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O’Bama Grabs a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day

President Obama is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Washington’s leading Irish bar, The Dubliner, where he is nursing one of Ireland’s darkest and finest.

From the pool report:

POTUS is at The Dubliner. He’s been working on a Guinness. Last your pooled paid eyes on it, it was about 3/4 full.

The crowd at the bar is apparently into it, chanting  “USA! USA! USA!” and “Four more years!”

Wondering if he really likes stout. I doubt it. I like Guinness, but it took some training.

Here’s some video from his May 2011 trip to Ireland, when he also sampled some Guinness. They made Michelle drink it too, poor thing. She was actually, you’ll notice, unable to hide her disgust.

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    • Oh, and if the crowd was chanting USA and 4 More Years, it was a rent-a-mob, probably his staffers.

      He could have this Guiness delivered to his Bball watching chair, served on a silver tray with a lacey doily liner.

      • I heard Obama is starring in a campaign ad extolling the fact that he doesn’t drink beer often but, when he does he drinks Guinness er, no ah Dos Equis, that 2 XX stuff.

  1. “The crowd at the bar is apparently into it, chanting ”USA! USA! USA!”

    Good thing they aren’t in Texas. Shea O’bama and his fellow travelers consider that downright racist in this neck of the woods. At least it is when the chanters are white kids…

    • Kids will be kids and so will our comedian Pressintent ObaMA OH WON’T YOU buy me a Chevy Volt, sorry I’ve been swigging the Keystone pipeline of beer.

  2. Sometimes the finer things in life do take time to get used to. I had my first Guinness in Baltimore nearly 30 years ago. It was in a little mall that looked out over the USS Constitution.

    Maybe that’s where O’Bama should have gone for his, and remembered what Old Ironsides stood for.

  3. Didn’t he claim Irish roots when he visited Ireland a while back? So, what? He ain’t stout enough to drink the Stout? He’s no Irishman. He’s a faker. And as for Mooch, sucking on a lemon would be a much better look for her than trying to choke down that glass.

  4. Had one taste of that stuff many years ago, when we were stationed overseas. Yuk! Tasted like liquified black licorice. Now I know…never drink a beer you have to shake before opening.

    • The chanting makes more sense now. Why go to a reputable pub where you don’t know the clientele, when you can go someplace that caters to clueless tourists.

      • Plus USA USA on St Patrick’s? What happened to We Are All Irish. I lived in Cleveland Park for many yrs–two famous pubs in my block–Gallagher’s and The Four Provinces. Lines around the corner on St P’s…I don’t think they would scream USA USA. Or maybe they would. Who even knows. This country is screwed up.

  5. If every taxpayer realized how much Obama and his tribe are costing us with their extracurricular activities, they would most certainly vote for ABO (Anyone but Obama)!

    An average of $2M per day or $730M per year is a conservative estimate when you consider the entire family. These are not people who are content to stay within the confines of the WH – they feel like prisoners!

    I’m sure the overall cost for the hedonistic Obamas is well into the BILLIONS! And that does not take into account MOOshelle’s multi-million $$$ wardrobe changes since we don’t know who’s footing that bill!

    Obama’s disastrous Presidency should make him as welcome as ants at a picnic! I hope he had the decency to pick up the tab for everyone at the Dubliner – we all paid for that trip!

    • People point out how much the Os are spending and the lib answer always is, “But Bush ….”

      Even though there is no comparison, they insist on insisting that Bush spent equivalent money to the Royal Os.

  6. His distant Irish “cousin” was present….flown in by whom? He has spent more time with this “cousin” than he has spent with his actual half-brother who lives in the hut in Kenya.

    • He could take that elevator to space those crafty Japanese are proposing to erect. Then he could rule the emptiness of the universe and have no being disagree.

    • We’ll have to wait and see because this was part of Friday’s document dump but this is startling:

      The Obama administration appears to be preparing for a long drawn out war in the Middle East, or at the very least, an expected crisis that will require the need to override Constitutional authority and claim dominion over all resources in the United States under the guise of national defense. With the rise in Disaster Preparedness growing for both individuals and states leading up to yesterday’s Executive Order, the mood of the nation points strongly towards some event or disaster that will require massive preparations on a national as well as local scale.

      • I don’t think he will cancel elections. That would be a step too far. No one would stand for that, but that he could grab private companies or private property for any purpose is beyond frightening.

