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Romney Scores Big Win; Press Fails to Notice

Mitt Romney won a crushing victory Tuesday, winning twice as many states as Rick Santorum and more that two and half times as many delegates, but his triumph is being portrayed in headlines across the nation as sign of weakness and failure.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Romney picked up 211 delegates while taking six states, bringing his total delegate count to 415. Santorum won in three states and added only 84 delegates to bring his total to 176.

Romney scored a huge upset in Ohio, coming from way back to take a politically diverse state that is representative of the type of place he’ll need to win to beat President Obama.

Romney is being widely panned by the press for an “inability to close the deal,” and yet the description seems far more apt for Santorum, who now has blown huge leads in the most critical contests of recent weeks, Ohio and Michigan. If anything, the more voters look at Santorum, the more concerned they become and less likely they are to sign on the dotted line.

Worse for Santorum, he will continue for the foreseeable future to split the most conservative votes with Newt Gingrich – who stays in after winning Georgia – and with Ron Paul, who would remain in the race until 2018 if he could. And Romney has a war chest that will swamp Santorum in the upcoming air wars for closely contested states.

And yet, despite all the evidence Romney largely vanquished his rivals Tuesday night, here are some of the headlines this morning:

Wall Street Journal: Romney Ekes Past Santorum in Ohio

New York Times: With No Knockout Punch, a Bruising Battle Plods On

Los Angeles Times: Battle in Ohio Reinforces GOP Divide; Romney’s Slim Victory Leaves Race Uncertain

USA Today: Romney, Santorum See Momentum

CNN: No Knockout Blow for Romney

Reuters: Romney Narrowly Wins Ohio, Fails to Knock Out Santorum

You get the idea.

There are several reasons for this.

All reporting is now sports reporting. Reporters love a battle and they love to go on TV and rave about how exciting everything is. And editors seek a bracing and never-ending storyline because it draws readers and ultimately pleases their corporate bosses, who want to sell papers and generate pageviews.

The headline “Romney Scores Six Wins and Continues Methodical Drive Toward Nomination” is just not going to drive eyeballs to your story.

And reporters also tend to be moderate to liberal. Bloodletting among Republicans at some level is agreeable to many of them. I have to believe that if this was Obama instead of Romney, the stories would be about the growing inevitability of Obama’s nomination.

That Romney is in all likelihood on the march toward nomination will probably soon become too apparent for any serious journalist to deny. At that point, for the reasons listed above, we will begin to hear feverish talk about the prospects for a third party candidacy.

417 thoughts on “Romney Scores Big Win; Press Fails to Notice”

  1. Romney is the only candidate who has a chance of beating Obama because he is the only candidate that can garner the female vote which is a voting block that has defected Obama in drove and is now putting on a full court press to get them back. Females for Santorum and Gingrich are virtually non existent.

    1. Chris and Laura are exactly right. Only Romney has a chance to beat the Grifter in Chief. Besides being a conservative Republican to the right of Ann Coulter (a national treasure, by the way) I’m also an orthodox Catholic who probably agrees with Santorum 110% on all social issues. Only problem, Santorum cannot win and frankly his sanctimonious and phony come on about not being a part of the Republican “Establishment” while spending his life in Congress and I’m sure he hasn’t turned down the cushy pensions (hey, I wouldn’t either) — is as phony as Gingrich who has exactly the same history. Fox punditry is generally good — Hume, Coulter, Morris, Krauthamer, and Rove especially. Palin only has a soundbite mentality (sad but true) and O’Reilly remains a pontificating self serving windbag — he likes to mention his Harvard PhD — probably in education or government, in other words, moronic.

  2. Fox News last night was incredibly biased.

    Romney clearly had Ohio wrapped up even when Santorum was in the lead. They waited until 97% of the vote was in to call Ohio for Romney. It was so transparent what they were doing. CNN called Ohio for Romney long before Fox did. Fox is anti-Romney.

