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‘The Road We’ve Traveled’: Soporific Obama Hagiography

Here it is, the fraudulent Obama documentary. As I’ve noted, this is a new low, since the thing is a video campaign leaflet that masquerades as a documentary film.

My first takeaway after watching the this was that at 17 minutes, it works faster than a sleeping pill. It’s stultifyingly boring. I was in a stupor at the end and crawled to the pantry to get some Special K, which is loaded with B Vitamins and which I hoped would give me the energy to get into bed.

There’s little drama, no humor or lightness – this is heavy, heavy, heavy – and nothing but unfiltered worship for Obama. Narrator Tom Hanks sounds like he’s on the phone with his accountant. And whoever did the music has to stop washing down his tranquilizers with bourbon.

Bill Clinton keeps popping up for some reason, even though he played no part in the administration. I guess he’s there because he was the last Democratic president to get reelected. As always with Bubba, he can’t help inserting himself into things, saying of Obama’s decision to off Bin Laden, “I hope that’s the call I would have made.”

Elizabeth Warren also keeps materializing onscreen, I suppose as a boon to her Massachusetts Senate campaign, or because Obama feels bad he didn’t make her the permanent Consumer Czar, or because she sounds like she drank extra helpings of Obama Koolaid.

The documentary, likely a preview of the themes we’ll see in the fall, focuses most heavily on the auto bailout, killing Bin Laden, and Obamacare, a sign the campaign has decided it can’t walk away from the unpopular health law and might as well try to sell it.

Anyway, I present it for you to watch, even though I like you. Just find a good vein for an intravenous espresso drip and have a look.

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    • Keith, you have my full admiration for watching the video, which is the right thing to do I suppose to keep informed of the Left and their propoganda. But I rely on good guys like you to watch it for me and then report, because it would activate my gag reflex and cause intense vomiting if I tried to sit through the thing. Thanks again.

  1. We got our Recovery Act project… They put fancy flower gardens with trees down the middle of a road that really needed to be repaved. And now, you can’t get to half of the businesses on the road without making a U turn, so it is easier to just go somewhere else. I am sure they appreciate the pretty flowers with the business slow down…

  2. I gave up at the 10:00 mark.
    The takeaway: they didn’t know what they were getting into, didn’t know what to do, and it’s all GWBushs’ fault.

  3. I tried to watch it but I couldn’t get passed 5 minutes it was so stupifyingly bad. Congratulations, Keith. You deserve a medal.

    The comments were amazingly 100% positive. Someone has their fingers on the delete button.

    They would have been better off using my video

    Building a Religion 2012-Obama: We are 7 months away from fundamentally transforming America

    This is the artsy version. The unartsy original is linked under it.

    • OMG, there are Obama ads all over my video probably because of search terms. I have never made a cent from my videos. The ads happen when you use a copyrighted song. The money goes rightly to YT and the copyright owner.

    • That must be saying something if you can’t make it beyond 5 minutes, Granny Jan. If you can’t watch, after all the footage of him you’ve had to sit through to create your brilliant videos, I’m not even going to try.

      I’m sure you caught the historical error he made yesterday about Rutherford B. Hayes and the telephone. His crack teenage writing staff must have gleaned that info from Wikiquotes. He even brought up Mt. Rushmore again. He must be itching to get his mug carved in a mountain…

    • That is certainly your finest vid, Gran!

      And might I add, here, re: the Obama/Hanks piece looks as if it was produced on Windows Movie Maker. The cost (as I’ve read) of $345,000 is absolutely soooooo preposterous.

      As a former videographer/writer/producer/director, I know what must happen to create 17 mins of video…and it should cost much less than even $45,000…especially considering there was not much, apparently, in ‘original/newly shot video’ comprised in this piece of drek…mostly slideshow and vid captures.

      All I can say is “Thank you, Keith!” and “Thank you, Gran!”. BTW, if that’s your granddaughter, she is absolutely gorgeous! Or is it you, younger?

  4. No matter what they’re selling, I’m not buying it.

    No matter how much I really, really do want an excuse for some smothered in butter/overly salted popcorn, I’m not watching it.

    Promise me that Obama, his wife, his VP, his buddy Slick Willie, Hitlery, Jarrett, Axelrod, Sibyphillus, Carneyval, or any other lying lefty libs aren’t speaking, shown, or in any way referred to, and I might bite.
    (I cheated).

