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President Obama to Visit an Oil Field!!

Updated March 19 at 8:00 am ET

With gasoline prices marching north, President Obama next week will take a break from worshipping the sun and putting his finger to the wind when he actually highlights energy projects that provide lots of energy.

The White House is desperate to repair the damage being done to Obama’s campaign by the price at the pump, and aides have suddenly begun portraying him as a great apostle of oil and gas drilling.

In what may go down as one of the worst political blunders of his presidency, Obama late last year bowed to environmentalists’ pressure and rejected the Keystone pipeline’s route through part of Nebraska, delaying by at least a year a major new source of oil just as gasoline prices started going through the roof.

Wednesday, he’ll be in Carlsbad, New Mexico to inspect oil and gas production fields located on federal lands.

Obama will be in Oklahoma Thursday – yes, Oklahoma – to “discuss his Administration’s commitment to improving and supporting the infrastructure that helps us leverage our domestic resources,” the White House said.

I assume these are code words for the infrastructure to get fossil fuels out of the ground, since he sure ain’t going to Oklahoma for votes. He’s more likely to strike oil.

According to ABC News, Obama will staging a photo op in Cushing, Oklahoma, which is on the Keystone pipeline project’s “southern route,” of which the administration approves.

Of course, the two day trip also features a solar facility and a meeting with people conducting “some of the country’s most advanced energy-related research and development.”

But the White House is clearly eager to show that Obama loves the non-advanced stuff too, since that’s what the country is going to be running on for the foreseeable future.

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        1. He won’t go to Mexico. His stupid DOJ armed the cartels, and have no clue as to where the weapons went, other than when they are used to kill US citizens and left behind.

        1. She also broke up the Republican CBC (Corrupt Bastards Club) in Alaska and sent a few to prison. Sarah gets a lot of hate from both sides – the leftists and their appeasers, the establishment.

          1. Our paper this AM (Gannett, we are watching you) had a lettere saying a column they used by Richard Cohen saying GAME CHANGE was such a masterpiece was actually predictable crap. But then, of course, they ran a letter under it saying Sarah was “dumb.” Gosh, where have I heard that before. Obviously this letter writer had plunged into politics and worked her way up from the PTA to governor, VP candidate, party leader, so she, the letter writer would know what dumb was. I welcome insights like this. (sarc)

          2. She had nothing to do with Ted Stevens. That was a Democrat hit job so they could get Mark Begich, a dependable leftist vote, in his seat.

    1. p.s.

      $181,000/ fly it and the plane does get 5 mpg.He’s lookin’ out for the little people. They’re all little when you’re up in the sky.

        1. Probably more like 5 gallons per mile, PER ENGINE…
          YES… jets burn BUNCHES of fuel…
          The fuel lines on that engine are probably 1.5 inches INTERIOR diameter…
          Fuel just BLOWS into those engines…

        1. I’m no Bush fan, but Bush’s ranch in Crawford was easily accessible for the Secret Service, and scluded enough to easily secure. For presidential retreats, it was the cheapest alternative to Camp David. Cheaper than a date night in NYC or Chicago, or a family vacation in Hawaii.

        2. C’mon… Bush is NOT the president
          Bush is NOT the reason for $ 4 gas
          Bush is NOT the reason for ObamaCare
          Bush is NOT the reason for Holder’s GUN CONTROL LIE…
          GET OVER IT…
          BOZO is a liar and a moron & should be impeached…

  1. The visit to Cushing, Ok, is interesting. Cushing in the pipeline crossroads of America. People don’t discuss the security there. Despite BHO’s unbelievable decision on Keystone XL, TransCanada has approved a $2.3 billion dollar pipeline from Cushing to Houston. It means about a thousand jobs just for Oklahoma. That did not require BHO’s blessing. I am surprised he has the guts to show his face, because he isn’t doing it because he is brave. If I were involved in the commercial interest there, I would tell BHO he is not welcome.

    1. Brave? No, the man simply has more arrogance, ego and narcissism to ever require any bravity. He simply refuses to acknowledge what is all around him and merrily goes his own way, Americans be G-damned.

    2. Ummm … have you noticed that almost every business he shows up at seems to go bankrupt. Maybe he is hoping if he goes there it too will close down!

      1. We could only be that lucky if the government would shut down, but I guess it won’t since he spends most of his time jet-setting.

        1. Heard today that Gov. Mary Fallin-R is on a previous commitment and will not be able to meet BHO. She won’t miss anything. It is just a case of guessing what he touches will turn to ordure. It is his perverse Midas touch.

