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Michelle to Lead Delegation to London Olympics

Michelle Obama will lead the U.S. delegation to the London 2012 Summer Olympics, declaring that she will use the event to promote her “Let’s Move” kids fitness program.

From the White House:

“In the months ahead, I’ll be talking to Americans all across the country to encourage even more young people to tap into that Olympic spirit and turn their inspiration into action,” said Mrs. Obama. “As the Olympic creed states, ‘the most important thing … is not to win, but to take part.’ And that doesn’t just mean sitting and watching, it means getting up and getting active as well.  I hope we use the upcoming games as motivation for all of us to get up and get moving.”

The White House was careful to note that Michelle, who has been criticized for her lavish vacations, will not be the only first lady to have led an Olympic delegation overseas.

Other First Ladies that have led a Presidential Delegation to the Olympic Games include First Lady Laura Bush to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy and then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

The London games will be held July 27 – August 12.

42 Responses to Michelle to Lead Delegation to London Olympics

  1. Let me guess – an entourage of hundreds of hangers on and leeches. Her children again traveling as “senior staff” on tax payers dime, and side trips all over Europe. Will Aunt Public Housing and Uncle DUI get to go? Will Bo the dog take his own jet? Will Barry fly over 1 or 2 days before or after the Mooch doubling the cost AGAIN?

    Keep your fat butt in the USA Mooch, we don’t need you re-enforcing the ugly American sterotypes any more than you all ready have.

  2. Were Bill Clinton and George W. Bush overseeing the worst economic depression since WWII? No they weren’t but that won’t stop these two grifters from living the high life while the rest of the country suffers. The great divider, Baraka Obama, along with his sourpuss, hateful wife, is the most despicable person to ever occupy the once great office of the presidency.

    Amazingly, an 11-year-old child can do the job not one adult so-called reporter has the courage to do. Of course the Mooch doesn’t mind lying to the child about the government’s strong-arm tactics…

    • I don’t see this as “challenging” in any way. The child had a preset question and Michelle Antoinette had a preset answer.

      Just a set up, as usual.

      • I agree. The set-up was to divert the critics from bashing MrsO with her ham-fisted, arm-twisting attempt to change the way we eat, and what we buy to feed our families.

        She was the impetus behind the law that changed the menus at school lunchrooms all over America. There are sanctions for school districts that don’t meet the criteria spelled out in the law.
        If that’s not forcing her opinion on America, I don’t know what is.

  3. I agree with you all – Moochelle will bring her entourage, eat and stay at the most luxurious places and call this a business trip.

  4. Can’t even enjoy a sporting event without seeing Great Leader or Mrs Great and Exalted Leader. Barry even has to fill out a bracket, and comment on his beloved White Sox who he can’t name a favorite player from….what sad people they are!

  5. Do they have potato sack races???

    I LOVE the way the press release emphasizes the fact that Laura Bush and Hillary also attended the event! What they neglected to say is that she will undoubtedly be spending hundreds of MILLIONS between now and next year- traveling around the world promoting it!

    Who can ever forget the spectacle she made of herself in Copenhagen! Sitting on her father’s lap at age 19 watching the Olympics…she is so full of hot air!

    If she is not re-elected, she won’t be able to go…throw them both out in Nov.!

  6. Ohhh….can’t wait til all the “OFFICIAL (fill in corporate sponsorship/promotion) OF THE 2012 OLYMPICS” starts. I AM GOING TO BOYCOTT SAID PRODUCTS….oh wait, thanks to the ObamEconomy I can’t afford any name brand items and probably will have given up cable by then…so I guess I WON’T get to see Mooch and her Posse in Waiting. Pity.

    Wonder if the Divine Mrs. O will get to carry the torch? It WOULD BE a worldwide audience for those “toned” arms.

  7. I say good for her. Pip, pip, cheerio and all that rot. She will definitely makes these games the even more most expensive waste of money ever. Sure I love the Olympics but please how bout skipping once in awhile to help things equalize. It’s happened before…

  8. Although she has the right in her position to be in attendance at the games. it will just add an extra layer of stress to an already highly policed event. The celebrities are not supposed to overshadow the athletes somehow. even though they seem to like to bask in the general media glow
    Also, although participation in sports is nice and healthy, the people that have been training for this event are in a different league. Participation is for the losers despite whatever the olympic motto might be. The top countries need winners.

  9. What I find telling in all this is that we had to be reminded that other first ladies attended. That means it was done in a quiet dignified way, and as a tribute to the athletes. Michelle will make it a tribute to her, instead.

  10. We’ve all seen how MoochMore favors certain racial groups — in fact, the ones who are being disciplined a lot for misbehavior in classes.

    Why isn’t Moochy talking to teen girls about not getting pregnant and going on the dole? To teen boys about not fathering kids with no plan to raise them? Why isn’t she talking to kids AND PARENTS about the need to be orderly, quiet, and respectful in classrooms because it is important to learn?

    No, she has to bounce around the nation like a middle-aged fourteen year old, waving her hands and hopping in sacks and grinding her girl groove in front of kids with celebs such a Beyonce.

    Those kids need parents who will enforce good behavior in school far more than they need to lose weight — even if they weigh a thousand pounds apiece, they need parents who will enforce the behavior that leads to success far more than they need a big hopping FLOTUS trying to get them to exercise and eat some vegetables.

    • Totally agree Anonna. The family structure has been destroyed by the left. Kids having kids and absentee fathers who are nothing more than sperm donors. Mooch doesn’t care about the welfare of the children, other than ensuring SEIU and NEA get their due from the state run organizations that raise them with no love, no direction, and no value system.

  11. Umm.. I think the creed is something like “fastest, highest, farthest” not ” if you show up you get a medal” What a ditsy statement!
    BTW that music you will tire of hearing at the medal ceremonies is called the Star Spangled Banner.

    • Even if the “creed” says it’s about participation, not victory, it is speaking to the very best athletes in the world, not fat kids hopping up off the couch to do the dougie with Michelle Antoinette.

      Those kids need higher standards, not a ladling on of self-esteem glitter for little effort. The Olympic athletes already have the highest when it comes to competition, dedication, and sacrifice.

  12. In the past, when the First Lady led the delegation, we just saw her at the very beginning, I bet we have to watch her on a daily basis. Kind of a nice campaign boost, isn’t it?

  13. Well, Keith, from your information above, it appears that the only First Lady to lead the Olympic delegates was actually Laura Bush. I don’t consider either Moochelle or Hitlary a lady. They seem more like hogs at the trough.

  14. I am sure her 22 maids in waiting, an armada of cars, an assortment of dozens of SS agents, and the luggage for the Queen of the White House.
    She is not an inspirition to the atheletes nor is the world clamoring to see her and her entourage.
    Once the leader of the Games had stature and accomplish, a record of
    Michelle has nothing to offer.

  15. Will the London vacay be before or after the lavish yearly jaunt to Martha’s Vineyard or will it be the summer trip to Hawaii or both? Mooch spares no amount of OUR money when it comes to her vacations. I note that Oblamer hasn’t gone with her and the girls since Hawaii in Dec/Jan. Her Aspen trip in Feb was just the girls and the current trip to the ‘West’ is just the girls. She’ll have to come up with a few trips to fill the gap between now and the end of July.