  5. Keith, you are a National treasure! Love it —your marvelously snarky critique – not the video. Can’t watch anything put out by the DNC without a supply of insulin near by! I wonder f ObamaCare has a cure for Obama-phobia – I cannot look at his face or listen to his voice.

  6. Keith, this is O/T but it’s worth honorable mention.

    At last night’s ‘State Dinner’, Diana Wintour, Vogue editor, was one of the attendees. She is also a major donor and fundraiser. She did a bootlicking Vogue cover story on the MOOCH one month after the Obamas invaded the WH.

    What is noteworthy is the fact that she did another fawning, bootlicking story on Mrs. Assad, a British subject, and her family – the butcher of Syria, in February of 2011 – one year to the day after Moochelle’s cover story

    Mrs. Assad has been in the news today regarding her shopping addiction while thousands of her ‘subjects’ are starving to death and being massacred in the streets. It seems that Harrod’s on London s even giving her dscounts! This is all through the internet, of course. Sorta reminds me of ‘you-know-who’.



  7. ….Ooops – computer is on the blink, sorry.

    You can guess where I’m going with this story.

    Assad and Achmedinejad are the only two dictators that Obama has given a pass. t might behoove an enterprising investigative reporter to dig further into this story. How close is the relationship between WH insider, Diana Wintour and the Obamas and the Assads of Syria? Why is Obama accepting blood money from Wintour? What is the rrelationship between the UK and the butcher of Syria? Why is he being treated with kid gloves while Netanyahu is treated like garbage?

    Wintour should be banned from all WH functions and the campaign money returned! Vogue magazine should be boycotted. \

    Something is rotten in Denmark…and Syria and the WH!

    Just my personal opinion.

  8. Sure, I think it could have benefited from a good car chase, a monster truck rally announcer, or some good gun-barrel footage of us blowing up some neighborhood in some country we can’t find on a map because someone told us we would save 50 cents per gallon at the pump. I definitely see where you are coming from. That Obama guy, all steak, no sizzle. How does he expect to sell THAT to the American electorate?

  9. Hi from normal, sane America,

    The video is a campaign video, obviously. But I enjoyed it. I voted for Obama once, and am looking forward to the second time. I would hate to see Romney get credit for the Obama recovery.

    It also made me wonder what Mitt Romney’s video would look like.

    Tom Hanks: “And then he made lots of money. Gobs of money. So much money. Then he made even more. But he resisted the urge to dump it all in a pool and swim in it- after all, he is running for office, for Pete’s sake.”

    Then cut to the dog on the car, followed by a quick thing about the health care mandate totally not being his idea, cap and trade as climate change prevention not being his idea, and making catholic hospitals give out abortion pills in Massachusetts also totally not being his idea. End scene.

    What do y’all think?

          • Ok, you were a good sport. I hold out hope for you. I suggest reading everything my two favorite pundits write: Charles Krauthammer and Victor Davis Hanson. There is no one, I repeat no one, as smart as these two men on the left. All the best and the brightest abandoned liberalism years ago. Thomas Sowell isn’t too bad, either.

          • Krauthammer is smart, but wrong on a whole lot. Victor Davis Hanson is ludicrously wrong on almost everything.

            “a rare sort of secretary of the caliber of George Marshall,”
            -VDH speaking about Donald Rumsfeld

            “Apparently, the only thing worse than starting a stupid, unnecessary war against a madman is losing it.”
            -VDH, arguing America should give up on trying to overthrow the Qadaffi regime in Libya because we would fail (shortly before Qadaffi was overthrown).

            “Victor Davis Hanson makes me want to have explosive diarrhea on top of a car at 65 miles per hour.” – Mitt Romney’s dog, Seamus

          • My dream in life is to go on VDH’s guided tour to Greece and Italy . I admire Rumsfeld and Libya was one of those dumb wars Obama always talks about and illegal at that. The end result is far worse. I’m shocked that the racially sensitive Obama administration sat back while the racist Libyan rebels brutally murdered Africans and dragged their bodies behind trucks or threw them out of windows. Did you see those videos? i did. Ghaddify protected them from endemic Arab racism. And if Libya why not Syria? I’m sure the Obamas can make the situation worse there if they try. It’s worked for everything else they’ve touched.
            I’m sorry. There is no hope for you, afterall. You rely too much Google and don’t think for yourself.

          • Okay, you are pro-Gadaffi and pro-Rumsfeld. Good luck with that,

            And why not Syria? Because the politics is tougher. They have Russia and China offering some cover. Gadaffi was completely isolated.

            Yet there is still time to overcome these obstacles. Have faith in your calm, tough, persistent leader. Iraq took what, 9 years due to Rumsfeld’s bad judgment? Give Obama a few months whydon’tcha.

          • Brett, how did you guess I was pro-Ghaddify? I’ve kept it a secret for so long. My second dream was to be one of his gun molls but he said I was too old and too Jewish. And I suppose everyone who didn’t want to go into Iraq was pro-Hussein? Weak

          • I don’t literally think you are pro-Gadaffi. I don’t think you would have him over to your house and bake him a cake.

            But you somehow think it was a bad idea to overthrow the tyrant/terrorist because some people took advantage of the chaos to settle scores? Or racism? Your hero Rumsfeld let the score-settling go on in Iraq for years. They had a quasi-civil war. Thousands of Americans and exponentially more Iraqi’s died.

            Meanwhile, in Libya no Americans died, relatively few Libyans are dying post-revolt, and unlike Iraq, the people now in charge of Libya are nearly entirely grateful to the U.S. for the support. In Iraq some of the appreciation for our assistance went a little stale after 2-3 years of constant war, death, and lack of basic necessities.

            Libya was done the smart way- taking advantage of the moment to maximize our advantage. It was the right moment and America did the right thing. Entire cities in Libya would have been depopulated had America not taken a stand, but you’re against the whole thing because some Libyans decided to re-enact 1950’s Mississippi. Give me a break. You’re applying a totally different standard to Libya than Iraq. So Gadaffi repressed some racism. Well Saddam was repressing what turned out to be five years of religious civil war. See the glaring double standard? Come on, at least try to be consistent.

            I’m glad we’ve got someone in charge who recognizes that things are a little more complicated than “If Libya, why not Syria?” It isn’t like picking out Little Debbie snacks at the Super-Walmart. There are good moments and bad moments. Now isn’t the time to go in guns blazing to Syria. But I have a feeling if the opportunity arises to do it relatively cleanly, in a way that supports America’s interests, we’ve got a leader who will make the right call.

      • I don’t despise him, in fact he is the only guy left on your side that isn’t crazy!

        But come on, he has not one major accomplishment in government that he can talk about because they are all “liberal” ideas. He did the government health care mandate and cap and trade in his state. He was pro-choice as Governor.

        Therefore, his documentary would only have his money and the Seamus incident to talk about. Everything else is verboten.

        Now you can stop feeling sorry for me!

          • I know. It’s almost as incomprehensible as someone in one sentence bragging that he voted for someone who’d never had any major accomplishments and later decrying someone else as not having any major accomplishments. Now something like that would really not compute.

          • If you read what I actually wrote, I said Romney had a lot of accomplishments BUT that they were all liberal accomplishments. I repeat: Romney’s accomplishments in Mass. were all liberal. I live in New England, so I’m very familiar with Romney. Why do you think he won the Mass, and NH primaries so easily? Because we liberal New Englanders like how he handled things.

            Don’t forget that everything Romney did, he did in concert with the Massachusetts legislature. Which, at the time, was 85% democrat. And these are Massachusetts democrats- they aren’t shy about their liberalism. They run on it. Everything Romney did, he did with their consent.

            So both men have accomplishments, but Obama can talk about his, because he isn’t so dumb as to try to win a primary among people who hate everything moderate America has stood for over the last 40 years.

    • It is NOT a campaign video – because the Obama guys are saying it’s a documentary. Are you calling them liars, Brett?

      What would Mitt ROmney’s video look like? You seem awfully disdainful of people being successfull – outside of government – an making money.

      The Obama’s aren’t exactly poor- they made “lots of money” – all of it through political connections.

      But that’s ok I guess?

    • I’m afraid I haven’t seen it. But based on this review I suppose it’s too Bad for “O” that “The Triumph of the Will” director passed away a few years ago. That is considered one of the greatest propaganda films of all time.

