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White House Incivility for Newt and Contempt for You

I’d say it was disappointing that the White House, in a blaze of blinding of hypocrisy, labeled Newt Gingrich a liar today except that such behavior is so routine, and “disappointment” presupposes some element of surprise.

Newt: You lie!
Photo by Keith Koffler

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney outright called Gingrich a liar for suggesting $2.50 gas was acheivable, as I reported below. Obama was a little gentler, using the standard Washington euphemism for liar by telling a local TV anchor today that Gingrich “just isn’t telling the truth.”

Neither Carney nor Obama mentioned Gingrich by name, but $2.50 gas has been Gingrich’s mantra, so they are clearly referring to him.

And yet, as Carney and Obama push back with vitriol against suggestions something can be done about the price of gas, the premise of their unpleasantness is undermined by one of the leading economic writers in the nation, who is the economics columnist for THE leading business newspaper in the nation, the Wall Street Journal.

In a piece written late last week, Holman R. Jenkins Jr. stipulates that $2.50 gas is realistic.

“The Gingrich two-fifty plan slashes gas prices by increasing domestic production, opening up off-shore drilling, building the Keystone Pipeline, cutting red-tape regulation,” claims a 30-second Gingrich spot.

Don’t underestimate the psychological and political upheaval this would bring about.

Jenkins argues that the election of a president unequivocally devoted to expanding domestic production and reining in the deficit would signal to markets that a new mindset has taken hold and cause investors to bid down the price.

Jenkins doesn’t even delve into the specific steps Obama could take but won’t, like releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, telling our oil producing allies that it’s time to produce more, suspending various supposedly pollution-controlling gasoline formulation requirements, putting a hold on the 18 cent federal gas tax, and attempting to get states to reduce their substantial gas taxes.

I’m not saying I know that we can get gas prices down to $2.50 a gallon. I’m simply saying that reasonable people can disagree, and that a White House supposedly crusading to spread civility throughout the land is instead spewing nastiness.

Which brings us to its contempt for you.

In condemning Rush Limbaugh’s remarks about Sandra Fluke during his press conference last week, Obama ┬ámade high minded remarks about the need for civility in public discourse, a theme we’ve heard from him before, even as he as president has launched vicious attacks on his opponents.

The contempt is that he thought you would believe him.

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26 Responses to White House Incivility for Newt and Contempt for You

  1. Keith…EVERYTHING Dear Leader does expresses his innate contempt and loathing of America and its (legal) residence. In his world view, it’s not right that we have freedom and mobility and money to spend. “We” have had too much, and Obama the Omnipetent is gonna equilize it. Gallon by gallon.

    Back in the 2008 campaign, in San Francisco–during the infamous “bitter clinger” speech–he told the well heeled donors (in his Indonesian/Hawaiian/Hyde Park Chicago “drawl” ” you can built a coal fired plant, but we are going to tax it to make it unusable.”
    Same difference with gas..”he” has decided its too affordable. That whole freedom and choice thing.

  2. Ps, is it just me, or does the CarnMan look like he is about to blow chunks in just about every stand at the podium photo now taken? He looks seriously pale, feverish, and full of….bile.

    Whatever it is, hope ObamaCare covers it…

  3. We can almost smell the desperation in the Obama camp. Calling MrGingrich a liar is stupid move and just gives ol’Newt a platform to claim that the President is in favor of high fuel prices by denying that there is no way to calm the speculation on oil prices.

  4. PLEASE! STOP! calling that twerp Jay Carney a White House “Press Sec.”… he nothing more than a weasly “PROPAGANDA SEC.” for the Obama administration.

    Keith, I know you have to deal with him everyday (?)
    But Come On… you have to call Carney for what he is/becoming… a PROPAGANDA SEC.

  5. I don’t remember the discourse being quite this bitter before, and I remember the Nixon years. I mean, was it always the case that the president himself is so personally insulting to one side and so clearly prefers one over the other?