  2. Is ACORN still active in Tulsa? Because that is about the only way “adoring crowds” will be assembled. I’ll bet they even pay a bonus if you swoon and faint.

      1. I wonder if you get paid to be part of a “rent a mob” does that get counted as one of the many jobs OB has “saved or created”

    1. LOL! Well, there is algae in OK, but I’m not too sure about Cushing. He has a lot of nerve coming here. Ok is a very red state, steeped in oil and gas. I can’t imagine he will be all that welcome. He will probably send his thugs out to find an audience.

      Oh, the algae? It’s mostly in the lakes and spotty at best.

      1. Good or bad, it might help. We will, some day, either get off oil or it will cost so much the global economy will collapse or nearly collapse. The world does not revolve around OK. Not everyone in OK cares whether YOU welcome the President or not.

        1. The world will get off of oil when it makes financial sense to do so. The fact that we have so much exploration and drilling on PRIVATE lands and we refuse to harness it for our own good is idiotic.
          America has no vested interest in a green energy revolution, at least not as much as China or Europe does. China has to innovate or will soon suffocate under its own weight, Europe has barely any supply of petroleum compared to its usage, and already has a sprawling green sector. America will do to green energy what we did to the automobile, the personal computer, and the internet (3 things we didn’t invent), we’ll make it better by appropriately monetizing it, and ensuring EVERYONE can own it. Why invent it when you can one-up it?

  3. Someone said let’s send the Prez to walk around an oil field so that the voters will see that he’s on top of the oil issue. It’s too bad that most of America won’t see those newclips because they’ll be too busy pawning Grandma’s pearls so that can fill up their gastanks..

    Major gasoline providers have asked the big credit card companies to lift the usual $50 limit for fuel purchases on their customers cards because a fill-up for 25 gallons is about $75-85.

    He can shout all he want about “it’s not my fault” but he sure didn’t do anything to help oil production in the US. It’s “his” fault, just like it was GWBush’s fault. Karma.

    1. Oil production, whether on state, local or federal land is UP. Yet gasoling prices are going through the roof. Too, gas went to $4/gal. under G. Bush. It is global. His solution “I’ll ask the King of SA to open the spigots.” His buddy, the King, told him to take a hike.

      1. Lee, every time you post you prove President Ronald Reagan correct: “It is not that liberals don’t know anything, it’s just that they know so much that is wrong.”

  4. Keith, you can confirm this message with anyone in the oil industry! The American people need to know that from the drilling of crude, to the refinery, to the trucks delivery to gas stations is 30 days!

    I was born and raised in Texas, and oil field from west of Dallas to hundreds of miles toward El Paso, literally hundreds of oil drills are NOT producing CRUDE for refineries. Texas refineries are NOT sending oil to the dozen refineries right there IN Texas!

    BHO is full of “mis-leading, empty rhetoric, dangerous ideas about depleting our USA Strategic Oil Reserves” and total incompetence, except for being able to take-over power/oversight from Congress and concentrate in the WH Adm by IGNORING our US Constitution/Congress’ responsibilities! He is continuing “to TEST with success” just how FAR/Long he can STEP on our First Amendment Rights!

    Review history, and recall the secularist, atheistic Tyrants/Dictators of the past and present history! The “ideology of Government Control of the people” is what drives BHO’s and all of his extremists Advisers’ AGENDA!

    1. True, and not only that, if there is a refinery close to one’s home that is where their gas will come from. It doesn’t matter what the name on the gas station sign is.

  5. Hope he stops by to say hello to the vampire bats at Carlsbad Caverns… He has a lot in common with them. They suck the life out of rodents while he sucks the life out of America.

  6. He might have gotten away with Osawatomie KS a bit obscure but I think
    Oklahoma will be very quiet. Besides can’t be booed in the middle of a flat
    empty field. I think when he stuck his finger in the wind he will find several
    fingers pointing his way unless they fill Algae One with field fillers:)
    Boy he’s a real genius.

      1. Oops wind bad. I want crude dirty nasty oil and lots of it! My cousin
        inherited some gas and oil in Oklahoma must ask her how they are doing.

        1. They are drilling in several places. I know that they are going to be drilling around Alva. My mother-in-law has some mineral rights to some fields out there.