      • Leni Riefenstahl was the first person I thought of when Keith blogged about the CNN interview with the producer of this propaganda piece. He has the same blind devotion to the Algae King that Leni had to Adolf.

    • Or….

      Open with decisive executive who figured out how to make a succerss of failure–failing businesses.
      Cut to careful due diligence on a state’s mandate to handle health care versus a federal one, followed by a state program, which is an interesting study in cost escalation leading him to reject this federally.
      Cut to years spent volunteering to show America to best advantage in the Olympics.
      Shots of him taking care of his wife during her health care crises.
      Then–four years spent in small towns, no press, setting up a campaign apparatus.
      The debate prep, the research.

      I could go on…no $100 a lb beef, no champagne (bev of choice, choc milk), his wife wears nice suits with sleeves and rides horses, no jumping jacks complete with VPL or little kids singing a song about him. Of course, the ocean tides may rise uninhibited, but what are ya gonna do?

    • let’s see:

      1. really rich, successful businessman with a squeaky-clean background who once did something kind of dumb with the family dog


      2. lefty college student-turned community activist-turned politician under whom gas prices tripled, the war in Afghanistan became lost, the alliance with Israel was forgotten, the DOJ racialized, and the economy left in shambles.

      I’m going to go with 1.

  10. No rhyme or reason to watch it. I’m sure it’s as predictable as Obama himself. Besides, my self-esteem isn’t low enough to endure one lie after another, plus I’m all out of Kool-Aid.

  11. I couldn’t watch but I m surprised that the MSM haven’t prempted all TV stations and made it mandatory viewing. In Obama’s dream world we would be
    forced to watch Dear Leader and worship his every word. Scary cause if the
    GOP doesn’t step it up that’s what’s coming and we will be doomed.

  12. How depressing, and I used to like Tom Hanks! No, I didn’t watch it. I didn’t want to throw up on my keyboard because I can’t afford a new one, because my taxes have gone through the roof.

    • That’s weird, because taxes have gone down since the last guy. You’re paying the same income tax rates, plus getting a two percent cut on the FICA deductions. One week of that should cover the cost of a new keyboard. Go forth and support the economy!

          • You have no idea what my pay check looks like so you can talk all you want. I know what is coming out of my check now and what was coming out of my check two years ago. Please drink the kool-aid, you are making me weary, kind of like a video of the clown-in-chief would.

          • Lol. You have no idea what rates changed. Hint: none went up. Seriously, just name one. Try. Please.

            It is mathematically impossible for you to be paying higher rates than you would have for the same wages 3 years ago. Seriously. Go ask an accountant. If you are paying more now, you either had a deduction/credit before that you don’t have now, or you are having more withheld but getting it back as a refund later.

            Or your employer is ripping you off.

          • You presume far too much and what is it that made you think I was talking about my paycheck to begin with, which I wasn’t.

          • As a matter of fact, it is. Must be because of all of that drilling we are ‘o’ is allowing, which he is not. Actually, he has no control over what is being done at this time. There is a lot of drilling going on in North Dakota and Montana.

            All energy taxes have increased over the last two years. Brett just automatically assumed I was talking about my paycheck (which I’m sure he has never seen), and just to inform him, I will say that I am having more held out now, but it is not to get money back, it is to keep from paying in at the end of the ‘big daddy’s’ fiscal year. Oh, and by the way, Brett, where is the child-in-chief’s budget that he hasn’t passed yet in three years?

          • If you are having more being kept out of your paycheck, it is not because taxes have gone up on wages, dividends, or capital gains because those haven’t gone up. Period. I really challenge you to tell me what tax has gone up that is affecting your pay in any way, and what the rate was before it went up, the date of the change, and the new rate. You won’t be able to do this. You are being purposefully vague to hide your lack of knowledge.

          • Stay out of my finances Brett. You don’t have any idea what you are saying concerning mine. I’m not questioning you about your knowledge or where you got it, so don’t question mine. You liberals think you are smarter than anyone else so just go pat yourself on your back and say I showed her. My CPA handles everything for me so that I don’t have to worry about it. He tells me when my taxes are affected and why. I don’t need to verify anything with you unless I am paying you to be my CPA, but thanks anyway and please go drink your kool-aid and kiss ‘o’s rear.

          • Your CPA does everything for you? That is probably why you don’t know anything about the current tax situation.

            If I were your CPA, I’d probably smile and nod at my irrational clients too, just to keep their business. “Oh, you think taxes went up? Uh, yea, that asshole Obama, sure buddy, as long as you keep paying your bill.”

            You still can’t name any tax increase that impacts your income.

            Because there isn’t any.

          • Whatever you say brett, I see you’re still trying to meddle with my finances. Why are you here on a Conservative website anyway. I’m through answering your silly posts.

          • This is hilarious.

            Your chart shows that gas taxes have been the same since 1993. Which is exactly what I said.

            Exactly. What. I. Said.

            Say it with me: “This chart is exactly what Brett said. He was right. I’m sorry I disagreed with his factual statement and implied he didn’t know what he was talking about, because he obviously did. Thank you, Brett, for enlightening me.”

            But maybe you think Obama is to blame for that tax hike in 1993? And also to blame for George W. Bush keeping taxes at that level? Since you have shown no ability to think rationally, I bet you probably do assign Obama blame for those things.

            Lastly, your chart does not adjust for inflation. If it did, it would show taxes at their lowest point since 1993, because inflation makes everything cost more but the gas tax stays the same. But even without inflation, your chart shows that Obama has not touched the gas tax.

          • Let’s recap.

            You say Obama raised gas taxes. I say he didn’t, because that tax hasn’t been raised by anyone since 1993.

            You say I’m wrong and link a chart.

            I say, gee, that chart shows a flat line in the tax rate since 1993.

            You say I can’t read a chart and that I’m “boring.”

            Yet the chart is there for anyone to look at.

            You are completely whack. I thought you just didn’t look carefully at the chart, but even when the plain truth is pointed out to you, you can’t admit any error. You pretend the chart says something it doesn’t.

            Flat line since 1993. It is right there in front of you.

            You’ve proven my point, that Obama haters like yourself will make up completely wrong facts just to keep hating. And like five year old children, can’t admit when you make a mistake.


      • Taxes are set to go up after the election, and most people know that Brett. And Obama has tried to raise our taxes. 2010 put a crimp in those plans.

        Of course, the true issue is that just about everyone (except, ironically, the 1%) is worse off financially since Obama took office. Businesses have gone under, home values have plummeted.

        • That’s pretty much the direction I was going, but Brett, “bless his heart” (and you have to be from the south to understand that) can see past his rhetoric. I haven’t heard from him for a while, so maybe he drank his kool-aid. I also failed to let him know that I have a very good and very expensive CPA and it is not necessarily what is coming out of my paycheck, but what is being done to my savings, 401K, IRA, and stock; so, I was having a little more fun with him than maybe I should have, but liberals – they are so easy to rile.

          • Brett knows when there is no point in continuing. If logic has no effect on your thoughts, and if you can not substantiate your arguments with specific facts, yet you argue on nonetheless, it would be a waste of anyone’s time to try to have a rational discussion with you.

            You will find that to be true in all your relations and interactions – familial, work, personal, social, policitical, etc.

          • You don’t like what we say around here Christina? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Go peddle your self-righteous sanctimonious bull malarky somewhere else. We’re not buying it…

          • Christina hit it on the head. Sometimes there are better things to do than sort through responses on a wacko-blog. But having a few moments of my time, I will say that you guys have managed to hit on the one small thread of truth- Obama did try to raise taxes.

            All the other crap about how he has raised your taxes is still NOT true. But yes, he did propose to raise taxes,.

            He proposed putting tax rates on people making more than 250k back at the rates they paid in the Clinton years.

            That is it. If you make less than that, you would still pay George W, Bush rates on wages. End of story.

            He also proposed capital gains and dividends rate increases to put them closer to the higher rates paid under Clinton and Reagan. But you should all be okay with that, because to paraphrase Reagan, it is only fair that income and investments be taxed at similar rates.

            So yes, you would be paying more taxes next year than this year, but still less than under Clinton, and less than under Reagan. My thought: suck it up.

  13. I tried to watch it, I really did. But after the first 60 seconds, I started to get light headed with blurry vision and slurred speech.
    OMG, I believe I was on the verge of a stroke. So I quickly turned it off. Better now.

