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Carney: Newt Gingrich “Lying” About $2.50 Gas

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested Newt Gingrich is lying when he claims that he could reduce gasoline prices to $2.50 per gallon.

Carney, who spoke during today’s White House briefing, did not specifically refer to Gingrich, saying instead that anybody who says that a strategy exists that can make the price at the pump $2.50 is “lying.” But Gingrich has made his claimed ability to reduce prices to $2.50 a gallon a major plank of his campaign, and the comment was clearly directed at the former speaker.

Washington politicos rarely resort to the verb “to lie” when referring to their opponents’ statements. The tactic usually is to call something “misleading” or “untruthful.”

Carney’s tough wording suggests the enormity of the threat the White House perceives from rising gas prices and the pain for voters at the pump. Carney and other White House officials have repeatedly insisted that there is little the president can do to stem the increases, and have suggested a longer term  “all of the above” approach that includes not only drilling but development of alternative fuel sources.

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    1. Lying is something the Obama Adminisration knows. Every time a Dems lips move they lie. At least Republicans try to lie. Dems put out this off the wall BS and do not even care how much it insults your intellect. That is OK for Dems votors, who have no intellect, but at least try for the rest of us JO Jay

  1. Now it’s up to the press to do their research. Newt definitely has a plan, and it involves drilling. That’s no “lie”, “misleading”, or “untruthful”. ;)

  2. With the Keystone pipeline approval, the opening of Federal lands for drilling, the rolling back the EPA, and other regulatory reforms, the Futures traders would begin betting on lower oil prices in the future. The Obama administration is deluding themselves if they doubt this, and/ or are spewing more propaganda for political purposes. If the White House wasn’t aware of the impact of supply and demand why would they advocate releasing the petroleum reserves?

  3. That PLANET OF THE APES guy–David Gregory, that’s it!–tried to get Santorum to say the L-word about Newt, too–it’s like a fun game. Nothing new.

    1. Oh, and have you noticed–anyone who talks about gas must hate all other forms of energy-production. That model was on sale at The Straw Man Store.

  4. Gasoline was $1.85 when the enemy of Big Oil usurped office and put a stop to all offshore drilling. Obama is the liar – we are not producing more since he took office – everything that is being produced is on State or private land! We have INCREASED foreign oil imports by 3-4%! Americans are using less fuel due to the highest energy prices on record, not to mention the fact that 17M are unemployed thereby reducing fuel consumption.

    Thanks to the Marxist obstructionist, we are now 3 years behind in oil production and he is spending an unprecedented $179K/hour on jet fuel! We need to start drilling just to keep the Obama tribe in business!

    1. How is Obama Marxist? Like really? You have the same tax code, what exactly is Marxixt, or do you not understand the term? Give me some examples of all these Marxist things Obama passed.

      Not mentioned by anyone is gas consumption. If people actually drove fuel efficient cars it would do way more to cut prices. If my car gets 50 miles to the gallon and yours gets 20, well do the math and figure that into supply and demand. But keep driving those SUV’s and gripe that this is juts a drilling problem

      1. And way more people will needlessly die do to the lighter made cars. It is already estimated that 4500/yr die on the highway because of the CAFE standerds.

        Marxist – Take over of GM/Chrysler/AIG/Healthcare. All marxist activities.

      2. So your answer for lower gas prices is for everybody to buy new vehicles? That is one of the more marxist statements I have ever heard.

        What about semi-truck drivers,agriculture, … I gues John Deere needs to start making a hybrid tractor.

      3. It’s not a drilling problem, it’s a refinery problem! Several refineries are going out of business and no one seems to understand how the market works.

      4. US gas consumption is down. Prices are up due to world supply vs world demand as well as uncertainty about a supply disruption in the middle east. As far as marxist policies, how about Obamacare.

        Lets also not forget the guy can only do so much at one time. He wants to be re-elected so he can do more harm. If he tries to do to much right now he won’t be re-elected.

