abdicated responsibility to these “better” thinkers. That is where the dumbing down really comes into play.

    2. The entire administration thinks we’re stupid. But in fairness to them, over half of us voted for Obama last time so maybe they have a point. Of course, if you take away all the dead people, illegal aliens and the 4,567 times Rahm Emanuel voted for Mr O, it might have made a difference.

  6. Was it not Chu’s goal to align US gas prices with those in other parts of the world? You’d be hard pressed to convince me he hasn’t had great success doing just that, so why wouldn’t an A be in order?

  7. Chu knows his days are numbered…..As soon as Obozo is ridin the Hooptie back to Chimpcago in January, Chu is a Marked Man.
    I really don’t think that the new administration will let him keep his job!
    New President….First Day 1) Fire Foo Man Chu……..and while I’m at it, all the rest of those Lazy, blood sucking, retarded, incompetent, rape the American People Department Heads or Czar’s if you will…….All of them….GONE….First Day.
    Day 2….EPA, DOE,TSA, IRS, Etc,Etc….GONE like the Wind
    Day 3…..How bout a Fresca!

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