          1. My cousin’s great great Grandfather married an Indian woman and got a bit of land for years it was a town named for him called
            FeatherstonOK. He looked just like Yosemitie Sam there is a really neat pic of him and his wife. Sadly his town is now a 4 way
            stop in the middle of nowhere. But the gas and oil still works:)

        2. Okay — if oil is so nasty and bad to you, every time you get drive a car or fly in a plane (versus going the wind/solar route) then you, like Obama, are a hypocrite. Plain and simple.

      2. Well, there is plenty of wind in OK, especially if the fences are down (oilfield joke). Anyway, you won’t see many of those Solyndra things here.

          1. Usually I call him the child in the White House, but sometimes I slip and other names come out. I really have to be careful.

          2. Oh with this bunch we must all watch our words cause they
            are watching could hurt his feelings. Like when he called us
            flat earthers that brought several names some I just invented!

  7. Keith, there’s one vote in OK he can count on. You’ve heard of him – George Kaiser, bundler and friend of Solyndra. During one of his many visits to the WH he no doubtingly invited the president to drop by if he was in the area.

    1. Why aren’t George Kaiser and all of his other Solyndra CROOKS being criminally investigated for the multi-billions of tax-payer funds they stole to pay themselves BEFORE they bankrupted the company and ruined the lives of the employees? Have they continued to donate billions of their tax-paid salaries to the BHO Campaign?

      We will NEVER know as long as corrupt and complicit AG Holder is head of the ONCE reputable Department of Justice! He is completely devoted his time to protecting the liberal socialists positions of the POTUS against the “best interests” of the American citizens.

      1. judybeth, we will never know. The Elite Republicans will not do anything to hurt the Dem`s even if they win everything in 2012. After all they might lose a vote in 2016 because of checking out Holder or any other corrupt Democrat. That`s just the way it is, Sadly.

  8. Might as well just stop by over here to his home state ? of Hawaii where we have been paying $4.50 per gallon for many many many months now. When they were here for their last vacation over Christmas , 2 hospitals closed and they are still turning away people at the remaining ones. Big Aloha Prez O

  9. Well…..isn’t that just peachy? There’s only about 3 people that loooove Big O in this state. How special;) I suggest he just skip this state and go where he’s adored. We’re nothin’ but a bunch of hicks, anyway. We’re not worthy of his

  10. Bottom line is the American people, faced with the prices we have, the uncertainty of the middle east situation, China gobbling up supply, look at a President that simply says no to domestic resources as a lunatic.

  11. I don’t think Oklahomans will be ‘gushing’ over Obama next week! It really takes chutzpah for him to show his face in big oil country!

    His ‘speech’ at the Community College was over the top – mocking the ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ GOP platform. And the LIES – the propaganda he spews. Anyone wilh pulse knows he is the most anti-oil radical on the planet! He has not llifted the Gulf drilling moratorium despite a Judicial order. He is currently in contempt of court!

    We are an oil-based economy – Period! There is NO substitute for black gold! All of his hair-brained solar and wind schemes are nothing but pie in the sky!

    His ‘speeches’ have become incoherent – the rantngs of a lunatic! Over the past 3 years, Obama has proved himself to be exactly what we knew he was all along – a rabble-rousing, radical left wing PUNK!

    Pray for $10.00 gasoline – it might be the only to get rid of this crazy loon!

          1. Huh? Are you saying I voted for him? You are sorely confused if that’s what you think. I wouldn’t vote for that dawg for dog catcher.

      1. Naw, they will be bussed in a couple of days before they are needed. They have to set up the staging area make sure the sun is in the right place and, a not so dirty background, then run up the Obama flag with Old Glory beneath it just before his cameo appearance. You Okies are doing fine, just don`t let him forget that you are still God loving Americans and wind mills only perform best in DC were the “HOT AIR” is. Keep passing your bills to better your state and the hell with Washington.

    1. No, he won’t be welcome in OK. We don’t love him, for sure. That’s why I’m thinking he’ll have to hire an audience of robots if he can find some here. If he finds any, they will be college students.

  12. He probably wants to ‘inspect’ the feasibility of wind turbines built among the oil derricks or solar panels over the employee parking lot. What a maroon.

  13. How much oil was used to fire up AirForceOne for 5 fundraisers and a disgusting CeeLo performance and a little Republican bashing Friday? And who paid for that fun filled day of full on campaigning? CeeLo should be the opening act for every appearance. At least we won’t have to try and figure out the campaign’s message to the American people.

    1. There was a time, not that long ago, when swearing or cussing was limited to the locker room. Men taught their sons not to swear around the “women” or in any mixed company. Children were once chastised for using the words that we hear everyday used so casually by the electronic media.
      We hardly ever see the words or phrases put into print anywhere.

