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Carney: I’ll Watch Obama Documentary “Many Times”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said he plans to watch the Obama campaign film “The Road We’ve Traveled” over and over again.

“I had a chance to see it,” he told reporters traveling with him aboard Air Force One to the first of five fundraisers President Obama will hold today in Chicago and Atlanta. “I thought it was superb. I’ll probably watch it many times. I hope you will too.”

The film is an unadulterated litany of praise for Obama. Carney said he did not know if Obama himself had seen it, though he speculated that he probably has.

Carney insisted that the president would be carrying out his official duties today, despite a full day of raising money.

“The president of the United States is president of the United State 24 hours a day, including when he calls foreign leaders in the very early hours of the morning, and on weekends, and on any given day of the week,” he said.

47 Responses to Carney: I’ll Watch Obama Documentary “Many Times”

  1. I could not get past the first 12 seconds of the film and this bozo is going to watch it over and over!! It figures…I can see Carney (Obamas Mini Me) now…lighting a few candles and putting on the video…kneeling on the floor and praying and worshiping his almighty leader!…Where’s the barf bag!

    • C’mon you guys. Missing the obvious. He has got to watch it many many times to GRASP the full magnitude of the beauty and grandeur of our dear leader. And to just basically understand it.
      Oh yeah, Obama hasn’t seen it and stamped ok on it? LOL city!
      Early morning calls to world leaders? LOL city time 2! I wonder if he doesn’t get a “they’re in a meeting, we’ll get back to you” more than a few times.

      • Too funny! I see it like this:

        Valerie: Jay, we did not like the way you handled that question about gas prices. You know what that means?
        Jay: Not the naked spanking, please, I beg you?
        Valerie: Not this time. Get to the screening room, you will watch our masterpiece 22 times, with no bathroom breaks! Now GO! And don’t forget to wear your dunce cap.

  2. Ha, I didn’t realize he was kidding til I read the last lines. Now I know he can’t believe we’re all idiots.. 24 hour Pressident. Ha, good gag Carnie.

  3. First, he’ll watch it many times because sleeping pills are so expensive.

    Second, if the prez wasn’t “working” today, the campaign or DNC or some other democratic group would need to pay for AF1 and the costs incurred on this trip. Since he’s “working”, they’ll try to make us pay, EVEN THOUGH he didn’t need to do whatever it is he’s doing as “work” on the plane since he has a freakin’ office available for just that purpose!

  4. Not so subtle Team Obots…The Road we Traveled!?! As in fellow “travellers” as in fellow Marxists, Communists?!? I guess “this” is the promised Obama transparency…

    And…how heavily medicated is Tom Hanks? He sounds like he is reading the instruction manual for the assembly of an Ikea shelf unit.

  5. I believe it. In fact I’m going to watch every single night I have trouble sleeping because it’s so boring that I could drink three pots of coffee and still nod off after five minutes.

  6. Oh my lord. Are we really supposed to believe this?

    Days like these, though, make Jim Messina’s comment a few months back all the more funny- “He [Obama] has a day job and his schedule doesn’t allow him to do much fundraising.”

    As Shofar chronicled, it’s # 11 for this month, 39 ytd.

  7. Carney is such a titmouse. Then to throw in that BS about Obama being a 24 hour president. Carney is nothing more than Obama’s Mr.Smithers.

    • “Propaganda Sec.” Carney

      …I believe NOTHING that comes out of that twerps mouth. How the “WH press corps” sits there everyday, listens & is suppose to ‘believe’ everything he says is pathetic…

  8. Maybe we’re being too judgemental of MrCarney’s wish to view this whatever-it-is “many times”; maybe he thinks it’s hilarious or he uses it as a benign sleep aid. There’s even the possiblity that he needs to watch the video to reinforce his support of MrO and his travails as the newbie POTUS.

    Or, he’s so far in the bag he can’t get out.

  9. Don’t forget Carney used to be a journalist for time magazine and is married to Claire Shipman who is a correspondent for Good Morning America on ABC.

    Keep this in mind if you watch GMA.

  10. “The president of the United States is president of the United State 24 hours a day, including when he calls foreign leaders in the very early hours of the morning, and on weekends, and on any given day of the week,”

    That might be true of any other president, but not Chance the Gardener.

  11. I hope movie watchers boycott Tom Hanks films going forward for his part in this mocumentary.
    Jay Carney is as ineffectual as Obama: clueless, and unprepared for the job.
    Question: When did Obama ever deliver a full day’s work to the taxpayer?
    With all of the late starts, fundraisers, golf outings, parties and sports events, Where is there time in his day to study legislation from Congress?

    • I think Hanks movies are already feeling the blowback of his BO support, his last two didn’t fare well at the Box Office. Also, Streep may have won the Oscar, but her caricature of Thatcher in The Iron Lady didn’t do well either.

      Game Change only grabbed 1.2 million viewers for HBO, and probably lost more subscribers. In comparison, when Hannity rolled out Breitbart’s first video, he got 2.8 million viewers !

  12. I too will watch this film several times – with my kids and grandkids. We will be discussing propaganda, and how it was used in the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and now in the USA. Think of it as an educational opportunity where we watch the film, disect the lies and spin, and what the film does NOT address. We will then discuss useless idiots like Tom Hanks, and how boycotts can be used against those who join the Ministery of Propaganda.

  13. “The president of the United States is president of the United State 24 hours a day, including when he calls foreign leaders in the very early hours of the morning, and on weekends, and on any given day of the week,” he said.

    So he’s being Presidential when he eats, when he –.

    This reminds me of my classmate who did nothing all semester and then claimed that he should get a good grade in sculpture class “because my life is my sculpture.”

    • All the ideologues are at work. I saw that skeevy David Brock of Media Matters on Book TV–one of his charming comments was that people didn’t needto watch Fox to be tainted, that people could come to the watercooler on Monday and pollute people with the “latest lies from Fox.” This guy is a piece of work–sooo impressed with himself… I wonder if he and Kos ever hook up?

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