    During the commentary I watched, no one emphasized the fact that Santorum was getting a lot of Operation Chaos types of votes – Democrats voting in Republican primaries for the weak candidate. Without those votes Romney would have had an overwhelming victory in Ohio and may have won Tennessee. Romney does very well in primaries that are not open and limited to Republicans. No one mentioned how far Romney was behind in the polls in all these states at one point. Just like in Florida. Fox was dancing on his political grave when they talked about the polls showing Romney way behind. Again they have to eat major crow.

    Romney, in addition, has to overcome every evangelical preacher in a state playing the Mormon card from the pulpit every Sunday for a month. Evangelicals are totally intolerant when it comes to Mormons.

    Bottom line: Fox is against Romney for whatever reason. All the conservative radio guys are against Romney. Evangelical preachers throughout the country are against Romney. Their noise is loud and persistent. Romney is overcoming all of that to win. Why? Because he is a great presidential candidate. Competent. Honest. Experienced. Presidential. A leader. Totally unlike the President.

  3. Your wacked – Romney’s win was a win for sure but a crushing victory just shows your bias – The truth is simple here. Romney will win the nomination is Newt Gingrich stays in and splits the Christian vote.

    However, just like in 2008 and with McCain Christian voters will not show up to vote for Romney: just like me. No Christian in his or her right mind can vote for a man who out of greed traded the support for abortion for votes in a gubernatorial race. — it is this simple – no Conservative who votes for Mitt Romney can call themselves prochoice – it would be a lie. Because of this Mitt Romney will lose on a character flaw – If mormons vote for Romney it again shows there willingness to digress from scripture and God’s principles – if Romney is the nominiee Obama will get his 2nd term. This is a character issue – not a momon issue

    1. Its not okay for a Christian to vote for Romney because of a “character” issue, yet its okay to vote for Gingrich despite a couple of “character” issues? Nice try but I believe your anti-Mormon bias is showing.

  4. Romney continues to improve as the primary drags out. The primary contests require him to rely less on his money and organization and spend more time pressing flesh with the hoi polloi – something he’d rather not do but will have to do if he’s going to beat Obama.

    So here’s your narrative: The primaries are making Romney a better candidate for the general.

  5. Also, Romney’s “success”, if you want to call it that, demonstrates another point the mighty Boa has pointed out earlier.

    Don’t tell the mighty Boa that the voters don’t want to see anymore “negative” campaigning. If this was true, it wouldn’t work. Yet it does almost without fail. Being a “nice guy” certainly didn’t work for McCain. And in Michigan and Ohio, when Romney was behind, the news mentions that he spent a “considerable” amount of money on ads. And they were negative. And apparently, they ALSO worked. So, at least be honest and stop with the calls to not “go negative”…..

    That was AWESOME!!!!!!

    1. Wow…Romney brought out the “negative ads” on Gingrich and Santorum…yet he CONTINUALLY states that “Obama is in over his head…he means well.”

      Yeah. Real tough guy there. Really taking it to “the other side” (Conservatives!!!)

      1. Mary, the establishment Republicans are notorious for their back biting and underhanded tactics against fellow Republicans. Unfortunately, they fold like cheap suits against the Democrats. Romney can’t even admit that Obama is a socialist much less the Marxist that he truly is.

  6. If I wasn’t a conservative voter I wouldn’t be concerned that Santorum is preferred by the liberal media. But I am, and I am.

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  8. I live in Ohio. In recent days we were bombarded with negative Santorum robo calls from Romney. Many of the things said in those calls were false. This is why Romney surges in the last days of a campaign. He scares voters who don’t know the facts. Gingrich complained about this a few weeks ago when Romney did this to him. Romney doesn’t say anything positive about himself in these calls he just tears down his closest rival.
    I believe Santorum would be a much better candidate than Romney in the general.

    1. I live in Ohio too! Santorum also had alot of negative advertisements with untruths in them. I do know the facts, and if one would place documented record against documented record,Romney and Santorum are measureably equal. However, Santorum manages to convince evangelicals (I am an evangelical) that he is more conservative because he talks a good talk on social issues. However, many of Santorums ideas are blatantly unconstitutional.Then lets’ not forget Santorum has no executive experience,or private sector experience.Look at the facts not what a candidate says.