      1. I have fifteen grandchildren, so I try to keep my language as clean as possible. I do slip occasionally, but I’ve worked in the oil & gas business for 37 years and it’s hard not to fall into that groove. A lot of my time was spent in refineries and very remote compressor sites and process plants, hard to behave in those situations.

        1. Thank-you for your many years in the oil & gas industry! I am a born and raised Texan, who now lives MO. Half of the members of my large family were born in OK! The “great football rivalry” and others are ledgendary!

          My Grandmother left her OK oil wells to all of us, but production has been very limited and practically halted even though OK, like Texas, has tremendous oil resources! All of my family has worked hard and sacrificed much just to obtain and now try to maintain an average standard of living just like your family.

          POTUS does NOT understand everyday hard-working, family-oriented, spiritually/morally grounded, common sense people who have made America strong.

          He has a “stranglehold” on Americans’ Constitutional Freedoms by managing to “power-grab and over-reach and ignore” our elected leaders and “regulating business and our lives to near death”! Sooooo very frustrating and very worrisome that BHO might BUY the 2012 Election! What a nightmare scenario! jk

          Every day BHO talks “blarny about oil” to people he considers “stupid” causes Americans to continue to struggle and our America’s National Security to be in “critical jeopardy”!

          1. Thank you. I was born and raised in Texas too, but the 37 years I’ve worked in the oil & gas industry has been in OK. There isn’t much harder work than that in the oilfield, though most of mine is on the engineering end, I have still had extensive field work and that is/can be very dangerous. It’s also volatile in the terms of getting layed off. If production is slow, then so is the work, hence you tend to not be in one place very long. You have to really be careful with your funds you gain to be able to survive them lean times.

            You are right, they have no idea what the middle working class is, nor do they care. They only want us holding out our hands and begging them to take care of us. They will have to kill me first, I’ll never be that desparate (whether I’m starving or not – just won’t happen).

          2. I just got back from weekly lunch with Mom and my sister–and sis ran out of material and said she had seen GAME CHANGE. I said, DON”T EVEN. Then she said, “Steve Schmidt says Palin is completely horrible…” Disgruntled employee, I said, and when I got home, I did not invite them inside. I just didn’t feel like it. This was a propaganda movie–she knows NOTHING about it. Nothing! I have my problems with Palin–why is she paid by Fox, etc? But my sister knows nothing. Seriously, this stuff is getting to me. At least she had not seen the Guggenheim gunk–at least not yet. Always something to look forward to.

          3. You are a Texan who transferred to Oklahoma! That makes ya’ll my “kissin’ cousin”! That is GREAT ‘cuz we’ve been raised to take care of ourselves and everybody else who needs us!

            Since living in the “Show-Me State”, I have met many more people like us who’ve been raised the same way!

            My plans are to do everything possible to WAKE-UP my fellow Americans, who are worn and weary and even afraid,
            to speak-out, to speak-up, and to get-out a record number of “common sense” voters in 2012 to save our Country!

          4. Well spoken. Well spoken indeed. Wish every American felt and thought the way you do. But the other side is fast approaching the middle mark and about to cross over, so this election coming up is probably one of the most crucial in all of U.S. history.

        2. My father worked all his life on the business of selling all the things
          in gas stations from the pumps and tanks to the decorative fake grass. Showing age they even washed your windows all.
          Lights and all. He even would repair pumps I remember I used to go with him must be why I love the smell of gas or maybe not. So when
          he dreams of getting rid of dreaded gas and oil there are many other
          jobs and business people who will get screwed and most small
          ones but I doubt algae boy knows how anything works from start to

  14. Oklahoma
    Written by Oscar Hammerstein II
    Music by Richard Rodgers

    Brand new state! Brand new state, gonna treat you great!
    Gonna give you barley, carrots and pertaters,
    Pasture fer the cattle, Spinach and Temayters!
    Flowers on the prarie where the June bugs zoom,
    Plen’y of air and plen’y of room,
    Plen’y of room to swing a rope!
    Plen’y of heart and plen’y of hope.

    Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain,
    And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet
    When the wind comes right behind the rain.
    Oklahoma, ev’ry night my honey lamb and I
    Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk makin’ lazy circles in the sky.
    We know we belong to the land
    And the land we belong to is grand!
    And when we say–Yeeow! A-yip-i-o-ee ay!
    We’re only sayin’ You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma! Oklahoma–O.K.

