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Four Million Fewer Covered at Work Under Obamacare

A new report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office states that by 2016, Obamacare will result in 4 million people fewer people getting health insurance coverage from their employers.

The estimate is a vast increase from the CBO prediction just a year ago that 1 million would no longer obtain coverage from their employers. And it raises substantial questions about the veracity of one of Obama’s key pledges in selling the health care law – that everyone who wants to keep their current health insurance plan and doctor could do it.

It’s not clear how many of the 4 million would be forced out as a result of employers dropping coverage. But it can be assumed that many will indeed lose their insurance and have to seek it elsewhere, since few people would seem likely to intentionally abandon coverage provided by an employer.

And many employers have already indicated that they would rather drop coverage and incur fees from the government than continue to provide it.

According to a survey published last summer by the Towers Watson consulting firm, almost one in ten medium to large size employers said they are likely or very likely to end health benefits for their workers.

During the debate over the health care law, Obama repeatedly and emphatically asserted everyone would be able to keep their current insurance if they wanted, even suggesting those who said otherwise were not telling the truth. Here’s an example.

The CBO also projects that 2 million fewer uninsured will gain insurance under the law than previously thought, with the total uninsured population declining by 30 million instead of 32 million.

While the law increases the number of people with health insurance, it does not provide for universal insurance. Instead, the number of non-elderly legal residents with insurance will rise from 82 percent in 2012 to 93 percent in 2022.

110 thoughts on “Four Million Fewer Covered at Work Under Obamacare”

  1. Is anyone surprised? Just another lie to add to the plethora of lies this administration has made. More anti-Obama campaign fodder.

    1. That pretty much sums up Obama and the Democrats, lies on top of more lies and never saying what they really mean. The dumb masses and the media eat this up. I can’t stands no more!

    2. Once your trained to lie it is difficult to change . . .

      Dear Mr. Obama,

      It occurs to me that you one of your major malfunctions in life is that you were not raised as an American. You were raised as Anti-American. It all goes back to your childhood; much has been written about it, and it is not necessary for me to recant how you relish being a street kid in indonesia learning the koran. Or how you spent years listening to Reverend Wright spew his hate fueled sermons. Frankly sir, I really don’t care about you, or your small, and insignificant life. I really only care about the American lives you are destroying in pursuit of the green or red liberal unicorn. Instead I’d like to discuss with you a problem you have with lying, cheating, and stealing. When I was a boy I had similar problems, I always say my mother hit me because she was drunk, my father hit me because I deserved it. One of the methods that was deployed to give me something called character was not just the sift whack to the backside, but the bedtime story.

      How to Behave and Why by Muro Leaf was the story among others that were read to me in order to instill some sense of a moral compass. The book is broken into five parts that discuss the following words: HONEST, FAIR, STRONG, WISE and finally a discussion of why all of this is so important to leading a good life. That is, if all of us aspire to those standards peace and comity would the norm, and strife and struggle would be the exception, and further we all would create excess capacity to help those souls who legitimately require our compassion. Being that you lie with such mellifluous ease one example from the book I think you can benefit from immediately is the discussion on lying; “Only a dope would tell a lie. One of the quickest ways to lose your friends(voters?) and to make people dislike you is to lie.”

      Maybe if you started to tell the truth your poll numbers would start going up?

      In closing you might consider buying a copy and reading it to your children, maybe some of it will rub off on you. Considering the lies you told during your speech in a Wisconsin battery factory you could certainly use a refresher course on the truth. You know what Mr. Obama, it is one thing to lie to your “believers” it is quite another to play your tune to families that are relying on the truth to feed, and protect their families.

      That is wrong, and I will not stand for it, nor will my fellow citizens on November 6, 2012.


      Joe Doakes

      1. lol, way to spread the ignorance about a fellow citizen. Just beacuse you don’t agree with someone does not make them a Muslim or anti-American. Honestly, you come across as idiotic and petty.

  2. Do you know?
    The Democrat party in Illinois, Cook County and Chicago illegally share citizen voting records with the Unions. This is known among the rank and file and is used by the Unions to intimidate the rank and file to vote Democrat or risk job security. It’s the Chicago way.