  9. I definately think Mitt would be a far, far better president than Santorum or Gingrich. However it would be FUN and entertaining to make Gingrich the press secretary and let him deal with the press on a daily basis.

  10. @Keith – Excellent points but I think there are two more that the media just can’t wrap their heads around: First, while they seem to think the process is taking far too long, that must be in comparison to the last cycle when Romney formally endorsed McCain on February 14, 2008. However, the Democratic Party didn’t secure their nominee until Hillary Clinton “suspended” her campain on June 7, 2008. It took the Democrats FOUR MONTHS longer to pick their nominee last time. Even more importantly, he won. Second, the Republican Party changed the rules this time around. I’m not sure if it was a brilliant or boneheaded move yet, but the GOP liked the fact the Democrats kept up their profile for months longer via the primary process. Conventional wisdom says that the Republicans are getting pretty beat up, but history tells us that will change quickly once there’s a new enemy to fight. I still expect a long slog but I believe the party will coalesce around the eventual nominee.

  11. The 2012 presidential election is like an onion, it’s ugly, stinks, and any way you slice it, it will make you cry. In my personal opinion, this election will be like the last, voting for the lesser of the two evils. Politicians are no more interested in “We the People” than actually doing their jobs. I for one am tired of the fighting and name calling all to remain in office. I’m hoping by 2016 some real candidates emerge, ones that will forget about political correctness and politics as usual. A candidate who will take on the real issues that are facing this country, its interests and stand up for America, not bow down.

  12. While conservatives believe that an ideological conservative has the greatest prospect for winning and is the “best hope for America”, the mass media have been bleating about Republicans moving toward the center to find consensus with the Democrats. Romney appears, in some respects, to be exactly there, which is their worst nightmare and why they jumped into bed with Cain, Newt and, at times, Santorum; hoping to convince Republicans that they do not see what they see, which is their winning nominee. If an Adolf Hitler clone appeared in the field, the media machine would go gaga over him straight away to distract attention from Romney. While this writer would have preferred to see an more authentic Reagan conservative as the nominee (Jeb Bush, perhaps?). Romney has good qualities, prominent ones being that he is 1. Not Obama and 2. Can win.

  13. I watched last night on Fox and still can not understand why they are always saying, the voters are still looking for a anti-Romney canadit. I do not hear them say the anti-Santorum canadit or anti-Newt canadit. Fox news would have me believe that Newt and Rick are just as good if not better then Mitt. But why would I vote for either, when they failed to register in Virgina? That to me, show piss poor planing which leads to piss poor performance. Also I just love how FOX,CNN,MSNBC,Santorum, and Newt seem to always bring up that Romney has out spent had more adds had more robo calls. Do you think that if the other canadits had been just as successful in their business and had the same money that they would not be using it?

  14. Did Drudge hire all of you to post your support for Romney? Conservatives don’t trust Romney and righlty so. Oh, I forgot…he’s severely conservative.
    Maybe you all should look into a bit of history and a figure called Moroni, J Smith, Magic glassess, and golden plates. After that, look at Romney again and ask yourself the cool aid question.

    1. Lets see. The ever so mainstream Episcopal Church was founded by a a king so he could divorce one of his six wives. Some Presbyterians and other “reformed” denominations claim the “Pope of Geneva” John Chauvin (Calvin) who had a penchant for burning “heretics” at the stake. Mormons may actually be a “cult” but they have a reputation for virtuous living and tend to leave other people alone.

      1. Robert,

        Your simple mind and lack of understanding of history is showing even worse. The measure of IQ rests in the questions asked and the manner in which they are asked. Idiots routinely express their intelligence is a manner such as you have expressed, Robert.

