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Obama Executive Order Appears Harmless

A number of you have been asking me about a new executive order titled “National Defense Resources Preparedness” which details government actions to be taken in the event of a national emergency – wondering if it wasn’t in fact laying the groundwork for some type of strong-armed federal action.

A couple of you also noted that the new EO emerged late Friday afternoon, when the White House likes to dump out stuff if doesn’t want to call attention to.

A number of reputable sources are now writing that the order is a routine and minor updating of earlier executive orders.

The Daily Caller Executive Editor David Martosko read the entire order – I’d say it was a thankless task, except that I thanked him – and found little that was new, while tracing its origins back to the Franklin Roosevelt administration.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air finds few changes from earlier versions – mostly an updating of Cabinet officers’ responsibilities – and cites several concurring opinions by other analysts.

I do find it interesting, however, that the White House chose to update this document as it mulls a possible attack Iran. It may be yet another indication that Obama is serious about the “military option.”

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  1. I don’t think he’s serious about exercising the military option with Iran unless……they think it will enhance his re-election prospects. Everything this administration does is politically motivated and has nothing to do with protecting the country. Shameful and criminal.

  2. Didn’t Obama tell Netanyahu that he would give him bunker-busting bombs and refueling planes if he waited until after the election to attack Iran? But then he also told Bibi that “We have your back”….only to walk it back the next day by explaining that he only meant it in an ‘historical’ sense.

    This Executive order might be harmless – but I can’t say the same about Obama! I believe he said something about ‘standing with the Muslims if the winds of war should shift”….

  3. I waded through most of the EO last night, great cure of insomnia, and there really isn’t anything new in there. But you are right in that it seems a bit off putting that the WH would release this late on Friday. But the DOJ did the same with more Fast and Furious documents this past Friday.

    I know that most administrations have done this in the past, and it is more or less the norm for DC, however it does seem that this particular WH does it more often than the past ones.

    Unfortunately most of the MSM is out the door early on Friday for beer and brats, and the WH press corps has been turned into the WH press corpse. The zombies feed only on what the Carney barker gives them, and not a whole lot more. The sad part is, that some actually seem like they want to find the truth, the underbelly story that will propel them to a Pulitzer, but are reined in by editors and publisher that do not have the moxie to pursue a real story or the truth.

    As Fox Mulder would say, “The truth is out there!”

    1. I, too, waded through the EO and agree that there’s not a lot of “there” there. The release of this at the same time as a dump of F&F documents is probably an effort to spin people up on the EO and get them to miss the more important F&F. It’s a classic case of misdirection.

  4. The EO might be harmless if “updated” by a president who loves his country more than he loves himself. That isn’t the case with this usurper.

    Just because Franklin Roosevelt was the first to invoke this EO doesn’t make it right to give this much power to one individual. Wonder if this EO was used to grant Roosevelt the power to confiscate gold, or ration gasoline and other goods he deemed were in shortage, or for the forced internment of American citizens of Japanese, German and Italian ancestry.


      Nothing he does is harmless. How “benign” we all thought Mrs. O’s “Let’s Move’ right? It went from exercise, to healthy eating suggestions, to taking over school cafeterias, to the SEIU unionizing lunch ladies from sea to shiny sea to FDA Officials CONFISCATING 4 year olds’ lunch boxes.

      Nothing in this Administration is harmless.

  5. With “normal” leadership, there would be nothing to worry about. Obama is not a “normal” President in that he has ignored the Constitution and complained about it. By his acquaintances and associations, he is a hard left radical ideologue and arguably, the first anti-American President:

    1) He has proposed to share missile defense secrets with the Russians.
    2) He has proposed an 80% reduction in our nuclear weapons giving US 300. The Russians would have 5X as many and the Chinese would have more. That strategy doesn’t make US stronger.
    3) Oil production is up under his rule only because his predecessors approved drilling permits while he has denied them – the Gulf, Alaska and elsewhere.
    4) He rejected the Keystone pipeline.
    5) Uranium deposits near the Grand Canyon have been made off limits for mining so we can’t mine uranium.
    6) His EPA regulations will, according to FERC (federal energy regulatory agency) cut domestic electricity generation by 8%. There is no coordinated plan to replace that lost generating capacity.
    7) AG Holder is trying to block Texas’ attempt to require government id’s in order to register to vote. But DHS requires a government issued id in order to fly. So requiring and id in order to register to vote is discriminatory but requiring the same id to fly is not discriminatory – only when you’re the Obama regime.
    8) AG Holder is trying to prevent Arizona from enforcing Federal immigration law while refusing to enforce those laws himself.
    9) Obama bowed to the Chinese leader. No President bows to any communist dictator or any other leader, for that matter.
    10) Obama also bowed to the Saudi King.
    11) When American soldiers burned Koran’s he apologized.
    12) When an Afghani murdered two American soldiers he had nothing to say and Karzai did not apologize to the country that is trying to make his country work.
    13) He has added more debt than any previous President.
    14) He made appointments to the Labor Board which require Senate approval. No, the Senate was not in recess, the President cannot declare the Senate to be in recess and the President has no authority to act on such a matter without Senate approval. But the Constitution doesn’t stop him.

    Every one of those actions has been harmful to the country. Considering all of them together all but forces one to conclude Obama is an anti-American President.

    He thinks, correctly, that the Constitution prevents him from doing all he wants which means the Constitution is preventing him from being a full on dictator so that precious document is working! He has already done what is prohibited and God only knows what he’ll do with four more years. We cannot let that happen.

    1. Oops, Did you miss the statement Mr. Obama thinks the Constitution of the US is antiquated that it spells out “negative liberties for the Federal Government?” He sez thats bad.
      You also missed the contempt of court ruling levied aganst his administration for the Drilling Moritorium in the Gulf.
      Great points, all.

  6. The problem is this administration uses Executive Orders as laws instead of using the legislative branch…in order to circumvent the Constitution.

  7. “Obama Executive Order Appears Harmless”
    This is exactly what this administration counts on. Smoke and mirrors, things not what they appear to be, saying one thing and doing another, saying one thing and meaning another.
    Just like the HopenChange mantra – The Odorous One never said what it was he was going to change, just that he was going to change things. Bought hook, line and sinker by the American people in their naivete.

  8. Why does ‘appears harmless’ cause me such suspicion and dread? Oh I
    know the name Eric Holder keeps popping into my head and that plus good
    old Big Sis makes for sleepless nights.

  9. Excellent post, Ken!

    Another less than stellar perfomance by the Dear Leader was when he spoke to the National Council of La Raza and told them something that should terrify every American. He confessed that he’s like to ‘bypass Congress and change the laws on my own”. He added, “Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you.”

    Who can ever forget his immortal words to Latinos: “Punish your enemies at the voting booth”!

    Accusing an American President of being ‘anti-American’ is a serious charge under normal circumstances. In this case, it is more than warranted. Too bad the Republicans are afraid to use his own words against him! It’s not complicated!!!

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