    Now the media would rather crucify a soldier and protect Holder and Obama for selling guns to terrorists than investigate and prosecute the Democrat party and the Unions for voter intimidation, fraud and general corruption, Obama’s next 5 Star General.

  3. Captain Chaos . . .

    September 7, 2010

    Dear Captain Chaos AKA President Barrack Obama,

    Reading your last economic address reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Cannonball Run. In this movie, a merry band of lead foot drivers blast from one coast to the other wreaking havoc upon the nations roads; kind of like liberal democrats and the body politic. Back to Captain Chaos. This fellow had a mental disorder that he would soothe by putting on a costume and taking on a presumably difficult task. Thus, I crown you, Captain Chaos. The honor comes with a cape, funky boots, and of course a speedo. I recommend you only wear the speedo in private, as it may make a NY Times reporter pass out and the rest of us puke. So the next time you are going to deliver a speech that frankly no one cares a lick about, just step up to the microphone and scream out, “Captain Chaos to the rescue!” At which point the citizens of this great nation will then be on notice to take cover, and use extreme caution.

    Let’s take the healthcare bill that my representative John Hall voted in favor of. This is one piece of legislated chaos an order of magnitude higher that would make a Nazi proud. We don’t need death camps, we need chaos and confusion, as doctors and patients wait to die, or die from waiting, a unionized bureaucrat will be there with form 42-B to inform the concurrent parties that the Tylenol that is so desperately needed will not be available until next weeks allocation comes through the factory – which is on strike because the unions think they are underpaid, and the lawyer that is needed to fill out the waiver for the Tylenol is on sabbatical studying yoga. Cogito ergo sum Chaos!

    Now let’s take financial reform. I have been investing and dealing with money in a mostly responsible way my whole life. Like most people I strive to learn from my mistakes. Like that first year at ASU, that should have been my first year in the Air Force, when that broad in the tight t-shirt, with Citibank emblazoned across you know what, asked me if I wanted a credit card, I said “how many can I get?” I promptly used that card to buy everything I was not supposed to. I made the monthly minimums on time and in cash with the odd jobs I picked up while at school. By the time the summer rolled around I was doing three to four jobs to cover the bill, but I did it. Is the Congress and are you, Mr. Obama, telling me that grown people are incapable of understanding that they are going to have to pay for what they buy, and if they don’t they will be charged interest. Are you all nuts? Don’t answer that. I know the answer. Recently you signed the Financial Regulatory Reform Act, that would among other nasty things, increase the minutia that a borrower would be faced with and create a higher burden for the companies to raise rates on borrowers; in short you are treating adults like children, and this will only lead to more chaos, and not to mention less credit.

    You see Captain Chaos Obama, We The People, get to vote last, while you get to bully us when ever you desire with or without the cape and the funky boots. I am well aware that your ilk has been maneuvering in chaotic fashion to make each vote not about forming a more perfect union, but about administering to the government induced chaos; and the last election, like trained seals, people voted for Democrats, wrongly thinking that they are better at managing the chaos. We The People, are coming to the conclusion that the ordered chaos that evolves out of the free market is far more desirable than the one that the federal government manufactures, with the willing help of unions, via pitting one economic class, or one race against another. We The People are coming to the conclusion that we would rather have a hospital room and insurance at some price, than none at any price, we would rather have a seat on a flight at some price than none at any price, we would rather have a Big Mac at some price than none at any price, we would rather have credit at some price than none at any price; and so on for everything we rely on to lead our modern, and productive lives.

    On November 6, 2012 – we will be choosing a new President that understand all of this and is willing to represent these convictions with authority.


    Joe Doakes

  4. As I have said before SolyndraCare was passed and will say again now, when Mr. Solyndra’s lips are moving you know he is telling another lie.

  5. My husband works for one of the biggest insurance companies in America – of course they would drop private coverage! It just makes good business sense. My work will be forced out as they have a medical savings plan that is already being closed down. This is horrendous and I knew it from day one.

    1. I believe that the plan is as follows: Entice employers to drop their plans because the “penalty” will be lower than the current cost. Then, once the market has cleared–in other words when all the employers who are going to drop coverage have done so, the penalty will be massively increased. But by then, the private insurers will have had to raise their rates so high because of pool shrinkage, people won’t be able to go back and will be stuck with the gov coverage.

      1. I think you are correct. Seems unconstitutional to have to pay a fine for not doing what the gov’t tell you to when running your business.

        We need to re-ignite the furor over Obamacare.

  6. Insurance companies have also dropped private coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. They used to put a rider on them for a period of time (6 mos to a year) before they’d cover the condition. Now, they deny coverage altogether and refer them to the new Obamacare mandated gov’t insurance.

    I know, because it just happened to my husband, who has a minor health condition. He’s been dropped and denied coverage by two insurers in a row, and referred to the new gov’t plan. We checked it out, and guess what? It’s much cheaper and provides better coverage than the private plans. Wow, how do they do it? With tax-payer dollars, of course. YOU are now paying for my husband’s health care – despite the fact that we can afford and would rather have private insurance. But we have no CHOICE. Wasn’t Obamacare about providing CHOICE? Yeah right, “no one will be forced to drop their existing insurance.” Bull!

    But this was the Obamacare plan all along, to get socialized medicine in the back door by encouraging employers and insurers to drop people. And it’s working exactly as planned. At the cost of trillions to all of us!

    1. And actually I don’t think health insurance should be attached to jobs – but not because I want socialized medicine! Rather because it creates an uneven playing field between people who have traditional jobs and those who don’t, and limits competition between insurers (they get monopolies over entire workforces). We should disconnect it from jobs to level the playing field, and create a truly free and competitive market for health insurance with a wide variety of options based on real consumer demand.

      1. It’s not connected to jobs. It’s a perk some employers offer to be competitive in the market place. see job market go down see employers drop ins.. Btw under Obamacare persisting conditions cannot preclude you from being covered.

        1. “…under Obamacare persisting conditions cannot preclude you from being covered.”

          And you believe that because Odumbo told you? Sorry bud, Theo has more credibility than Odumbo.

  7. Surprise surprise…Obama lied again. I’d say ‘told ya so’ to all my liberal friends but we’ve suffered so much under his suppression there is no joy in being right about his intentions.

    I still have confidence in the American people to do the right thing and toss this lying sack to the curb in November. Our freedom and liberty depend on it. Even a few of the Hollywood elites are seeing the light and speaking out about the fraud and failure in the WH.

  8. So why are we supposed to trust the new “revised” estimate for Obamacare? Why are we supposed to trust that this new entitlement will not also become a slush fund to grease the palms of White House cronies? Why are we supposed to believe that the health of Americans will be any better? Why are we supposed to believe that R&D for cures, wellness and drugs will continue at current levels? Why are we supposed to believe that the “Independent” Payment Advisory Board will not deem some lives “not worth” saving? Are we supposed to believe all this just because the “regressive” Demwits and the feckless Republicans in Washington say so? Haven’t we all had enough of these elites taking over our lives… one right after another? Wake up, America!

  9. Don`t know why everyone is upset at 4 million without coverage when they were told from the offset that the 1m figure was bogus. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that private Ins would be to expensive for company`s to provide to employees and they would be forced to go to Obamacare. Wait until the public see`s how much Obamacare will cost folks, you have not seen anything yet this whole process is a Democrat Boondoggle of the highest order but, this is what the Democrats said America wanted (don`t you just love that saying) and after all Botox Pelosi told us we had to wait and read the bill to see what was in it. I guess we are finding out slowly and the healthcare law has not even been implemented yet.

  10. President Obama does NOT want employers providing health care coverage. It’s clear from Obamacare. It’s clear from the fact that he’s trying to force the Catholic Church to cover birth control and abortion (the alternative is to stop offering health care to their employees).

    President Obama wants the government to be in charge of all health care, plain and simple.

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  12. Not only will employers begin to drop insurance coverage as part of an employee’s compensation package once Obamacare is fully implemented, but I would also expect to see employers that decide to keep insurance available to their employee begin to fire employees with chronic health problems.

    Twenty some years ago, my late mother was tasked with finding a new insurance plan for the company she worked for. Over the six month period that she was in contact with various insurers she learned that insurance rates for group coverage were based partly on the number and types of claims the employees had filed. Since the median age of this company’s work force was 50 something, the claims were starting to get expensive (the majority of the work force had been there since the company had started 25 years earlier).

    After she had crunched the numbers and presented to the figures to her boss, the president of the company, he told her that it would be cheaper to give everyone a ten percent pay raise and drop insurance coverage all together. They eventually did settle on an insurer, but the employee part of the plan, along with co-pays and other deductibles nearly tripled. Yes, the employees had insurance, but they were paying a lot more for coverage.

    With Obamacare, employers will have to chose between keeping insurance as part of their compensation plan, or dropping insurance and paying the fines. As with the example above, group insurance rates are based partly off the exposure that the insurer has to high cost claims. It only makes business sense for a company that wants to keep insurance for their employees to eliminate those that would expose their insurance carrier to high cost claims and liability.

    I know that there are those that will say that it would make no sense for a company to fire older, experienced workers to save money on insurance rates, but with the job market the way it currently is, terminating a 50+ year old employee that is pulling in $45K p/yr and hiring a 20 something, recent college grad willing to work for $30K p/yr makes a lot of sense. You cut your labor cost dramatically, and you also save yourself the exposure of high insurance claims costs, thus saving even more money in reduced insurance premiums.

    The intended and unintended consequences of this badly written, over reaching, unconstitutional law will have a much greater affect on the economy than just who is and isn’t covered by an employer’s insurance plan.

  13. This morning I started thinking of the tirade that “Reverend” Wright when into in his “church:” in 2003, asking God to damn the United States of KKK.

    Please watch the short video below, paying particular attention to the reference to “they”, who are apparently some evil segment of our society out to do harm to every one else, and then see if you can clear up a few things for me, concerning this tirade:

    Wright constantly refers to “they” in his tirade, but does not specify who “they” are. Could it be the Mexicans, Vietnamese, Chinese, American Indians, or maybe even the white people? He seems to have a strong hatred for these people, whoever “they” are, to the point of being prejudiced against them. His cheering mob apparently has the same hatred for this group, judging from the reaction they showed to what he said.

    If a person sat in this “church” for like maybe 20 years listening to this hate speech, and later became president of the United States, would it be a stretch to assume that he still hated this group. I have always thought that the President was supposed to be the President of all the people, but if he hated a certain group of the society, could he be expected to give them the same treatment as other people, would he nominate anyone from this group to the Supreme Court, or his cabinet, and if he wished for God to damn the United States of America, could he be expected to act in the best interest of the country?

    I Spent 22 years in the military trying to do my small part to keep the Soviet Union from changing our country into a Communist Dictatorship, but now I see far more danger from Barrack Hussein Obama’s redistribution of wealth to his entitlement society than I ever saw from the Soviets.

    1. It’s principally white people. Wright embraces Critical Race Theory, which holds that our Constitution is inherently racist and so are whites, so the Constitution should be overthrown and laws rewritten to benefit blacks at the expense of whites, to right the injustices of racism. It’s not about real equality, but about turning the tables so blacks are ahead of whites. Not all blacks embrace it, fortunately, as it’s really racist and inflammatory and the last thing we need is a race war, but I think that’s one of the forces at work in the White House, the DOJ, Acorn, and a lot of other garbage going on.

  14. Anyone surprised? Didn’t we all see this coming? At present course, we are doomed.

    ObamaCare MUST BE REPEALED! All 2000 plus pages must be burned…the ashes scattered to the four corners, the ground salted and turned under.

    That said…EVERYONE QUICK!!! Rally behind the original architect of ObamaCare…the proud (and still defending it this very week…”Fact Check said its working in Massachusetts!”) author of RomneyCare!!! What could go wrong with supporting THAT guy!?!

    If Obama gets re-elected we race to Socialism; with Obamney we trot towards it. 70 percent of Alabamans and Mississippians “got” that over the last few weeks, and they showed it by voting yesterday.

    1. When my Uncle contracted AID’s my old man and the doctor worked creatively to get him treated.

      If you did that with the feds they would put you in jail and my uncle would have died much sooner. My Uncle was a good man and my father and those doctors did the right thing.

      Tell me again that private insurance is bad?

    2. Linked to Drudge, and the trolls will come out today. While not trying to flame, I will refer to the unknown writer who once said, “Profanity is the last refuge of the truly ignorant.” DB, while you may have your opinion and hold to it passionately, civil discourse, as touted by the liberal leader, is something the majority of those who read and post here try to maintain.

      Please remember what Progressive in Chief has oft times said, that this kind of language has no place in civil discourse.

  15. I really hope this letter makes it to Obama’s desk, Susan! I have my doubts, however, since he is rarely in his office.

    These are powerful words from a powerful member of the Hollywood elite – and I don’t believe he needs to worry about being black-listed!

    Andrew has left the battlefield, but his army lives on! Pass this letter on! It’s magnificent!

    1. “Andrew has left the battlefield, but his army lives on!”

      Keep marching sister . . .


      Liberty, like life, is fragile . . .

      March 1, 2012

      Dear President Obama,

      I’m still here. Conservatism is still here. Waiting to rescue a dieing nation; if not a world. Mr. Breitbart is making that last and final journey. His family and loved ones will endure. His cause, our cause, will carry on. I’ve born witness to an awful lot of death. One of the curses of being the youngest is bearing the solemn responsibility of burying everyone. I sometime think I should have been born with a shovel; but a man does what he is supposed to do, and he isn’t supposed to cry about it, he supposed to do it.

      When my parents got divorced I was fortunate enough to have Grandparents who survived the Great Depression and fought World War 2. So when my old mans life fell apart, I had a safe place to go. I learned from my Grandparents, and my father, how a man, should act when under extreme pressure. How a father should behave. How a husband should meet his obligation to his wife. Husbands and wives, fathers, and sons, often have disagreements, but if one keeps their priorities straight those disagreements are actually very small. One of the reasons I trust Mr. Santorum is because he lost a child. My wife and I lost a child. In a similar way that Mr. Santorum did. No amount of liberal destruction will break that bond.

      When I reflect on all we have lost. I’m comforted to know that life like liberty is fragile; yet, It carries on, it endures, because of the work of people like Mr. Andrew Breitbart. A good man. A kind soul. A human being that one day decided to defend that spark of liberty that men like George Washington fought for and defended to the utmost when they were one of it’s first guardians. Mr. Obama those of your ilk wish men and women that disagree with you ill. They even joke about it in the most vile of ways. But the fate of this nation, and the world at large, is no joking matter. Every day you serve this nation as President you further imperil that spark of liberty at home and abroad.

      I want every one I disagree with on the left to live long and prosperous lives. I want them to find peace in life. I want them to be free to pursue what ever makes them happy; even if it is fornicating with a piece of polypropylene wrapped around their schlong. If they want to marry a similar sex or even their favorite pet. If they want to consume copious amounts of ganja. If they want to worship their favorite tree as a God in the public square. If they want to do all of this and more I want the 50 States to set the ground rules for it. I want the federal government out of it. I want the federal governments books to be on a path of fiscal sanity, not some invention in Ben Bernanke’s and your mind, I want this nation defended without remorse, I want a fragile thing like liberty guarded with every beating heart in this nation, so when one stops, one can stand up to defend it.

      Mr. Breitbart and George Washington would expect nothing less. Who am I to let them down?


      Joe Doakes

  16. @Edward Booothe
    “I have always thought that the President was supposed to be the President of all the people, but if he hated a certain group of the society, could he be expected to give them the same treatment as other people,”

    It never occurred to me before, but the partisan/racial divide brought on by this President is so deep – I wonder if it will affect ObamaCare! He once told the Latinos to ‘punish their enemies’ at the voting both – is he going to punish HIS enemies at the doctor’s office? Will Republicans be denied treatment or put on the bottom of the wait list? Will voter registration cards become part of our medical records? Nothing would surprise me!

    1. It is hard to imagine what is in store for this country, but it appears to be in the throes of death to me. We may get a reprieve, if we get Obama out of office in 2012, but the life of a democracy is 200 years and we have already gone past that by 36 years. It will probably become a Communist Dictatorship, if Obama has his way, or a Military Dictatorship if the top generals in the military won’t go along with it. God help our children and grandchildren.

    1. Just wait until the Obamacare taxes, the largest tax hike in American history, take effect on January 1, 2013. We need to pull Obamacare up from the roots and lay a heavy dose of weed killer on this socialistic threat to our freedom and liberty.