        Support Obama if you like, but don’t delude yourself about what he is doing.

      5. Ted,

        I’d love to have a 50 mpg car. Are you going to buy it for me? I drive a 1987 Chevy Caprice that gets 17 mpg. Why? IT’S ALL I CAN AFFORD! I don’t have the money to buy a brand new car. Yes, it hurts paying $70-80 to fill it up. But it would hurt far, far more to pay $40 to fill it up plus a $250-300 car payment.

    2. Marxism is in your answer. It is the elimination of individual rights in favor of what is good for all. You would force everyone to buy expensive electric cars when a free economy would provide plenty of cheap fuel for everyone. It actually isn’t marxism, it is fascism. The government is in league with the auto makers to produce expensive electric cars because the government has decided what is good for the people rather than letting individuals decide what is best for themselves.

      1. Well Obama is practicing crony capitalism and doing things the Chicago Way, but his ideology is most definitely Marxism. Do you remember that old saying…Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are? Who are Obama’s long-time good friends? The young Obama was an acolyte of Professor Derrick Bell, father of Critical Race Theory (Marxism with a racial twist). He remained a friend until his death last year. Then there is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Obama sat in his pew for twenty years. He and Mooch were married by him and were christened by his daughters in Wright’s church. Obama tossed the Rev under the bus when he became a liability to his political career, but that is another story. What brand of Christianity does Reverend Wright teach? Black Liberation Theology (Marxism with a racial twist). If you want to learn more, visit for the facts.

        1. He and Mooch were married by him and were christened by his daughters in Wright’s church.
          Should say…
          He and Mooch were married by him and their children were christened in Wright’s church.

      1. Yea, and then Bush released the leases on federal land for exploration drilling. Within 2 days of announcing this, the gas price at my house dropped 50 cents and continued the downward spiral until we got to below $2 until this Commie in Chief took office. A little history might help.

      2. The media and congress screamed how it was all bush’s fault. Now Obama is doing it on purpose and it’s beyond his control.


  5. Does the White House want to talk about the list of campaign “lies” Obama went through when he was running for president in 2008 ? Should we start with how he was going to cut the deficit in half?

  6. The Prez and his supporters can claim our economy is on the rise, unemployment is down and unicorns are grazing on the Mall, but here in real America people are buying 4 gallons of gas at a time, unemplolyment is rampant, homes are still being foreclosed, businesses are shutting their doors and we know it. And they know it, fear it, and with good reason.

    MrCarney’s attempt to make MrGincrich a liar won’t go far to change what’s really going on in the market and how Obama’s energy plans are hurting us.

  7. I find it interesting that this administration continually says there is little that can reduce gas prices, although things that could have been implemented/started/re-started over the last 3+ years but weren’t (Keystone, ANWR, offshore, nuclear, etc.) would have had an impact on them by now, while the “alternative energy” solutions we keep getting pushed at us aren’t even visible on the horizon yet, and may never be.

    So we keep throwing billions of dollars at failing companies chasing a dream that may not come true while proven solutions are ignored. And somehow that’s supposed to make sense.

  8. $2.50 gallon, would be the single most important thing to shock the economy bck to life. We have appox 250 years at current usage available here in the USA.
    Funny the White House would suggest someone is lying. Carney needs to look into a mirror to find the link to the biggest lier in the USA.

  9. It’s against Obama and his donors the whacko enviormentalist’s religion to allow expanded drilling. If allowed to drill the globe might not get warmer and voters might relialize that gasoline powered autos aren’t affecting the weather afterall,and that it was what many of us suspected, that is was all a gimmick to redistribute because socialism and communsim are so unpalitable on their own merits.

    1. Well, some animals are more equal than others don’t you know. Neither Letterman nor Moochelle will see the hypocrisy in what they are doing…

  10. Carney accuses Newt of lying? You got to be kidding! Carney is PAID to lie everyday! This would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  11. “The enormity of the threat of rising gas prices???”. More like the enormity of the threat of Newt Gingrich. Why is the White House concerned with slamming the $2.50 gas initiative by Newt?? Newt scares them. I will vote for Newt because he is the only one the White House seems to fear.

  12. It’s $ 3 a gallon in Mexico. And that is a broken down cluster-F of a country. With one corrupt company… Pemex calling the shots. Anyone who doesn’t think we could get it down to $ 2.50 here is an idiot. The answer is to put the hurt down on the EPA and stop their lefty Sierra Club sponsored non-sense… and then get the F-N gov’t out of the way, (open up ANWR, Ok the Keystone Pipeline, approve the gulf leases, etc, etc), and let the market do what it is supposed to.

  13. Carney is a moron and Obama is a BIGGER MORON.

    Bush43 said we were going to START drilling back on 2008 and PRICES DROPPED overnight.

    Chu rides a bicycle to work so he could CARE LESS!

    1. Uhm…. No.
      Chu rides to-and-fro in a three Escalade cavalcade..
      He and a driver in one, and two others stuffed to the gills with Secret Service body guards.

    2. Funny how fast the price of gas went down when the democrat congress was trying to keep their seats in 2010… happened over night. Newt explained very clearly how gas could be brought down to $2.00-$2.50 a gallon within 2-3 yrs when he becomes President. Even I understood it!
      Obama told us, when he campigned in 2008, the price of energy would skyrocket and, quote: “You wont be able to sit in your 72 degree cooled house.” As ol’ billy boy said, “you ain’t seen nothing ..yet.”

  14. Yes, it is clear that anyone who believes the US can affect the global price of gas by increasing supply is lying because the very trustworthy Obama administration says it is so. Clearly Obamanomics trump everything the rest of know about supply and demand. In the crazy, mixed up, backward world of this president, we must learn to blindly trust what he says because we are all obviously mental midgets next to the likes of Carney, Holder, Sebilius, and Obama. They ALL know so much more than the average American, it is a wonder that we waited so long to elect them as our nannies. It’s not just the issue of gas prices-these geniuses want to tell us (their useful idiots) what to believe on a myriad of issues, and anyone who disagrees or has an alternate idea is either stupid or lying. My daddy always said that the first person to yell LIAR is usually the one who lies the most, and he is both wise and street smart, so I believe him over anything Jay Carney says. High gas prices are a direct result of Obama’s FAILED energy policy, and while his team would happily throw sand in our eyes to keep us from seeing the truth, fortunately the American public is smart enough to see through their desparate shennanigans on this issue. We even see through the stpidity of a president who thinks that if he puts off all of his unpopular decisions until after the election, we somehow won’t know that it means his plans will hurt us even more. Unbelievable!

  15. Amazing…..Newt is a liar, because he has a plan and the administration doesn’t. That’s how pathetic this administration is! They won’t approve permits in the gulf, coasts, Alaska and national lands, yet take credit for the production on private and state lands that were permitted under the Bush administration. They definitely know about liars……..they see them in the mirror every day!

  16. How can a theory of how to do something be a lie?

    A lie is saying you never listen to your preacher while in his church for decades. A lie is saying you don’t know who Bill Ayers is, even after you had a party for thrown for you at his house. A lie is you claiming your staff had nothing to do with your senate seat being up for auction. A lie is telling the country that you will bring us all together, yet you have not only created a larger race issue but now have made the class issue bigger than ever. A lie is telling us that if we pass your stimulus package the unemployment rate would not get over 8%, yet it goes over 10% and we now have even less jobs available to us than when you started. Lies are when you claim that the the republicans are road blocking your ideas for change when you have complete control of the house and the senate.

    See the difference carney.

    Newt might be overstating his ability, but that is not a lie!

    Hey Carney, How’s the Gitmo closing going?

