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Carney: Obama Doesn’t Care About Blame for Gas Prices

Washington is a very different world from the real world.

I realize that, um, many of you have already noticed this, and expressed your view of Washington’s character in far more colorful terms.

One of the unreal aspects of the city, which this blog is designed to rebut, is the willingness of the members of Washington’s political class to pretend that self-evidently untrue things are true, or vice versa.

There is a collegial sense that develops in town between people who are supposed to be natural antagonists but who, operating in the same environment, become collaborators in a kind of mutual deference and that leads to an acceptance of falsehood.

It is thus that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s claim today that President Obama doesn’t care if he gets blamed for the rise in gasoline prices was met without a single challenge by either his questioner or any of those he subsequently called on.

It is part of the unwritten rule in the briefing room that the press secretary is allowed to say things that are patently absurd, and reporters who are supposed to be the watchdogs of truth and democracy obediently go along.

Here’s the exchange:

Question: In this election year the President is not concerned that he’s getting the blame for the $4.00-plus per gallon?

Carney:  If you want to — I mean, election questions and campaign questions you should direct to the campaign.

Question: Okay, let’s take out “election.”  Is he concerned — is he not concerned that he’s getting the blame from the public or from —

Carney:  The President is not concerned about who gets the blame.  The President is concerned about making sure we have the right policies to deal with this challenge for the long term.

I assure you, there was not a single person in the briefing room, including Carney, who believes the president is not concerned about whether he is being blamed for high gas prices. Obama, in fact, has scheduled a trip this week to an oil field in New Mexico and a portion of the Keystone pipeline in Oklahoma EXACTLY BECAUSE he is concerned that he is being blamed for the price at the pump.

Carney is guilty of nothing unusual. Press secretaries pull this kind of thing all the time. Ari Fleischer used to tell us George W. Bush didn’t care about polls, even as the White House was regularly commissioning its own polls and going over others with a fine tooth comb.

It’s just that the press was more willing to break the rules get in Fleischer’s face about such nonsense. But not today. Not for Mr. Obama’s spokesman.

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  1. I believe there are only three things Obama truly cares about: himself, his re-election, and golf. Everything else is an irritant, a distraction, and/or not important.

    • Depends on where he is….if he’s in the WH, he runs on hot air, but if he has to travel cross country, then there’s not enough hot air to fuel AF1 and he has to resort to gas. Sometimes he can save a little on gas, if he’s eating some of ME-chelle’s beans from the garden out back of the Oval Office. But, it still takes more gas than it should for him to jet-set around the country partying, trying to relieve wealthy people of their money, so he can continue to play emperor for another four years. What can he say about gas, other than it’s Bush’s fault!

      • Saw moochie on letterman last nite (could only stand a couple minutes of her) & she was real quick to boast of how she “you know, sneaks out” to target & petco… these people are so beyond tedious ! wish there was another planet we could send them to..

  2. From time to time, most of us have commented on the “chair sitters” at the Press conference and their silence when told something obviously not true or just unbelievable. We can understand the reluctance to confront the President, but to allow MrCarney to go unchallenged isn’t collegian, it’s cowardly.
    No prominent media will quote MrCarney’s statement that you address as truthful, they know better. They might spin that the Prez is unconcerned for his part, but worries about the “middle class” and how they can deal with the falling dollar/rising inflation that caused the oil price spike.

    It’s MrO’s bad karma that a week after he vetoes a oil pipeline that the price of oil spikes. It makes it seem that the two actions are related. We know that speculators, the falling dollar, woes of the MiddleEast and restricted oil drilling permits all contribute to make our gasoline cost over $4 a gallon.
    But. It’s the President’s fault and he will take all the blame. The man at the top is always responsible for what happens.

    • You said it and he said this recently, “I, ultimately am responsible for the price of gasoline, you know the Buck stops here.”

  3. Keith, The once proud, reliable, informative “critical national institution” – A Free Press – is BROKEN! Do any reporters wonder what they will be doing when the POTUS WH Adm finally completes the mission to CONTROL American businesses, regulate international trade, take over healthcare, establish “Secularism” as the National Religion, and FINALLY censor Newspapers, Internet, TV/Radio, etc., etc.??

    WHO, like you, is going to speak-up for the American people? Who is going to expose the corruption from the WH, the AG, the Advisers, etc., and INFORM us so THEY and WE continue to be F-R-E-E?

    Also, do not drink the Press Room coffee (?) because it must be “spiked” with tranquilizers.

  4. I missed Carney’s presser..Did he comment or speculate on his trollish behavior at the podium about never giving a straight answer, or make excuses on why Obama is continually propping up the Muslim Brotherhood, coddling Iran and the Palestinians, while chastising Israel? I know, its providing birth control for all the 1% right wing racist birther sluts who cant afford birth control, cause republicans wont allow him to develop algae as a bio-fuel to replace all the oil and gas we dont really need, cause Mooshelle’s food program will leave everyone weak from hunger, and unable to afford to waste the time to wait in line to maybe see a doctor? Because it surly wasnt to explain how him, Pelosi, and Red are going to fix the huge mess they made of the country.. It’s just so hard to keep up with him…

  5. DrudgeReport has a link titled something about “Malia Spring Breaks in Mexico” – the link gets a 404 error. After doing a google search, EVERY STORY gets a 404 error. What is Obama afraid of – the cost of the 25 secret service that had to accompany her? Eat Your Effin’ Cake, Pions!