    Source: §25-94.1. Directory of Oklahoma, 1985-1986. The Oklahoma Department of Libraries.
    Submitted by: Students at Myers Elementary School

    1. Next to the “National Anthem, America the Beautiful, Deep in the Heart of Texas”, I love “O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A Oklahoma”!

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  17. Oh to be a cartoonist. Keep seeing ‘algae boy/man’ popping up someone who
    has the talent could make a really cool caricature of him with cape of algae
    and other fun stuff.:). Sadly it’s not me!

  18. Now THAT is going to be one carefully cherry-picked crowd. My money says there’s not a single actual oil-field worker within a mile of Obama.

    1. Most likely not. It’s only been when there is a liberal in the White House that we get layed off our jobs at an alarm rate, then it is weeks before we find something else. Unfortunately with this liberal, jobs have not been found for months/years.

    1. Scheduled fundraisers this month 13. Number of scheduled workdays, 13. Not a bad deal being able to work part time as POTUS, and full time campaigning and fundraising.

  19. ………..and all while the Offshore Oil industry grinds to a halt from Obama’s EPA and BOEMRE regulatory restrictions and their targeted slowdown of Drilling Permits. The BOEMRE has been loaded up by the Obama Administration with Anti-Oil, Enviro-weenie types, intent upon slowing rather than speeding up hydrocarbon extraction. Production on Federal Leased land is down 11% in 2011 and 1,000,000 Bbls. per day due to these very specifically placed Obama roadblocks. That’s your “Hope & Change” America, the next time you fill up at the pumps.

  20. I hope some one asks him why drilling has declined on Federal and Indian lands during his “reign” despite his claiming that “we’re drilling more than before”. And I hope they ask him how the economy of the Gulf Coast is doing since his moratorium on off-shore drilling. Ask for specifics…not platitudes!

  21. Obama trying to appear oil friendly is akin to Dukakis trying to show he was military friendly and appearing in a photo op wearing a helmet and sitting in a battle tank.

  22. My #RoadTraveled this morning included ZERO cars using Solar Panels or Windmills.

    Everyone seemed to be using the “fuel of yesterday.” Odd.


  23. The reason prices are high is because of the speculators who buy it on a whim and hen do not hold on to it. There needs to be a law that says if you buy a commodity you MUST take delivery of at least 25% of what you bought!!! That ought to shut the speculators down and may even bring prices back down. Too many people and economists are decrying that oil is about $30 too high. Obama won’t do a damn thing and we all know it. Right now OIl is being drilled at the lowest level on Federal Land since 2003. Don’t let this Union Organizer fool ya!!! Get the real Americans out there and let him know how we really feel. I guarantee it will be the shortest visit he ever had. He thinks he’s the most beloved president since Roosevelt. Hate is Ugly American wife too.

  24. After the oilfield visit I’m sure the people at the sewerage treatment plant will be looking forward to one of your campaign speeches.

  25. They said they will burn $80 thousand in fuel for this trip. I sincerely hope that they miscalculated that by about $5,000. This dufus makes Carter look like Einstien.

  26. He is also lieing about foreign oil imports being down – they are actually UP 3 – 4% !

    Pray for $10 gasoline in Nov.! We’re half way there already – just paid $4.69 for regular unleaded in CA!

    1. Girly1 it would be a cheap price to pay to dump this parasite and all of his Marxist CZAR buddies. Just remember, if Romney or Santorum wins in 2012 keep the pressure on for oil and the Constitution. OK with me.

  27. What is interesting about this visit and perfectly sums up the deceit of this administration is that the state of Oklahoma secured the right of way for the Keystone pipeline long ago and dedicated this area to the construction to prevent the fed govn’t and the administration from stopping the construction of the pipeline. Now Obama comes to take credit for something he was actively trying to stop. So typical of Obama to rely on the American people to not realize his real position on this issue and use the photo op to deceive. No wonder why he only got 57% of the vote in the democratic primary, running unopposed in OK.

  28. I am waiting for the photo op of him taking his own advice…. ie inflating the tires on his Limo, getting the Limo tuned up, and most of all trying to put ALGAE in the tank.
    A wise mam once said, “Govt is not the solution, Govt is the problem” – Ronnie R

  29. He’s following Jimmy Carters path, next there will be price freezes at the pumps, gas lines and gas shortages. Democrates only know one way of doing things and that is always the wrong way but they shore know how to tell us what we want to hear.

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