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Video || Obama’s Mahered Moral Righteousness

Uhhh boy. So much hypocrisy, and so little time.

President Obama and the White House have joined – and are even stoking – the uproar of indignity that erupted after Rush Limbaugh called abortion rights activist and Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute.

But as many of you know, that hasn’t stopped one of the PACs supporting Obama from accepting $1 million from serial misogynist Bill Maher.

The White House recently decided to become more agressive in seeking support for the PAC, Priorities USA. By the same token, the White House could easily signal to Priorities USA, which is run by former Obama White House aide Bill Burton, that it should return the money. But clearly, it won’t.

And I thought it was important to stand up for women! Obama, you’ll remember, this week even mushily invoked his daughters, saying he had called Fluke to lend his support in part because he was concerned Sasha and Malia might one day be similarly victimized.

Perhaps if Rush had expressed his regret with a $1 million check to Bill Burton, the White House would have stood down. Because what’s a principle or two when $1 million is involved?

Wanted to show you this video by ShePAC. It makes the point very well.

H/T to Nice Deb, where I first saw the video.

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  1. More political theatre. The Repubs don’t want the PAC to give the money back, they’re going to hit MrO over the head with the million dollars.

    • Agreed. It’s all politics. This is just extra juicy because Obama gave support to a citizen who didn’t have the means to fight back at Rush like a public figure could – like Palin.

        • Nice try – nobody has ever heard of her until this. I worked for a campaign before – does that make me an ‘activist’ and subject to public ridicule ?

          • Nice try.

            You don’t get to frame the issue. Rush said slut, Maher said slut.

            Same thing. If anything, it should be LESS acceptable when done to a political figure.

            mmmkay, stupid?

            Now, back to your gloryhole. Your fans await.

          • what flavor is your koolaid? you need to read the backstory. Fluke was selected especially for this; she’s being run by Anita “Mao Tse” Dunn, formerly of the Obama administration.

            the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

          • Yeah slow flying Eagle, it makes you an activist. She is the girlfriend of a democratic politician’s son….gee, wonder if he can afford a 50 cent condom or 9 dollars a month for her birth control?

  2. “Because what’s a principle or two when $1 million is involved?”

    Yup, exactly what I thought when Elton John took a cool million to sing at Rush’s 4th wedding, too…

    • and if memory serves, Elton wasn’t running for office at the time, now, was he?

      btw, what principle do you suppose Elton John sacrificed by playing at a wedding for money? he’s a musician, that’s what he does.

      • thanks rulierose. it is a very important concept that life is more than politics. All sides need to keep that in mind, since very few leaders of any stripe do.

  3. It’s not about the million dollars in my opinion. It is about the hypocrisy of Obama and his elitist followers. In their world, it is open season on conservative women, while leftists are held in much higher esteem.

    • I just hold the leftists in contempt. They are the Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice leftovers from the 1960’s – all in the same bed and not a one has bothered to change the sheets.

    • In case you didn’t notice it’s open season on anyone. Even if you don’t swear the right has alot of outrageous voices besides Rush. how about ann coulter and mike savage? the crap they spew , almost daily , is off the chart. ironic reps calling dems elitist – wonder who the learned that from? oh that’s right , reps aren’t elitists anyone they are wing nuts!

          • Morally superior? I’m not the one trying to sell a sordid sad story of struggling female Ivy League law students who can’t afford the exorbitant cost of birth control and wants her Catholic church sponsored school to give it to her for free. I’d be called a two-bit hooker if I asked my neighbor to pay for my sexual activities.

          • 1. Georgetown is not Ivy League

            2. She is not asking for free birth control. Students there pay for the health insurance… They only want it included in the plan, there is no tax payer funding for what she wants.

            I know that conservatives don’t care about facts, but try not to be so obvious about it

          • Must have insulted elitists all over the country by calling Georgetown ivy league. Big deal. The rest of my statement is totally accurate. She wants a Catholic church sponsored insurance plan to provide no-cost (free) birth control to her fellow law students. You seem to forget Ms. Fluke testified before a bogus congressional committee, attended by US lawmakers who are paid with my tax dollars. The _resident has already signed this travesty of a regulation into law – violating the teachings of the church and every American’s God-given right to freely practice our religion.

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” [emphasis added].

          • Actually, Willliam, I think it’s more than included in the plan–under the health care mess, it would be free…from the company or organization, but in these cases, the insurance co.

