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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9:00 am || Welcomes Prime Minister Cameron and Mrs. Cameron; South Lawn 10:00 am || Begins meetings with Cameron; Oval Office and Cabinet Room 12:05 pm || Holds joint press conference with Cameron; Rose Garden 7:00 pm || Welcomes Cameron to the White House for a State Dinner; North Portico 7:30 pm || Takes official photo with Cameron, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Cameron; Grand Staircase

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Michelle to Lead Delegation to London Olympics

Michelle Obama will lead the U.S. delegation to the London 2012 Summer Olympics, declaring that she will use the event to promote her “Let’s Move” kids fitness program. From the White House: “In the months ahead, I’ll be talking to Americans all across the country to encourage even more young people to tap into that Olympic spirit and turn their inspiration into action,” said Mrs.

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Carney Reels in “Lying” Reference to Gingrich

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today acknowledged that he went too far Monday when he said anybody who suggests a strategy exists to reduce gas prices to $2.50 a gallon was “lying.” Carney was clearly referring to Newt Gingrich, who has been repeating up and down the campaign trail that he can reduce gas prices to just that level. Carney’s breach of political etiquette occurred

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If You Dislike Obama, You Dislike Him a Lot

The improving employment picture does not appear to be giving President Obama a major boost. And those who don’t like him feel very strongly about it, while those who do are less sure. In a couple of recent surveys, Obama’s poll numbers are on the way down. Even as the Obama campaign puts out word champagne corks are popping at headquarters in Chicago over the

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Obama Dragging Cameron to Crummy Basketball Game

First he sent the Oval Office bust of Winston Churchill packing, having it carted back up Massachusetts Avenue to the British Embassy. Then he gave the queen and iPod as a gift. One would think President Obama was finished dealing indignities to our closest ally! But no. This afternoon, Obama will chaperone British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Midwest to witness a lousy college

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