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Carney: Newt Gingrich “Lying” About $2.50 Gas

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested Newt Gingrich is lying when he claims that he could reduce gasoline prices to $2.50 per gallon.

Carney, who spoke during today’s White House briefing, did not specifically refer to Gingrich, saying instead that anybody who says that a strategy exists that can make the price at the pump $2.50 is “lying.” But Gingrich has made his claimed ability to reduce prices to $2.50 a gallon a major plank of his campaign, and the comment was clearly directed at the former speaker.

Washington politicos rarely resort to the verb “to lie” when referring to their opponents’ statements. The tactic usually is to call something “misleading” or “untruthful.”

Carney’s tough wording suggests the enormity of the threat the White House perceives from rising gas prices and the pain for voters at the pump. Carney and other White House officials have repeatedly insisted that there is little the president can do to stem the increases, and have suggested a longer term  “all of the above” approach that includes not only drilling but development of alternative fuel sources.

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  1. Well it’s a FACT that Obama was NOT LYING when he predicted that energy, gas, electric, WOULD SKYROCKET if he WON and enacted His Green Policies…such as Funding Solyndra and all the other pie in the sky Greenie Ideology…so the Envio Whackos would keep pouring money into his perpetual campaign…President for Life is his objective, and of course the final downfall of our once Great Nation…the USA! This nation cannot afford another 4 years of the Won. THIS is NOT Africa….yet.

  2. Jay Carney is behaving like Baghdad Bob more and more every day. Just to freshen everyone’s memory, Baghdad Bob was the nickname of Saddam Hussein’s minister of information (aka press secretary). Poor old Baghdad Bob’s daily press conferences degenerated to the point where he was so delusional…almost felt sorry for the guy. He was just saying what his boss told him to say. He swore up and down that US troops were no where near Baghdad, when we saw them overrun the city on our local news channel.

    That is who Mr. Carney reminds me of right now. He’s starting to get delusional, and I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy. He’s just doing what his Hussein is telling him to do…

    • Exactly!!! What better example to describe this sinking administration by comparing it with Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf as it brings things into the right perspective.

  3. I’m not sure prices will ever go down much, but I believe we could increase domestic and offshore drilling, and partner with Canada and Mexico, ending our need for other foreign oil sources. Whether you agree of disagree with this, the fact is that we have done nothing as a country re a solution to what will surely be a future energy crisis. With a long range goal of a real solution, I could tolerate higher energy prices, if I knew that our money was staying at home. Our current policies dictate more and more of our money in the future will be going to the wrong people. If we can’t elect leaders brave enough to fight for our energy independence, I feel we will be enslaved by our need for energy. I don’t want to see this happen to my children and grandchildren.

  4. On November 6th the Usurper in Chief will find out who the REAL liar was. The Emperor is no longer wearing any clothes. Does he or his chief liar mouthpiece Carney live in the real world? Americans understand it ain’t Bush’s fault. Never was…never will be. As another famous Dem once said, “The buck stops here!”

    Your lying, hateful, anti-Semitic, fraud-pocked, illegitimate, Marxist-Alinsky administration is toast!

  5. You can by increasing supply and rationalizing standards across the nation for refining. Look at the price of Natural Gas. With just an 11% rise of domestic supply – price fell from about $7 to about $2.20 per million BTU. Global production is about 82 million barrels, consumption 79, but the Strait of Hormuz can cut 15 million barrels out of the global pool, hence the irrational fear premium of $106 per instead of probably $65. Trick is to shift US behavior, and production accordingly. We could raise domestic production by 4 to 5 million barrels per day, and shift ALL the money now earmarked to wind and solar subsidies into conversion kits for ALL vehicles to LNG. Based on size of US auto to commercial fleet, a $20 billion annual program, $2000.00 per conversion, 10 million vehicles per year could be shifted away from oil, in a decade enough to offset 6 million barrels per day consumption. Currently we consume 19 million barrels per day, and import just under half that, 9.5 million per day. By sticking to new milage standards, converting, and drilling we could eliminate all imports by 2019 or 2020. In turn this would drop price to OUR domestic realities. Current regulation, and taxation indicates a price of under $2.50 per gallon by the end of “Newt’s” first term, and around $2 by the end of the second. All these ideas are incorporated into Newt, Santorum, and Romney’s plans. (And more) All their plans would increase US nuclear power output by 100% in 8 years, offsetting another 2 million barrels per day of oil imports.