  4. I hope this gets played and played, so people realize the hypocrisy. The actual footage is much more powerful than just the written word.

      • Sadie, thanks! That was a great perceptive. And bookwormroom is dead on on how this would play out. Fluke would have to testify, and then her entire life would be public record, and the defense would have the opportunity to question her as to her motives and who is pushing her agenda.

        Then there is the Maher question. Can they go after Limbaugh without going after Maher? Or would that be the ultimate in selective prosecution?

        • Shofar, if I ever need a lawyer – it’s her (Bookworm).

          “Or would that be the ultimate in selective prosecution?”

          You mean like what Holder DIDN’T DO with the Black Panthers in Philly.

      • Yeah, especially after that “Herman Cain” debacle she tried to make money off of. What ever happen with that……………………….oh, nothing. She and the $ seeking hussies she likes to represent disappeared after they tried to destroy Cain’s wife and children.

  5. Keith – connecting maher’s comments from a year ago to a super pac today is a stretch at best . also bil is a comedian first and his comments were made a comedy show. whether it’s a bad joke or not we usually give comedians a wide birth in language, especially when they insult public figures. rush is not a comedian, although reps like to say he’s an entertainer when it’s convenient.
    his insult was not just the 2 words but paragraphs of ignorance and defamation of a private citizen. nice try though. – pete

    • As a woman, I am extremely offended by your justification for Maher’s remarks and by the justifications I’ve seen by so many other liberals. Are you telling me that you would defend a white male who called Obama the N-word as long as it was in a comedy act? And you wouldn’t be foaming at the mouth angry if Romney took a million dollars in a campaign donation from that racist white comedian? Sure, the women of America believe you. We watch this ad and it’s clear who really is waging the war on women that Obama talks about.

      • I don’t like what maher said either but like reps say ‘let the market place decide’. evidently not enough people heard or cared about what maher said to make any difference. even though both can be vulgar and say stupid stuff bill at least knows that he has leeway on cable or at a club.
        rush still doesn’t get it – he should go to sat radio like howard stern if he thinks he’s an entertainer not the radio voice of the right. attacking a private citizen also is way off base – Likely \Suspects arguement holds no water- fluke is not anita hill who’s testimony was altogether different.

        • Why didn’t enough people hear about what Maher has said? Because the media didn’t highlight on their headlines day after day the way they did with Rush’s comments. Right-wing blogs cover it every time Maher makes another vile comment, but you don’t see it in the Washington Post or the New York Times or ABC news the way you did for days after Rush mouthed off. Why do you give Maher leeway to insult women just because he’s on cable or in a club? Would it be okay for a white comedian doing a HBO special to call Obama the n-word? After all, he’s on cable. Or would you be okay with a male comedian calling Michelle Obama a c-word, all in the name of comedy, of course. It’s disgusting no matter who says it or who they say it about. It doesn’t matter if it’s said jokingly or in anger, it’s still degrading and disrespectful. Ignoring it when it comes from the left does nothing to make Obama’s calls for civil discourse credible.

          Let the marketplace decide. Okay. So Rush’s listeners decided that they didn’t like what he said, but they accepted his apology. It was Daily Kos and other liberal organizations that don’t listen to his show that bombarded his sponsors with emails and phone calls. How is that letting the marketplace decide? That is trying to shut down opposing voices. I have never tried to force Maher off the air. If you like to hear him call women vile names, you have the right to watch his show. But I also have the right to not vote for a president whose super pac takes a million dollars from a pig like Maher.

          • The ‘marketplace’ in this case is also includes the media. if the left has an edge than the right better catch up. again i don’t like what maher said or what rush said. if someone uses the n-word in any forum on Obama or Michelle i would not like it either. this time rush is taking a beating. maher had his beat down several years ago when he was on ABC.

          • Mr. Miller’s comment is the basis for the entire gutteral culture that is liberalism and its grandparent, Neo-Marxism, as espoused by its evangelists Obama and Maher.

            What Maher says has NOTHING TO DO with anything, because he’s a shock jock comedian. The President, a Human God without Sin, simply does what a liberal neo-Marxist does: spew gutteral sputtum from whatever ridiculous liberal advisor advises and the media preaches it as The Gospel.

