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Romney Scores Big Win; Press Fails to Notice

Mitt Romney won a crushing victory Tuesday, winning twice as many states as Rick Santorum and more that two and half times as many delegates, but his triumph is being portrayed in headlines across the nation as sign of weakness and failure.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Romney picked up 211 delegates while taking six states, bringing his total delegate count to 415. Santorum won in three states and added only 84 delegates to bring his total to 176.

Romney scored a huge upset in Ohio, coming from way back to take a politically diverse state that is representative of the type of place he’ll need to win to beat President Obama.

Romney is being widely panned by the press for an “inability to close the deal,” and yet the description seems far more apt for Santorum, who now has blown huge leads in the most critical contests of recent weeks, Ohio and Michigan. If anything, the more voters look at Santorum, the more concerned they become and less likely they are to sign on the dotted line.

Worse for Santorum, he will continue for the foreseeable future to split the most conservative votes with Newt Gingrich – who stays in after winning Georgia – and with Ron Paul, who would remain in the race until 2018 if he could. And Romney has a war chest that will swamp Santorum in the upcoming air wars for closely contested states.

And yet, despite all the evidence Romney largely vanquished his rivals Tuesday night, here are some of the headlines this morning:

Wall Street Journal: Romney Ekes Past Santorum in Ohio

New York Times: With No Knockout Punch, a Bruising Battle Plods On

Los Angeles Times: Battle in Ohio Reinforces GOP Divide; Romney’s Slim Victory Leaves Race Uncertain

USA Today: Romney, Santorum See Momentum

CNN: No Knockout Blow for Romney

Reuters: Romney Narrowly Wins Ohio, Fails to Knock Out Santorum

You get the idea.

There are several reasons for this.

All reporting is now sports reporting. Reporters love a battle and they love to go on TV and rave about how exciting everything is. And editors seek a bracing and never-ending storyline because it draws readers and ultimately pleases their corporate bosses, who want to sell papers and generate pageviews.

The headline “Romney Scores Six Wins and Continues Methodical Drive Toward Nomination” is just not going to drive eyeballs to your story.

And reporters also tend to be moderate to liberal. Bloodletting among Republicans at some level is agreeable to many of them. I have to believe that if this was Obama instead of Romney, the stories would be about the growing inevitability of Obama’s nomination.

That Romney is in all likelihood on the march toward nomination will probably soon become too apparent for any serious journalist to deny. At that point, for the reasons listed above, we will begin to hear feverish talk about the prospects for a third party candidacy.

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  1. Surprised? I’m not!
    I’m sure if Mitt Romney wins this November the clowns in the MSM will downplay that as well…yet they all wonder why their ratings are in the toilet. Go figure!

  2. The media is disgusting. They are so predjudice against Romney. Despite the media’s unfair war on Romney he continures to show integrity and overcomes them. Love it!

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  4. Keith,

    You also miss another obvious reason for the “muted” Romney reporting: Romney is the only Republican with a realistic chance to beat President Obama and the liberal press knows it. They are not going to help make that happen.

  5. And how much more has be spent compaired to his compeditors on negative ads? as much as 12 to 1, thats how much! He has to bash his opponents because he has No record of his own to run on. He wont have the ability to outspend obambo, He will be the one getting outspent on negative ads and He will lose for us. Just like McCain, just like Bob Dole, just like old Bush, just like Ford. Weak canidates will Not enspire those who vote to vote.

    1. Who else has built such a broad coalition. Who else has put so much thought and study into putting forth a winning plan for the future of the American economy. Romney made his mark in the private sector and has matured in his conservative views… be it a convert if you will, he knows not to take that conversion for granted, and is compelled to put his life on hold to serve.

      Romney: A True American.

  6. Romney does have a glaring weakness. If Gingrich (who has no fondness for Romney) drops out of the race, it could mean an unstoppable surge for Santorum.

    1. Wow Gaetano, that’s a great point. All you have to do is assume that all Gingrich’s supporters would automatically vote for Santorum for some reason. Yet they already have the option of voting for Santorum and they don’t. Hmmm….