    Market response to America’s net 2.4% contribution to global natural gas production – that led to a 68% price drop domestically mirrors Reagan’s deregulation of oil and gas production in the early 80’s that collapsed oil pirce then. Obama is simply whistling past his electoral graveyard with this. Undeniable facts destroy the administration argument $2.50 a gallon gasoline is impossible. Truth is $4 a gallon gas is reality of Obama continues to muck up energy policy in this country with environmental pipe dream economics of alternative energy…

  6. Most Americans do not watch the nightly news, read newspapers or show much interest in politics. They are busy working and living their lives, politics is a little boring. One of the things almost all Americans do is put gas in their cars. They are concerned about the price of gas, it directly affects everything they do. They can ignore the politicians, they can’t ignore the rising costs at the gas pump. It’s not just the cost of a fill-up, it’s higher prices for fuel oil, higher prices for food, higher utility bills, and the list goes on. Serious miscalculation to believe the rising costs to the American people will not influence the election.

  7. Let me see if I have this straight,
    Carney is accusing OTHERS of “lying”??!?!?!?!???

  8. Carney, you speak lies. When Newt was speaker of the House, he worked with Bill Clinton and they together with a Republican House balanced the budget. If elected President Newt will work to get gas prices down and Obama could too if he quit giving his buddies Billions of money to hold for him to run for re-election. We as taxpayers are wise to the fact that Obama is hell bent on destroying America and we on the RIGHT are hell-bent on making him a one term president. One would think that as a press secretary, you would attempt to tell the truth occasionally instead of one continuing lie daily.

  9. It’s pretty easy. Just cut the pork that the gas taxes are funding. It takes guts though because you sacrifice your political career as it makes you hugely unpopular once people realize what austerity measures will mean, but on the other hand it’s a sacrifice worth making for the future of the country. Any true American would see that and understand that once the furour was over the very real benefits could be seen for all.

  10. Yeah, they have REALLY stepped in it this time. The whole pipeline thing, means they FLAT OUT OWN high gasoline prices. It’s pretty obvious he lied about it, saying he didn’t want it for this reason, and then lobbying against it, period. He’s been quoted as saying he doesn’t mind $5 a gallon gasoline (although not widely reported of course).
    This will be the one issue, sadly, that brings them down, and there’s nothing they can do about it by the time the election rolls around. Nothing.

  11. How can someone be lying about an objective? And in particular about a price point that is above where it was only 3 years ago? If I make a statement that I can put in place policies or remove bad policies that will return a product’s price to within 1.5 times where it was, how is that lying? For all anyone knows, it could fall below the former price point if my policies foster discovery of new sources of raw materials (drilling in banned areas for example).

  12. the idiot in chief needs a strong stiff shaft to drill baby drill…. we need to turn to bernie fine and jerry sandusky. they will show you how to drill….

  13. The real funny thing is that Obama was just here in Richmond area visiting a new Rolls Royce jet engine plant. Now if the dude hates petroleum so much, what’s with the campaign stop at a jet engine plant which by the way uses gobs of fuel. He’s beyond belief. Is anyone paying attention?

  14. Soooo Mr. President – when do we begin the ‘all of the above’ phase of energy production? Because right now you continue to resist efforts to drill in the Gulf – the XL pipeline has been nixed by you – TWICE now. No drilling in Anwr – no drilling off the coast of Florida even though the Chinese and Cubans are – shale and tar sands are still locked up from an order by Clinton. All the things you say you are for are things you are working against.

    I know your buddies Soros and Buffet stand to benefit financially if you DON’T let the XL pipeline go through. But that was never the intent eh? Riiight!

