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If You Dislike Obama, You Dislike Him a Lot

The improving employment picture does not appear to be giving President Obama a major boost. And those who don’t like him feel very strongly about it, while those who do are less sure.

In a couple of recent surveys, Obama’s poll numbers are on the way down. Even as the Obama campaign puts out word champagne corks are popping at headquarters in Chicago over the declining unemployment rate, Obama’s position is worsening.

New York Times/CBS poll puts Obama’s approval rate at 41 percent, NINE POINTS lower than last month. A Washington Post/ABC survey has Obama at 46 percent approval, down four points from February. But Gallup’s daily tracking poll gives Obama’s a 49 percent approval rating, an increase of six points since last week.

The problem for Obama, though, is illustrated by this deeper analysis performed by the Washington Post. It shows that it’s not – as some say – simply rising gas prices that are hurting Obama. His unpopularity is consistent over an array of areas, and in some cases it is intense.

Take a look at this graph.

The striking thing here is that the president isn’t at net positive approval on any of these key issues. Even Obama’s Afghanistan policy, which the White House hopes will win him approval as a peacemaker, is slightly to the negative.

And those who are unhappy with Obama are really unhappy, as evidenced by the “strongly disapprove” column, which in each case is the largest. Those who approve are more tepid in their support.

Thing is, it’s people with strong opinions who tend to make their way to the polls.

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  1. I am Latino, I voted and contributed to Obama in 2008 and really don’t dislike him. However, I did learn my lesson and will not make the same mistake twice. Especially with food prices, gas prices and his racist views towards Latinos and anyone not black or muslim. With teachers like Derrick Bell, Louis Farrakhan and the endless racists that mentored Obama. Obama opened his herat and mind to this racist garbage.

    1. At least you have come to your senses but all of the facts about his racist and troubling associations with so many extremist’s was available during his 2008 campaign and should have been enough to send him packing.

  2. I still find it troubling that over 40% of the people still support this man. That leads me to believe too many actually want to lose their liberty (and possibly their lives) and become slaves to the state.

    1. Can we agree that at least 14% of the people getting polled are just plain nuts? They would probably approve Obama killing the Pope if asked.

  3. I disagree with the sentence that imployment is improving or that the unemployment rate is actually going down. These are just not proven facts and out here in flyover country things are getting worse if you can imagine that. There are no new factories hiring, no existing factories hiring back those they laid off 2 years ago, and the small business that once made our strip malls hum are now deserted.

    Homes are still being foreclosed or short saled, and every day more people drop off the counted rolls that make up the unemployment numbers.
    There are millions of people who only buy $20 worth of gasoline at a time, who line the food banks looking for help to feed their families, and of course the 45 million or so who are collecting food stamps.
    We’re in worse financial shape today than we were in 1976 or even at the close of the Great Depression.

    The Obama administration and their supporters can shout, print, or broadcast all the happy numbers they want, but that won’t make it so.
    MrObama takes the blame for these unhappy facts the same way the CEO of a major corporation gets blamed for his company’s failures.

    1. I was thinking the SAME thing, SrDem! WHAT good employment numbers? Those were temp jobs, a lot or most…and you could put 240K (if that is the final number) in Arizona alone and not notice much.

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s got the illegal alien vote all lined up, William. Eric Holder just deemed Texas’ new voter ID law illegal. His excuse – 11% of the undocumented voters in Texas are hispanics, and it would be racist for us to expect them to obtain personal identification. I’m just wondering how many of the 11% have been able to register on the welfare rolls, or buy liquor, or even cash a check without a problem…

  4. Keith, thanks for posting this. I am encouraged by the data. I especially like your concluding line. But as William points out, the categories he lists also turn out in large numbers in predominately democrat voting precincts.

  5. I’m trying to figure out how he gets an overall approval rating of 46% but all the numbers under that dealing with economic issues are lower. Didn’t someone tell these people “It’s the economy, stupid!”

    1. Easy answer, the people getting polled don’t want to be accused of being a racist if they don’t approve with Obama.

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  7. I don’t believe these polls one way or the other. I’m just surprised Obama’s sycophant press wrote anything negative about their messiah. Where’s the question asking Americans whether they approve or disapprove of his usurpation of the Constitution? Their well strategized plan to create a War on Women to cover up Obama’s shredding of the Constitution and the First Amendment has backfired on them big time. All they managed to do was expose themselves to even more Americans.

  8. The Prez has been toast since ObamaCare and the 2010 midterms. He just couldn’t read the writing on the wall.

    The 40% still in the bag are government workers, unions, the faculty lounge, the students indoctrinated from the faculty lounge, and various malcontents, miscreants, welfare recipients, and Hollywood.

    It doesn’t matter who the republicans nominate.

  9. Along with the “Approve” and “Disapprove” columns, there should be one that is “Are You Racist?” because if you do not drink the Kool-Aid and worship at the alter then you mist surely be racist.

  10. I detest the man…he has disturbed my sleep patterns since the 2008 election.
    I with I had better control of my own feelings but I just do not!

    1. I know the feeling–I once screamed to my kid–“Obama has ruined my life!” I have lost many friends (who don’t follow this or care), have to write daily on my site about things are not improving, my kid has not worked in yrs, etc. RUIN! And I don’t even get the Wagyu beef or Grey Goose.

  11. “Strongly disapprove” doesn’t do it for me – more like “strongly LOATHE’! It actually goes beyond ‘loathing’ – it’s FEAR! Fear of what the two America-haters will do with another 4 years of absolute, unreined power!

    We have had Presidents come and go – bad ones, good ones – but we never doubted one thing – they were Americans! With Obama, you just know, inately, that he is not ‘one of us’! His murky background should have disqualified him from running in the first place!

    Obama is a Muslim. His ’08 campaign unwittingly told the L. A. Times that he is ‘not a PRACTICING Muslim’! This statement was quickly retracted, of course. We now know that he is indeed a Muslim lover, in spite of all his protestations. He has demonstrated it throughout his 3 years!

    Romney, Santorum, Gingrich all share one virtue – they are AMERICAN! It’s a great start!

  12. Explain please how if 200+ million jobs were gained and yet the unemployment percentage remains the same could possibly suggest a declining unemployment number? IF those jobs were gained and it is a mighty IF, the only way the percentage would hold steady is for the same number of jobs to be lost. Logical thinking, isn’t it? Yet O’s cheerleaders continue to attempt to convince America day is night and vice versa.
    His approval is not moving up, the polling is becoming more selective and creative. America’s best answer is still ABO. If ABO does not do the job for America then in four years another AB_. Simple as that.

  13. I argue vehemently on Facebook with Liberal friends and while they will defend the administration’s acts, they NEVER defend Obama himself. NEVER.

  14. I didn’t think anybody could be worse than Carter, but I was wrong, Obama makes Carter look like Ronald Reagan…to bad we just can’t impeach him for being stupid.

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