  14. Keith, thanks but no thanks. You’re a stronger person than I am to sit through that dreck. They haven’t printed enough money to pay me to watch 17 minutes of brain-dead Obama sycophants singing that man’s praises.

  15. wow … er … I really tried to watch. I eventually scanned and then jumped to the end. Hopefully someone will make a nice movie like this about me in the end – you know, not mentioning all the bad stuff and idiotic mistakes that I have made but instead making it appear like all those things were actually good!

  16. Why do I get the feeling The Road We’ve Traveled and Game Change will sweep the emmys. Hanks was involved with both, Road Traveled may make the Oscar list for short docu !!

    In the meantime, the very well-done The Undefeated has earned Sarah a nomination for a Raspberry (Razzies) as worst actress. (But hey, it’s a parody group that makes fun of the Oscars).

    Hollywood needs to stay out of politics and celebrities need to use their power and money for the good of all mankind, not just Democrats.

  17. I just can’t watch the thing. I have quit watching him whenever he speaks and rely on sources that I trust for an overview. His voice, like Clinton’s, grates against my nerves. There is nothing about him that is true. Hopefully, a year from now he will just be a very bad memory and we can start toward recovery.

    Was any of it shot in the WH? If so, I believe that is against campaign regulations. It should be pulled or at least Obama should be fined.

    • I agree, he’s not allowed on my TV or my radio. Makes me so ill that I have to lay down for a while if I hear or see him or his “precious” (bless her heart) wife Moochelle.

      • I started to watch this video. After several minutes my husband complained and wanted me to turn it off. I made it to the 6.5 minute mark before I stopped watching. It’s all propaganda, everything to make Obama look like a great leader instead of the total failure that he’s been. It’s fraud that they get away with calling this a documentary.

  18. @OneMadWoman
    “I agree, he’s not allowed on my TV or my radio. Makes me so ill that I have to lay down for a while if I hear or see him or his “precious” (bless her heart) wife Moochelle.

    He really over-reached last Fall, following all of her major cosmetic procedures. when he paraded her around to various fundraisers and repeated the same phrase – “ISN’T SHE CUTE”?!?

    He didn’t get much mileage out of that one – the silence was deafening.

    • Well, I can understand why he didn’t get any mileage there. We have some one who’s body looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket telling us what we can and can’t eat? Presumptuous, isn’t it? Was George Clooney in that movie? I just heard on the radio that he has been arrested and wondered if that was the reason.

        • LOL, well, that doesn’t surprise me. I think he would probably protest anything. Wonder what he takes that puts him in his oblivion.

      • Wow. You do not represent the conservative cause well. Or perhaps you do. The things you write are rude, immature, ugly and unfit for public consumption. Please, try impart your ideas with dignity, respect and support your claims with facts. You will feel better for it, and gain more respect all ’round.

          • I don’t take much at all personal on these sites. I like a little humor once in a while, helps me get through the day. If I can’t laugh about something occasionally, then I would probably sit down somewhere and cry my eyes out over what’s being done to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and on an on and on. You know.

  19. To my knowledge, this is the first time I’ve ever read the comments of Keith Koffler. The negativity, ugly and immature rhetoric, and lack of facts to reinforce the arguments and comments of both Mr. Koffler and many of those who have posted on this site do not service anyone’s arguments well.

    If you wish to make a point, make it with maturity, dignity, intelligence, facts and data. Then you will better represent your cause, thereby, improving the discourse across America and, hopefully, attributing to the improvement of American society.

    I beseech you, live the change and the standards you uphold and proselytize, and you will gain both an audience and increased respect, including your own. Be respectful and open to differing opinions. Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of intelligence.

    We all are imperfect, but we have the ability to contribute to a better society via positive discourse and action. To do otherwise is destructive and does not further our cause as individuals, as a nation, as a society, and as a world.

    Issues and differences are usually not black and white; often they are complex. And people may genuinely disagree for reasons valid to themselves. On the whole, most people are trying to live right and make the world a better place. Assume the best, question the questionable, take care in how you live your life, and take proper action to right the wrongs committed by you and by others. In doing so, you will also provide a better example to your children.

    • Excuse me, but maybe you should come back more often. I find most of the commenters here very intelligent. But heck, we all like to have some fun every once in a while. Apparently you don’t.

    • Christina – have you listened to Obama lately?