  15. I don’t believe that Carney has EVER said anything truthful standing at that podium, has he?? I DO know that Obama will NEVER let the price of gas go down to $2.50/gallon again, if he has anything to do with it!!………….

  16. The socialists have been saying for 20 yrs “we can’t drill out of this”. If we has started drilling 10 years ago and stipulated that oil found in American territory could only be refined and sold to American people and businesses.
    Now with the current crisis, Comrade Obama and his slimy buddies like Chucky Schumer want to get the Saudi’s to pump more oil.
    Hello! I thought we were supposed to be getting off foriegn oil. What anti-american a@#h&les are running the country?

  17. Anyone honestly interested in this issue really ought to watch Gingrich’s video on the issue – if you haven’t seen it already. It’s excellent.

    (disclaimer – no, I’m not in any way associated with the Gingrich campaign. I am just a private citizen. The only dog I have in this fight is that I want us to have an energy policy that actually makes sense and the stupid wasteful nonsense that’s been occurring recently with ‘alternative’ energy and ‘green’ issues to be stopped.)

  18. Rather strong words coming from the administration spokes person who daily lies to the press and Obama who lies almost every time he opens his mouth. As for $2.50 per gallon gas it can be achieved. It could be done if this administration was not naturally wanting to see all energy cost sky rock. Hopefully there will be someone elected in November who can prove that $2.50 per gallon can and will be achieved

  19. it’s nice to see that Carney put his Kool-Aid down long enough to discuss gas prices. He would do well to attempt to grasp economic principles and how governmental policies impact prices. In the event his fevered little mind can comprehend reality, I would remind him that OBAMA blocked the Keystone pipeline (which would increase supply and reduce cost and therefore prices), OBAMA blocked drilling in the Gulf (which would increase supply and reduce cost and therefore prices), liberal policies continued by OBAMA block drilling in ANWAR (which would increase supply and reduce cost and therefore prices), liberal policies continued by OBAMA restrict the development of nuclear power (which would increase supply and reduce cost and therefore prices), liberal policies continued by OBAMA aggressively restrict the construction of more refineries (which would increase supply and reduce cost and therefore prices), etc.

    In short, OBAMA is raising the cost of gas which disproportionately impacts the poor. Since the Obama Administration (and the Left generally) is obsessed with race, he might also note that OBAMA is disproportionately harming minorities.

    The time has come to take back America from Leftists and imbeciles (but I repeat myself). Let’s hope it’ll be at the ballot box.

  20. Root for Newt! Obama & Carney think algae can lower the price of gas, but drilling and increased production can’t? This entire administration is sooo incompetent and/or desirous for fossil fuel prices to rise to make alternative energy competitive, so the Solyendras and many other bad alternative energy investments look less stupid, that they can’t handle the truth.

    Give’m hades, Newt!

  21. It’s only fair .. Obama was lying when he said he would keep unemployment below 8%, and if he didn’t do a good job he wouldn’t run for a second term.

    Be careful when throwing stones Obama, some of them might just come back at you….

  22. actually price of gasoline would be more like $1 a gallon if we did not have a Department of Energy or EPA. Now its obvious we have incompetent fools in charge of all aspects of our lives. Keep voting for stupid and we will keep sinking in debt and loosing more and more jobs.

    the real leaders are the ones who recognize that our problem is Federal Departments which politicians use to manipulate and try to control our lives.

    read Destructive Politics to learn the truth!

  23. ROTF!!! These people accusing anybody of lying???? I feel like I’m living in a Fellini film.

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  25. “Carney and other White House officials have repeatedly insisted that there is little the president can do to stem the increases…” Should read ‘little the president WANTS to do to stem the increases.’ When Bush was pres the Manchurian tool bag had no problem with $4+ gas, “only with how fast it got there”. So remember libturds next time he says there is nothing I can do, understand there is nothing he WANTS to do.

  26. Newt goes from state to state and tells people what they want to hear.If you fall for this tactic don’t blame anybody but youself.