      1. Note that I said “could” regarding any danger to Romney. In this game, a possible weakness has to be regarded as a lurking weakness.
        As long as Gingrich has possibilities (and this race has demonstrated a volatility that could bring him back) it is not surprising that people who prefer him to Santorum haven’t switched their votes. But that could all change. The percentage that might then switch to Santorum could (yes, “might” and “could”) irreversibly damage Romney.

  7. Huh?
    “Romney scored a huge upset in Ohio, coming from way back…”
    Why is it relevant which polling booths were counted first? or last? or quickest? The fact that Santorum’s votes were counted ‘early’ is irrelevant. Your analysis of this point is just plain illogical.

    Your clear insistence that the other candidates just submit and give the nomination to Romney is laughable and equally illogical. The primaries dispense delegates proportionally in almost all states. Meanwhile, the electoral college votes are all winner-take-all. Couple that with the fact that independent and Democratic registered voters are not voting in this primary, and you have a clear case that Santorum can easily beat Obama in the Presidential.

    1. “The fact that Santorum’s votes were counted ‘early’ is irrelevant. Your analysis of this point is just plain illogical.”

      Lol moron – he was talking about the polls. Romney was behind a week ago. But then he came from behind. Does that make sense?

      Wouldn’t that be crazy if you had to be competent to write in the comment section?

  8. Can someone do the math to see what the delegate count would be right now had the rules not changed this time around (i.e. had most states remained winner-takes-all)?

    It seems to me that if 2008 rules applied, Romney would have a much larger lead by now, and the perceived inability to “close the deal” is more directly a result of so many states having their delegates proportionally allocated this time around.

    1. You are correct. In fact, Romney’s 2012 primary numbers are much better than McCain’s 2008 numbers in nearly every state, including Arizona. If this were 2008, it would be in the bag already.

      On a related note, it’s a myth that the protracted primary process is bad for Republicans. Dems had this situation in 2008 and it worked to their benefit. Right now, for instance, you can see Obama trying to compete with the Republicans for press time. As a sitting president, this makes him look small, petty, and weak. If the Republican primary were over already, the Republican nominee may not have this advantage.

  9. AMEN BRO! An almost 20 point deficeit turns into a victory…wins all the major populace counties in every victory…the Mormon consistantly wins the Catholic vote…he wins the two biggest swing states, Florida and Ohio,..Wins his home state by 72%, while Gingrich can’t get 50% in his own state, and not only the MSM, but Fox News reports how “weak” Romney is. Santorum continues to ONLY get the Evangelical vote and yet still, the media, especially Rush and Fox keep beating his “surge” drum. With the MSM, the answer is clear, they know that Romney will beat Obama and they prefer Santorum because they know that he’ll only get votes in the bible belt which DON’T ELECT PRESIDENTS| As far as Fox, Rush, Ingrham and the others, they’re playing to their base, the far right. GO MITT!

  10. “Romney’s thin victory leaves the race uncertain?” This according to the Los Angeles Times which doesn’t seem to get the fact that Romeny came from FAR behind to win in the battleground state of Ohio and now has a HUGE lead over his closest rival. What the MSM has left out is that Obama won 57% of the vote in Oklahoma while being unopposed! All of this portends for a very nasty presidential campaign once the conventions conclude with the MSM kissing the butt of Obama all the live long day!

  11. All you have to do is look at the home staes…gingrich carries Georgia by 47%…romney is second…romney carries Mass by 72% everybody else 12%…Romney is getting stronger …I’m tired of the crying about money…if you can’t hang with the big biys you are out of your league

  12. Here’s reality Romney is surging big time and Obama is faultering big time…..the media have been engaged in a massive propaganda campaign…as more people realize it the media will be further dicredited…Obama is a communist and the media is state controlled…it troubles me to say it about my country but its true

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  14. Obama and the democrats are scared to death of romney thats why the stae media is trying to take him down…Romney is smart…has the experience and qualifications to be president…has the money to compete and is a real free enterprise American not a communist

