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Does Chu Really Want Cheaper Gasoline?

Energy Secretary Steven Chu appeared Tuesday to have walked away from his 2008 comment that the United States needs gas prices like they’ve got in Europe – that is, $8-$9 a gallon – in order to make alternative energy prices competitive and herald a new era of global cooling.

Well, he did walk away. But how far? Maybe not very.

Testifying before Congress Tuesday, Chu said what he now believes is that the price should be at about $2, but that gasoline should be sold in quarts.

Okay, that’s a joke. Sorry.

Here’s the exchange between Chu and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).

Lee: So are you saying you no longer share the view that we need to figure out how to boost gasoline prices in America?

Chu: “I no longer share that view . . .When I became Secretary of Energy, I represented the U.S. government . . . Of course we don’t want the price of gasoline to go up, we want it to go down.

Who got to Chu? Did Chu get a trip to the woodshed and receive a vigorous presidential spanking? Was he brought to the White House Hypnotist and convinced he wants cheap gas?

Steven Chu
Photo by Keith Koffler

Not at all.

Look closely at what he said in his testimony: “When I became Secretary of Energy, I represented the U.S. government.”

That suggests clearly that he still probably thinks the same thing he always thought – that you and I should have to choose between bankruptcy and a hybrid vehicle, but that he has to say certain things because of his position.

He can’t even bring himself to say “I don’t want the price of gasoline to go up,” he says “we.”

Which means in all likelihood, whatever President Obama says his policies are on gasoline prices and drilling, he has an energy secretary who actually wants the price to go up.

And he keeps him.

30 Responses to Does Chu Really Want Cheaper Gasoline?

  1. Typical “obamian” speak.. with this brood of vipers, you have to be carefully
    aware of the words they speak… for the lies that lie beneath..
    I’m just so tired of this deluge of falsehoods we are confronted with daily. Reminds me of the clintonian years of drunken power & long winded lies..

    thanks for pointing this out Keith..

  2. Same guy who said we should all have white roofs to conserve energy…

    Obama has managed to dig under every rock until he unearthed the most extreme radicals ever known to man! They’re crawling all over the WH! How do these wacko subversives get security clearance? How did Obama ever obtain security clearance??? Something stinks in Denmark!

    • Clinton had them, too, but these are worse.

      I have relative who worked for the Secret Service in the WH. Wow, could he tell stories about the Clinton years!

      • Years ago I read Gary Aldrich’s book “Unlimited Access. An Agent Inside the Clinton White House”. From what I recall, he said the Clinton’s dismantled the WH security system so their friends, who could not pass a security review, could visit. There was a lot of criminal activity and debauchery going on during the Clinton years. I imagine it is even worse nowadays…

    • I had to get a new roof–and I asked about the white ones and the guy said if you want, but nobody wants that, they don’t last as long and don’t really cut the heat. Maybe the roofer was woofing me–don’t know. I got a lightish gray combo…

      • Here in sunny AZ, a rainbow striped roof sprinkled with fairy dust will get just as hot as any other.
        Most people don’t realize that a lot of communities ban the color white for houses, fences and sometimes roofs. It’s almost blinding when the sun hits white anything.
        The only reason we see so many white or beige vehicles here is that the sun will fade other colors.

        • Our Walmert used to have a sign that said–do not touch the door handle or you will get burned. Then they got auto doors–but that was funny while it lasted. People have potholders in their purses to open car doors.

          • Good tip about the potholders. Thanks! I’ll have to remember to carry one with me to the post office this summer. One of the entry doors faces west and gets very hot. Employees posted a caution sign and taped cardboard over the door handles but the cardboard doesn’t really help.

  3. Prof Chu is an elitist, brainiac who is out of his element in government.
    He equates European states with the United States because he looked at a map and they look similar. He probably doesn’t realize that we have millions of uninhabited acres, millions of acres of farmland and that it’s about 2,500 miles (as the crow flies) from NewYork to LosAngeles.

    We can’t ride a bike or scooter to work as they do in many European cities, most of us don’t live in the major cities but in the suburbs and forcing Americans to alternate fuel powered vehicles only works if we become a facist or communist country living in fear of our government.

    • Before I retired in the summer of 2008, my commute to work was 60 miles each way. There is no public transportation outside of the major cities in Central Texas and if I had to depend on Obama’s electric car I wouldn’t make it halfway to work. I empathize with the commuters of today who are hurt so badly by these intellectual idiots policies. November 6, 2012 will be the end of an error.

        • Star – I have a purebred Persian kitty. She is a rescue. A breeder died and left 35 cats in one rather small cattery. I have had her for 6 years now (she is 12). I wanted to get her a companion, but my vet said no – cats are very territorial and want the run of their own space. So, as of now, she is in complete control of the house and her staff (me) loves her very much.

  4. Kook, kook, ka CHU!!!!

    An Energy Secretary who has a Federally employed driver who DOESN’T drive CHU around in a Volt (probably a Federally leased tricked out Cadillac sedan–supporting both Government Motors and the UAW)…and whose wifey also DOESN’T drive a Volt (she if I recall correctly tools around the Virginia horse country in Mercedes) BUT HE KNOWS WHAT WE SHOULD DRIVE…

  5. According to Judicial Watch, an unprecedented number of Obama’s judicial nominees have been rejected by the American Bar Association. The number of Obama prospects deemed “not qualified” by the ABA already exceeds the total number opposed by them during the eight-year administrations of Clinton and George W; the rejection rate is more than 3-1/2 times as high as it was under either of the previous two presidencies.

    • The Texas legislature defunded one of Obama’s favorite purveyors of infanticide – Planned Parenthood. All Texans, especially the most needy women, will pay for that offense. Texas will continue funding the program, whether the federal government returns our tax dollars to us or not. The left has the daughter of that old leftist drunkard Ann Richards out there agitating against Perry to reinstate funding to PP.

  6. It was really kind of funny to watch Chu try to talk his way out of his”former” beliefs and statements about wanting higher gas prices. He was barely able to get the words out.
    Really, where do the Democrats get these people? It seems as though they have been in some dingey back room somewhere and have been taken out, dusted off and presented to the American people as experts. Except nobody bothered training them to be in public first.

  7. of course Chu says the right thing. he has to. but none of this group have really changed their spots.

    Candidate Obama bragged that coal prices would “necessarily skyrocket” during his presidency. and really, one word sums up this administration’s energy policy: “Keystone.”

    it figures that the Obamaites dislike gas. Americans loves cars, especially fast cars that we can drive great distances, which means cheap gas. and since fast cars and cheap gas and our neon prairie are as American as apple pie and country music, it figures that the Harvard set has no interest.