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Obama Schedule || March 12, 2012

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Participates in interviews about his energy plans with TV anchors from the Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Des Moines, Orlando, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh markets
2:50 pm || Meets with local elected leaders representing the National League of Cities

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

31 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || March 12, 2012”

  1. Well, it looks like “TV anchors from the Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Des Moines, Orlando, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh markets” will have their marching orders from the WH & DNC by the time they return home, so the alphabets (NBCABCCBSPMSNBCCNN, etc.) will know how to spout the party line.

  2. When oh when will he be able to pick, not his nose but his 2012 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament bracket during this hectic schedule?

    1. The Nat’l League of Cities sounds so mainstream. It’s a left-wing lobbying group apparently partially funded by Soros. I guess it’s purpose is to bankrupt us one city at a time. Success!

  3. As I understand them, MrO’s energy plans are to remove all fossil fuel burning vehicles from our highways and replace them with electric powered motors that are charged by plugging them into outlets juiced by solar panels and windmills. Or, to just put sails on top of the vehicles and let nature decide whether the car goes forwards or backwards or just sits there.

      1. and why not use obozo as a source theres more than enough hot air in him to go for years with his big mouth full of hot air

  4. is this a joke or what is this guy for real he is doing nothing again .what the hell were is the outrage over this bum who watches college hoop all weekend then does nothing all week bet he will be watching hoop to night one more thing a mother lost 2 sons in Afghan were is his apology to her

  5. Only 3 events?

    …No One in the “media” is allowed to ask what Obama does all day???

    So what-the-hell does the “WH Press Corps” do all day???

    1. nothing why the economy is great,taxes are low,homes sales are great,,we are all doing so well why do anything ,NOT,NOT,this clown makes me PUKE,oh ya and he kisses the muslim worlds ass

    2. White House Dossier should be required reading for ALL the WH Press Corps, especially the comments :D

      Also, might help them figure out why nobody reads/watches the media they represent. Newspaper circulations and network news ratings down is NOT the fault of the recession, but of lazy yellow journalism.

      1. …I use to try to email memebers of the “WH press corps” and ask them why they dont ‘ask’ certain questions about the Obama admin…

        I know…It was a useless, futile exercise… the “WH press corps” and the rest of the MSM in DC & NYC never read emails from We, the viewers/readers (re: unwashed, lowly commoners)

  6. Wonder if the Austin reporter is going to be as bold as the Dallas reporter Brad Watson was? He’s the guy Obama told to “let me finish my answers next time”.

    Maybe this Austin reporter will ask Obama about his holding Medicaid funding for the Texas Women’s Health Program hostage? Last session the Texas legislature banned all abortion funding – including Obama’s beloved Planned Parenthood – and that doesn’t sit well with the man who endorses infanticide.

    1. Susan, that Texas reporter’s incident almost made it to my Obama’s Rudest Moments video but when I heard the tape he did get in Obama’s face. More power to him but Obama’s repsonse turned out not to be that bad in context.

      1. You’re right Granny Jan. He did needle him a bit about the 10 point loss in Texas. Gotta admit it was refreshing to see a reporter who didn’t grovel to the anointed one…

    2. pray and hope they hit him with the hard questions ,100$ sure he will not be able to answer them once a court jester always a court jester

  7. I see obozo called to say hes sorry for the loss of life of the 16 killed but never no remorse for our soilders so go kiis off obozo bet he will not call the mother in Arkansas who lost 2 sons in that crap hole in Afghan coward of a president

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