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“I Just Can’t Believe How Our Government Has Run Amuck”

I thought I’d share this email I got from a reader about President Obama’s decision to hop aboard Air Force One Tuesday and fly out to Dayton, Ohio with British Prime Minister David Cameron to check out a basketball game.

I can’t fathom what the president, who has done nothing serious to dislodge us from the precipice of budgetary disaster, was thinking when he decided to waste so much money.

Oh, actually, I know what he was thinking. He was thinking, “I’d like to see an NCAA tournament game.”

Anyway, this reader offered up such a raw, on-point, and well put critique that I thought I’d share it with you.

I felt that I really wanted to give him an outlet for his frustration. I noted that there was nothing malicious about what he wrote. It was just a cry of genuine grief.

Have a look. And I hope a White House that is so out of touch that it would dare pull this kind of stunt gets a look at it too.

Dear Mr. Koffler,

Am I the only one who has a problem with the President spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money for all his travel expenses to go to a college basketball game in Dayton Ohio?

While millions of Americans like me are struggling to fill our tanks and just make ends meet.

He talks fiscal responsibility and all that, but his actions speak louder than his empty words. He can’t get out of the White House fast enough for me. I’m not crazy about the Republican choices either. What a mess.

I just can’t believe how our Government has run amuck. It seems they are out of control and we can’t do anything about it.

Anyway, after filling up my car today at $3.90 a gallon, then I heard the Prez was flying to Dayton to watch a basketball game  on my tax dollar I had to say something, for what it’s worth. I wish people like me could actually tell these fuzzy big wigs to knock it off and they actually would.


Name Withheld


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  1. And does anyone doubt that he took along his British visitor to justify going to the game as a cool diplomatic feat?

    But we all know that he just wanted to see the game.

    • Nobody wanted to see that game which wasn’t really a March Madness game. Just two lousy teams in the First Four who get a chance to lose to a better team eventually. Why would he take Cameron to such a nothing game? I guess that was only game available in the afternoon. No one one even saw his half time interview with Clark Kellogg. I watched it and it was a yawn.

      I’m not sure what the reaction to his Barack-otology is. It was SOS. He obviously watches a LOT of basketball in his spare time.

    • I heard a clip of the radio of an interview with Cameron, who stated when he was asked what he thought about the game that it was a FAST AND FURIOUS game.

  2. We all feel that way in one form or another. The only positive thing is that we CAN do something about it; we started the change in 2010 and hopefully will continue until we chang the face (and faces) of Washington.

    Part of the reason we get so frustrated is that the Media has sold their souls to the progressive leftists and provide cover for those who do the most harm to our country. Without a free and impartial Press who have access to places and people that are in power, we only hear a shameful echo of lies, distortions, and the sound of silence.

  3. I agree with “name withheld” as I am still ticked off about it. I watched those games and the network carrying the games couldn’t show Barry enough. They stopped the post game analysis just to show him leaving. I don’t recall this much coverage for any prez at any sporting event before. He wanted a hotdog and watch a game but he couldn’t find one closer than Dayton. November 6th folks. November 6th.

  4. Thanks for the posting the letter, Keith. Your reader is not the only one with a problem about last night. My jaw is still lying on the floor!

    I hope David Cameron realizes that he was used as a campaign prop in one of the most vulgar displays of taxpayer fraud committed by a crazed megalomaniac!

    What makes matters worse is the fact that this egomaniac couldn’t stop talking about it at the presser! He said something about wanting to do something off the beaten track. Surely, he could have found something to do in the neighborhood – maybe 5 Guys burger or Domino’s Pizza. As we all know, Obama is not much for the rich cultural environment of Washington – it’s all about Black hip hop culture.

    The only thing this guy is good for is spending other people’s money – lots of it! Congress needs to put a stop to it…and we need to throw both of them to the curb! What chutzpah!

  5. Dear Name Withheld,

    No. You are not alone in your thoughts/observations/disgust. Your voice adds to the chorus that regularly show up here and other sites. We are also “miffed” [read: really PO’d] with the current POTUS and not ginned-up about GOP choices either. If you go to Bookwormroom, you’ll find that my observations mirror yours.

    Too many cooks spoil the broth — by guest blogger Sadie

  6. The narcissist in him never gave it a second thought and his minions couldn’t bring themselves to tell him this might not look good to the struggling citizenry.

  7. It has to start with our local elections. In November don’t just vote for the republican president, vote for republican city councelors and mayors and dog catcher. I don’t care it the democrat on the ballot is your neighbor and is a really nice guy who lent you his lawn mower once. Vote them ALL out and replace them with people who actually care about us, this country and the constitution. The local guys are the ones that move on to the state legislatures and then national. We need more batters in our bullpen.

    • Hear, hear!
      I saw a sign today that said, “Women bring all politicians into the world. In 2012, women can also take them out!”

      • Robin, You are so right about change starting locally. Also be sure to vote in every single local election, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Love that sign pianogirl88. That is one slogan I can relate with…

        • Thanks, Susan. I keep trying here in Montgomery County, MD, but there is not one member of our county council who is not a liberal democrat. It gets really discouraging. And this area is a hotbed of illegal “guests” in the county.