    2. @Mr Fubar. Really? Conservatives don’t trust Romney thats funny It sure looks like some of them do acording to the numbers. But then again you must be wearing the magic glasses too. When you put it that way about Mormons and their beliefs it does sound a bit loony. but then again so does a virgin giving birth to Gods son and receiving 10 commandments from a burning bush, changing water into wine, walking on water and using magic to heal the sick. Get real!!

      1. Bill,

        Are you related to Robert? I offer you a challenge that I am sure your small mind would oppose…prove the resurrection did not occur.

        1. @Mr Fubar. The challenge for you seem to deflect from the issue. what does the resurrection have to do with the matter at hand? My point was, don’t write about things you know nothing about ie Mormon beliefs.the premiss of your statment about Romney and his religion shows your lack of understanding and of history. And yes I do believe in the resurrection but not because I saw it first hand but because of faith. I could ask you the same question. Prove the resurrection did occur.

  15. Really Winning Ohio by 1% is nothing, ad if the idiots voting for Newt, Perry, and Huntsman were involved he wouldn’t of stood a chance.And he only did real well in his 2nd home state and with the Mormons..Only reason he won here in Detroit was the Muslims here are scared of Santorum. As soon as Newt calls it, mittens wont be able to cope.
    Plus he will most likely be broke, from having t outspend and out slander his competition 5 to 1 like he has.. Obama tactics all the way
    Santorum has morals and values and commitment, something seriously lacking in this country lately… Romney I expect him to sell me a used Buick while he wearing his golfing clothes and in a hurry to get to the course…Ron Paul doesn’t need to announce his dropping out he needs to lain retire. We need a Santorum-West-Bolton axis with a Red Senate and House to deal with what is about to come to the world…Iran
    Mittens can come work for his efforts somewhere in a major cabinet position..Like Catering cordinator

    1. Jeff, I like most of your post but how on earth do you figure there were ANY Muslims voting Republican when they have one of their own on the other side of the fence?

      1. Well John maybe you should watch more than cartoons….

        And Obama IS a former Muslim, a convert to Christianity. Guilt of Apostasy is a Koran-induced crime to all other Muslims, one that is punishable by death…
        Barry is just a Taqiyya tounged Dhimmi.. Allowed to live as long as he serves his Muslim Masters…

        And we need to get Chuck Norris for Secretary of state cause nothing says diplomacy like a kick to the face

  16. I had these same thoughts this morning as I browsered through the headlines. Romney won 6 of the 10 states last night and has TRIPLE the delegates, and the liberal media is playing it like he needs to throw in the towel.

    1. And you whiner out there talking about negative ads and the money Romney is spending need to come back to reality. What do you think Obama is going to do with 10 times the money Romney has? You think he’s going to just talk about the good things Obama has done? No! He’s going to bury him.

  17. Do you honestly think anyone listens to the UBER WEALTHY msnbc BOOK SELLING PARTY GOING ELITE PRESS talking heads? I MEAN SERIOUSLY???? THE PRESS IS A JOKE- YOU MENTION THEM AND EVERYONE LAUGHS. WEASELS- ALL. The only one who has a brain is Dr Krauthammer, a shrink, who is also a lawyer. The rest and their experts- all hacks. Krauthammer knows the story on all of these money grubbing JOURNALISTS- yeah right- HACKS is more like it. LOL

  18. ps Listening to MSNBC is like eavesdropping on MARS- they all live on another planet-they go to dinner, parties, same agent, same lawyer, same paycheck, same summer places- all BS. EVERYONE KNOWS it even the guy who delivers pizza knows they are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL OF THEM- DISGRACES ESP the guy with the thrill up his leg. LOL At least the Wall Street people are not pretending to be saints-I have more respect for any of them- but the journalist hacks- GROSS!

  19. What would you expect from the Pro-Barry Hussein “Marxist Socialist Media”? This country is becoming more like the old Soviet Union every Day!

