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Carney: The GOP is Politcizing Keystone. The GOP?

This is what’s known in the comedic world as “a good one.”

Said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today:

The president believes that it is wrong to play politics with a pipeline project whose route has yet to be proposed.

President Obama late last year rejected a route for the Keystone pipeline through Nebraska after his own administration had declared it environmentally sound, caving only after a large group of angry environmentalists SURROUNDED THE WHITE HOUSE and demanded he block the plan.

So he moved to please the enviros, an understandable political calculation that will nevertheless hurt the nation by denying us all that wonderful black gold from Canada for at least another year.

And now the White House has the nerve – the noive of these people! – to say Republicans are playing politics. Which they are, but Republicans have every right to go to town on this and point out to Americans what the White House has done, especially while Obama goes around the country piously proclaiming himself a drilling fanatic.

Actually, let look closely at Carney’s statement: “wrong to play politics with a pipeline project whose route has yet to be proposed.” I can only assume Carney must mean it is right to play politics with pipeline projects whose routes have been proposed, as was the one rejected by Obama.

The White House turned this into a political issue. And it will be a loser for them as gas prices creep toward $5 per gallon. And Obama and his aides know it, which is why they are responding so aggressively to the Republicans.

21 Responses to Carney: The GOP is Politcizing Keystone. The GOP?

  1. “…caving only after a large group of angry environmentalists SURROUNDED THE WHITE HOUSE and demanded he block the plan.”

    Hey he didn’t listen to the Tea Party when we marched on Washington D.C. and demanded that he stop Obamacare. And there were millions of us back home rooting for those who were able to go. The Tea Party sent hundreds of thousands of people to D.C. Certainly more than the the maybe 20 protestors led by that ditz Daryl Hannah who were protesting Keystone. But he’ll listen to his base knowing full well that he is endangering the future of this country. We need to realize that Obama hates this country. He thinks we need to be punished. We need to be punished for consuming so much, while people like his brother George has to live in squalor in a Kenyan mud hut. That’s our fault. We are responsible for the all the ills of the world, and we, by George, are going to see how it feels to be enslaved.

    Meet the professor who educated Obama on the “Critical Race Theory”. Marxism with a racial twist. This is the guy Obama said to “open up your hearts and your minds” to…

    • He and the Dems paid dearly in 2010 for ignoring those who protested against Obamacare. They had it all; all the votes, all the support of the MSM, and they ignored us.

      All-electric cars aren’t feasable or sustainable unless MrO’s green friends find a way to harness electricity from lightening bolts and not coal-fired electric plants.

  2. I’ve seen many maps of the pipeline and exactly what towns will benefit from the windfall of thousands of jobs. Jay lacks intellectual curiosity or he would have known that.

  3. …maybe the “WH press corps” needs to figure out how to ask a follow-up/challenge question to that dope Propaganda Sec. Carney and try to make him explain his idiotic so-called ‘answers’…

    • Nah, not gonna happen. The chair sitters are afraid that Jay-Jay won’t give them a ticket to the next WhiteHouse buffet or remove one of the legs from their chairs in the basement.

      • I think they also worry about access to the o, who is the most vindictive skunk who’s come down the highway for a while.
        Then there are the books of the future, by those who’ve “been there”, warming chairs in the briefing room.

        • Access? What access? They’re allowed to stand outside ballrooms in the hotels waiting for a glimpse of something, or locked in closets during fundraisers.

  4. I really loathe this guy! The ONLY thing on his brain is politics – his reelection.

    For 4 years he has done everything in his power to drive up the price of oil – from ignorning a Judge’s order to lift the Gulf drilling moratorium to blaming speculators on the price of oil! Those speculators must all be Republicans!!!

    Pray for $10.00 gasoline! It may be the only way to get rid of this cretin!

    • yes, I laugh (painful laugh) at the idea that he doesn’t care about being re-elected. He likes the “neat” toys of being pres, and let’s not even talk about Queen Piggy.

  5. “The president believes that it is wrong to play politics with a pipeline project whose route has yet to be proposed.”

    …but playing the Keystone Cops is just fine? sarc/off

  6. Obama and his people sicken me more with everyday that goes by.
    Lies, lies, and more lies.
    Dear Lord, look down on America and save us from this tyrant if that is Your will.

  7. Yet another example of the President of the United States shamelessly playing to the lowest common denominator with respect to the voting public. That is, those that are so pitifully uniformed and/or blinded by partisanship that they could even begin to believe that the GOP is blocking/delaying Keystone. You would think that POTUS could aim a bit higher.