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Quote of the Day || March 16 2012

“Okay let’s see, economy – bad; gas prices – bad; world situation – bad; health care bill – not popular. It looks like we’re going to have to make the focus on our campaign that dog Romney put on the top of his car.”

– Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

14 Responses to Quote of the Day || March 16 2012

  1. Very funny, Keith. And Mr Messina, that is such a great strategy : thin arguments ? raise your voice. I use it daily on my dear husband.
    A glorious, bright and sunny spring morning over here, I hope you all will have a great weekend.

  2. I fear Seamus, the infamous, nervous tummied, Irish setter, maybe the least of Myth’s attack material. Wait til Axelrod/Messina/Pelosi et al, go all out. The Romney ancestors in Mexico becomes the bridge to attacking LDS outright. Big donor and self proclaimed “potty mouth” Bill Maher (and the usual suspects of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) start in “on” peep stones, “sacred garments” and plural marriage. It’s gonna get real ugly…

    And yesterday Drudge was hyperventilating that Santorum wants to “vigorously” go after Internet porn (a topic that was brought up by yet another StepOnAllofus type–think the Debate birth control gotcha). Matt Drudge even completed the “meme” with a man on his arms waving to the heavens to drive home the “religious nuts” imagery. I guess the lamestream WH directives want to keep “heat” on him…just in case.

  3. It’s the Al Sharpton strategy. Zero in and make personal Romney’s dog, his hair follicles his money so you dont realize that my name is Al Sharpton and I am a bigot. Hypocrisy, thy name is David Axelrod.

  4. “And the worst problem facing his Highness’ re-election effort is that I have to inform all the ‘voted for change’ lemming that he is not the Lone Ranger…because there ain’t no silver bullets!” Jim Messina

  5. Goof one, Keith! Yesterday, Chrissie Matthews and his crew really went overboard on Seamus, i.e. ‘The press is going to hound him over this one”.

    Romney’s response was cringeworthy. Something to the effect that Seamus was in his air-tight crate and, with 5 kids in the car, he was probably much happier being on the roof of the car in his crate.

    But here’s the kicker! Romney said Seamus loved the crate – he spent a lot of time in his crate at home!!!

    I don’t think I have the intestinal fortitude to suffer through the coming onslaught! The vultures are circling the wagon.

  6. If they’re going to harp on Romney’s dog, let’s start in on Barry and his Rutherford B. Hayes nonsense. Again, imagine if GW had gotten his facts wrong like that…the MSM would have called him stupid and be throwing fits today (“Telephone-gate”). Instead, nothing but crickets.

  7. Funny, I didn’t notice little Bo in the ‘official’ family photo – you know, the one that is now the ‘official’ (illegal) campaign photo. Bo is only trotted out of the dog house when Barbara Walters pays a visit…or when his master shops at PETCO! There are, however, some brand new campaign photos – BO and Bo – together again! It’s a doggone shame!