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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9:00 am || Welcomes Prime Minister Cameron and Mrs. Cameron; South Lawn
10:00 am || Begins meetings with Cameron; Oval Office and Cabinet Room
12:05 pm || Holds joint press conference with Cameron; Rose Garden
7:00 pm || Welcomes Cameron to the White House for a State Dinner; North Portico
7:30 pm || Takes official photo with Cameron, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Cameron; Grand Staircase
8:30 pm || Attends the State Dinner; South Lawn
9:40 pm || Attends the State Dinner reception; South Lawn

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream press conference at 12:05 pm

28 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 14, 2012”

  1. What the poop are these heads of state doing but distracting from the problems both nations face. This heads of state crap is another waste of money which could be used to help other more pressing issues.

  2. Birds of a feather…Looks like Cameron is as big a loser/failure as Obama! Obama once referred to him as a ‘lightweight’…and now look at the two of them! He will be the first foreign leader to ride on AF One! Whoop-de-Doo! All of this and a State Dinner for a feckless loser!

    MOOshelle has something in common with SamCam, too. She was highly criticized for being the only attendee at the Royal Wedding without a chapeau! Someone remarked that she looked like she looked like she had just returned from grocery shopping in her skimpy sleeveless dress…


      1. you’re not allowed to ask that…

        Obama = “transparency”… lets see someone from the “WH press corps” mention that word in front of the Obama admin.

  3. Fashion alert! Saw pictures of MO in a sweater and wide leg pants and they were by L’Wren Scott they cost about $8000 for the outfit. Guess it pays to
    have Mick over for dinner. This is the second in two days tomorrow is the big
    bash bets on another L’Wren monstrosity?

      1. Worst yet but it’s L’Wren Scott who is Mick’s girl! She designs for the very rich young 20-30ish London crowd $8000 I’d have to look a bit less
        than what a guy on stilts wears in the circus. Ghastly and there will be
        another tonight for the reception on the lawn. She really squeezed a lot
        of crap out of the Mick party.

    1. hate to see us pay for whoever her so called stylist is. I am a middle aged man and even I know that when you are already as a big as a horse (with a face to match) you shouldn’t be wearing gigantic balloon clothes. Of course it hides the hideous fat body, but everyone knows that it is hiding a hideous fat body.
      Let’s Move Michelle. Someone should tell her moving in and of itself will not make you have a good bod. You have to quit cramming rich fattening foods in your face as well.

      1. I looked the outfit up when it was in the fashion week show. The ‘girl’
        wearing it was about 6ft tall and weighted about as much as one of
        Michelle’s arms. She does this to be trendy and cost money we
        haven’t got. god she can’t think she looks good surely.

  4. wow the works for a country his father HATED ,Israeli got no state dinner just lunch busy day for a man who hates England

  5. found out all the security ,Dinners and other stuff will only cost the US taxpayers around 2.8 million while the England crowd is here wow ,really working hard to help us poor folk find jobs and ,pay bills ,and food,maybewe can have the scraps from the table oh wait MOOCH said NO

  6. Well at least he’ll have seven hours to rest up for the big doin’s tonight!

    South lawn? Picnic tables? Oh, I get it, a “State Picnic”

  7. Both of the Obamas should have been run out of town on a rail after their boorish behavior when Gordon Brown visited in May 2009! Their utter lack of breeding and good manners was on display for the world! They were fresh out of Chicago and Jeremiah’s church of shame – a time when they should have been putting their best foot forward. Instead, we witnessed their hate and distain for our British counterparts – a scene out of Dante’s Inferno!

    Don’t ever lose sight of what these two America-haters are all about! A leopard does not change it’s spots!


    1. girly 1 is so so rigth this clown named the obozo show is so lacking of respect and how to be polite its no suprise being tghat they our both racist and have ties to home grown terrorist people

  8. His voice was 10 decibals lower when giving the welcome speech due to the early hour – 9:00 a.m. Poor thing – probably only got about an hour’s sleep!

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  10. I’m very happy that everything turned out alright!! It was all pretty scary and unbelievable–I was afraid no one would believe me; so, I did all that I could do.

    I hope you all have a great time tonight. Mrs. Obama, the menu sounds delicious.


    Kathryn McCall

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