        • Au contraire. Conservatives don’t try to shut down free speech like leftists do. What Bill Maher says is disgusting and misogynistic but he has every right to say it. Conservatives may protest his behavior by cancelling their subscription to HBO (if they can still afford it under Obamanomics), but we have never tried to silence his voice. The left doesn’t know how to change the channel or turn off the radio, they prefer to silence their critics. Rush made an inappropriate analogy. He apologized. Unfortunately, no apology is ever good enough for the left. Obama and his supporters, Soros front groups like Media Matters and Think Progress, gin up their useful idiots to bombard sponsors in an effort to destroy the man’s livelihood and silence him. Why? Because he doesn’t share their beliefs. Maybe one day you will see the light and join us in saving the God-given rights these totalitarians are trying to steal from us all.

          • Wow, ‘obamanomics, totalitarians’ your paranoia is getting the best of you. Rush and Bill will be fine – probably both will gain audience share with all the ‘free’ publicity.

          • That ain’t paranoia my friend. Do a little research on Critical Race Theory and Black Liberation Theology. Then take a look at two of Obama’s closest friends for the past 20 years – Professor Derrick Bell and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Or just check out Breitbart’s site if you’re interested in learning the truth.

      • Huge difference between the N word and anything Maher has ever said.
        Mahers mistake was using gender specific insults. Everything he’s expressed about palin or Bachman could have been said without them as he was simply pointing out the obvious (that they not the brightest bulbs in the box, and last time I checked stupidity wasn’t limited to the fairer sex)

        • Everything Rush expressed about Fluke could have been said without gender specific insults, too. So he gets a pass from you? The point is Maher uses gender specific slurs ALL THE TIME. And yet, liberals line up for a chance to be on his show. You are either offended by any person who uses gender specific slurs or you don’t mind when women are targeted. As for there being a difference between the n-word used against African-Americans and the c-word being used against women of either party, you’re wrong–they are both hate speech and bigoted.

    • When you interject yourself into a public debate, you lose “private person” status for purposes of that debate. Hence, it is well settled that normal libel standards of attacking a “private citizen” stop when you publicly advocate for “pro-life” & have had an abortion; that’s fair game & normal “privacy” rights (public disclosure of private facts) becomes relevant to the discussion. Ms. Fluke is no different, and even the dullest of 1st year law students know the exceptions.

      She chose to get into the fray, so she’s now fair game for all things concerning her choices on sex & contraception.

      • Ms. Fluke was not attacked for anything at all regarding her choices on sex and contraception. Limbaugh’s attacks on her didn’t have anything at all to do with her actual choices – he was just making up falsehoods, both about what she had said and about what she did.

        btw – if you aren’t aware that Limbaugh’s attacks on her were false, then I should remind you that:

        a) Her statement focused on various situations where people she knew needed birth control, not her own need for birth control

        b) You take the same number of birth control pills no matter how much sex you’re having. More sex does not mean more birth control.

      • She still has a defamation case in that she was called a prostitute, and Limbaugh later admitted that he knew she was not a prostitute.

        This is true, even she is a public figure. Limbaugh admitted that he intentionally and knowingly called her a prostitute. This was not mistake or negligence on his part.

  6. And now we know that Anita Dunn, White House person, is behind Sandra Fluke.
    More disgusting by the day.
    And now Gloria Already is trying to prosecute Rush.

      • well, in this case, “White House person” means someone who used to be communications director for the White House until her stupid remarks about Fox News not being a real news channel brought her to the attention of America, when she suddenly decided to leave to ‘spend more time with her family’ and consult/lobby/whatever these people do…

        …which family includes her husband Bob Bauer, CURRENT “white house person” and legal counsel to Obama in several capacities over the years.

        that’s what a “White House” person means.

  7. I have said repeatedly that there will never be any improvement in the quality of our public discourse as long as those on the left are exempt from the same standards for speech and conduct they daily demand from those on the right.

    Also, it’s worth nothing that one Reporter at the Tuesday press conference did attempt to ask Obama about Bill Maher but the question was ignored and no one else bothered to ask. Obama and his media allies manage to make this about Rush and avoids the issue of left wing hate speech which is far worse.

  8. Maher is a strange bedfellow–the women I have seen pictured with him seem like they might be “paid” dates, I can’t prove it–but didn’t he get sued for palimony or something one time? I maintain he has sipped too oft of the grotto water at the Playboy Mansion–just what a president needs in a very public supporter.

      • Pete, you are a bad boy. I am the tea party. I am female. I have grown sons, who are well raised men, they respect women and they don’t talk down to them. In raising them they were told this ” If you ever do anything that puts your marriage, wife or children at stake, we will disown you and take them in”. This is about respect for women and the offspring they produce. But, I guess I am strange and you are normal.
        Oh and Pete, please take an English 102 Class.