      The Obamacare time bomb is ticking…
      2.3% federal excise tax on medical device revenue which will be passed to the patient.
      3.8% surtax on capital gains and dividend income.
      3.8% Medicare payroll tax increase on all wages and profits over $200K.
      Health savings accounts will be limited and can no longer be used to purchase over the counter meds.

      These tax increases, along with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, will push the economy over the edge. Repeal of Obamacare is the most critically important factor in this election.

    1. I visualize us as pills on one of those pharmacy trays–being flicked into a bottle and counted–all going eventually into the govt-dictated insurance bottle…flick, flick…one, two, three… Heaven knows what weird world us Medicare people will be when they hack off the money they are going to cut there–or did they already? I can’t keep up.

      1. As for “you can keep your doctorr”–remember how the docs would just yank tonsils to get more money, etc. This man has no idea how this works and has never laid eyes on an EOB, I am willing to bet.

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  19. At the end of this year, I will be dropping my insurance coverage that is provided through my employer. Two years ago, my annual deductible was $400 ($800 for family). Today, it is $2500.00. They have switched us to a Healthcare Savings account (with annual contributions) that is great for a healthy 20-year old (funds not used can be carried over to the next year, thus building year to year), but is absolutely horrendous for someone like me who is a diabetic and must take several medications. I have already used up the $750 annual contribution to my HSA, so all doctor visits and meds for the remainder of the year come out of my pocket until I reach the deductible. 0bamacare has been veddy, veddy good to me.

  20. Why yes, thank you Barack. As our employee insurance encreased some 32% in the last three years 129 employees and their families are now without healthcare. Obama, you have 9 months.

    1. In the past I was able to carry a bare bones catastrophic coverage policy for myself and Cadillac full coverage for my young child.

      As a result of Obamacare I now have to carry the same coverage as my child. What cost a little over 200 a month before now costs almost 400. As a single father that hurts financially.

      Just say no to Obama in 2012. We need our country back


    1. “We must eliminate “Obamacare!”

      February 22, 2022

      Dear President Obama,

      Apparently I was wrong. I had thought many years ago that this nation had had enough. I often thought that as an individual would at some point hit bottom we as a society would do something similar, and then collectively say enough. Enough of spending money on those with two good hands and two good legs. Enough of spending money on a ponzi scheme like social security. Enough of having the government relieve citizens of their responsibilities to their children or their parents. Enough of moving our faith from God to government. Enough with fighting for the same muslim/arab coin. Enough of calling each other racists, and buying into the notion of rich verse poor, and poor verse rich; depending on the argument to be made. Enough never happened. And now since elections don’t matter any more. Now there is not enough to go around, and I can hear the call to prayer from my bedroom window. So much for the separation of Church and State, I guess that only applies to Jews and Christians.

      Not enough food. Not enough fuel. Not enough doctors. Not enough nurses. Not enough medical care. Not enough hospital beds. Not enough housing. Not enough religious freedom. Not enough free speech. Not enough of anything. All we had to do was sign away our freedom and make you and your fellow liberal democrats and RINO Republicans in charge for life and you promised us we would have enough. Now we have lost our freedom and you people are unable to keep your promises to us. Where do we go now? Whom do we elect? Who can we sue? Who should we hold responsible for such a criminal act as destroying the last bastion of freedom on the face of the Earth? Even if we could what should be the penalty?

      Now that elections are about what party is going to try to get more from the rich, a diminishing supply of rich people considering we are running low on them since you passed that 99% tax rate, we are faced with what happens at the end of the road. A dark destination where we have run out of other peoples money and now we must eat each other financially to live. No matter! We will learn to live with less. We will learn to eat less we will learn to live without children and families! We will have more abortions. We must! If that State is to survive and you to remain dictator over it we must sacrifice.
      We must beat the global warming hoax with another version of the electric car!

      On November 6, 2012 . . . we will put an end to this before it has a chance at beginning.

      “We The People” have had enough.


      Citizen 86985326 (Formerly known as Joe Doakes)

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  23. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels

  24. Has it not become obvious that this is the plan? Why would a business continue to offer coverage when the government plan undercuts the costs of a private company? The result is less private coverage and more enrollment in the government plan to the point of eliminating all private coverage. This was never about healthcare at all. This has always been about controlling peoples lives via the avenue of health issues. Everything predicted about this ‘plan’ and slandered as being ‘crazy’ has so far been proven true. Obamacare isn’t about care, its about power.