    • Every site has been scrubbed clean. What is Obama afraid of, you asked?

      He’s creating transparency – it’s so finely transparent that you can’t read or see it. sarc/off

      • What happened is censorship on an international scale.
        We are testimony to censorship by the powers that be in Washington to protect their reputation.

        • What we all witnessed was Farenheit 451 in a digital age. Newspaper/magazine readership down and almost gone. Encyclopedia no longer published, except online.

          Who will memorize Kohelet?

      • The disappearance of those stories is extremely troubling, especially since some of them appeared in foreign news sites. What has happened to freedom of the press? As I recall, the media had no trouble reporting on what the Bush twins were doing, especially if it was something that made their parents look bad.

    • Queen, Drudge has now linked to a couple of Canadian newspapers and at this time the links do work. There is also a newspaper in Mexico with working links. Of course, it’s uncertain how long those links will work. It’s very disturbing that the media is removing the stories without any explanation. It makes me think the WH is manipulating the media.

      Also, I don’t understand why the O’s let Malia go to Mexico when the federal govt has issued warnings not to travel in Mexico. I read one report that said this is a school trip, that they scheduled a “mini-semester” of study and lasts from this past Saturday until Thursday. If that is true, the school administrators have incredibly poor judgement. If she’s just on a trip with friends, then it shows her parents have incredibly poor judgement, but I think we already knew that.

  6. The Obama Doctrine is: “Thou shalt not make me look bad or you will never work in this town again. No more lavish WH trips for you and your spouse, no more first class accomodations or 5 Star restaurants.”

    Before he was elected, one of the British papers wrote a scathing article about Obama’s obsequious courtship of certain members of the press – money was no object as long as he got the results he was looking for. He knew that the press corps resented spending most of their time in Crawford. He knew he could buy their loyalty with promises of swayiing palm trees in Hawaii and globe-trotting all over Europe and elsewhere.

    I can’t think of any other reason, other than the fact that he is Black, that the press is giving him such an egregious pass! I think they just made a pact with the devil – simple as that! .

  7. He does however, ensure that American and UK papers pull any stories he does not want aired. For example the fact that his daughter is spending spring break in Mexico with 12 of her friends at a hotel that was closed to everyone but them and the area of town shut down for the 12 days at enormous cost to taxpayers for secret service and marine personnel.

    Below is a link to that story:

  8. He was too busy signing a new executive order for national Security that no one wants to discuss that allows for seizure of American assets, food, transportation, labor force, drafting of civilians, homes, businesses, etc that has more insidious tentacles than the one Clinton signed.

    Nor is anyone talking about the change he mandated for the contraception issue on Friday that is even worse than the first.

  9. Most of the Press are Obama stooges who take their orders from Media Matters.
    Thank God for Ed Henry and on occasion Jake Tapper.

  10. Keith,
    I normally regard your words as the truth, the whole truth and, nothing but the truth. Tonight I disagree with your observation of Mr. Carney as “Mr. Obama’s spokesman”. A “spokesman” would stand at the podium and tell us the truth. Therefore this news shows he is a “spokespuppet” in my opinion.

    • that twerp Carney = third-world “Propaganda Sec.”

      …and I have lost 98% of the ‘respect’ Ive had for those so-called, professional “journalists”(?) who sit there everyday at the White House “press brief”/BS session” and dutifully scibble down and ‘report’ Carney’s remarks-propaganda…

      I know the “WH press corps” does not care what everyday Citizens/news-watchers think… but COME ON! do they have ANY clue how they look like pathetic, sycophants to Obama…???

  11. Keith, Thank you for being one of the few voices of truth and honesty in the cesspool that is Washington D.C., and thank you also for allowing us the opportunity to speak our mind without the threat of censorship.

  12. Meanwhile he expanded the powers in an executive order on national defense, including the drafting of citizens. Also on Friday, according to a story in NYT, the contraception mandate has expanded as well.

    “The first mandate only required religious groups that buy commercial insurance to provide contraception. But with what they announced on Friday, self-insured religious groups have to provide birth control and morning-after pills.”

  13. My sincerest apologies for the double entry comment. The idea of Martial Law being called across America by this administration looms large. This administration has already demonstrated a willingness and eagerness to ignore and / or trample on our Constitution. The czars that are now in position are creating our laws and calling them regulations. TSA which was airport security in white shirts and black slacks are now in uniforms with badges seeking arrest powers. They are also conducting their searches at bus stations, railroads, and highways — far beyond the scope of their training.

  14. been reading some Roman history lately…

    As this Nation ‘happily’ goes to HELL (re: Obama admin; the current political class/retards in all-levels of office; and the cesspool of ‘society’ in general…)

    I think about the Fall of The Republic… I wonder what will really ‘push’ this Nation off the edge…?

    Another 4 years of Obama & the retards in politics (2012-?) will really do it I think… sad to ponder.

  15. Ok Keith – I get the gist of your blog now (doesn’t take long) . You are a total partisan who devotes his days to finding fault with President Obama. Thats exactly what this country doesn’t need, You are obviousley a smart guy and an astute observer of the political landscape. Why dont you come up with something constructive to do instead? Your country needs you.