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Obama’s “Fat Cats” Sitting Heavily on their Wallets

You know, you really can’t call bankers “fat cats” and wage class warfare and still expect to collect check after check from your former friends on Wall Street and the rest of the fabulously wealthy.

The Washington Post reports today that Obama’s contributions from the evil rich folks needed to create a nice early war chest are way down.

From the piece:

Republicans and Democrats alike thought Obama would have a big financial advantage over Republicans this fall given his record-breaking 2008 fundraising and his status as the sitting president. But the trend of slackening big-donor support is the latest in a series of indications that the 2012 money battle is going to be much tighter than once imagined . . .

Recent moves by the Obama campaign have suggested that it may be eventually pinched for cash. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina and White House adviser David Plouffe told top congressional Democrats that Obama and the DNC don’t have any money to spare for House and Senate races.

Obama also recently changed course and asked top fundraisers to support a super PAC acting on his behalf . . .

At the same time, the Obama campaign has been burning through money at a furious pace. In January, for example, the Obama campaign spent $17.7 million while raising only $11.9 million. That has left Obama with about half as much money in the bank as Bush had eight years ago ahead of his successful reelection.

Shocking. And this even after the Treasury Secretary tried to clear things up other day by saying that the rich should pay more taxes for the “privilege” of living in the United States.

Who would have imagined giving people the finger time and time again would make them angry?

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  1. I’m not surprised. Wall St. wants to bet on a sure winner….in 08 that guy was Obama. In 2012 they’re waiting for the sure thing to emerge.

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  3. The similarities to the way they run the government and the way the run their campaign is striking.

    Mitt I hope you’re taking notes the material these boobs are handing you is simply incredible.

    • I thought the same thing. Why would ANYONE be surprised that he spends 1/3 more than he takes in. He does with OUR money and OUR future too!

      • So is most of the Tex/Mex border for the same reasons.

        Ahh, but when you love your children you want the very best for them. Just not in the United States (it’s just sooo Yankee). sarc/off

        Btw…the story was first reported in the Telegraph (UK). Amazing, how much news gets dumped on a Friday and yet …Oops, I guess the sarc is still on.

    • I think the original article that everyone’s using was from AFP via Yahoo. I bet the Mexican government leaked it as payback for all the State Department warnings, which they’re mad about. You know what a booming business binging college students are ;) But 13 year olds????

      I want nothing more than the safety of these children, but what are the Obamas thinking even allowing this? Quebec, Canada is a nice safe historic city too. Or the dorms at Columbia U and they can see that lovely historic NYC ;)

  4. Obama is flipping the bird at American.
    Hard to believe that his daughter is on vacation in Mexico with 25 secret service agents.
    Did they all fly commercial?
    How old is she anyway? Young for Spring Break.

  5. Of course they’re sitting on their fat-cat wallets. MrO scares the doo-wah out of them with his regulations, policies and anti-business agenda.

    How many millions of voters have the Dems scared out of the party because of their far leftist agenda and the radical public union support that’s driving the taxpayers and the big cities into bankruptcy.
    We used to be against communism, big government and look what we have today.

  6. Yes the fat cats are sitting on their wallets for him, but do you know who they are opening them for? Mitt Romney. That should scare every non-establishment Republican to the core. The reason they are moving to Romney is because they know he is the only Republican who can keep their gravy train rolling. They want to keep the status quo. Unfortunately I don’t think this country will survive another go along to get along president at this critical point in time. We need a true statesman who can tell the Wall Streeters and big banks that the party is over and there will be no more bailouts for any of them.

  7. Obama is the kid from the dysfunctional family that always picked on everyone on the playground and then went home and cried how no one likes him.

    He talks about stopping bullying, but he’s the biggest bully there is. Name calling, threatening, extorting lunch money from everyone he can. What was it he said in ’08, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Well, I’ve not been waiting for him or any of his ilk. I saw enough bullying when I was a kid, and I know what a bully is, and it is him.

    The bankers and money men of the country, like the fat kids on the playground, are going to have enough, and hopefully soon, then watch out. If Obama thought Sheriff Joe, The Donald, and Farah were a thorn in his side, wait until Wall Street and the people who really control the money push back. He won’t be able to find a rock in the Grand Canyon to hide under.

  8. Republicans and Democrats alike thought Obama would have a big financial advantage over Republicans this fall given his record-breaking 2008 fundraising and his status as the sitting president.

    This happens because when all you breathe is Beltway air, you get brain damage. This is exactly why Romney (or whomever) gets the R nom is going to *crush* Obama in November, because *real* people are sick to death of him. Only the virii that inhabit the Beltway could think for a second O has a chance in November. (This, of course, trickles down and hits political junkies upside the head because we’re all getting our info from a bunch of brain-damaged clowns that never leave metro DC.)

    • I’m still not as optimistic as you are. The uniformed will still vote. Obama has 95-99.9% of the black vote, 95-99% of Jewish votes, 95-99% of lawyers, AARP members, seniors who believe he is on their side, and probably persuaded a good number of “conservative catholics” who like their liberal counterparts, contracept and abort at the same rate as they do, that if he isn’t re-elected, their “reproductive rights” will be sent back to the Dark Ages. And we know the renamed ACORN is going to go all out to flood the country with as many bogus registrations as possible and make sure their people are on every panel that has authority to challenge ballots.

  9. I think some of the rich socialists not giving this time are like the squirrels you see in the back yard who can’t stuff another nut in their swollen cheeks.

  10. Rich liberals always find the money to support the destruction of the country. Some are concentrating on the races for governor as that political position is almost more important than the presidency. At least when liberals have control of the veto pen, they can still control the purse strings.