      • You know it is hard to tell people about all the backdoor behind the scenes things these evil people are doing, without them thinking I’m a conspiracy theorist. Most don’t believe despotism can happen in America. Well it can happen, and already has to a certain point. I also think whoever is pulling his strings will not go quietly into the night if he should lose the election in November so they are preparing to win by hook or by crook, even if they have to destroy the country in the process.

        Friday the Algae King was on his two-state five-event campaign boondoggle until the wee hours of Saturday morning. I’d like to know when he had time to sign this executive order, or did his autopen do it for him?

        • It would be nice to be able to keep an eye on Cass Sunstein.
          Beck has stated that he is the most dangerous person in the administration, and I tend to agree with him.
          Regulatory Czar/Information Czar,….a deadly combination.

    • According to Ed Morrissey at HotAir, the EO remarked about above is something that has been in effect since the 1930s. It only amends it to change from the FEMA Director to Homeland Security Director and a few small other items that effectively takes parts of it back to the original. Pres. Bush 43 amended it 2 times.

      Apparently, it really is a storm in a tea pot.

    • I was just reading this from Drudge. It would not surprise me that the Odorous One would try to suspend the elections so he could stay on his throne. His poll numbers are down, he cannot run on his lousy record because people are coming out of their hypnotism. A logical move (relatively speaking, considering the depth of knavery of this administration) would be a wholesale takeover. I have thought for a while that it would be the Iran/Israel conflict, but really, almost anything will do for this nefarious bunch of thugs.


    OT, but what do you all think?

    A muslim biggie shot is calling for the destruction of all churches in Saudi Arabia.

    Do you think The One is disappointed that his many efforts to prove that muslims are just misunderstood good guys have been met with declarations such as this which prove the opposite? I imagine The One sitting with his feet on that historic desk thinking to himself, “I bowed to them, I scolded my country for not loving them, I made our soliders handle the koran with excessive reverence, I gave them billions, I told them how much I loved their prayer call — and they keep acting like intolerant, violent, dangerous people!”

  8. The same person who said he would ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America” is now pointing a loaded gun at us (metaphorically speaking, of course). There is NO worse scenario! If this doesn’t motivate every American to storm the voting booth in November, I don’t know what it will take!

    Why is this not headline news? Where is the press corp(se)? Drudge hasn’t even picked it up yet!

    “Executive Orders created for national defense and national preparedness are not new in American history, but in each instance they brought about a Constitutional crisis that nearly led standing Presidents to hold dictatorial power over the citizenry. During the Civil War, President Lincoln halted freedom of speech and freedom of the press, while at the same time revoking Habeas Corpus and the right to a fair trial under the sixth amendment. During World War I, when Congress refused to grant Woodrow Wilson extended power over resources to help the war effort, he invoked an Executive Order which allowed him complete control over businesses, industry, transportation, food, and other economic policies.

    In both cases, it was only after the death of each President that full Constitutional powers were restored to the citizens of the United States.”

  9. @The Original….This may be routine, but Obama is the last person on earth who should hold these Powers! This is the first time in history we have had a quissling at the helm!

  10. @The Original….This may be routine, but Obama is the last person on earth who should hold these Powers! This is the first time in history we have had a quissling at the helm!

    • It really doesn’t matter since he is President. When he was inaugurated, he got those powers. So did Reagan and Bush 41 and 43. And they aren’t going away. The next President will have the same powers.

  11. Ahhh, Keith n’begora…what a fine gentleman ya are…calling Missus O’ a “poor thing” when most would claim bossy, know it all, unproud of her Country, law licenseless, entitled spendthrift….but for a taste of stout…”poor” of spirit will suffice. I can’t drink the stuff either…but sure’n will enjoy a nip or three of Baileys…which we’ll all be needing to get thru the rest of Barry 0’s term…

  12. All these comments, and not one on the less-than-thrilled, somewhat-angry look on FLOTUS’ face. Sort of surprising given what most of my fellow regular commenters notice. She forces a smile a couple of times, but it’s clear that she does not at all like being in there.

    • To be honest, I didn’t watch the video before you mentioned it. I remember his fake brogue and her fake eyelashes from last year. You are right William, bet she would rather be shopping in Spain with her girlfriends than drinking some nasty tasting beer in some dirty old bar with a bunch of Irishmen.

  13. Wonder how the people who were affected by the recent tornadoes feel about this. Our president has time to share a pint (for a photo op), yuck it up with his Irish cousins and evidently had time to meet with…. George Clooney.

    Has he made a visit to the affected areas yet or even made a public statement of support for the tornado victims?