  20. I agree 100%. While I marveled at the overwhelmingly positive coverage Obama received in his election bid, I honestly feel that same intensity is being applied to the overwhelmingly negative coverage Romney is receiving! While this is to be expected from the liberal media, I must admit I have been shocked by the so called conservative media’s coverage specifically FOX. Great Job FOX! Let’s spend about 60% of the Super Tuesday coverage on Juan WIlliams finding 100 different ways to say Romney can’t close the deal, while Karl Rove who spent practically a decade on the ground in 2 successful elections, who knows the counties like the back of his hand and by far had the most useful information, was brought in a total of 3 times. Romney comes back from an 18 point deficit just 2 weeks ago in Ohio, Wins his home state by 72%, takes 6 of the 10 states and has an overwhelming majority of the popular vote with a vast majority of the delegates after coming off 5 straight wins. What does the man have to do? Disgusting!

  21. I think that the MSM is scared stiff of Romney winning the nomination. Their total lack of coverage basically shows how frightened they really are.

    1. If all else fails, look for them to “educate” the public about the origination of the LDS church and emphasize its early predisposition for polygamy. Perhaps they will use the tabloids to “discover” Romney’s alleged clandestine wives and concubines. Beneath them? Hell no!

      1. If the LSM does start looking into the Mormon faith and its history, things are going to get very uncomfortable for Mitt. There is far too much in the story that will turn JohnQ completely off. LDS have done a good job of scrubbing the internet of negative information but it’s out there if you look hard enough and it is not pretty.

  22. What I find interesting is the press, especially CNN and all of their predominant left wing democrats continues to say that Romney is a week candidate and getting the GOP nomination is bad for the GOP. What they fail to discuss is who they think is the strongest candidate that would be good for the GOP. What they really want is for Santorum to get the nomination is because he is the weaker candidate and Democrats will demolish him in the general election.

  23. The liberal media is downplaying Mitt’s success because they know he will beat nobama in November. Unfortunately, it isn’t just the lame stream media downplaying his wins, many in the GOP still won’t pull their heads out of the sand and face the facts. But that’s what primaries are for. Mitt has the base solidifying behind him more and more, and in the end it will be the most important question: 4 more years of nobamma or giving Mitt a chance to get rid of this hope and change crap forced upon us these past 3+ years.

  24. CONVENTION FIGHT! By this time in 2008, the last RINO and liberal mainlining media “most electable” (most likely to lose) globalist sellout Republican’t, Johnny “Build the Dang FEMA Concentration Camp Fences” McAmnesty (McCain) had been coronated, so maybe there is hope for an America First candidate at the convention. Willard “I Love to Fire People” RomneyRino is another globalist sellout DISASTER waiting to happen. 2010 America First, NOT 2008 globalist sellout, for VICTORY in 2012! WE KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE!

  25. If newt had dropped out before Michigan, then Santorum would be the conservative front runner and Romney would be the loser liberal he has always been.

  26. Big win? Ha! 60+% of the voters are still voting for somebody who’s not Romney.

    I’m a southern conservative and I will never vote for Mitt Romney. I now hate the republican establishment more than I hate Obama.

    1. Good luck with that math pal. Romney’s got almost twice the total votes of the next guy. I suppose your guys is being rejected by 90% of the voters.

      Bytheway, when you say “southern conservative”, you mean someone who hates mormons?

  27. Amusing but a little dry. Romney has not been said to “seal the deal” because he hasn’t. His count is just over 400, of 1144 required. He WILL win it but that was predictable (not guaranteed, see Clinton, Hilary) before the race really began. It’s not sealed because the other 3 refuse to play well with others and concede, leaving Romney to battle on, winning most, and at the same time leaving the significant proportion of Republicans who just can’t, or won’t, get behind Mitt before the convention with names to register their discomfort with. While those names continue a rather scorched earth dialogue that is threatening to seriously damage not just Republican chances in 2012 but the party itself.

  28. Can we at least agree that Santorum and Gingrich suck big time? If Romney is a weak candidate, these guys are pathetic, with less than half the delegates of Romney. You can say “oh, but Romney has more money”. Yeah, and that’s because he’s better at fundraising, organizing, and just about every area of basic campaign competence.

