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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 19, 2012

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:30 am || Meets with senior advisers
3:45 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton
5:05 pm || Attends a fundraiser; The W Hotel; Washington Chicago

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

38 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, March 19, 2012”

    1. I’d say he’s shooting (whoops not civil) batting a 1000. That’s also probably what it’s costing us for every stroke he takes at the Links….

  1. Schedule always includes “meets with senior advisers” but there is never any mention of how long these meetings last and somehow I don’t think he’s offering lunch or $16.00 muffins unless they meet at the DOJ (as if I forgot).

    It must be killing him going to all these fundraisers when he could be golfing.

    1. “Meets with senior advisers” is code for “meets with campaign staff”. As for duration, Baraq is only good for about 30 minutes, at which point he departs and asks someone else to write notes and send him a brief.

  2. For all the effort that the WhiteHouse puts on claiming that MrO is “on the job, 24/7” you’d think they would try to pad his schedule with some important stuff. Anything; met with WH chef, talked to Mayor of Wherever, studied position papers, anything.

    1. Sr – What gets me is that there is never anything on the weekends. Most people I know in today’s economic climate are working weekends and O/T due to cut back in staffing.

      Before I started to get sick, I worked 50-60 hours a week, and that was a short week. Obama’s schedule looks like a part time job, and his full time job is campaigning.

      Hmmm, so I guess we need to lighten up on him, after all he is working two jobs now, right?

  3. The only difference between today and the last 3 years is that he is ‘officially campaigning’! If he wins, who is he going to blame for the ‘mess’ that he inherited? Instead of running for another term. he should be running for the exit door! He will never be able to clean up his own mess! What a fool!

  4. this guy is a total joke for sure another fund raiser my god The media needs to step up this man invented the word lazy, gas is going higher,food is up 80% every thing else is up 70% while this clown is off campagining as a american I demand answers to this now it is my right as a US Born American

  5. the cost for AF1 to fly out to Shitago for this fund raiser will be around 1.2 million dpllars of are hard earned money this is so sad while i struggle 24/7 he does nothing 24/7

    1. …as usual the “WH press corps” NOT asking any of these questions

      But We, the readers/commentators on WhiteHouse Dossier have BETTER questions than the so-called ‘proffesionals’ in the WH press corps

      1. Thats because they are cowards and inside of his pockets total puppets its a total disgrace how this man is never asked any questions ,hereally beleives he is a messiah or a king how sad that this great country hassuch a lazy,coward of a president but like i always say heis not my president and never will be ever

    1. Actually it was 5 fundraisers on Friday, Car in. Two in Chicago and three in Atlanta. That must be his idea of work nowadays…holding that fake smile throughout the gig, telling bad jokes and historical misquotes dug up from the internet by his crack writing staff, glad-handing with his useful idiots, and pretending he gives a flying fig about any of them.

      1. Michelle’s fundraiser made #6 on Friday. Did you see that Obama’s press release said 60 would attend the party at Tyler Perry’s house but their revised statement said only 40 attended? He must be losing some of his Hollyweird support.

  6. here is what its like to be in Obozos world I lost my job 19 months ago ,finally out of health Ins,my wife and i have used up $ 31,000 of are savings to survive ,while i get job offers of 10 dollars a hour maybe 12 who can live on that ,as of next month it gets better mortage no money ,savings gone,323 dollars unemployment a week and yes i am even taxed on that while this no good Clown spends millions fyling all over and Mooch goes every where on AF2 on my dime yes my dime still paying taxes on money earned,these 2 CLOWNS beleive we owe them i owe you nothing you BUMS

    1. I see more why you fume. I am sorry for your troubles–I do a daily recession blog and hear so many stories like this. I myself had to go bankrupt and my kid has not worked in yrs. I feel if we get this guy out and ANYONE else in it will be a good excuse for companies and govts to take another look at things while saving face. We need someone who can run the joint, period, not impose any wacky preferences and morality on us. Just my opinion. But I am sorry you are in a mess, too, deniro.

    1. I have 2 retired friends one is a secert service agent and one ran the state of Connecticut FBI headquarters they both told me that he could not get a job in any thing with a high security clearence TGom told me that he has very high friends in the Secert Service who claim Obozo is not a US Citizen but have been warned to shut there mouths or face possible ,big time trouble one even told him that talk is 70% of the agents no not beleive he is US Born,this is from the words of 2 very high ranking goverment officals

  7. President Obama has been campaigning ever since he first ran for president.
    So there is nothing new here. Just hope we don’t have another four years with him as president. There are so many dunces who voted for him last time, and
    since we have the dumbing down of the USA, I fear he may win another term.
    Time for the black armband!

  8. Looks like Czippy will mess up rush hour traffic in DC with a 5pm fundraiser a few blocks from the WH.

    In the FWIW category, I heard on the radio over the weekend that Obama has held 103 fundraisers since filing for re-election last April GWB had held fewer than half that amount in the same length of time.

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