      • Yes–know Maher and Coulter are friends–this goes back a long way. A lot of all this–which we take seriously on this site–is theatre and sort of and games to the H’wood and DC types. As for you, Peter Miller–exactly what do you think “my” base is? But to repeat, I think Bill Maher with his straggly locks and vegan pallor sitting there blatting about how stupid people who go to church are or what idiots female pols are is way weirder than someone go stands in the heat at a Tea Party rally. Why the sour–almost fear–of “regular” people?

        • Ann is entertainment. So is Maher. I would think Rush fans would be upset for Rush being pegged as leader of the Rep party–I mean, DE FACTO leader–or do you like that? I am voting for whatever Rep, but I don’t consider Rush to be the party leader and would not want to defend what he said.

        • Oh right he just didn’t show the whole speech where her point was made- semantics – same result no outrage from the right for someone losing their job.

          • Breitbart showed the 6-minute version of her telling her story that included the supposed exculpatory ending when Shirl discovered that she needed to help all people, not just black people.I know because I saw it on his site myself, that day.

            regardless, the full video had been accessible all the time through the NAACP, apparently. the White House decided to fire her before they even thought of looking at the complete tape (which in my view wouldn’t have mattered anyway). they fired her before Fox reported on it, yet the Left blamed “Glenn Beck” for her firing anyway.

            and you…you blame Breitbart. poor Shirley, all these haters forcing President Obama, who has no power of his own, to fire her when he didn’t want to!

            do you also blame Woodward and Bernstein for the trouble poor Dick Nixon got into?

  9. Below is a list comprised by a fellow blogger that should have gone into the “documentary”:
    One free voice. this list rarely makes it past the censors.

    five wars
    assault on Arizona
    Mexican insurgents on American soil
    American agents murdered in America
    The socialist communist r^pe of the middle class
    Government motors
    Oil in gulf fiasco
    Obama care fiasco
    Shadow government by czars
    Union thugs in the steeets
    Children molested lawfully in airports
    TSA BIGOTS selecting victims for pat downs
    Real estate fanny mae Freddie mac fiasco
    Housing catastrophe
    Teacher lying on camera
    Doctors lying on camera
    Paying for insurgents to go to college
    Congressmen espousing socialism
    Ignoring constitutional law blatantly
    Class warfare
    Generational warfare
    Racial warfare
    Insulting the supreme court justices publicly
    Insulting opposing opinion publicly
    Paying socialist news outlets from tax coffers
    Universities as socialist factories of propaganda
    Paying pigford frauds for fictional victimization
    Using every available form of media for political propaganda
    Stealing elections
    Housing price depression
    Un employment at 10%
    Ignoring election results
    Global warming fiasco
    Islamist terrorists using sharia on our own soil
    You think this list is done………..?
    five dollar gas going up
    15 trillion in debt going up
    betrayal of israel
    ows goons on the street
    union goons on the street
    assault on the catholic church
    panetta’s betrayal of american sovereignty…
    teenage thugs on the streets
    electric car fiasco
    green industry fiasco
    inflation about to explode
    socialist media rampant
    filth from hollywood

    • Everyone needs a debt clock on the roof of their home or business. President Obama and the Democrats, have no intention of stopping the madness. Any vote other than the most conservative in November is bound to set us back 20 years if we allow this idiot, know nothing, think nothing, in the oval office of the White House for any longer. The only thing he can do well is read out loud. There is no way to know what he comprehends, obviously not very much by the polices he has touted and continues to tout. Yikes, just look at his whole “no Keystone agenda”. What a dumbs**t. He needs a science class or two. But he is pretty, isn’t he?

  10. What Limbaugh did is worse than what Maher did in that calling a woman a prostitute is clearly defamatory unless it can be proven true, and Limbaugh actually admitted on Monday that it was not true. This has been the law for centuries. Check with your lawyer if you want confirmation.

    However, calling a woman a b-word or a c-word is not defamation. It is opinion and protected free speech. Again, check with your lawyer if you want confirmation.

    Having said this, I agree that what Maher did is uncivil. But be careful what you ask for if you want to police and enforce civilty. Limbaugh called a woman a b-word just this past week with no apology or condemnation. How is that different from Maher’s c-word? You start splitting hairs. What about Mark Levin mocking Hilary Clinton’s fat thighs or Nancy Pelosi’s botox face? Is it funny or uncivil? What’s the penalty? Who makes the rules?