      The negativity, ugly and immature rhetoric, and lack of facts to reinforce the arguments

      That perfectly describes his current stump speech.

    • Sorry, Christina, I didn’t want my country to change the way it is headed now. Liberals need to leave and find a better place for them. They have no respect for anything here, so as far as I’m concerned, they can leave.

    • Christina,
      Pardon me but could you repost your comment in a language I can understand. I am just a dumb ole country boy and can’t comprendo college professional speak .. .

      • Much as I like being beseeched and as long as it’s been since I was…this is still not convincing me of anything. I can still live my life and point out the many, almost countless inanities and foibles of this admin. Like the lingo? Thsi president is as snide as they come with all his straw men that have Repubicans guzzling Big Gulps, throwing people off cliffs, hating women, and believing in a Tabletop Planet.. Go tell him to emphasize the positive. Maybe yours will be the one in a million letters his fawning minions show to him. You know–letters from the clingers and “enemies.”

  20. @ Star
    What about people with no paycheck? You know–there are 45 million. Peter and Paul are buds and meet daily to swap money.

    I have been in that position many, many times. I work in a very volatile profession. If the muslim-in-chief has his way, I will shortly be out of work again. That is why I keep a savings, IRA, 401K and investments going all the time – so that if I have to I can cash them in.

    But this is what they want, all of us beholden to them for our very existence. Sorry ‘o’ & ‘mooch’, not my style.

  21. It surely is very heavy. It is also very slick. Interesting the twist put on the past.

    I have had enough of Bill Clinton.

    I am still unemployed as well.

    • Girly,
      There will be no respect for the troops. Much less their families. He hates the military we have now. That’s why he is in the process of dismantling it. He wants a civil military consisting of union thugs, black panthers, muslim brotherhood, etc etc etc. That kind of military will surely get us under control – he thinks.

  22. Oh, God! I should have taken you at your word. I took my trazodone, and then watched this piece of silliness and couldn’t get up this morning for a meeting.

    Who can I sue for making me late?

  23. Had to look that one up… “a sleep inducing biography of Saint Obama”… I am committed NOT to watch this psychotically induced propaganda, delivered right into the subconscious mind while you doze off.

    Then again it is virtually impossible to tell (even with sensitive hospital grade monitors) whether those under his spell are awake or asleep.
    It has been noted that there is a rash of fainting and swooning at his public affairs. This is because the precipice of consciousness is breached, beyond sleep, and they go comatose.

    It is one thing to suck the oxygen out of the room as a blow-hard, but to sterilize the conscience of truth by the preponderance of lies to the point of unconsciousness is quite formidable.

  24. I’ve said my snark for today, but I really did watch this piece of self-aggrandizing poppy-cock.

    While I sat here stupefied, I started to harken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when I was in college. One of my minors was psychology, the other history (William – we are some what birds of a feather). As I listened to Forrest drone on during his narration, I was reminded of two things I learned in undergrad.

    The first has to do with neuro-lingistics and the use of Chomsky’s transformational grammar, wherein certain words or sentence structures make the listener more likely to accept the ideas of the speaker. The second has to do with the tonal quality of Hanks’ monologue. As part of our studies we had to go through a series of deep relaxation sessions, and the professor, already the most monotone human on earth, lead us through the various stages of deep relaxation. The prof’s verbal intonations and volume level never varied throughout the hour long sessions, and were to some almost hypnotic. Personally, give me a couple of shots of tequila and I get better results at deep relaxation.

    I would wager that this production was done with massive input by psychologists with the intention of deliberately steering the viewer to a more favorable view of the POTUS via NLP and deep relaxation techniques. AKA – subliminal mind control.

    Also, the juxtaposing of B/W photos with the colored ones was obviously used to create a “starkness” of the situation they were representing. In today’s digitized world of photography, I know of no professional photographer that keeps handy a camera filled with B/W film. Using any photo editing program (Gimp, Photoshop, Picasa) allows the color photos to be dramatically altered, and thereby altering the impact of the photo. I shoot digital, and frequently will utilize the “effects” editing of Gimp to make a photo more stark or warmer. Sepia, B/W conversion, film grain, soft focus, etc will transform any snapshot into something that can look meaningful, harsh, warm, what have you.