  27. The most prolific lying administration to ever hold the whitehouse has the gall to call someone a liar?
    Let’s see what did Bush do to lower gas prices?He opened drilling on private lands that are responsible for the production numbers that Obama is taking credit for today.combine that with reducing from35 blends to 2 and refinery cost would also go down.
    If our muslim marxist would announce that he is opening drilling across the nation ,prices would go down considerably,like they did last time.
    But we have a marxist in chief who ‘s energy CZAR says that the administration has no desire to lower prices because they are trying to wean all americans off of fossil fuels.
    When you give the reins of the largest economy in the world to a guy that does’t even have have experience of running a front yard lemonade stand,Don’t be suprised with epic failures

  28. Jay Carney planning to apologize to Rep. Joe Wilson? Didn’t think so.

    The reason? You can say bad things about any Republican by you dare not say anything bad about the Dear Leader.

  29. Obama could raise interest rates to 5%, and the dollar would strengthen and gasoline would fall to that price or below. Gas was $1.79 when Obama took over!

    Gasoline is high now due to Obama’s money printing via QE1, QE2, Operation Twist and ZIRP.

    AS always, Obama is lying through his teeth

  30. And when it comes to lying, the White House knows what it is talking about. They are the experts. Unfortunately for us, it’s the only thing that they are experts about. Sorry, Biden is the expert at putting his foot in his mouth.

  31. Yeah ok Newt.. Its becoming harder and harder to meet demand that is why it is going up.. There isn’t a thing you can do about it…. If you opened to USA to more drilling, it still wouldn’t matter.

    • Is that you Dr. Chu? Shouldn’t you consider the increased amounts of oil, in the billions (that’s BILLIONS with a “B”) of barrels, that have been announced in just the last week in the oil shale fields in the Dakotas alone?

      Or do you really think the laws of supply and demand have been repealed?

      Root for Newt! He’s the only one with the vision to realize what such increased production means to improving the economy, improving our American living standards, and how the royalties from producing our own domestic oil will drastically reduce our national debt.

  32. Yes, more evidence of the vaunted ‘civil discourse’ from this white house.

    As your article last week pointed out, Gingrich is getting under their [Obama’s ] THIN skin.

  33. The real answer to rising oil prices is better technology – not more drilling. In the end, oil is in short supply, and prices will only continue to go up. High oil prices are actually a good thing because they will stimulate interest and investment in alternative technologies.

    For instance, Westport Innovations (Nasdaq: WPRT) is developing and manufacturing engines that use primarily natural gas or other gaseous fuels, along with some gasoline. Since natural gas is very abundant, these technologies will make a big difference – and is the kind of thing we should be emphasizing, at least as much as drilling.

  34. All of the above is the correct approach. The problem with the White House version of all of the above is that their version of all of the above actually means everything except oil and coal.

    We have large reserves of oil right off our coast. To ban our oil companies from exploiting it, only to watch foreign oil companies come in and take it is stupidity.

    The pipeline? I know that they have a thousand excuses as to why the don’t want to approve it….but bottom line is that they did not approve it. It is one small part of the all of the above approach.

    But, at least they are funding the bonuses for companies that are going to fail in the solar market! Got that going for us. Golden parachutes for all the Democratic donors!!!!

  35. He may be right, wrong or lying. The SOBama in the WH would be one who is an expert in lying and being wrong too. Looks good for $2.50 gas to me if we dump the liar in chief SOBama.

  36. No you crap pile of control freaks YOU are the problem, you don’t let the free market work. Look at the world what are the common issues with it, government intrusion, that it is them who are the liars and cheats!

  37. Gas was $1.79 when Obama took office. Obviously, it’s Bush fault it doubled on Obama’s watch.

    What have the socialist liars in the media ever blamed on Obama, after blaming everything on Bush, just “because it happened on his watch”

    Only stupes and fools still can’t see the obvious liberal media lies and bias.

    It’s hard to explain to stupes and fools how Obama’s QE1 and QE2 caused the price of gas to skyrocket before the economy could recover because most Democrats are ignorant of basic economic concepts much less what QE 1&2 even are.