    I say leave it to the courts — the judges and the juries can punish defamation as they have for years. Other stuff is free speech unless we can come up with an objective set of rules.

  11. . We have more important things to worry about.

    Free condoms for all.

    They help prevent unwanted pregancy and they improve women’s health by preventing STDs. The Obama administration should be sued for sexual discrimination.
    Free Condoms for all.

  12. [while ignoring your clearly sexist use of the term “joined and even stoking” — just kidding (almost) ], I would offer one other perception:

    The White House are not only joining and stoking the uproar — I suggest that they created it. After all, Anita Dunn, Obama’s former communications director (who claimed Fox isn’t real news) is apparently “handling” Fluke, who allowed herself to be used by Pelosi et al for their own gratification (look up the definition of “p====itute”.) And Obama must be doing something constructive in his near daily (as opposed to near yearly with cabinet) meetings with his senior advisers, Jarrett and Plouffe. Isn’t their specialty framing messages for political advantage?

    One of the things Obama has been remarkably successful at has been his ability to create perceptions for the electorate. Why should we think he’d
    stay out of this one? He certainly had no trouble calling up Fluke when he could get some personal mileage out of it. (Warning, your mileage may vary).

    • I would add that keeping it in the news, (supposedly) GOP friendly pundits keep lobbing the softball over the plate. Over and over again.

    • the fact FLUKE has a handler makes her NOT a regular citizen, but a public personality now. She doesn’t have the protections she would have otherwise. The entertainment lawyer is just more embarrassing nonsense from the left as they try to change the debate from the UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE, and forcing religious institutions to pay for contraception meds (so the Dems can call them hypocrites later).

      Don’t get distracted by liberals. They have a problem where they think every convoluted explanation the left has proves they are intellects. why do you think so much of their explanations don’t ring true?

  13. I think Obamas pac should give back the million bucks. They are just toying with us, they will never change. They are vile and vulgar and it will continue.

    Obama tries to stay away from it, but he is involved. Just by calling Sandra (the liberal plant) and not calling any conservative woman to “sympathise”.. This man is not a leader, he is a divider…

  14. Well this is a Republican hack job if I ever saw one. What is wrong with you? No one has defended Rush’s right to freedom of speech more than Mahr. And in true Fox news fashion you can splice all kinds of crap together to make a point but that doesn’t make it truthful. You are doing a disservice to journalism and public debate. Videos like this dumb down the public and stoke rage which is a huge problem in this country already. Shame on you.

  15. The argument from the Left that it is acceptable behavior from Maher because he is a comedian has two problems… 1) he has a political talk show (maybe no one knows that because no one watches)… and 2) he is a COMEDIAN?? When is the last time anyone ever laughed at anything he said? He just is NOT FUNNY. And that’s not because I don’t agree with him. I don’t agree with Jon Stewart – but I laugh all the time when I watch him because he IS A COMEDIAN! Bill Maher is nothing more than an overgrown bully – a 13 year old mean girl in an adult male body.

  16. The mistake being made here is assuming that anyone at the White House can even spell integrity. Politics is a dirty business but these folks are the lowest of the low.

  17. The reason this issue continues to be the gift that keeps on giving (to Obama) isn’t the perception of (RLs) misogyny, its the fact that its been framed as a story about the conservative wing of the republican party calling a woman a slut for using birth control.

    The longer Koffler and others cry hypocrisy and keep this thing in the news, the longer it stays afloat and the more fortified the idea of republicans as the sexual morality police becomes.

    After all, Maher’s (inexcusable) comments weren’t based on the targets’ sexual behavior, they were just the sh-teist thing he could come up with. Rush, on the other, hand called Fluke a sl-t for advocating access to birth control.

  18. Funny how Pelosi and the democrats tried to make a big deal out of FLUKE, and Rush’s comments, and the mainstream media piled on with biased sound bytes, and now they have ‘an entertainment lawyer’ going after Rush.

    Biggest problem: Fluke has a paid ‘handler’ and after her ‘testimony’ she has lost the protections a real private person would have. The entertainment lawyer must not be that bright or paying attention before blathering her nonsense. The MSM still hasn’t played the entire testimony IN CONTEXT so folks could get the facts.

    Rush doesn’t hate women, but he sure hates liars and liberal stooges.