  25. Just another way for Obama to crap on the working man or woman. If you work, Obama does not want your company to pay your medical insurance anymore, because Obama wants to own you and your healthcare. He wants you to have to answer to him or to the government. He does not care about your healthcare, period. Obamacare is all about government control of our lives. All Obama wants is to own the Unites States under the cover of taking care of the little man. Obama has pissed on all Americans that have ever worked for a living. Obama hates people that work and that are self sufficient, because he is doing everything he can to destroy American companies and is trying to make our cost of living unbearable through regulations or higer and higer costs like gasoline, health insurance premiums, food, increase taxes, etc.

  26. How can this number be so low…The entire STATE of Nevada has a waiver, the entire county of San Francisco has a waiver… there must be that many uninsured just in those two places…

  27. So in other words, 10% of the people that actually work now no longer have insurance…all so the illegals and the lazy ones can get it for free!

    Only in America!

  28. There’s no reason to be mad at the legislation, rather, if you want to direct your anger someplace than direct it at the employer’s who are using employee healthcare as a bargaining chip against politics they don’t support. That has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with employer’s treating their workers even more poorly than they have in the past.

    The article says it clear as day that employers would rather take fines than continue paying for their employees coverage exactly as they are doing right now. Call it a conspiracy, call it what you want, the fact of the matter is that it is inexcusable for employers to take out their manufactured anger on the employee.

    1. Stop reflecting. It has EVERYTHING to do with Obama. Do you not remember all the turmoil during the almost 2 years these totalitarians fought over passing Obamacare through congress by hook or by crook? We The People fought Obamacare tooth and nail with protests and phone calls and letters to our representatives. They all fell on deaf ears. Many patriot TEA Partiers are small business owners who knew Obamacare would accomplish nothing but the theft of our freedom and liberty. Obamacare and all the collateral damage it is causing this society is the sole responsibility of Obama and his fellow Marxists.

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  30. My health insurance just went up substantially, and the reason given was because insurance companies no longer can have caps. Imagine that, when the expense of providing insurance goes up, so do the rates. Who could possibly have figured that out ahead of time. Guess they will go up again next year since the moron-in-chief has decided that birth control has to be free. Someone will have to pay for it….

    What a bunch of morons Obama and his cronies are. They are only surpassed by the idiots that believed them and voted for them.

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  33. Hope and Change Economic Depression

    2007 – $20 a month for Healthcare at employer, $10 prescription and doctor visit deductible.

    2010 – Obamacare is shoved down the throat of USA.

    2011 – Same employer – I’m now paying $150 a month for and prescription and doctor visit deductible goes up from $10 to $30.

    2012 – Same employer, notified that Healthcare will go up, again, to $240 a month prescription and doctor visit deductible will go up to $40.

    Welcome to the Hope & Change under King Hussein Obama…

  34. “Those who want to keep their current insurance can” … is about the same as the Whitehouse saying “those who want to fly can” … both statements are true in the sense that the government is not going tell anyone they can’t fly or that they have to change insurance … but they also are going to do anything to ensure people’s current insurance continues to exist. …so in reality, many people will lose their current insurance because their employers choose not to offer that option.

  35. I can tell everyone here what Oblowcare has done for me.
    Prior to this non-joke my work provided insurance was not so bad, basic package and was happy enough with it. After this came in to law, my employer, a multi-state one at that changed the provider, the result of that is I now pay more per pay period, OK I could live with that, but at the same time the coverage went down, not so good. Then the kicker is now I do not have the $25.00 doctor visit co-pay… Yes NOW I have to pay in the range of $150.00 just to have the most basic of wellness visits, that combined with the fact that my once separate dental was combined and it also is covered in that fashion. So now I must pay out of pocket until my what normally been the hospital stay deductible has been met, and that went up as well, to stay out of the hospital.. And heck while I am on this rant I may as well mention due to the wonderful Obumbles economy I have been reduced to the min. hours to qualify as a full time employee.
    Thank You President ZERO

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