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The MSM Begins to See Obama’s Afghan Debacle

Well, now things have gotten really bad. When both the New York Times and the Washington Post are highlighting the failure of your Afghanistan policy, then your Afghanistan policy is a failure.

President Obama thinks that somehow the Taliban won’t realize that what we’re involved in is a rather brisk retreat from Afghanistan. We’re losing the war, and we’re fleeing, because Obama’s “surge” was tentative – announced along with the date of our departures – and so it isn’t working.

If I told the termites outside my house that I was going to fight them less and less over the next year and then move out, but they should nevertheless pick up and go next door, the termites would say, “What’s a matter with this human dude? He must not understand our termite culture. We’ll just go underground and wait him out.”

The tragedy beginning to unfold was the result of specific decisions made by the president. Why would the Taliban come to the table, for example, when Obama is reducing troops this year even before the summer fighting season? They get it, whether Obama does or not.

From a New York Times news analysis earlier this week:

President Obama and his aides had once hoped that by now they would have cemented the narrative that the Taliban were a spent force being pounded into peace negotiations and recognizing that they could never retake control of the country.

But in conversations on Sunday, both in Washington and Kabul, some American military and civilian officials acknowledged that the (recent Koran burnings and murders of civilians by a U.S.. soldier) would embolden the hard-liners within the Taliban, who oppose negotiations with a force that is leaving the country anyway and who want to use the next two years to appeal to the understandable national allergy to foreign occupation.

But to many Americans — even onetime supporters of the Afghan mission in both parties — these episodes and the inevitable reaction they prompt only underscore the need to hurry to the exits in a war whose outcome, some military officials say, now seems less certain than at any time since Mr. Obama took office.

The Taliban are not a spent force at all. They’re quietly measuring the drapes of the presidential palace in Kabul.

The Washington Post issued an editorial this week that might as well have been written by the Weekly Standard. It’s a scathing criticism of Obama’s handling of the war.

Mr. Obama and his aides have done much to damage the relationship between the two countries and public morale on both sides . . .

The president came to office pledging a revitalized campaign in Afghanistan. But he began by terminating President Bush’s practice of regular personal communications with President Hamid Karzai. Several of his envoys treated Mr. Karzai roughly and disparaged him in public.

The U.S. official most able to work with the Afghan leadership, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, was abruptly pushed out of his post because of a hyped magazine article. Mr. Karzai is an erratic personality — but is it any wonder that he has grown increasingly resistant to the Obama administration?

The president reluctantly accepted the advice of his generals that he adopt a strategy of counterinsurgency against the Taliban and send additional troops to carry it out. But he arbitrarily cut the number of troops sought by commanders; set an equally arbitrary deadline for beginning their withdrawal; and rejected the military’s advice that the pullout be staged after this year’s summer fighting season.

Now his aides are reportedly pushing for further troop withdrawals next year, once again against the Pentagon’s recommendation. Meanwhile, negotiations with the Taliban are being pursued over Mr. Karzai’s head, and sometimes in spite of his objections.

This war was once winnable. The cause of a relatively stable Afghanistan ruled by people who won’t foment terrorism against the United States is now in deep trouble. Many American lives will have been wasted in the war effort, and more will be lost after the Taliban enters Kabul.

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  1. Just like a liberal to turn Afghanistan into a political war. That is what makes it a non-winnable war, not our military. We should have brought them all home as soon as this moron took the oath that he has broken every day of his hopefully limited stay in OUR White House. He is a menace to our very way of life. He has destroyed nearly every liberty and he has certainly destroyed our pursuit of happiness.

    He needs to be arrested, tried for treason along with Reid, Pelosi, Biden and the rest of the fools, and sent to Alcatraz.

  2. Why should this effort, war, conflict or whatever they call it end up any different from every attempt or action that WhiteHouse has instituted in the Middle East?
    We lost the war, along with thousands of our troops and billions of our dollars. The dogs of war in DC learned nothing from the fiasco that was VietNam. We can fight and beat any army, but we can’t win the hearts and minds of the people.

      1. Sadly, history “repeats itself” with the ineptitude of BHO! VietNam, and the mid-East wars/changing policies did/do NOT allow our Generals to use the Full-Force of US military POWER to STOP wars and defeat enemies relatively early in the fighting, thus saving the lives of many thousands of civilians and the lives of tens of thousand of our “Bravest & Brightest” Military Personnel.

        Keith, I am so concerned that we are being WORN-OUT by the continuing day-in and day-out “mis-information” campaign by the BHO WH and Dems! Americans NEED a free PRESS that is NOT broken down and in the tank for BHO! The NYT and WP can barely bring themselves to print one negative observation/analysis of the WH Adm-in-Chief, so it is shocking that they “almost” got the criticism correct! If they had been doing their jobs in the PAST, maybe our lives would be somewhat “saner”??

