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Obama Dragging Cameron to Crummy Basketball Game

First he sent the Oval Office bust of Winston Churchill packing, having it carted back up Massachusetts Avenue to the British Embassy. Then he gave the queen and iPod as a gift. One would think President Obama was finished dealing indignities to our closest ally!

But no. This afternoon, Obama will chaperone British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Midwest to witness a lousy college basketball game between a middling team and a hapless one.

The two leaders will view an NCAA Tournament opener in Dayton, Ohio between Mississippi Valley State, with its lackluster 21-12 record, and Western Kentucky, which actually has a losing record of 15-18.

Western Kentucky can’t even attract its own students to its games, let alone the president. According to the Associated Press, only 2,000 home fans showed up for a dollar-ticket promotion.

Obama, it seems, is counting on two things. First of all, it appears Cameron doesn’t know anything about basketball. He may just think he’s watching quality hoops. Hopefully, his advisers won’t tell him he’s viewing a dud.

Second, the game is being played in Ohio, which along with Florida is the most important presidential battleground in the country. Obama is clearly hoping Cameron doesn’t recognize that he’s being shown a third-rate sporting event so that he can participate in Obama’s reelection campaign.

Asked Monday by Jared Rizzi of Sirius XM whether the Mississippi Valley – Western Kentucky matchup was the best use of President Obama’s sports fan time, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was tactful.

“March Madness is a wonderful tradition in American sports and American culture, and the president very much looks forward to having the prime minister join him for this game,” he said.

51 thoughts on “Obama Dragging Cameron to Crummy Basketball Game”

  1. There’s somethng terribly gauche about the leader of the free world draggng the British PM to a college basketball game in a key battleground State! One thng about George Bush – he never dragged Tony Blair around like a prop!

    If Barry spent as much time working in the Oval office as he does on college campuses, we might not be in this mess! There should be a law against radical Marxist community organizers running for President!

    Every minute of this phony’s life is staged and choreographed! Who is running the show – Spielberg? Not to mention the fact that it is costing taxpayers literally MILLIONS every time he rushes out the front door to get his daily fix – stardom is his heroin! BUH-ROCK STAR!

    P.S. I wonder if he would have dragged Bibi Netamyahu to this game!

  2. My guess is he chose this game because it lessens his chance to be booed. They have to think of that possiblitiy. Then CBS would have to edit the boos out. Mississippi Valley State is a predominantly black school.

    1. Didn’t million dollar donor Bill Maher and Alexandria Pelosi just make yahoos out of the people of Mississippi on his last show ? That might not be boo-proof :D

      Oh, and what on earth is MO doing with SamCam while the boys are playing? That should be fun…..

          1. Hade to laugh remember when they had a party with Mick and
            his girlfriend is L’Wren Scott fashion designer of the $700 too
            small cardigan’s MO loves. Thougt wonder how much swag MO
            got out of that? Well sure enough a few days later she showed up in one of her sleeveless dresses they run around $5000-$6000.
            Either we paid or it was a ‘gift’:)

  3. Fascinating…just back from visiting the ESPN webpave and the blog entry on the “First Four” in Dayton, OH today (the actual ESPN commentator just GLOWS about what a big part of Obama life the game of basketball has been and how Barry used to carry a basketball along with his books back in HS in Hawaii–finally a school memory–but I digress)…and COMMENTS FROM READERS have been disabled. Do ya think they got tired (before 9am Eastern) scrubbing the “love?”

    Ps, my journey to ESPN started AFTER I noticed some FB friends gently complaining about the schedule changes the visit is causing.

    1. My husband is a huge sports fan and used to watch ESPN every chance he got. Not so much any longer – ever since the phony Obama came to town. He says the channel is almost unwatchable because of the political tone their sportscasting has taken. He can affirm your suggestion that the website scrubs the “love” if there is a hint of criticism of their chosen one…

      1. We listen to the sports talk show Dennis and Callahan from Boston on NESN in the morning. It’s rated one of the top ten sports talk shows in the country. Surprise, they are conservative and anti-Obama. I don’t know where else it is available.

    1. Pretty sure the last guy did, haven’t heard that Cameron does.

      Geeze brain fart today, can’t even think of the last guys name and to lazy to google!

  4. I hope this presidency helps resolve the issue of reparations. Everybody in America has paid. Of course, the non-thinkers don’t realize it.