  29. If Romney wants to win my state of Virginia in November
    he’d better get his campaign geared up here because
    if Super Tuesday was an indication it could be pretty
    bad for Romney. No ads and no flyers for Romney
    or Paul for that matter. This victory over Obama
    is not going to be handed to Romney on a silver platter.
    Get going and let’s see some action in this state.
    I didn’t even bother to vote yesterday.

    1. Romney has a great organization there and he has the support of most major Republican incumbents in Virginia. He didn’t spend a lot of resources for the Virginia primary because he didn’t have to.

      On another note, get out and vote next time you dolt. If you don’t participate you shouldn’t complain one way or the other.

      1. Good point, John. Scary, isn’t it that someone would complain that a politician didn’t spend enough time and money on advertising for their state, but complainer don’t even bother to vote? Romney didn’t have to spend a lot of money there because of the stupidity of three (Gingrich, Perry, Santorum) major “competitor” candidates, none of whom took the time to even get on the ballot! But Romney’s supposed to go out and essentially waste money running expensive ads in VA anyway?

        If he had spent a lot of money there, then I would have begun to worry a little about him. The fact that he marshaled his resources well, and spent them where they were needed, suggests to me that he is exactly the kind of President we want!

  30. Normally I wouldn’t paste something from another blog but Red State said it better than I ever could this morning. Here’s the problem with Mitt:

    “1) It looks like Romney will eke out a very narrow win in Ohio. The pattern is becoming familiar. Romney can’t just outspend his opponents; he must swamp them in order to pull out a narrow victory. There is simply no comparison between Romney’s campaign apparatus and Santorum’s primitive organization. Yes, a win is a win, and Romney is racking up many important ones. But if superior money and organization is the only way to compensate for his flaccid appeal to the public, then what does that say about his chances against Obama in the general election when he will lack those advantages?”

    1. Hey Creeper,

      I bet you didn’t realize that Romney’s primary numbers beat McCain’s 2008 primary numbers in just about every state, including Arizona. The idea that Romney is so weak is nothing more than a political narrative, and it’s driven by Romney’s rivals both Republican and Democrat.

      In delegate count Romney is trouncing his rivals. This is a sound strategy. If you want a candidate who is looking for media victories but not actual victories, vote for somebody else.


  31. Another interesting article where the media comments on the media. This is so tiring. Report the news itself.

    Tell us why you believe that Romney knocked out Santorum.

    1. “Tell us why you believe that Romney knocked out Santorum?”

      Let’s see, he won twice as many states as Santorum, 2½ times as many delegates. Came from behind in a largely Catholic state with an open primary where many Democrats were voting for Santorum as spoilers. Won 60% of ALL the contests.

      May not be an actual, physical “knockout” but it’s probably at least a TKO.

    1. Romney keeps winning also because he’s exceptionally smart, successful, well organized, articulate, won almost every debate, a great family man, patriotic, has good plans all spelled out, good looking, the total package. Right now he’s fighting against opposition from Democrats, Santorum, Gingrich, and media outlets, but he’s still winning. GO MITT!

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  33. I am not necessarily for Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul…

    BUT I am necessarily AGAINST Obama for the sake of this country and for my children’s future.

    Any of them would be a HUGE improvement over Obama who has proven that he is the living embodiment of “The Peter Principle”, who with an affirmative action boost has risen to way beyond his “level of incompetence”.

    Each of the Republican candidates has his strengths and his weaknesses. There is no “perfect candidate” and probably never will be…

    But ANY of them would be a HUGE improvement over the non-leader we currently have as POTUS.

    On the whole, I think that Romney is the more electable but whoever emerges from the fray will get my vote.