    • I agree. In my state . . . we might have a chance to get a GOP governor this next election. Right now, the GOP is leading the Dem in double digits so here is hoping. In my state, though, we have had to deal with ACORN a lot longer than most of you. They started their fraud in our state in 2000. We still can’t get some of those people out of office.

  8. Keith,

    Grow up. Did you ever think if you were from England and were visiting the US that Dayton Ohio wouldn’t be one of the great american cities you’d want to visit?

  9. This is really simply explained. BHO was the issue of a union between two irresponsible people. One need only read the information about either of his parents to realize this. He was raised accordingly.
    He entered a social system which catered to people of his background strictly because of his background. He was never made to demonstrate any skill or aptitude and advanced with constant encouragement, but without achieving any demonstrable ability to interact or be responsible for his behavior. He readily advanced based on his racial, however mixed, parentage. There was never any accountability.
    He gained access to higher learning without any qualification, all the way to law school, without a trace.
    He continued and as an Illinois legislator voted present, neither yea nor nay, on nearly every issue; a behavior he continued in his first term as an U.S. senator, without a trace.
    He has never had to be responsible because the American government has created, perpetuated and with unbelievable amounts of money, sustained a permanent class of underachievers who have access to all of the best opportunities and none of the obligations.
    BHO is the perfect “America, you owe me. I came here as a slave. My people survived and prospered. They gave us Booker T. Washington and Fredrick Douglas, etc.
    The problem is BHO has no claim to slavish historicity. His mother was white; his father of African background; Kenyan, specifically. He may be African-American in the truest sense as he is issue of a white female and a black African male. There is no evidence to suggest he has any lineage pertaining to actual slaves from Africa. He may want to make a deal with some of the muslims slavers in the various African nations in which they still operate, but BHO really needs to remove his blinders and walk into the daylight of reality.
    His protestations about lack of opportunity for people who should be awarded results because they weren’t male or white based solely on their race or sex falls on dead ears of people whose achievement meant nothing because they were white or male.
    Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Drs. Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, Herman Cain and Larry Elder,m put this this non-acheving nonentity to shame.
    BHO has no shame. The trouble is, neither does America!
    Kiss us good bye! The bottom layer of society, with no responsibility, put the top scum in authority. Good bye, America!

    • Allow me to add this opinion:
      BarackObama is not “African-American” as the term is used by American born Blacks who don’t know which African country their ancestors called their homeland.
      BarackObama is a Kenyan-American because his father was a citizen on Kenya.

      I’m not a European-American, I know what country my ancestors called their homeland.

      • Yes, BUT “African-Americans for Obama” need to know he is one of them. That he is a victim of the same oppressive, racial, slave history.

        People of mixed race “should” be the future. Moving forward, blending. A shared history, etc.

        Obama doesn’t acknowledge his mixed heredity because it doesn’t benefit him politically.

  10. Remember when the Obamas took their excursion to Copenhagen to try to intimidate the International Olympics Committee to choose Chicago for the next Olympics game? Judicial Watch launched an investigation into how much this cost the American taxpayers. It took two years to receive the information from the DOD (stonewalling and obfuscating is normal for the “most transparent and honest administration in history”).

    Expenses for this trip exceeded $476,175 and this number doesn’t cover the in-flight costs associated with the two Boeing 747s and several Air Force cargo planes-which were not made available to Judicial Watch.

    Here is a breakdown of the known costs of this trip:

    $235,659 – hotel rental for seven “offices”, plus transportation and communications

    $33,044-cost of extra day in hotel (Oct. 3, 2009)

    $129,276 – travel vouchers for hotel, mileage, reimbursed expenses, and flight costs for persons attending

    $69,196 – flight costs for the press

  11. I read somewhere that White House toilet paper was purchased at $9.95 a roll. Which means each time Dear Leader has a bowel movement, you the tax payer subsidize it.

    In a lighter moment, Mr. Carney stated today: “Mr. and Mrs. Obama want you to know that although the price may be high, starting next week, citizens may line up outside the West Wing and a lottery will be held for those who would like to serve as ‘White House Volunteer Whipers’ which will help, conserve time, energy and the environment through bowel volunteerism.”

  12. It is truely ‘the empirer has no clothes’ with this president – many question this to themselves but few want to say it out loud.

  13. Does any one know how many state dinners and for who the last few Presidents had? I guess if MooMoo can’t go on vaction this month then she’ll plan a state dinner.

  14. I am positive, Name Withheld, that there are millions of Americans that feel exactly as you do.

    As a side note, the picture of him stuffing a wiener in his mouth and talking around it is decisive proof of his low rent status. Didn’t his commie mommie and insane grandparents teach him anything except sedition? They never told him it is rude to point your finger at someone and even jab them in the chest either. I hate commie mommie and insane grandparents for foisting their burden on us.

    I am positive he has had a lot of practice talking with a wiener in his mouth.

  15. Wow! $3.90 a gallon in gas sounds pretty low to me. We live in California and are paying waaay too much. At the cheapest stations we are paying $4.46 a gallon, and that is premium price.

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