    1. Wow! The truth is so simply put!!! Thank you. When pinoccoi lied his nose got longer. Carney stands in front of a podium… because when he speaks/lies he has a protruberance getting longer. Hell, I’m suprised he can even enter the room without knocking over the podium with his prominance! He’s such a snarky little boy.

  17. Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black………I think at least Newt will truly make the effort, and bring it down as much as he can, and he won’t be stopping republican senators from passing the Keystone pipeline act like Obama did with his comrades….as Wilson said at the State of the Union address, those now famous words…You Lie Obama!

  18. Newt does have ten times the credibility of Obama.

    Didn’t Obama flip out the last time someone called him a liar?

    Has Obama been truthful about much of anything so far?

  19. What these lying sack of ex-crement at the WH is realy trying to say is : “No one can get the price down to $2.50 acting within the constraints of the lying, paid-for, enviro-wacko, socialist, communist dumbo-crat tree-huggers.
    Remember that Chu, he who owns no automobile, (but is chauffeured everywhere in a government provided, luxury, Stupid_Useless_Vehicle, at our expense), stated that the price of gasoline must reach Euro levels to make the fake greenie-crud price competitive.
    And THAT is the sole end-game of this bunch of marxists, as regards transportation expense. It will beggar those on fixed income, exacerbate the so-called non-existent inflation geometrically, until we will not be able to travel for work, leisure, nor heat and light our homes.

    This shill, Carney must have the soul of a cockroach to be able to spout the BS with a straight face. And tha is insulting to the roach family.

  20. The white house is desperate. They know what is going to happen in 8 more months. The far left waited 40 years to own all three branches of govt and after just 2 elections, lost it all. They will be left with nothing but violence.Locked and loaded. Bring it.

  21. Huh and just think Democrats blamed GW for high gas prices when he was in office but now they say there’s little a President can do about it.

  22. It is such a pathetic attempt by this admin to deflect from their president. How is it possible that if the world’s largest, or one of the largest, economies decided to become a player in the energy sector, that it would not affect global prices for energy? it is almost laughable that they would now take this tact after destroying bush under the same circumstances. he was DIRECTLY responsibly for high gas prices, REMEMBER? how stupid are people who will vote again for this fool? right off the cliff lemmings.

  23. To otherwise offer any solution to reduce gas prices beyond “all of the above” would totally expose their false “findings.” So rather than actually making intelligent choices, just double-down and continue to lie to the public. And, of course, the Obama zombies will continue to spew the stew,

  24. The White House is in bad need of dictionaries. It doesn’t even understand the definition of basic terms like lie. If it did, it would probably shut its whore mouth considering all the lies Obama told to get into office, and continues to tell today.

  25. I guess Carney didn’t remember Pelosi talking about how the Dems had a plan to lower gas prices back in 2008. So which one of you is lying this time?

  26. Any of you liberal idiots know hwo Newt came up with 2.5 per gallon? He went to oil execs and asked at what price would the companies always drill? They said at $2.50 per gallon, they could drill forever. Under that cost, they would lose money. Now, with the amount of reserves we have, we could flood the market and bring down the price of fuel. Because Saudia Arabia needs money to function, they could not stop producing to dry up supply.

  27. To anyone that’s seen the Geico commercial, I picture Carney’s pants catching fire as he looks down and laments “no mas pantalones”.

  28. Then according to this definition, the president is LYING when he is saying that he is doing all that he can to hold down gas prices.

  29. “The Lord Giveth, The Government Taketh Away.”

    March 12, 2012

    Dear President Obama,

    First off if more women acted like Gloria Allred and Sandra Fluke you would not need to worry about birth control; in the space of one generation, the species would XXX.  As much as I enjoy fornicating that is not the topic of today’s letter, free speech is, recently the afore mentioned Ms. Allred requested that Mr. Limbaugh be arrested for calling a woman, who apparently likes to fluke, a s l u t. Because if we have truly entered the world of “1984” were we can’t call something what it is, when it is, then try to address the problem, and we are unable to because the world is now full of, and run by, people like Barrak Obama, Eric Holder, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, and all of the rest, then we are in far deeper trouble then even I can fathom and I should spend more time trying to find a quiet place, preferably a bar near a beach, to live out my days then writing these letters.