  15. Thank you for your objective, data based summation of the results. As a researcher and statistician who dropped his jaw as he watched the tv stations cover this last night and then woke up to the mentioned USA today anaysis it gave a glimmering hope of truth to an absurd combination of reporting idiocy difficult to imagine in a sane, honest, TV or written press world . Cmon guys not here in the USA

  16. The press is trying to make Obama feel good. I hope they continue to downplay Romney through November because I believe that Romney will beat him, if the press thinks he is a loser, BO will make mistakes, he loves to believe his own press

  17. Thank you for your fair analysis! I was ready to “smack” the so called expert at Fox news last night because of their obvious bias. I do not watch the Democrat channels because of their bias but It seems to me that Fox is doing the same thing. I do not understand why Romney’s wins are always marginalized and his opponents wins are always celebrated by the same network that billed themselves as “fair and balance”.

  18. Dishonest media, they are all afraid Romney will take away thier caviar and $16.00 muffins.. like he did during the Salt Lake Olympics… made all the upeties eat Pizza off paper plates to get the budget under control.


  19. MSNBC is officially a JOKE let start with their all star line up…morning joe. barnicle a face and voice made for newspapers… bad noone will hire him anymore (Kissing A** Bulger style) brzinski…GAWD, enuff said! Joe? a paycheck is a paycheck, please! rest of panel, school boys and girls, real flamers. sgt eddy schultz (need I say more) oops, forgot whats-his-name after morning joe…..well enuff about him too. lets skip to dylan oh dylan made everyone so mad when he thought hee was a star… marble mouth, a jesse “wanna be” jackson who can’t keep up with a conversation…lost just lost! then there is O’Donnell, I am sure pbs would never hire him…actually positive! last but not least and BTW in no particular order is maddow…smart enuff, but , dammit, very lame. sometimes taking the blinders off is the best thing all of the above could do and probably, would enhance their viewers 1 sided tv is so, obama, like the 70’ty’s gone by….try if you want but it may make it somewhat more entertaining for the viewer’s you are so miserably failing to attract! I am just a viewer of news and entertainment. party affiliations are going by the wayside…the ones that catch that wave first….well? independent voter here…..

  20. “Reporters tend to be moderate to liberal” are you kidding?How about reporters tend to be in the tank for Obama with the exception of Fox news.

  21. Romney won his homestate with 72% of the vote .
    He Ruled the night with huge wins…
    hey Sarah how about Alaska!?!

    Romney: The most Qualified Executive Leader to run for office!!

  22. I’m so sick of unwashed mullet-heads moaning about how we need an “alternative to Romney”.

    I grew up with two brothers and mom could only afford one box (this was the 1970’s) of ice cream. I would lobby hard for Chocolate mint while my brothers screamed for rainbow sherbet (he’s straight) and pecan praline.

    We settled on vanilla and everyone was happy. Romney is vanilla.

    You want another four years of Obummer’s shit sandwich?

    1. Heh! Well put Warren.

      But I think once he is nominated, Mitt will bring a lot of people around — even the ones who swear they would never vote for him. They will, as your last line suggests, come home once they give it a little thought. So will independents and some Democrats come November.

      One great lesson from last night should be that — independent of ones views on various “issues” — good and thorough preparation can have its own rewards.

      That alone should help convince more thoughtful people that one candidate stood out in that regard last night — and only one.

      Mitt Romney.

      In VA, the chickens came home to roost for Gingrich, Santorum (and as a reminder, Perry). They all failed inexcusably to make the ballot there.

      In Ohio, the additional failure of Santorum to have qualified for delegates in some congressional districts was — or at least should have been seen as a key story line about the evening. And it should also serve as a warning about failures vet to come — i.e., Illinois.

      Demonstrable failure of preparation should be a good indicator of who we do NOT want to select go up against Barack Obama.

  23. I’m surprised that the mainstream media is ignoring what happened in Ohio.
    IMHO, its indicative of what will happen nationwide in November. Dems and Independents are quietly looking for an alternative and Romney appeals to them.

  24. This primary campaign is far from ‘bloody’. The Obama/Clinton power battle was much more epic than this will turn out to be. We as conservatives, faced with the frightening overreach of government over the past 3 years, want to leave our stamp on this election, and ensure our agenda is the highest priority of our ultimate champion.