    Nealy all of the stills of Obama that were of “critical’ times were done in B/W, while those that were of a “lighter” more human moment were in the original color. There were shots of him “deep in thought” that were color and presented the viewer with an image of a deep thinker, yet extremely human and humane.

    This entire 17 minutes of puffery was, in my non-professional opinion, nothing more than a subtle and deliberate use of psyops on the part of the administration and the re-election campaign. The question I now have is whether the administration called upon any member of the military, NSA, CIA, or any other department or agency that uses these techniques to help convey the campaign’s message?

    • “The question I now have is whether the administration called upon any member of the military, NSA, CIA, or any other department or agency that uses these techniques to help convey the campaign’s message?”

      I think that’s the Hitleresque part.

    • Interesting. Having studied accounting and finance I’ll have to take your word for the why’s of this propaganda. When I am well fortified it will be interesting to watch it with your ideas in mind.

      The one thing Hollywood does well is play with our emotions during a film. It may not have been necessary to use the CIA.

    • Valerie Jarrett has a BA in psychology. Betcha she had something to do with the production of this film. I can’t read anything too sinister into it. Maybe the Algae King and his Hollyweird followers think we’re stupid enough to fall for their mind games. They won’t convince anybody who already knows this guy is a Marxist ideologue. The kool-aid drinkers will stick with him no matter what.

      My biggest concern is the children. That is where the Algae King and the Buffalo Wellington Queen are aiming their sights. Hence his “energy speeches” given before high school and college students, and her Move the Kids Butts program. If I had a child in public school, I’d be wary about this “documentary” showing up in the classroom. Young, impressionable children can’t distinguish fact from fiction in the same way as adults.

    • Interesting. You are giving the Guggenheim kid a lot of credit. The screen cannot hold this, in my opinion–too long, too earnest and creepy (the sweaty head bowed in thought, prayer, what?). I wrote a film that won a Telly some yrs ago–I have some instincts. This is just too what is the term of art…weak ass.

      • Star – No one is saying this is art. It is straight out of mental manipulation. Guggenheim may have directed it, but I would lay odds the man behind the curtain was someone with an understanding on how to manipulate the masses.

        This will go down in history as a classic propaganda piece, and will rightfully take its place with the likes of “Birth of a Nation” and “Triumph des Willens.”

        I would dare any honest and respectable psychologist to watch the film, and see if they do not come away with a similar opinion as I have.

        • You think it’s convincing–maybe..I know my sister (who follows none of this and can only watch The View and Maher when hubs is out of town) got all she needed to know from GAME CHANGE–Sarah is horrible. she informed me. I don’t see how anyone can just take one source and that’s it—but they do.

  25. Christina,
    Brett was meddling in places where he shouldn’t have been as liberals are wont to do.

    Do you want to delve into my financials?

    Either take your meds or drink the kool-aid.

  26. Thank you, Keith, for biting the bullet for us.
    “Celebs” are paid to entertain, not for their political acumen. This is not entertaining, it is a propaganda piece, pure and simple. What it does reflect is the “transparency & openness” avowed by this administration.

    Here is a comment by another that explains it better than I:

    “Navy Gentleman

    Shortly after he came to power Hitler called me to see him and explained that he wanted a film… He wanted a film showing the Congress through a non-expert eye, selecting just what was most artistically satisfying – in terms of spectacle, I suppose you might say. He wanted a film which would move, appeal to, impress an audience which was not necessarily interested in politics.

    — Leni Riefenstahl

    Riefenstahl, a popular German actress, producer of the infamous German Propaganda film “Triumph of the Will”.”

  27. Keith: when President Santorum enacts his No Nasty Stuff on the Internet law, you will no longer be allowed to post such dreck as this video.


    like many of you, I could not watch. I just could. not. do. it.

  28. Heard a little of it on the radio. Can stand listening to him to begin wth. Sort of took me back to that greek/roman staging (Denver?) way back when, and that “Office of the President Elect” podium thingy. How pompous. You’d think after 3 years they’d realize this fluff doesn’t work.

    • That’s the thing about liberals. No matter what they do they think it’s ok and they think we love them. If we don’t then they think we are stupid.

  29. Keith,

    Please, at least be fair. The campaign commercial would have been much better but according to the director he was hampered by time constraints and couldn’t fit all of the awesomeness that is THe One into a 17 minute propoganda piece.