    Let’s set aside the veracity of the comments or the notions of how a gentleman ought to conduct himself.   Whether it is Don Imus, who is no longer funny, or Ed Shulz, whom I believe is an abject m o r o n, all of these citizens have a God given right to project their thoughts, as do I.  That God given right is given full protection via the 1st amendment to the US Constitution.  Which states “Congress shall make no law . . .” (some say they should have stopped there and called it a day, but they continued . . . ), respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” I fully recognize that people of your ilk operate under the assumption that you can continue this assault on our basic freedoms through threats of violence or financially exorbitant litigation, or committing acts of war upon the citizenry in the form of abuse, mental and otherwise. But I humbly request you think again. Because over the decades our ilk has grown by leaps and bounds and like, I believe, President Kennedy once said you can k i l l a man, but not an idea. Well, the idea that we were “meant to be free but not live in a free for all” is still alive and well, and if 2010 is any barometer we will not go gently into that good night in 2012.

    I’ll bet you’re wondering why Mitt Romany is included in my list above. Because every time he opens his mouth I take to the internet in an effort to defend and try to repackaged his voiced thoughts into what a Conservative believes, and I’m not going to do it anymore. I’m tired. I’ve got better things to do then defend a moderate posing as a Conservative Republican only to get my vote. If I wanted a quickie I’d get permission from the wife then I’d buy some flowers and make a reservation at Nobu, after purchasing some high quality prophylactics then give Ms. Fluke a call. With American soldiers losing it and whacking civilians, muslim or otherwise, and the nation functionally broke, this is not the time for small and careful moves, it’s the time for direct action, followed by leadership, and from what I’ve heard from Romney I would not follow him into a shoebox on fire.

    Regardless, on November 6, 2012 I’m voting for anyone but you, all I can do is pray that my vote will actually make a difference.


    Joe Doakes

    1. Well said Joe Doakes, as always. My impression of Mr. Romney is the same as yours, but I’ll be voting for an orange juice can over Obama on November 6, 2012. The criminally negligent AG Holder denied implementation of the voter ID law in Texas today, so the Democrat chicanery with illegal alien and zombie voters can continue. Won’t help them though. We outnumber them…

      1. It’s simple: All summer during 2008, Bush43 and the Republicans in congress, as well as gas consumers throughout the country insisted, demanded that the Democrat lead congress drop the off-shore drilling ban. (Bush43 repealed the presidential ban put in place by Bush41, and that helped drop the price some). The Democrats in congress were getting WAY TOO much political milage out of the high gas prices; they and the media wrapped the high gas prices around Bush43’s neck, and he was strangling on them. On Sept 30, 2008, the congressional ban automatically expired; by December 31, the price of gas had fallen from $4.40/gal to 1.61/gal. The Democrats in congress, Nancy Polosi in particular had the power to lift the off-shore drilling ban, but for POLITICAL reasons, she held it in place.

  30. It is not necessary to flood the market with “new” gas from existing facilities to cause the price to drop.

    If world markets see that the USA (which incidentally may very well hold more undeveloped reserves that the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST) , makes a credible threat to begin new oil production, the price will plummet. The key word is ‘credible’ . Obama has NO INTENTION of increasing oil supply in this country because that would fly in the face of his announced desire to see oil at $ 10.00 plus per gallon in order to drive the economy in the direction of two passenger roller skates run by batteries that don’t yet exist (never will) and destroy ANYTHING but his pipe dream of “GREEN” energy.
    This guy has GOT TO GO. November, 2012. It will be a wonderful thing !

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