  25. A couple of things.

    First, the reason that the press is covering super tuesday this way is because everyone expected Mitt to do better last night than he did.

    Second, you end this piece saying that it could be partly because of the “Liberal Media” … but at the same time you give us the headline from the WSJ saying the same thing as the others!

  26. Well the media continues in the same liberal manner – Guess they are afraid of Romney – that is so obvious and I guess they think the average joe cannot figure out what they are trying to do. You Go Mitt – I am w/you all the way.

  27. Nice summary!

    The only understandable excuse (as opposed to legitimate excuse) for the press and MSM take on the events of last night that I can think of, is that the factual story line they had to go with during prime time and even a little later, was a) the early Santorum victories in OK and TN, plus b) the one-hit-wonder Gingrich win in GA.

    At that point in the evening, Mitt had been “limited” to victories in MA, VT and VA. The MSM treated VA as a dismissible outlier because given the fact that neither Gingrich nor Santorum had succeeded in getting on the ballot, that somehow made the outcome last night a non-story! I don’t recall even five minutes of MSM time being dedicated to a necessary reiteration of the political implications of the VA vote. Yet, it was the consequence of a huge political error on the part of Gingrich, Santorum, and (at the time) Perry. Because it was and is his current home state, it should have resulted in Gingrich dropping out of the contest altogether.

    As for last night, at one point in the evening, around 930: – 10:00 pm, everything else appeared to be up in the air, and there even seemed to be a good likelihood that Santorum would score further — including most importantly in Ohio. Thus, anticipation that Ohio would bring Mitt Romney crashing down became their story of the night, and they all fell into the trap — until the results came in! It looked like it was going to be a very good night for Santorum, particularly with those early results coming in from Ohio. In fact, a friend of mine called me and told me he received a “flash” news update notice on his IPhone from CNN stating that Santorum was “projected” to be the winner in Ohio. He and I talked at around 9:25 pm, and it was during the course of that conversation that he told me he had received the flash at most a few minutes before he called. If that can be verified, it was a huge error on the part of CNN.

    As you also know, some print reporters can be lazy and like to file their stories, and then move on. I suppose the same is quite true of headline writers. Their very job is to think about what “the story” — quickly summing up the results for the entire evening — is going to be.

    Media commentators, on the other hand, have an inherent conflict of interest in dragging their feet and wanting to keep the story alive. It’s all about ratings — maintaining the suspense and luring viewers into continuing to watch your station. Anyone who followed either the Fox or CNN coverage last night knows how inexcusable it was that neither one of them made the final call in Ohio until very late, long after it was obvious that Romney had won. And they made their “calls” nearly simultaneously.

    MSNBC, on the other hand, is so completely off the map that the only people watching them that late had to be hate-filled “progs” looking for nasty things to say about Republicans the next day. I switched over for 10 seconds on two occasions — once for 10 seconds of Ed Schultz excoriating Mitt Romney for somehow failing to dress down Rush Limbaugh; and for another 10 seconds featuring Chris Matthews actually calling Romney “prissy” for — get this — having wisely marshaled his campaign resources, and having targeted them well, thus turning them into victories! I swear am not making that up! They’re nuts, those folks.

    So, in your post you have it spot-on. The MSM missed the story, spent hours spinning what turned out to be a false narrative, and once again proved that really getting to the heart of the matter is the last thing on their collective minds.

  28. Sorry Keith, I’m not buying it. Romney is weak and the proof is that he can’t rally his own base. He can’t do that because he is the undisputed king of flip flop and the true conservatives know it. We know the real Mitt from his past liberal agenda and it’s not the Mitt he is portraying in this primary. No one changes that much that fast – no one! Further proof of his unconvincing personna is that he must use his 12-1 financial advantage in an attempt to destroy his fellow Republicans with an unprecedented barrage of negativity in his mad quest for the nomination and he is still barely winning in key states like Michigan and Ohio. Any Republican who has to win like that is doomed in the fall. Bet on it!