  34. Mitt won’t tell you this but someone should.
    In July 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner at Bain Capital, had disappeared. She had attended a rave party in New York City and gotten high on ecstasy. Three days later, her distraught father had no idea where she was. Romney took immediate action. He closed down the entire firm and asked all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to help find Gay’s daughter. Romney set up a command center at the LaGuardia Marriott and hired a private detective firm to assist with the search. He established a toll-free number for tips, coordinating the effort with the NYPD, and went through his Rolodex and called everyone Bain did business with in New York, and asked them to help find his friend’s missing daughter. Romney’s accountants at Price Waterhouse Cooper put up posters on street poles, while cashiers at a pharmacy owned by Bain put fliers in the bag of every shopper. Romney and the other Bain employees scoured every part of New York and talked with everyone they could – prostitutes, drug addicts – anyone.

    That day, their hunt made the evening news, which featured photos of the girl and the Bain employees searching for her. As a result, a teenage boy phoned in, asked if there was a reward, and then hung up abruptly. The NYPD traced the call to a home in New Jersey, where they found the girl in the basement, shivering and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a massive ecstasy dose. Doctors later said the girl might not have survived another day. Romney’s former partner credits Mitt Romney with saving his daughter’s life, saying, “It was the most amazing thing, and I’ll never forget this to the day I die.”
    Character counts!! (and yes…that’s worth reading again!)

    (This was sent to me by a cousin)

    1. As a very conservative Christian, I do not agree with most of the Mormon doctrine.


      I do respect the FACT that they live good, clean lives in the best sense of the words. They are typically honest and charitable to a fault and “walk the walk”. Romney donated 10% of his income to charity last year. Didn’t advertise the fact which only came to light when he was forced to disclose his tax returns. Joe Biden gave LESS than 0.2%

      I also respect that they are free to choose what they believe in and should NEVER be disparaged for that.

      Compare that to the cynical, shallow, manipulative beliefs and lack of ethics shown by most of our current politicians, ESPECIALLY Obama and his cabal.

  35. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK

    Wake up. The MSM includes FOX and the fake RINO conservatives that support them like Limbaugh, Hannity, and the squeeky Levin. The only true conservative running is Ron Paul. If these turds keep rigging these elections, this country will only fall into chaos; as we continue the agenda supported by Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama; which was given to them by banking elite.

    If you don’t know who benefited from, and voted for, the bailouts we fought against two and four years ago, then you’re either a government shill or an idiot.

    1. Wow. I didn’t realize I was a government shill or an idiot, but thanks Ron Paul supporter. I’ll be sure to vote for your guy, not.

  36. In a Media World driven by spectacle and controversy it saddens me to realize that nearly all logical and rational discussion on Political issues in the MSM has been hijacked by the subjective and ideological offerings of abject partisans.

  37. Thank you….thank you….thank you!!!

    You are the first truthful writer/article that I’ve seen so far….not even the so-called Fox News is supporting the true winner of last night’s contests.

    I’ve placed you on my favorites to get true, honest reporting or future primary contests. Thanks again!

  38. If Florida wouldn’t have moved their primary date,…Romney would’ve gotten double the delegates from there. Also some of the States went with ‘proportional’ rather than ‘winner takes all’……Had that remained the same as 4 years ago,…Romney would have even more of a commanding lead. Enough for any challenger to drop out.

  39. The bigger story is that the anti-Mormon Evangelicals of the Deep South would rather see Obama win than vote for a heritic as they see members of the LDS Church. Just ask them. Bigotry is in still big business “down there”.

  40. A Majority Consistently Rejects Romney

    Actually, ever single one of these headlines is perfectly accurate (and I’m not one to endorse the MSM). Despite running for five years, having a boatload of money, and having almost all Republican leaders behind him, Romney still managed to get only one percentage point more than Santorum, who’s running a campaign from his hotel bedroom.

    Notice I didn’t say Romney “won”, because he only got the most votes (plurality rather than a majority), and was able to do so due to Newt’s egoism and Paul’s admitted ideological campaign.

    It is people like you, Keith Koffler, who are blind to the fact that Romney has been consistently rejected by a majority, and even super majority, of Republican primary voters.

    1. Did you watch the same results as everyone else last night?? Romney won 6 of 10 states and more than 50% of the delegates. That doesn’t happen by just winning by 1%.

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