        At any rate, I know many, many people who are WEARY and losing HOPE about making changes in DC. Americans feel “threatened” by a POTUS who consistently talks DOWN to his SUBJECTS! We need Americans INFORMED and INVOLVED, and I am praying that your readers will keep motivating others, especially young voters, to know or find-out HOW to “fundamentally change” DC. (“FC” is one of my most annoying phrases!)

  3. When he was campaigning in 2008, he said Afghanistan was the “good war”. All he has managed to do is degrade and demoralize our military and bring shame on the United States of America. It’s Vietnam 2.0 and he’s another Nixon. Bring our troops home now…

    1. He’s not another Nixon. Nixon prosecuted the war [as well as the micro-managing congress allowed, got a reasonable peace agreement, and then the 94th Congress cut funding and refused to enforce the peace agreement.
      But he [BHO] is another Carter.

        1. But Keith, all those Afghan officials just line their pockets with aid money.
          I have changed my mind about the mideast, I say stay out of it and let those cave dwellers kill each other, and just drop some bombs whenever necessary.

  4. Mr.O, has been a failure since day one. He boasts of having achievements but I fail to see any. He boasts killing of OBL but everyone knows that the protocols for taking out Osama bin Laden were all established by President Bush. His failed, misguided policies and lack of leadership have only exacerbated the size of his mistakes and shortcomings and the worst part is that for some time now they are costing the lives and moral of our troops overseas proving once more that he’s unfit to lead.

  5. If the filthy ingrates are going to be like this then fine…bring the troops out, and drone the hell out of AfPak until the end of time if need be..Soon as they are out of there, knock Syria, Hezbollah, Gaza and Iran out of the game..None of these Arabs need a air force heavy weapons or missile systems..destroy it all.easier to monitor the sub humans when they have to take a taxi everywhere..
    Then throw the warning on the table to the Saudis they could be next..

  6. I can tell you one thing. Obama and his advisers are not trying to figure out how to win the war. They are trying to figure out how to get a political win.

  7. I was one of those who agreed with the original intent of the war. Now, sadly, I agree that it’s been botched up beyond belief and the only thing we can do is to get out. As long as we’re getting out, we’d better bring along any Christians that might still be in that region. Once we are gone they will be destroyed completely.

  8. This is almost as bad as Vietnam. The only difference is that the men and woman that have given the ultimate sacrifice number in the thousands rather than the tens of thousands.

    Obama, who we all know has as much military experience as Justin Bieber, underscored his ignorance of tactics when he announced a date of withdrawal. This isn’t go 10 years and then ask around, do you think we won?. Hell, man did you ever hear that even Macy didn’t tell Gimble of his plans? (Sorry, showing my age).

    I supported this war until that point. Obama is getting our men and women killed for no reason. When you don’t give field commanders what they need to win, you cost unnecessary lives. When you tell your enemy you are going to pack up no matter what on a certain date, you are, well to put it plainly, an idiot.

  9. Yeah, yeah . . . but did you see the awesome job President Obama did filling out his NCAA bracket on ESPN? So what if hundreds of soldiers have died because of Obama’s failed policy in Afghanistan. You’re all just a bunch of haters. What’s really more important here is Obama’s Final Four picks.

    1. Bread and circuses for his useful idiots. They will keep laughing at his lames jokes, believe his bald faced lies, and applaud like trained seals at every punch line delivered by the anointed one…

      1. I watched snippets of his speech before a large crowd at a community college in Maryland and they seemed to love or approve everything he said. No matter how silly, how rude, or even not true, they applauded and cheered every word.
        When they panned over the audience, I was shocked; are the schools in Maryland segregated by race?

          1. yes, from what I understand, Maryland has turned into an incredibly lib-socialist-demo state. Safe Haven for Obama. Almost as safe as the LRC (Liberal Republic of Chicago)

        1. Are you sure they weren’t paid to be there and be attentative? Did you get a good look at their faces to see if they were really awake and maybe what you heard wasn’t dubbed in? I don’t believe anything I see or hear with this ingrate.

  10. On December 24, 1979, the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. That day, former NSA Zbigniew Brzeziński allegedly wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter stating, “We now have the opportunity of giving to the Soviet Union its Vietnam War.”

    Fast forward 30 years, and President Obama has now given the US another Vietnam. It took nearly a generation to recover from “Johnson’s War.” If we still have a country in a few years, how long it will take for the American psyche to recover from the loss that Obama has given us in Afghanistan.

    I will gladly concede that Bush failed to prosecute the war in Afghanistan as vigorously and aggressively as was needed, with many opportunities lost early on to totally, completely and finally destroy the Taliban and al Qaeda. However, since assuming office, Obama has done more to turn the tide of war in favor of the Taliban, and the Islamist.

