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Is the White House the Brains Behind Sandra Fluke?

That’s the question after Bill O’Reilly of Fox News reported last night that Sandra Fluke is being represented on the public relations front by SKDKnickerbocker, where former Obama White House Communications Director Anita Dunn is a managing director.

Fluke is the Georgetown Law School student and “reproductive rights” activist who was insulted by Rush Limbaugh for her advocacy of forcing Catholic institutions like Georgetown to provide free birth control.

Dunn is one of the most well-connected Democratic PR operatives in Washington and is close not only to the president but to his senior staff and various power players on Capitol Hill.

The link between Fluke and Dunn suggests at least the possibility that Fluke is being choreographed in consultation with the White House and/or with other senior Democratic officials in Washington.

Fluke has made several deft moves in recent weeks that suggest schooling by PR professionals.

After being been denied the right to testify at a House hearing, she showed up anyway and then complained to the media about it. She was granted a mock hearing by Democratic leaders to protest her exclusion from the House hearing. And she refused to accept Limbaugh’s apology, ensuring that the issue would not be put to rest.

The controversy over Fluke has achieved an important White House objective – to shift the debate away from the principle of whether employers can be forced to provide services they find morally objectionable and focus it instead on women’s health, allowing Democrats to portray Republicans as intent on denying coverage for birth control.

Here’s O’Reilly’s report last night.

H/T to The Daily Caller.

44 Responses to Is the White House the Brains Behind Sandra Fluke?

  1. Sandra Fluke IS Kabuki Political Theater at its worst. She will graduate Georgetown Law and, with her now media savvy resume, will pull down about $160k her first year; Nancy Pelosi will find another useful Democratic idiot (look over here…War on Women!); and Dear Leader will coast on.
    George StepOnAllOfUs smiles wickedly…and awaits his NEXT assignment…and David Axelrod trolls for another “cause” his puppet can master.

    Any beta on what the next “right” to be established by the far left?

  2. Yes, she was a Democrat plant from the get go and anybody paying attention would know that. Nobody is still talking about Fluke except the State-run media and I would put O’Reilly in that category. Most of us have moved on to more important things like vetting the imposter in the WH. #vettheprez

      • Fair enough. I shouldn’t make a judgement against O’Reilly, or anybody else for that matter, without first showing him the courtesy of watching his show.

      • I have watched every night for many yrs, and as I said, I disagree. At first, he did not include the Limbaugh comments–I thought he should. Then people said he should and he did but minimally. This story has been on NBC five times–it isn’t old yet…at least not in my opinion.

        • As for him being a mouthpiece for the left, I cannot see how you get THAT out of the show, which I presume you watch since you called him a name.He is sort of mealymouthed about Michelle–she is a nice woman, etc–but that is about it. Watch the show! Yes, more people on Fox are caving, but he is not one…My biggest complaint with Bill is that he oversimplifies and often seems to know less than I do about some stories.

        • NBC is wholly owned by the Obama administration so they want to keep this fake story running. Everybody else has moved on to more important things happening in this country. You’ve never listened to Rush Limbaugh so it’s kind of ironic how willing you are to judge him without giving him the same courtesy you ask for O’Reilly.

          • I judged what he said–all I ever said of him aside from that was he was not my north star. This fake story as you call it is also all over NewsBusters for another site. And here. I think Limbaugh might have handed the election over with his remarks–I still think that.

          • Limbaugh, along with Breitbart, haven’t led to our defeat – they have made us stronger and more determined to defeat Obama and the establishment.

          • I will admit my comments reguarding Ms Fluke were worse than Rush’s and I am not sorry. She must have a healthy
            family to think her birth control is more important than a
            cancer drug someone can’t afford. The arrogance is mind
            boggling. But she is just like MO it’s all about me.

  3. The ridiculous premise that Georgetown female law students are going broke buying contraceptives and need to have them provided by the taxpayers is insulting and allowed MsFluke to be the butt of so many bad jokes that her usefulness is over. Enter GloriaAllred and a call to prosecute MrLimbaugh for using bad words and hoping it continues. But, we’re not buying it.
    It’s over. Done.

    There was never any doubt that this was an orchestrated move by the WhiteHouse/Dems who are desperately trying to regain what they call the “women’s vote” and smokescreen the attempt to force religious factors to bend to the will of the State mandated health insurance.


  4. Has NancyP changed jobs for political gain for herself and Barry? Do we have another Gloria Allred in the making? As usual, the WH gang has managed to confuse the issue for the average sheeple. The issue was and is about free birth control provided at religious institutions. This totally disregards the beliefs of the Catholic church, and no doubt many other institutions and individuals. Fluke is no doubt being rewarded in no small way and paid for her newly acquired advocacy. Few, if any, knew this person until she became another election puppet for the Democrats. They are so afraid they will lose, and well they should be.

  5. Whatever happened to the uncle of obuma who was living in the u.s illegally.
    Thought his “trial” was to have been several weeks ago.
    How about doing some investigation on this and then do an article on it?

    • He was released and the police protected the information on where he went after he was released. No trial as far as I have ever heard.

    • Completely staged…not a hearing but all the props to make it look like one, when it was really a press conference. Do they think we have no brains at all?

  6. Duh. Yes right from the start. And now they claim they have won the women’s
    vote. They seriously believe that first women would fall for that sad tale and it
    would make all women to vote for Obama champion of women’s rights. Sure.

      • Yes, why not something truly medical? Chemo? Physical therapy? Skin grafts? Why something that no one “needs” because it is needed only if one CHOOSES to have sex — and even then it’s not medical, it’s recreational.

        Yes, some women take the Pill to help with menstrual periods, but that is not Sandra Fluke’s situation and not the main argument.

        • All good rhetorical questions. Seems to me this is an arbitrary attack on faith, conservatism, church-state separation, and capitolism.

          • The attack on conservatism is an attack on freedom of speech as well. The left can’t defeat us on the battlefield of ideas so they are trying to silence the conservative voice.

          • How cold it is for the Obama admin to force the Church to weigh its mission to help others through hospitals and charities against its commitment to not fund abortions and contraception.

            And the really chilling thing is that the decision to knuckle under AND the decision to end its role as an employer both serve the Obama administration goals.

  7. isn’t this the alinsky bait and switch deal-focus on something salacious to distract the masses and then do your dirty work while no one is looking?

  8. Normally, can’t take Mr. O–usually cuts BHO too much slack but in this case, we appreciate his reporting.

    Also, check out this pic:

    . . .and let us know what you think.

    And, how about this obit (coincidence to see these 2 last names together???)

    Related, maybe, happy coincidence, who knows!

    • O’Reilly has been all over O’s case lately–he can’t lead, the green thing is dopey and a failure, he has no ans to gas prices…But yes, overall, I think Fox was told to tone it back. Wish that had not happened.

  9. I read a lot of spy novel (Daniel Silva, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn). In these people like Anita Dunn are called “controllers” or “handlers”….her nasty prints are everywhere.

  10. And Rush is a schmuck for playing right into their hands. Does he not have a wise adviser sitting in the wings over there? Hell, hire ME and I will do a better job at preventing such stupid rants.

    • He apologized sincerely. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t make an error in judgment every once in a while. The leftist media is trying to keep this flake going so they don’t have to talk about the real issue – Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution.