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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 15, 2012

10:55 am || Delivers remarks on energy; Prince George’s Community College, Md.
2:15 pm || Meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner
5:10 pm || Meets with senior advisers

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

30 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 15, 2012

    • I think that is where the majority of his base still is ~ with the young & inexperienced, who are having We The People lend them the money for their years in college, and who haven’t a clue as to what real life is all about. At the college where I teach, the vast majority of bumper stickers show support for Czippy in 2012.

  1. How many remarks on energy has he made in the last few weeks? Every other days he’s making another speech on energy. And he’s harassing the kids again. Guess he can’t handle talking to adults. He probably knows all koolaid-free adults would laugh at him and his pie in the sky algae ideas…

    • Al G. is great stuff….gives off CO2 when burned….gee, just like oil. According to the head of the Algal Biomass Organization algae fuel can reach price parity with oil in 2018 if granted production tax credits

      So, we’re got that to look forward to.

    • More importantly, how much energy is he WASTING by going to these places and speaking? How big was the motor pool – or did he go by helicopter? If he went by helicopter, how many cars were waiting to transport him to wherever he was speaking on campus?

        • Oh, that’s right, it’s not just his energy, but everyone else’s. I presume that means he took a motorcade. Thank God I live up in the Baltimore area and not DC.

  2. School yards and basketball courts = political child predator! He covers the 17-21 years olds and the wife covers the little ones – the innocents. If you ask me, they are both dangerous psychopaths – Mr. and Mrs. Hitler! The only difference is the color of their shirts. It’s a a wonder that certain members of Congress have not picked up on his aberrant behavior! It started 2 days after they moved into their new mansion – they showed up at an inner city first grade classroom and told the little 5 year olds that they had ‘escaped from the White House’! MOOshelle even told them how great the French fries were!

    Somthing is just not right here…to say the least!

    • you are 100% right about these 2 clowns they always prey on the young ones never the grown ups ,we see them for who they really our lying,socialist,thugs ,Chicago gangsters

  3. Keith, I so appreciated your article “I just can´t believe how our government has run amuck”. Thank you for posting that letter. Dear ” name withheld”, I so agree with you. I just couldn´t believe my eyes when I read about that trip and the costs. By the way, the news about the secrecy of the wine served at White House dinners ( the removal of the etiquettes ) made it to my morning paper over here and that is somewhat of a sensation. Slowly the picture of Obama is changing. I am doing my best to help.

  4. another hard day for the bum in charge would someone please ask this guy what he does all day long nothing ,I as a taxpayer demand my money back

  5. What to tired for the daily briefing? How will he know what’s going on? I guess if it’s not money or how wonderful he is he can’t be bothered. I mean
    Iran nuclear bombs no biggie but if I can squeeze a $1 out of a college kid
    that is more importat. Odd he wants to give them free pills but will go with a
    begging bowl? Must be to pay for MO’s new clothes gonna be a really big bowl.

  6. To all of the peoplewho write on here please ask Ron and Newt to drop out for the sake of the country I knowthat we would rather have either Mitt or Rick as our next President but by staying in the race only hurts us it does not help us weneed a man in the White House who will help not destroy us like Obozo does 24/7 get out talk to people and fight for this very very critical election Deniro1111

    • Yeah–it’s enervating, not energizing. The tired old Straw Man–if you still have a car it means you are against windmills or solar or God forbid, algae…why oh why can’t it be all….IT CAN! IF someone can make money doing it! But you can’t price gas away from everyone with no viable alternatives for them to get!

      • I saw an SUV this afternoon (and not a hybrid one), with bumper stickers letting you know the kids in the family go to the Montgomery County expensive private school that is a sister-school to Sidwell Friends in DC (no need to tell you who goes there!) The car sported a sign letting you know they were opposed to fracking for oil & gas. Wish I’d been able to take a picture of the hypocrisy.

  7. why is it that he always goes to a community college mostly with blacks this one is 73% balck 10 % Asain and 8% white what tghe hell is going on here people.

  8. obozo has offended all 1.8 Billion christians world wide hes a muslim thats what he does besthes no good a low life and a hater of God