    Obama, due to his total lack of adult, real world, life experience has shown our enemies that America has again become weak. Under his “leadership” I fear that we will become the “Sick Man” of the Americas, and like the ill-fated Ottomans will be parsed up and doled out to whomever has the temerity to take on what was once the greatest fighting machine in the world.

    1. I understand and agree with your post until the end paragraph; the only weakness in America is at the top and to the far left.
      We are the heart and soul of what made America the only country on earth that people lie, cheat and commit crimes so that they can live here. We are, and have been, the most generous, faithful, stalwart friend to our allies.

      We made mistakes by electing, and reelecting, foolish and greedy people to steer our ship. We are almost on the rocks but we are aware now. It won’t happen again.

      1. sr,

        I wish I could be as optimistic as you, however, Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. By this thinking, the majority of the electorate is insane. They keep electing the same people to office, not just nationally either, and expecting some sort of different result.

        Until there is a major shock to the electorate’s system, and it may yet come, I fear we are cursed with the same clowns we have had for decades. Politicians have come to think that they are elected for life, and until FDR became our first president for life, there were no term limits on the office of POTUS. It was only when Congress became afraid of another FDR did they push for presidential term limits.

        It is time to pass term limits, and I know that many will argue that it would remove qualified candidates from running for re-election, but the founders envisioned a citizen legislature, not the professional one we have now.

        The buyer (voter) no longer has an option and we are stuck with whatever the parties are selling – over and over and over, and that scares me.

  11. The fact that Panetta forced our soldiers to disarm during his meeting speaks volumes! If the Sec. of Defense is afraid of his own shadow, why should our military trust him or the CIC? They were humiliated!

    It’s time for our feckless leader to take a little trip to Afghanistan instead of daily fundraisers! He could even bring MOOshelle to boost morale with a potato sack race exhibition!

    Obama’s only concern is using our troops as props – photo ops. The shameless coward has a movie coming out at the end of the year – Killing Bin Laden. Is anyone planning to do a film about the 2000 soldiers who lost their lives because of Obama’s failures in Afghanistan? 3/4 of the lives lost have been on his watch. He waved the white flag when he had the audacity to give a speech at West Point announcing our retreat. He changed the rules of engagement so that our troops are helpless sitting ducks. The list goes on and on.

    As CIC, Obama should be court-martialed and sent to the brig! He is unfit to serve anything but coffee, and I have my doubts about that!

  12. Our greatest treasure, our young men and women who VOLUNTEER to serve and protect US have been sporting PC issued bullseyes, participating in (not fighting) an Over Seas Action with “rules of engagement” that are obscene in their absurdity. Add in the Commander in Chief who isn’t “comfortable” with the term winning (unless it’s the Tarheels in Baracketology) and this end was inevitable.

    Looks for “walks backs” by the NY Times and the Post…”we didn’t really mean it…can we get you a pillow?”

  13. This is the best blog and the contributors are very intelligent in their responses. WHD is the information capital of the Internet.
    Koffler 2020 – A man with vision

        1. Speaking of lying–the Ass Press “jobs” story this AM contained no number of jobs “saved or created.” Just the usual pap about “right direction,” same number of unempl apps, etc. My gosh, Associated Press has fallen farrrrr–they are full-on admin pimps now.

  14. Kieth,
    I ran across a couple of interesting lines yesterday in some middle East news sites. They talked about the massacre last week not being by one soldier, but by 20. I than found it in the BBC. After that I started my research and found other references in Reuters, National Journal, Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal and so on. What do you make of this???