  29. I’ve been a conservative for ever, but will vote for Mitt without any qualm. I don’t think Santorum is presidential electable. He should try to get his Senate
    seat back!

  30. I have to agree with your synopsis here. The most annoying thing to me is that not only the MSM is doing this but right wing news sites are doing the same. Look, I get that Romney still has some issues with those who classify themselves as “very conservative” or are social conservatives. However, do we really think that if Romney is the nominee that these voters won’t go with the GOP? I’m a social conservative, you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to vote for Obama. Romney is not perfect, but the fact is he’s the best of the bunch and Republicans are clearly seeing that. Just because he hasn’t won EVERY state with 98% of the vote doesn’t mean he’s doing a bad job. I mean, this is a primary right, not a coronation?

  31. Well is it surprising that the Lame Brained Media has nothing positive to say about Romney?? Is it more surprising that at Obama’s pathetic Press Conference they stood SILENT on 15% REAL unemploymant….5,5 millionFewer Jobs since he stole the WH….Home pricing dropping faster than his ratings….Oil prices that he claims are Iran’s fault but so far Domestic additional oil Drilling would possibly overcome the “irrationality of OPEC” and lead to more stable Oil prices for the USA???? Obama is PATHETIC but LAME MEDIA is media matters anti true issues STUPID!

  32. I heard Rush read this blog post on his show today ! Mentioned White House Dossier and Keith Koffler !

    Don’t have time to read through all the comments to see if it’s been mentioned yet !

  33. You are right on. The MSM even much of the WSJ is in the bag for Obama and Romney is their biggest worry. They will not give him a break.

  34. The press ignores Romney’s integrity but negatively highlights his religion. Gingrich has had three marriages (aka serial polygamy) numerous affairs–and a monetary scandal when he was Speaker of the House.

    Santorum took a Pennsylvania school district for some $76,000 while “home schooling” his children in Virginia. This put them well out of the district, let alone Pennsylvania.

    I speak from personal experience regarding both facets of education. My parents moved from Kanab, Utah, to Farmington, New Mexico, at the start of the 1959 school year, I stayed behind my senior year and worked in a bakery so I wouldn’t have to move to a fifth high school. In late November, the superintendent learned my parents no longer lived in the district; I would have to drop out of school. But, we struck a deal that I could finish the current semester. Mom picked me up during Christmas break.

    Jane home-schooled the last four of our 10 children–with no outside funding. Three started college when 16. The fourth, Jacob, our down-syndrome son, can read, handle household chores, keep his room clean, work in the garden, etc.

    Despite our first Article of Faith, “We believe in God the Eternal Father, in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost”, some denominations deny Mormons are Christians, so they will never vote for Romney.

    Yes, both Romney and Reid are LDS, but while I will vote for Mitt, I would never do the same for Reid. Integrity is the reason. When it comes to integrity, Romney leads the field.

  35. The mainstream media is just the public relations team for Obummer.Whetherr the print media i.e NY Times Wash.Post or MSNBC ABC CBSthey are all about That current occupier of the White House.There is no balance or credibility to reporting truth.They do what their told.At yyesterday’s presidential press conference–nothing about spiraling oil and gas prices, the economy. All including Obummer are obsessed with Rush Limbaugh..The “Godfather symbolizes Puppets on a string. I think they meant the main stream media and media matters

  36. Thank goodness for one honest and brave journalist, Keith Koffler!
    On Super Tuesday, the news commentator were all saying that Mitt had to win big in Vermont because that was in his backyard (Massachusetts) where he lived and was governor, but I did not hear such talk about Santorum winning big in Ohio because, after all, that is his backyard to where he was born and raised and still lives there and he was a senator there. Such hypocrisy! All those partisan reporters, commentators from Rush to Greta to Krauthammer to Beck, Sarah P, Chris Wallace, etc., etc.,
    A Great Big Win For Romney- after all the attacks from the left media, the right media, the candidates, He is Still Standing, not just standing, He is “Standing Strong”!! And what a wonderful companion and wife he has. She is an inspiration to all those with MS and other painful illnesses and diseases. Our prayers are with them, (and the other candidates and their wives, as well).

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