  5. Does Obama actually think that all those broughhams at that game are going to know who PM Cameron is? What an embarrassment for our country. It’s a wonder the Brits haven’t declared war on us.

  6. Obama: Mr. Prime Minister here’s your court side seat, can I get a ‘dog all the fixins?
    Cameron: Yes Mr. President, I was hoping we could speak of the German’s Greek plan and the implications that plan will have on the British economy.
    Obama: Beer me! Man did you see that pick, Love picked me once, busted my lip but good.
    Cameron: That’s nice Mr. President, our defense ministers are greatly concerned the Brotherhood in Egypt is slowly taking control of the Suez Canal, we are greatly worried at that prospect.
    Obama: Play any golf David? We have a few extra bedrooms in the ‘House you should stay the weekend.
    Cameron: Love to Mr. President but I have real work to do back in London, our security plan for the Olympics has some pressing issues.
    Obama: Three point shot! Hey ref that was a trey!
    Ref: Sorry Mr. President you’re correct. I’ll make the change.
    Obama: See that Dave the damn world would fall apart if it weren’t for me!

  7. I’m wondering why the PM would agree to spend 8 hours of his visit to attend a sporting event that means nothing to England. His own MSM will probably wonder the same, too.

    Instead of entertaining MrsCameron with a nice luncheon, MrsO will most likely drag her to some staged childish event as she has done with some other visiting VIP wives.

    As Girly1 said “terribly gauche” says it all.

    1. UK’s Daily Mail will have the story that our media seems to be missing. Can’t wait.

      I think the angle will be $$$$ to send the PM and his bride to play games, eat hot dogs and party hard at the WH? They have economy issues too.

        1. “Behind the scenes, the consensus among British diplomats is that Obama is on course to win re-election.”

          God help us. I pray they are wrong.

    2. She does the most embarrassing things to be the center of attention. I
      mean jumping jacks hula hoops dancing she has problems acting her
      age. Attention junkie.

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  9. Considering that Cameron will most likely bow to Obama when it comes to the Iran/Israel holding policy until after the election he deserves to be dragged to a taxpayer funded third rate basketball game.

  10. I would like to know how much it is costing the American tax payer for Obama and guess to attend this game. This loosy college basketball game. I think Obama should have to pay for it out of his pocket and not mine.
    Just think how many homes could have been saved with the money he is wasting going to this stupid game. Just shows what kind of person he is.
    Come on America show your support and lets make Obama pay for this out of his millions.

  11. There’s just something about Barry and MOOshelle – a lack of breeding or whatever.

    Since Day One, both of them, especially MooShelle, have been overly palsy-walsy with certain world leaders. The first time MOOshelle met Carla Bruni, for instance, she smiled smugly and said: “We’re very good friends” – like she had known Bruni all of her life! I remember laughting to myself – thinking “Ill bet”! Well, we all know how that turned out!

    Another occasion was when Barry took Medednev to Five Guys for a hamgurger! Very tacky!

    Most galling of all is their constant and continuous groping! Mooshelle – with those extra long arms somothering everyone she meets – groping the Queen, etc. And Barry.. with his ‘pawing’!

    Barry and MOOshelle give Presidential Protocol a black eye! They’re just a couple of hicks from ChiTown…and it shows! Phonies! No class!

  12. I don’t care HOW MANY times he comes to Ohio, it will NOT help him. He could move here and we (I’m an Ohioan) will still vote him AND his buddy Sherrod Brown OUT!!!

    1. You go Willdit! Saw Neil Cavuto interview Josh Mandel and Marco Rubio yesterday. Josh Mandel will make an excellent replacement for Brown in the Senate. Jim DeMint is backing him too, so he must be the real deal. A true conservative and a patriot who served in the Marines. I’m loving how this next election is shaping up so far…

    1. Boy this lady sure does get around. She is the publicity hound for the victimized law student Ms. Flake and the fictional Sarah Palin hit piece – Game Change.

  13. The coverage of the game – especially Clark Kellogg – has been absolutely nauseating.

    The President this, the President that. Iso shots. Slobbering over the game of HORSE they played.

    I want to watch the game – not hear a couple of broadcasters sing the praises of some narcissistic politician.

  14. So instead of going to that area for the victims from the tornadoes he goes there to look like he is one of us by attending a basketball game no one really cares for? *Scratching my head* how is he still in office and running again????

  15. Is David Cameron really who he says he is? His picture appears to be different from the previous ones. It appears to me that President Obama should not go to the basketball game in Ohio.

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