    Here are the excerpts that I found on my own:
    But the head of an Afghan parliamentary delegation has told the BBC he has heard evidence from local villagers which suggests as many as 20 US soldiers were involved.
    Sayed Ishaq Gillani, a leading Afghan MP, also claims that helicopters were heard overhead, and that they were seen dropping chaff – a measure designed to protect aircraft from ground attack.
    “They (Americans) poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them,” Samad told Reuters at the scene.
    Neighbors said they had awoken to crackling gunfire from American soldiers, who they described as laughing and drunk.
    “They were all drunk and shooting all over the place,” said neighbor Agha Lala, who visited one of the homes where killings took place.
    “Their (the victims’) bodies were riddled with bullets.”
    Agha, 20, said American soldiers who had opened fire in the early hours entered the family home and waited in silence for what seemed an eternity. He lay on the floor, pretending to be dead.
    “The Americans stayed in our house for a while. I was very scared,” he told Reuters.
    “My mother was shot in her eye and her face. She was unrecognizable. My brother was shot in the head and chest and my sister was killed, too.”
    Agha’s account of multiple American soldiers shooting villagers could not be immediately verified.
    Questions remain. This morning, Afghanistan’s largest online news portal, Khaarma Press, reported that the killings have brought U.S.-Afghan relations to an “all-time low” with President Hamid Karzai issuing an “angry statement” denouncing the “unforgivable action.” Afghan lawmakers have begun raising doubts that just one man carried out the killings. “It is not possible for only one American soldier to come out of his base, kill a number of people far away, burn the bodies, go to another house and kill civilians there, then walk at least 2 kilometers and enter another house, kill civilians, and burn them,” said Abdul Rahim Ayubi, a lawmaker from Kandahar province. He noted that the houses targeted were more than one mile apart. Kandahar parliamentarian Mullah Sayed Mohammed Akhund told The Wall Street Journal that local villagers witnessed more than one solider during the night and Afghan soldiers said they heard simultaneous shootings coming from different locations. While U.S. officials insisted that there’s no evidence suggesting more than one shooter was involved, The Journal notes that the U.S. Embassy in Kabul seemed to open the possibility that additional accomplices could be involved, issuing a statement saying that “the individual or individuals responsible for this act will be identified and brought to justice.”
    Mr. Akhund, the parliamentarian, said the local villagers had told him that they saw more than one soldier during the night, and that the attacked houses were far away from each other.
    Abdul Hadi, 40, said he was at home when the soldier broke down the door.
    “My father went out to find out what was happening, and he was killed,” he said. “I was trying to go out and find out about the shooting but someone told me not to move, and I was covered by the women in my family in my room, so that is why I survived.”
    Hadi said more than one soldier was involved in the attack, and at least five other villagers described seeing a number of soldiers, along with a helicopter and flares. But that claim was unconfirmed — other Afghan residents described seeing only one shooter — and it was unclear whether extra troops had been sent to the village after the attack to catch the suspect.
    U.S. authorities, trying to squash such rumors, showed their Afghan counterparts a video of the lone soldier surrendering at the base after the massacre, according to the Associated Press.
    But Mohammed Wadi, a local farmer, said a relative who lost her husband in the shooting insisted there was more than one soldier.
    “She saw a couple of soldiers in her garden after one shooter entered her room, pushed her head to the floor and shot her husband,” he said.
    “The U.S. wants us to believe it’s one soldier, but the residents who were there during the night think they just want to downplay the massacre,” said Haji Akha Lalai Dastegiri, the head of the Provincial Council.
    For Haji Khan Akha, a tribal elder here, the shooting was the last straw. He said the time is now up for the United States.

    They all but give his name here and they also say there is video they won’t release. It may or may not show another shooter.

  15. As tragic as the Afghanistan debacle is, the goal of a stable, reasonably secular Afghanistan has always been secondary to the goal of creating a stable, more modern society in Pakistan with a secular, democratically elected government. While Al Quida committed the 9-11 terrorist attacks, everyone with a brain realized that Al Quida was merely a surrogate for the Taliban and that the Taliban was merely a surrogate for the
    Pakistani government that installed them in power. Transforming Pakistani society has always been the primary goal because unlike Afghanistan that never had the potential to develop nuclear weapons, Pakistan already had an arsenal of some 100 nukes with effective delivery systems on 9-11. The fact that nuclear armed Pakistan had acquiesced to the US destroying it’s puppet regime in Afghanistan within weeks of 9-11 and allowed it’s territory to be used for logistical support is nothing short of amazing. Even more amazing is that Pakistan’s Islamic dominated, military dictatorship consented to economic, social and political reforms in Pakistani society that culminated in General Musharif peacefully relinquishing power to a democratically elected, secular government. One can only imagine the conversations that President Bush had with the Pakistanis to convince, cajole or coerce them into submitting to these reforms. Undoubtedly; these conversations included threats to nuke Pakistan into the stone age. While President Obama’s unrelenting determination to undermine, humiliate and alienate Afghanistan’s Karzai has been a blunder of epic proportions, his determination to transform Pakistan from an uneasy ally into an enemy armed with a suddenly growing nuclear arsenal will be catastrophic.

  16. Liberals never make the difficult decisions about anything. Instead, they pretzel and misdirect trying desperately to justify indecision as to not be boxed in to a corner. Another Alinsky tactic, never hold a moral or solid position on anything, so it be used against you. This “indecision” causes many counties and their leaders to wobble in their faith that this president has their back if they take a stand. They typically don’t have the luxury of political “indecision”…

  17. The people who I feel sorry about through all of this are the women of Afghanistan. If the Taliban takes over completely again, there goes their right to live as a human being. If I were a woman there, I would be looking for a way to get out of there. The Taliban are nothing but evil.

    The incompetence of Obama is getting thousands of women killed.

  18. Last night I was at a charity function in San Antonio where the guests of honor were 6 Marines who had lost their legs in that hellhole . That their sacrifice will be for nothing thanks to this feckless little mutt is a disgrace . Nothing this country can do honors the sacrifice of these men but that it was all a part of a thoughtless political play is beyond appaling and in fact is beyond words ……

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