    I was a Democrat until 2008, but I don’t remember George W. Bush treating the Republicans with the vitriol and contempt Obama does. in fact I remember the Obama side giving Bush a lot of grief.

    of course the president is leader of his own party. but he’s also the leader of ALL the American people. I don’t remember feeling such contempt from my president EVER. shouldn’t he like us just a little?.

    • Obama is the “leader of the Democrat Party”? -LOL! LOL!

      Obama has NO LEADERSHIP skills… (re: just look at his so-called ‘political career’ = vote “present”)

      Obama will not “lead”… sure, he will take credit for “leading”, but Obama will not step up and show any REAL LEADERSHIP

  6. So there it is. The White House, acting like the grown-ups they think they are, called that dumb little fat kid Newt a liar, and we should just not pay him no mind, and stay away from him. The grown-ups knows what’s best, so eat your peas, and go buy a Volt.
    Saul’s Rule 13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

  7. The hypocrisy is not only in calling for civility all the while acting like the school yard bullies this administration has become, but also in how it deals with companies that will in fact produce products that will save energy and put people to work.

    Case in point is Carbon Motors in Indiana. The company had applied for a DOE ATVM loan of $310 million with the goal of building the next generation of police vehicles. The loan has now been denied. Indiana’s governor is Mitch Daniels, and one has to speculate as to whether having the former Bush Director of OMB as governor might not have derailed the loans.

    Given that DOE made loans to California based Solyndra, even after the administration was warned of problems within the company, and now is refusing to give a company based in a conservative state a much smaller loan, it makes me wonder about the integrity of DOE’s loan procedures. But, I suppose it really shouldn’t. Liberal states will get assistance, conservative states will be told to take a hike.

    It was in the conservative Bible belt that tornadoes struck two weeks ago, and we have still not heard anything publicly from Obama about the carnage. But if an earthquake happens in California, I would bet he will be doing fly overs and on the ground interviews the next day.

    For more on Carbon Motors:,0,2594662.column

  8. After learning about the evils of his ideology – Critical Race Theory and Black Liberation Theology with a heavy dose of Alinsky – I have a better understanding of him (and the Mooch) and the contempt they have for a majority of Americans.

    With the Republican nomination process taking a lot longer than the establishment planned, it’s making things difficult for the Marxists. They think they’ve destroyed one candidate and another one pops up. This isn’t their first attack on Newt Gingrich. The only difference is this one is backfiring big time. They thought Newt was done for, and here he comes rising like a phoenix from the ashes with a simple, attainable goal. Newt’s $2.50 gas is resonating with the people and they can’t tolerate that. My guess is that Newt and the American people will get the last laugh on this contemptuous cabal.

  9. If anyone in the Obama bunch lips are moving well lies are coming out because they are so narcissistic they don’t care. They think we are stupid
    enough to believe them…we aren’t!

  10. The vitriol and contempt for Republicans and their ilk is so palpabe – I wonder if it’s going to carry over to ObamaCare! If anyone has an ” R” after their name – will they be put on a wait list or, worse yet, denied medical treatment?

    The venom from the left transcends politics – it’s pathologtical! And it is destroying this country!

  11. The one fact that escapes this presidency is that he is president to all of us . . . friend or “foe” alike. He can argue respectfully (and should argue honestly) about the effects of an administration’s energy policies, but Obama operates like a mayor of Chicago, or a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, not as the President of the United States.
    As much as I dislike his administration, he is still MY president, hopefully only for a very few more months. I’d at least like the respect I deserve in the interim.

  12. Every time there is a shortage of fuel for summer driving, Washington hits the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The main purpose is the nation’s first line of defense against an interruption in petroleum supplies. Not a rise in gasoline prices like we did in June 2011, we are going to be caught flat footed one of these days. Plus the average cost of fuel in the SPR is $29.76 and we will be refilling at $100.00+ where is the economic sense in that.

  13. He has shown contempt for America from the beginning of his campaign. Should be no surprise that its continuing. I don’t think he knows how to be a leader nor apparently do his advisors. Leading from behind is a perfect description of this administration.